"Comrade Stalin, I offer you power over the world ..."

Today it has become fashionable to talk about the decline of the prestige of the engineering profession, the low quality of engineering education and the lack of desire among young people to work in the technical field. In this case, most often refer to the experience of the USSR. “It was then that there was quality, that’s when there were many engineers who worked not for fear, but for conscience!” Yes, it was all. However, not always the number of engineers determines their quality! I dare say that talented engineers, inventors and designers have always been and will be, under any system and educational system. And the same thing happened in the USSR, where all the progress in the field of technology was done by singles, but their achievements were artificially “dissolved” in the general mass, which is why the myth of quality engineering education in our country was born in the past. In fact, his average, mass level was almost lower than today, which is proved by a comparative analysis of the military-technical proposals that came to the leaders of the Soviet state during the Great Patriotic War.

While people and cars fought on the margins of the war, and the designers ’war went on война war of minds’, numerous proposals из from the people ’went to the relevant authorities and“ personally to Comrade Stalin ”, went continuously and ... can people be blamed for it? It is clear that the citizens of the USSR wanted to accelerate the defeat of the hated enemy. That's just many of them quite clearly overestimated their strength in the design and offered the device, well, let's say: "at the level of technical nonsense." Moreover, some even understood that their knowledge was not enough for this, but still they continued to “invent” and tear away from the work already truly busy people. Surprisingly, the authors of these projects were by no means simple workers and peasants, which is called “from the machine and from the plow”, for which such naivety would be forgivable, but engineers, military specialists and cadets of military schools, that is, people who had (or received) higher technical education!

So, someone S.E. Buchinsky, the design engineer (!) And the captain of the reserve, that is, a person who, without any doubt, had some experience and knowledge, and at least was able to work with a slide rule, wrote in his letter to the People's Commissar Tymoshenko so directly that he tried to create military vehicles, so to speak, at your leisure. He was drafted into the army in the 1939 year, and there he read a number of works (not so much), 5-8 spent days at the training camp and examined a number of trophies, after which he developed a number of sketches of a number of “projects” (as in the text - V. O.) and here it is that they propose to use to defeat the enemy. One of them is an awesome motobagwagon with three gun turrets, proposed by him in the 1940 year, however, its wheel battery based on the GAZ-A truck with three 45-mm guns in frontal armor looks much more amusing. According to its creator, each of the guns should have a certain angle of rotation to the sides, so that all three could be aimed at one point! The “reservation” (as in the author’s - V.O.) of the cabin is 10 mm, the thickness of the remaining armor is 5-6 mm. But the author of the idea did not even think that all three projectiles simply cannot get into one place, because it is impossible to make all three shots at once. And can the light truck chassis withstand such a heavy weight of armor and three guns?

However, three guns at the official level (!) Were ordered to be put on the T-34 - they say the more guns the better! It must be said that A.A. Morozov, who took the baton from M.I.Koshkin in perfecting the T-34, initially understood the absurdity and bankruptcy of the "multi-gun" tankinvented by the People’s Commissar of Arms, but, of course, not to comply with the order of the People’s Commissar V. A. Malyshev — what kind of engineering thinking and education did this People’s Commissar have? - he could not. There was only one way out: to deliver the project in advance doomed to rejection. That was the “Project of the T-34-3 caterpillar tank”, and only the tower itself, the installation of weapons and the laying of ammunition underwent changes in it. A working group was immediately created and "things went." It immediately turned out that if you put three guns in the T-34 turret (and it was planned to install two 45-mm and one 76-mm guns!), Then there would be no room for crew members and ammunition.

Engaged in the alteration of the body of the machine and install weapons in the wheelhouse on the model of the KV-7 (one 76-mm gun in the center and two "forty-five" on the sides) in the design bureau there was no time, no strength, no desire. Therefore, the location of the guns in the block was changed: the X-NUMX-mm F-76 cannon instead of the central one, made the leftmost (but still located almost along the axis of the tower), and both 34-mm 45K tools were placed to the right of it. The tower acquired a hexagonal shape, which turned out to be very convenient, so that subsequently all further design of the towers for the T-20 was based on its design.
However, before that it was still quite far away, but for now it didn’t look as beautiful as it was later, although the designers managed to place in it not only these three tools, but even a crew of three (!) People: loader, gunner-gunner and commander of the tower. The latter received even a commander's turret for observation, located in the left aft of the roof of the tower of the asymmetric tower, the reservation of which was 52 mm in front, but could even be increased by thickness from 70 to 90 mm. At the same time, the Nizhny Tagil designers managed to shove 90 ammunition with pieces of 76-mm shots into the car and 204-45-mm! Of this number, 14 - 76-mm and 44 - 45-mm shots were located directly in the tower. In addition to the ammunition for guns, there was a place in the case for 16 machine guns to the course machine gun DT - but the designers could not stick another machine gun into the tower. Such a dense layout of weapons and ammunition led to the fact that the horizontal firing angle of the guns was only 50 ° - the tower simply could not turn more than 25 ° to the left and right without the risk of smearing it with the loader shells.

In this form, the design of the T-34-3 tank was ready by the end of December 1941, however, the production of prototypes at plant No. 183 was not going to start, because there was already a “Coti” KV-7 test that revealed the complete unsuitability of the three-gun installation for tank or ACS. Well, and then the military suddenly needed a “powerful flamethrower tank based on the T-34” and the idea of ​​a multi-cannon tank died without having time to incarnate in the metal. And if the fact that such a tank was initially doomed to failure, was not understood even by the People's Commissars (as well as the KV-7 self-propelled guns), then what can be demanded from design engineers who have read “not so many” of the relevant books? !

However, this is far from the most surprising of all that during the war years our Soviet people offered to crush and destroy the enemy. For example, what kind of car was offered by someone Lyashenko T.I. and Badaev SV, whose project, executed again only at the level of the scheme, was called “Trackless Tank”. Well, in the explanatory note to him they wrote the following:

“The experience of ongoing hostilities shows that the most vulnerable places of the modern tank are the tracks. A tank is destroyed not only by an anti-tank weapon, but also by a simple bunch of grenades. Other design flaws allow you to disable the tank even with a bottle of burning gasoline. In order to maximize the survivability and combat effectiveness of the tank, we offer a tank of the device described below.
The tank is an armored welded structure of a cylindrical cabin, resting on the ground by two cylindrical drums enclosing it.

Support cylinders are made of thick armored steel and supplied with pyramidal spikes.

The drums are connected to the cabin by elastic shock absorbers (springs) and can rotate relative to the cabin independently of each other on roller bearings.

The cab houses the engines, weapons in the form of anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, flamethrowers and fuel and lubricant tanks, ammunition compartments, air tanks and seats for the crew ...

The above items are placed in such a way that the center of gravity of the cabin is as low as possible and, in any case, must be much lower than the center of the cabin ... According to the indicative (the phrase touches “according to the indicative”, isn't it ?!? - V.O.) up to 20-25 °. With steeper climbs, the moment of weight of the cabin relative to its geometric center will be insufficient for the movement of the tank upwards along inclined terrain. In such cases, twin tanks should be used, as shown in the drawing. Both mated tanks are exactly the same, why the fire power of the paired tank is twice as high as against a single tank.

Pairing is done with removable devices (a farm with stretch marks) with such a connection device so that they can be quickly separated without leaving the tank. The simplest is the connection rollers, tightened checks. The farm in the form of a closed box serves as a connecting corridor between twin tanks ...

In this case, a tank with a heavily loaded trailer will lose some of its mobility, but the latter will still be sufficient to break through the front and exit to the rear of the enemy. Mobility will gradually increase as fuel and ammunition are consumed. If necessary, a sharp increase in mobility during operations in the rear of the enemy, after the trailer is released from the cargo, the soldiers are transferred to the leading tanks, or they are given a special task and the trailer is left, the leading tanks are connected to each other without a trailer.

With a small power front, the proposed tanks can be used on hilly terrain without mating the two leading tanks. In this case, one and, in some cases, two trailers are attached to each lead tank, which will allow a large number of fighters to be taken. In this form, the tanks can also be used to transfer troops to the rear of the enemy.

In this case, if necessary, tanks with trailers are accompanied by twin motor tanks.

The dimensions of the tank of the proposed device may be different, but the advantages are larger because of with an increase in the diameter of the drums, the supporting surface on the ground increases and, consequently, a greater thickness of armor plates can be taken, as well as more powerful weapons, which is important for fighting against enemy tanks, and the tank's permeability through uneven terrain improves (through ditches, streams).

For this, the most appropriate diameter (overall) of the tank should be considered 4,25 m.

The width of the tank for the sake of its stability on hilly terrain should be maximal, but not more than 8 m, this size ensures the passage of the tank over bridges and under overpasses.

The transfer from the cars to the driving drums should include several speeds, including very low, at which the tangential force on the drum rim should be sufficient to lift one of the paired tanks vertically if its spurs find support, and the rear tank creates enough emphasis

This will allow the tank to overcome not high vertical obstacles and get out of anti-tank ditches, the depth of which is less than the distance between the centers of paired tanks. Transmission from the engine to the supporting cylinders is carried out with the help of shafts and gears to the external sleeves of roller bearings.

A duplicate transmission using Gall chains is provided in case the main transmission is damaged.

The proposed tank system is a heavy high-speed tank. Therefore, he can hit targets not only with his firepower, but also with his own weight, running into enemy tanks, guns, cars, and the like. ...

CLAIM. A cylindrical tank resting on the ground by two cabin-enclosing cylinders rotating relative to the cabin using an engine, independently of each other, while the tank can act in single orders, in the form of two tanks connected together by means of an internal passageway of the two tanks, the same between two motor tanks of a lightweight motorless and unarmed tank (trailer) and in the form of a single motor tank with the attachment to it of one or two trailed tanks.

(LYASHENKO) signature

(Balaev) signature

In a word, we see all the same tanks on skating rinks, very similar to those of Porokhovshchikov tank. So this idea, apparently, at that time constantly visited the minds of the near-inventors, both here and around the world, and excited them with the specter of success and future glory! However, even then there were people who simply laughed at such structures, since they themselves offered combat vehicles capable of ... jumping! In the project, the political officer of Korneev didn’t say a word, then pure nonsense, but he thought he tried to help the Motherland in his own way and was clearly self-righteous, although, alas, he was technically completely illiterate !!!

People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR Comrade. Stalin
DEAR JOSEPH Vissarionovich!

Wishing to defeat the hated German fascism and its army as soon as possible, I recommend the invention - KARAR - an armored light jumping machine. Constructive, tactical and combat features of Karara are as follows.

DESIGN: Steel ball-shaped tower, reinforced on six legs. The legs are the undercarriage, receiving movement from the motor located in the turret. Moving Karara occurs by jumping from 5 to 20 meters. The jump comes from the work of the motor. Its power is transmitted to the supporting legs through the clutch A and the connecting rod B. The connecting rod, resting on the head of the upper part of the foot, throws the body of Karar forward in the desired direction. Two connecting rods rest simultaneously on two adjacent legs. At the time of the jump the other four legs are selected. Before jumping in the desired direction, the tower turns. The rotation is carried out by the motor. There are six sectors in total.
Managed by Karar by one person sitting inside a tower in a swivel chair. The driver is also a shooter. The height of Karara to 3 meters, the diameter of the tower to 1,5 meters. Six support and mobility of Carara legs, shaped like a six-pointed star with a diameter of up to 3,5 meters.

"Comrade Stalin, I offer you power over the world ..."

All constructions of Karara are made of lightweight durable alloys, which results in a total light weight that contributes to the speed of movement and ease of jumping. See the attached diagram for details and general view of Karara. I don’t have the opportunity to provide detailed drawings, since the idea of ​​creating Karara originated in a combat situation, where there is no opportunity to get advice for technical calculations and design design of drawings. It would be desirable to work with an experienced design engineer. This machine can be represented in the drawings and models in a short time. According to my calculations, factory production of Karara is very cheap. Motor for Karar requires low power, consuming a little more fuel than a motorcycle engine. The constructive feature of Karara is the rapid interchangeability of any node (actually you can not read further, because the author’s blatant technical illiteracy is seen in every word, but the author, however, does not understand this and ... demands giving him an answer - V.O.).

Please consider my proposal and give an answer. In the event my personal attendance is required, my address is: Borovichi, 73 / 4 mailbox, cadet Alexander Korneyev.

Zampolitruk (signature) Korneev

November 2.10.42, XNUMX

It only remains to be surprised at how it even occurred to him — one can only assume here that A. Korneev read G.Wells's War of the Worlds — if it were not for a whole bunch of similar letters in the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense, and each of them is exactly the same pearl.

So, if the Korneev’s car was supposed to jump, then the “tank” of the battalion commissar Shchekin M.V.5 had the usual caterpillar drive, but it should have a truly fantastic means of defeating the enemy! Moreover, he offered “to Comrade Stalin” nothing more than power over the world! Moreover, this proposal is striking not even the technical illiteracy of its author, how much touching and truly infinite his belief in the genius of Stalin, who just need to tell just a little, and then he can do everything himself!

To the Chairman of the USSR State Defense Committee, Comrade STALIN

To the attention of your ingenious mind, I propose a thought and a construction capable of giving the Motherland weapon Unseen, all-conquering power.
A force capable of destroying any number of any tanks, aircraft, guns, ships, fortresses, cavalry and infantry can be gained through the thought and design I proposed.

This force can be localized in one armored all-terrain vehicle and requires only the driver and the "gunner operator" to service.
At this time there is nothing more important in the world than this thought, since in it the possibility of the power of the Motherland over the world.
Your ingenious insight in technology and in all things will easily tell you the need to realize this thought in a super urgent, especially secret, experienced manner.

I do not write a lot and do not delete formal drawings in this letter, because it’s not about the number of words and not the number of drawings.
You will understand me, and everything else will be in the implementation - this is the most important thing.

I hope that you will personally read this and give an indication to whom, under my guidance, to make a sample and conduct experiments.

The thought is as follows:

Temperatures above 20000 degrees are generated and transmitted at a distance from 0.001 km to 50 km, burning instantly everything in its path (body, cloth, fuel, metal, armor, concrete, stones, ammunition, ships, tools, etc.).

a) Imagine a blowtorch, usually giving a temperature on the tip of the flame tongue of the order of 700-1000 degrees. It is known that with increasing air pressure, constructively strengthening the lamp, we can bring the length of its flame tongue to the length of the flame flamethrower tongue.

b) Imagine now that instead of a blowtorch, we have special nozzles throwing away the tongue of flame.

c) we imagine that such 100 nozzles are placed tightly on one disk in such a way that the tips of the flame of each nozzle tend to one place (roughly speaking, to a point).

d) At such a “point” (location) - there will be 700-1000 degrees from one nozzle ejecting the tongue of the flame, from two - almost 2 times (1100-2000 degrees), from three almost 2,5 times, etc. d.

e) The concentration at the “point” of the 100 flames of the nozzles - the temperature at the “point” of their confluence (as is the case with the fusion of the body collected by the 100 lenses) is greater than that of a single flame tongue minus the loss of heat transfer and dissipation.

f) It is known that a heat beam, passing millions of kilometers, loses very little. It is known that at the point of fusion of heat collected by many lenses, the heat is almost equal to the sum of the heat from all the lenses. It is known that the air itself weakly absorbs heat and at the height of the mountains the sun gives more heat, and the air is cold, because it does not heat from the rays, but from the heated surfaces of the earth by directly touching them with air molecules.

g) All this says that at the “point” of the confluence of the flames 100 nozzles the temperature will be at least 20.000 degrees and maximum at about 100.000 degrees.
(x.100) -y = z,
where x = flame temperature of a single nozzle
100 = 100 nozzles
y = number of losses (0% to 80% heat)
z = 20.000 degrees - 100.000 degrees
Heat transfer over distance to 50 km

a) There is no substance in nature that can not burn at a temperature of 20.000 degrees, but it is possible to concentrate this heat in a metal tube, not allowing it not only to burn, but also to heat up above 100 degrees.
This method is based on the well-known experience, when in paper or thin tin dishes, burning even from a candle flame, it is possible to heat water on a flame in 1000 degrees, if water is poured into this dish.

b) Based on this, I mark the tube that accepts the fusion of the flames of the nozzles to give a stream of water that is rapidly flowing to cooling.

c) The tube is enclosed in a durable ribbed metal casing, inside which cooled water passes quickly.

d) The inner surface of the tube that collects the flame in the tongues is mirror polished to reflect the heat rays.

e) The angle of the narrowing of the tube to direct heat by a beam for tens of kilometers = from 1 / 1000 to 1 / 10000 degrees.
Tube length = 1 meter
Tube diameter = 5 (10) cm


mountains Moscow, VSHV, OVPO NKVD
Battalion Commissar Shchekin M.V.

Against the background of this proposal, the project “land cruiser” by engineer-colonel P. Osokin (by no means a cadet! - V.O.), was a bundle of four T-34 tanks, between which a tower was installed with two (!) 152-mm, Yes, and an anti-aircraft gun, it looks somehow even corny. Just a “meat hodgepodge”, but this is a good example of the fact that even such people, most likely and quite educated and versed in technology, didn’t understand much at the time, and maybe ... didn’t want to understand! Here the statement is one main thought - “get out to Moscow!” And there, they say, you see and notice!

Chief of the Main Armored
Management of the Red Army
Copy: To the head of the military department of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) (Moscow)

Desiring to help the beloved Motherland in its struggle against the fascist hordes and deed to respond to the orders of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR SSR No. 55 and 130. Stalin, I developed and bring to your attention a draft of a powerful new type of armament of the Red Army - the “tank cruiser”.
On 11.6.1942, this project was reported to me by the Chief of the Ural Military District Armored Forces Division, Colonel Evdokimov, the engineers of the department entrusted to him and the Deputy Commander of the District Air Force, Major General aviation comrade Sokolov. They recognized my proposal as valuable and interesting in the defense sense, and some technical instructions were made to finalize the project.

Colonel Evdokimov, going to Moscow the next day, promised to personally report to you about my proposal and ask you to call me to Moscow for a personal report.

More than a month has passed since then and all the instructions made to me in the project have been fulfilled. About this, I 2.7.1942 of the year was telegraphically reported to Colonel Evdokimov (UralVO), with a request to speed up my trip to Moscow.

Having no answer to the telegram, 18.7.42 of the year, I turned to my chief of the unit, the divinger, comrade. Andreev, reported to him on his project and proposals, and received permission to apply in this case to the relevant, higher authorities.

Convinced of the expediency and great military significance of the tank cruiser I propose, I consider any further delay in advancing the project highly undesirable. Therefore, I ask you to call me as soon as possible to Moscow in order to personally report this project to you, or the authoritative commission of specialists and engineers of tactical armies appointed by your order.

Considering my proposal serious, I, having already experience in design work, give myself at the same time a full account of the possible difficulties in the practical implementation of the project, but I firmly believe that these difficulties will fully pay off the fighting qualities of the new machines.

I spent on the development of the “tank cruiser” project, mainly during off-duty hours, over 500 hours, and this circumstance also requires bringing the matter to its logical end.

In the case of a favorable decision on the implementation of the project, my practical suggestions related to this, I ask permission to report in person.
Currently, I am a representative of the Leningrad Aviation and Technical Courses for Improving the Air Force named after K.E. Voroshilov (address: Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region, 2-I dam, mailbox 529). If necessary, on the question of my business trip to Moscow, I ask you to write off with Major General Aviation Comrade. Ivanov - Head of the University of the Main Directorate of the Air Force of the Red Army or with his deputies.
When I call, I ask for your instructions about issuing me travel documents for transportation on the Magnitogorsk-Sverdlovsk-Moscow airlines, as this will shorten the trip time by 5-7 and will facilitate the speedy resolution of the issue.

I would like to telegraphically inform me about the decision you made at the above service address for courses.

Colonel engineer (Osokin)

July 27, 1942

Another “designer” - an engineer of the 2 rank, Moschevitin, proposed an 13,5-meter two-tower “semi-rigid tank”, which according to his plan could bend like a worm. Thanks to this feature, he not only had weapons from two 76,2 and two 45-mm guns and six machine guns, but also had (in theory, of course - VO) truly phenomenal maneuverability.

But perhaps the most surprising proposal, again made only at the level of a sketch (think about what's inside, think out for yourself! - V.O.) was a hybrid of a tank and a SM ship. Kirillova ZST-KHNUMX from the city of Kazan, who had an “armored screw” for the movement and was armed, respectively, with an “armor-piercing cannon” in the front and a torpedo tube in the back! That's just a pity that it was filed on 18 on April 5 of the year, and by no means the first, and so it could have been taken for an April Fool's rally!

Surprisingly, all these projects came precisely from engineers, that is, people who had a technical education, they received in the universities of the USSR. For example, one such “engineer”, one Botvinenko from Sterlitamak, in February 1943 sent the draft of a jet combat vehicle driven by liquid-propellant rocket engines, and again attached only a “sectional drawing”. The weapon, machine gun and ... torpedoes were supposed to be in service with this "miracle-yuda". Still, the most stunning imagination of the project - although the projects of "land battleships" and liliput tanks were sent in abundance - suggested MM. Voenkov in 1944 year. This is where the true Russian scope manifested in all its splendor! Judge for yourself: a metal pipe was proposed with spikes on the outer surface (well, as without spikes! - VO) along the inner surface of which the squirrels in a wheel should roll ... tanks. And, accordingly, roll this huge "pipe" on the enemy and crush it with a mass!

Only forward, because in what way could it be turned and in addition also blindly ?! Having broken through the enemy's defense, the tanks from this “pipe” drove out and acted already in its operational rear! Well, as a conclusion, it should be noted the extremely low educational level of a significant part of the Soviet population, ranging from cadets of military schools, engineers of the 2 rank to the Stalinist commissar inclusive! Yes, there were talents, there were inventors who created advanced military equipment during the war years. But for the most part, engineers, then and now, were technically simply illiterate. The threat of war made it possible for talents to advance, and for mediocrities it gave the impression that they were necessary, because someone had to count nuts and bolts. Now there is no obvious threat of war, and talents go to where they are paid more, or simply leave from there, where wages do not match their potential. Specialists of the same mediocre level lived then, they still live today, but reoriented to more profitable specialties! And so in our society in this regard almost nothing has changed!
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  1. +2
    1 July 2014 08: 57
    Yeah, I learned a lot. But these projects would be a stretch for the First World War, for the Second World with developed anti-tank guns.
    1. +8
      1 July 2014 12: 32
      But these projects would be a stretch for World War I,

      I wonder what in your opinion could fit here? All the enchanting delusions offered are just fantasies for table theater.
      1. timer
        1 July 2014 15: 42
        But I didn’t want to focus on delusional projects, BUT ON HUGE DESIRE TO MAKE YOURSELF IN THE PREPARED ENEMY! Yes, the mediocrity of the sea, the talents of one. So it was, is and will be. In connection with this article I want to draw the attention of our authorities if they pay attention to this site, to the important problem of consolidating inventors and rationalizers to create breakthrough ideas and technologies. At the moment, our industry does not use this golden potential of our kulibins in any way. But this is a crime. level there is no competent and intelligible program of a tight connection of our kulibin-industry-science of the Russian Federation. And the potential is huge !!
    2. +5
      1 July 2014 17: 48
      Quote: ramin_serg
      Yeah, I learned a lot. But these projects would be a stretch for the First World War, for the Second World with developed anti-tank guns.

      terry dupe for those interested

      author processing of works by yuri pasholok
      and his books
      1. +3
        2 July 2014 14: 27
        "Steel balls of Stalin" - God, what a delight !!! Especially if you understand in a different context))
    3. 0
      10 July 2014 13: 15
      what the hell is the first world my friend you're talking about?
      not a single technically feasible project is presented here
  2. +10
    1 July 2014 09: 03
    Quote: ramin_serg
    Yeah, I learned a lot.

    There is nothing new here, the publication is rather ancient, and individual "inventions" were considered even in "Technology-youth" in ancient times.
    The creators of the "projects" were not only completely technically illiterate, but also were at odds with common sense. Moreover, they can be considered direct pests, since they distracted specialists from really needed projects.
    1. +14
      1 July 2014 10: 35
      Quote: inkass_98
      considered direct pests, as they distracted specialists from really needed projects

      do not judge .... there was such a time ... all (most) of the Soviet people lived under the slogan ...

      Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky .... in Kaluga, the same was considered an urban "crazy", that everyone knows from this ... and RL Bartini, with his fantastic projects ...
      his long-range bomber t Er-2i ... was the best in the initial period of the Second World War ....

      most of these people-engineers of inventors still contribute to the great VICTORY OF WWII !!!
      1. +2
        2 July 2014 09: 25
        Well, suppose Ermolaev brought it to mind, not Bartini! And the problems with him (the plane, not Bartini) were immeasurable. The main problems were fixed only in the 2nd half of the 44th! Failure of elements of fuel equipment, turbochargers, regulators, breakdowns of the generator drive springs and its oiling ... Yes, and with the engines ... We tried a bunch, ran into diesels and what? Tortured for five years! But there’s no sense ...
        1. Kir
          2 July 2014 15: 19
          Well, and even the main problem of virtually all the brilliant creations of Bartini, the lack of suitable engines.
  3. -2
    1 July 2014 09: 17
    And what did the author of this article want to say? That the USSR did not have competent engineers?
    In this case, he did not add that all Soviet military products by projects were stolen abroad.
    Article minus!
  4. +19
    1 July 2014 09: 30
    Minus article. There have been enough curious inventions at all times, but this is no reason to flatter about engineering education, which in the USSR did not even have time to really build - World War II broke out. So they used the design experience of the engineers of the First World War. The author, do not be lazy and search - there are enough articles on VO about such inventions in the same Matrasia. Or in England. Is this also an indicator of the "low educational level" of the countries mentioned? And then what about the armored monsters of Germany, many of which remained in the archives in the same way - for example, the Kugelpanzer? But the German command in both the First and Second World War issued a task and allocated resources for these projects! So, the Germans are more stupid than we are, perhaps?
    1. +5
      1 July 2014 12: 49
      Plus a comment.
      I thought almost the same thing.

      And the article is also a plus, because it is interesting after all.
    2. 0
      1 July 2014 23: 07
      Minus article. There have been plenty of curious inventions at all times, but this is no reason to scoff about engineering education, which the USSR did not even have time to really build - World War II broke out.

      Do not confuse schizophrenics with people without education. The former regularly exacerbate spring / fall + war, while the latter simply receive education and then excellent grades.

      Many times I was addressed by "grief inventors", then a parachute made of silk, with a fall speed at a throwing height of 3 km above the speed of sound. The main thing is the holes in the parachute. That is, an energy storage from rotating cylinders, at a speed when the steel will break, but the trolleybus will travel without wires at one spin. I am simply silent about friction. I think so, and the submarine will go without batteries and across the steppe. It turns out that all mathematicians did not count the integrals correctly, but there was a colonel with two medals, and it is they that serve to justify that he is right, since these are state awards. I came across this personally.

      I wrote it harshly, because under Stalin (I consider him and Grozny to be the best rulers of Russia), those who were too nimble could provoke punishment for not considering such a "valuable invention."

      PS. But there are also talented engineers (PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL EDUCATION). Example, our underground boat.
    3. +1
      2 July 2014 19: 15
      The Germans generally made many mistakes in tank building, which eventually ended in its defeat. On the one hand, they built ersatz guns based on tankettes and pt-guns, on the other, a devilish giant at the level of Mouse. Continuous extremes. The only vehicle most balanced for WWII was the Pz. IV. And do not tell me about the "Tiger" - they made too few of them, they went into production too late, the mass of the car was too large ... The only advantage of the "Tiger" is the weapon.
  5. +2
    1 July 2014 09: 39
    Thanks to the author, had fun from the heart! And the rest is all said before me.
  6. +8
    1 July 2014 09: 42
    The author of the article in vain rolls a barrel on the People's Commissar of the Tank Industry Malyshev - T-34-3 - just one of the samples, but even working on it - which is written with neglect gave an octagonal tower - and when it became necessary to install an 85-mm gun - the tower there was already - less time for its development - a higher speed of setting up for the armament of the tank - ultimately the approach of victory.
    1. 0
      2 July 2014 21: 14
      Quote: zeleznijdorojnik
      The author of the article in vain rolls a barrel on the People's Commissar of the Tank Industry Malyshev - T-34-3 - just one of the samples

      Why does one gunner need 3 guns? Will he be able to direct them at the same time? No, he can’t. One gun for him - for the eyes.
      And if you increase the tower and plant a gunner for each gun, then when one of them needs to turn the tower, the other two will lose their goals. Is this kind of combat work good when the gunners interfere with each other? No, not good. Anyway, only one gun will work fully, and the other two will have ballast, and their gunners will be extra corpses in the tank.
      Conclusion: in one tower, only one weapon is advisable.
      Is this really such a difficult conclusion?
      So what kind of ... people's commissar Malyshev took time from designers? Was the tower designed? And without stupid fuss with placing three guns in this tower, it was impossible to simply design the desired tower ?!
  7. +2
    1 July 2014 09: 54
    The author of this article. You do not need to learn from his version, and all discoveries will occur arbitrarily. I agree that people have proposed projects that, for their opinion, speed up the VICTORY over fascism. And this blames them for something.
  8. +2
    1 July 2014 10: 10
    Interesting article

    Although the excess towards the educational level of engineers is superfluous
  9. +3
    1 July 2014 12: 48
    Tanks were just born, and which of them would grow, they wondered not only in the USSR, but also in all more or less industrialized countries, both interested in the development of tank building and those who sent it to the forest. There were more projects in the world of shushpantsers than flea worms, so that the engineers of the USSR were just one of many. With airplanes, the same story.
  10. +3
    1 July 2014 12: 50
    At that time, at least the fantasy worked for people! Even in delirium you can find rational grains for brilliant ideas.
  11. 0
    1 July 2014 12: 51
    Yes, there are always few really talented engineers and designers in the country compared to the number of graduates. The trouble in the USSR was that talented engineers and designers were hindered and were not given fruitful work by inept bosses.
  12. +5
    1 July 2014 14: 09
    the author forgot about the "concrete" T-34

    I wonder if the designer "ZIL" knew about the amphibious tank when they created their swamp vehicle

    and the article must be saved on your computer
  13. +2
    1 July 2014 15: 43
    You don’t cut crazy ideas hotly .. in a good sense of the word .. But many projects can be reviewed in the modern aspect, not stupidly copying, trying to do .. but take that drop of useful stuff that they have ..
  14. Kir
    1 July 2014 16: 55
    By the way, for your information, something similar to a "tank in a wheel" was also proposed for Mars, although there was a motor cart, but the essence is the same! But for spitting on Soviet Education, obviously the current abrasion does not reach the Middle Soviet !!! A HUGE AND FAT MINUS, I didn't even feel like reading!
    And the remarks of individual de interfered, well, without excesses and reinsurers. It’s never been done, but it is often not worse than when commercially successful Mr. Ware ready to embody in the material and then snot like de We are not We, not They knew and didn’t guess what happened.
  15. +2
    1 July 2014 16: 59
    By the way, the Germans also had a lot of all sorts of ridiculous and paradoxical tank designs smile However, it must be admitted that the overall engineering level of those proposals was significantly higher. And something partially went into business.
    Well, what about Comrade. Such "developments" were sent to Stalin, and that's great! The people not only believed in their leader, but also often disinterestedly tried to invent some clever thing for victory!
  16. 0
    1 July 2014 17: 48

    We are looking for the author’s article Yuri Pasholok and enjoy the juice of the creators brain
    or book (see picture)
    or for example like this
    fast tank /
    in short, author, google further)))
  17. +2
    1 July 2014 18: 10
    Foreign design thought also does not stand still.
    American nuclear tank TV8:
    1. 0
      2 July 2014 08: 44
      generally like a soviet tank prototype
  18. +1
    1 July 2014 19: 53
    there were always enough projectors in all countries, and at all times !!! man is an interesting creation !!!! feel
  19. +3
    1 July 2014 20: 11
    Well, for example, a "semi-rigid tank" could have turned out, at least as an armored personnel carrier. Of course, its development and fine-tuning would have required monstrous funds that no one would have allocated for anything, but who said that the idea itself is so stillborn? And it would be very interesting to try to work with the author of the absolutely wild idea of ​​a "jumping tank". How exactly did he see the main node? Not the fact that mechanics could not at all enrich themselves with something new. All-terrain vehicles with an "Archimedes screw" propulsion system were successfully developed in the USSR and were not accepted for operation, not because they were impossible. It is quite possible, just did not want to tear the same tundra to shreds with a screw.
    Well, one more point, deliberately not taken into account by the author. War. The consciousness of people working for victory far beyond their usual capabilities could not but generate some kind of "super ideas". This, you know, is simply logical - to find rest for the psyche, exhausted beyond all limits, in the idea of ​​a superweapon capable of saving everyone at once. End the war, end death ... finally rest !! The state is akin to a dream, where delirium seems completely logical, the main thing is not to wake up.
    In general, the article, in my opinion, is not too good.
  20. 0
    1 July 2014 20: 31
    To the topic of the article about Kulibin nuggets:
    The story of Lavrentiev
    Nikolai Kopylov
    I read the article by N. Styazhkina "The Secret Host" ("Tomorrow", 2013, No. 4) and remembered another publication — the note by IM Podgorny "Pilot in plasma streams", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Academician L.А. Artsimovich ("Soviet Russia" 2009.02.26, No. 19 [13236]). In it, as if in passing, it was reported that the work on the hydrogen bomb "was initiated by a letter to the Central Committee of the CPSU (this is a mistake, until 1952 it was the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. - N.K.) of the sergeant of the Soviet Army O. A. Lavrentyev, who drew attention on the fundamental possibility of carrying out in terrestrial conditions the process of fusion of atomic nuclei similar to that which provides us with solar energy ... "Further, the author tells about his joint and very successful work with the hero of the day. All this is interesting and very good, but my question arose: where did the "initiator" of all this work go? I turned to the literature and found something interesting about this nugget scientist. Anyone can get acquainted with his biography, for example, from the book by Yuri Mukhin "USSR named after Beria" (Moscow: Algorithm, 2008). Let me briefly outline it.
  21. +3
    1 July 2014 20: 46
    Oleg first learned about the atomic problem back in 1941, in the 7th grade, from the book "Introduction to Nuclear Physics". A dream arose: to use atomic energy to serve man. Further study was prevented by the war. He worked, then volunteered at the age of 17 to go to the front. He fought in the Baltic States, and after the war continued to serve in Sakhalin. However, while still in the army, Oleg decided to fulfill his dream. In a year I have mastered the program of grades 8-10 and passed the exams for the certificate of maturity. I independently studied the basics of higher mathematics, university courses in physics and chemistry. Absorbed all available information on nuclear physics, problems of using nuclear energy for peaceful and military purposes. In the winter of 1948, he came to the idea of ​​the possibility of creating a "dry", without liquid deuterium and tritium, thermonuclear bomb. After carefully considering this possibility, making sure of its fundamental feasibility, sergeant-conscript Oleg Lavrentyev wrote letters to J.V. Stalin and to the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). They, in fact, became the starting point of the thermonuclear project of our country. At that time, the attitude towards letters from citizens was completely different, the Stalinist model of development was based precisely on the initiative of the people and people. The letters reached the addressees, and at the request of the Central Committee, transmitted to the Sakhalin Regional Committee of the CPSU (b), Lavrentyev was summoned to the division headquarters, where he set out his proposals in as much detail as possible. The work consisted of two parts. The first included a description of the principle of operation of the proposed bomb, its design; he estimated the power of the explosion, proposed a method for separating lithium isotopes and an experimental program for the project. The second part includes proposals for a device for controlled thermonuclear fusion.
  22. +6
    1 July 2014 21: 00
    On August 2, 1950, Lavrenty Beria, after a serious study of Lavrentyev's proposals, met with Kurchatov and suggested that he consider an alternative to a nuclear explosive device based on liquid deuterium and tritium (a monster weighing 100 tons), which was developed by nuclear theorist I.E. Tamm and young A. . Sakharov. At the same time, Beria acquainted Kurchatov with Lavrentiev's work and asked to give it to specialists for conclusion. He also noted that the work is very convincing, and the resulting bomb is simple and can be transported to the target with the available means of delivery. After Sakharov's enthusiastic conclusion on August 19, 1950, Beria and Kurchatov gave the go-ahead to the Lavrentiev project. And the Soviet Union soon, on August 12, 1953, at the Semipalatinsk test site, for the first time in the world, successfully tested a thermonuclear bomb. But among those who were awarded for the creation of this bomb, its author, O. A. Lavrentyev, was no longer there. A.D. Sakharov took over the authorship of the bomb design. Strictly speaking, he had some right to do this, since he suggested adding a layer of unenriched uranium on top of the lithium deuteride layer. According to Sakharov's idea, this should have increased the power of the explosion. The power did not increase, but from the explosion of this "Sakharov" bomb, the territory of the USSR was contaminated with radioactive elements more than all the previous and subsequent explosions combined. VL Ginzburg took the authorship of the idea to use lithium deuteride.
    1. Kir
      1 July 2014 21: 06
      Now it is clear who is who, but it remains to find out when "conscience" or what has awakened Sakharov?
  23. +3
    1 July 2014 21: 08
    Then the student Lavrentyev (who formally did not have a higher education, in 1951 was sent to study at Moscow State University, at the same time obtaining admission to work on his experimental program at the Institute of Atomic Energy) was gradually removed from the project, and after graduating from Moscow State University (1955) at the direction of the academician L.A. Artsimovich was sent to work in Kharkov, from where Lavrent'ev could not dispute Artsimovich's unsuccessful attempts to implement his, Lavrent'ev's, idea of ​​controlled thermonuclear fusion. And then OA Lavrentyev spent his whole life working in Kharkov on his theory of magnetic traps, to test which he needed money, which he was not given - the Artsimovichs needed money. Only one academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences Gersh Butker Gersh Itskovich, once seeing Lavrentiev at one conference, was ashamed and said: "They killed a good guy!" http://www.zavtra.ru/content/view/istoriya-s-lavrentevyim-2013-02-06-000000/
    1. +4
      1 July 2014 22: 30
      And you know, this time is nothing better than the situation in the design bureau and research institute, which you described using Lavrentiev’s example as a direct reflection of the current state of affairs. I had to work with former employees of the design bureau and research institute, quite competent specialists, you can even say talented young people in their field but they themselves cannot for one reason in these organizations need talent to intrigue and intrigue and a good hangover to the leadership, in this environment people do not like to be talented and try to survive.
  24. +1
    2 July 2014 01: 29
    The first plane of Ilyushin was built without calculating the center of mass, and he had to fasten a sledgehammer in front so that he could fly. Education is great, but talent and desire to design means more.
  25. +1
    2 July 2014 01: 38
    I can’t say anything bad or good about funny initiative projects in all countries, they multiplied especially rapidly during the wars (those who wish can dig into the Google patent there isn’t there, and not in the form of proposals, but the patent commission that really passed )
    But the T-34-3! Where did the author find this nonsense? On the T-34 and its further offspring (of which there were enough), more than one thick serious monograph was written, everything was sucked up, down to the number and size of nuts on the road wheels of tanks of different factories and different production times, no where there is not even a hint of such nonsense (and the size turret ring T-34-76 did not allow placing a third crew member in the turret, not to mention two more guns), the author admit you borrowed this "secret" information not from the ever-memorable Kuptsov (for those who are not in the subject of Merchants, a schizophrenic loader who sprinkle a couple of books like T34-3 "revelations")
  26. +3
    2 July 2014 08: 52
    here are some more miracle tanks
  27. +1
    2 July 2014 11: 22
    Not exactly tanks, in the first photo the American Tracklayer CLB 75, an experienced monster of 1917, is not a tank by design, but an armored tractor, since it is a reserved Holt 75 tractor, on the second there are mobile armored caps of the late 19th century, the ancestor of these designs was the German Schumann , but in various versions they were used in many European fortresses, the wheel drive is needed only for transporting the horse to the position, then the firing point was installed behind the parapet, in some fortresses these points, among other things, were installed in special inclined gutters, as a result of which they could be rolled away from the parapet simultaneously moving down. The third photo is generally fake. Well, Lebedenko's "tank" can hardly be attributed to any category of military equipment.
  28. +2
    2 July 2014 14: 22
    The article is a minus.

    Quote: AUTHOR
    In fact, its average, mass level was almost lower than today, as evidenced by a comparative analysis of military-technical proposals

    Quote: AUTHOR
    - well, this phrase already says a lot)))

    Quote: AUTHOR
    which is proved by a comparative analysis of sentences
    Is it proved? Nothing is proved. Comparative? There is no comparison. Analysis? Oh well...

    The author in his blasphemous mockery clearly did not take into account the difference in time and level of technological development, although he himself could not even squeeze the article without errors ..

    Quote: AUTHOR
    in the left aft part of the roof of the tower of the asymmetric tower
  29. Everest2014
    2 July 2014 17: 19
    Quote: GRAY
    American nuclear tank TV8:

    The USSR has always loved to invent tanks from which the West spoiled the liquid. In the figure, object 279 is with anti-atomic protection. The United States did not dare to use nuclear weapons against the USSR for one simple reason - at that time the damned Reds had the most combat-ready army on the planet. To crush the protection of countries under the control of the United States on the continent and to rush through the lamb, a country that has reverted to the whole war? Oh her.
    1. Kir
      2 July 2014 18: 13
      Where did you divide the machine from the four-barreled machine gun ?, it’s really interesting how they managed to figure out a model with such a blunder ?, and the beast is so good !!!
      With regards to the tanks, it was necessary to recall how ours, in which case according to their legendary autobahns, could import real Values ​​in response to their bullshit!
    2. +1
      3 July 2014 14: 43
      Everything is fine only in your picture is not object 279 but what 3D model made based on the 279th is likely for a computer game
  30. Rodyanin
    2 July 2014 17: 28
    Quote: ramin_serg
    Yeah, I learned a lot. But these projects would be a stretch for the First World War, for the Second World with developed anti-tank guns.
    The best crew of the Solar Not ready to transport the revolution to the Saturn area
  31. 0
    2 July 2014 20: 20
    Fantasy! But it’s a pity that these projects were not embodied in metal ... Yes, maybe technically they could be imperfect, but with one look they could bring the enemy to death! From horror or from laughter ... underline what is needed. I have an idea: dear modelers and designers, translate these ideas into computer and field models, preferably operating. One could create an exposition. I think from those who want to look at it from those who want to end there wouldn’t be! Oh, that gloomy Soviet genius!
  32. Yurgens
    2 July 2014 22: 49
    Vyacheslav, I dare to ask, but who are you by profession?) You so boldly smashed everyone to smithereens. probably you have at least 10 patents and even more inventions?))
  33. Everest2014
    3 July 2014 00: 30
    Quote: Peacemaker
    I have an idea: respected modelers and designers, translate these ideas into computer and field models, preferably operating.

    Object 279 is a real-life model, standing in the tank museum in Kubinka.
    TTX of the tank: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_279
    According to unverified data, this engineering miracle could give 10-15 rounds per minute.
  34. vvdmitriyvv
    3 September 2014 15: 20
    but I’m wondering - why does the author of the article talk about bad engineers? I have not seen a single project submitted by a professional engineer! I saw only the wishes and fantasies of individual officers of that time about the weapons that they would like ... Yes, and the supernatural, by the way, there is nothing there! Almost any technical idea can be materialized, the question is whether it is advisable! A jumping tank can be made, like boots-walkers, which were considered a fairy tale, but they were made! They do not seem to be produced in series (I have no idea who they need), but the tests have passed ... And all these concepts can be brought to mind, but you need desire, time and money! In World War II, perhaps, there was nothing but the desire to win, and illiteracy was not completely eliminated - who still did not go to school, who finished only 7 classes ... After the war, illiteracy was eliminated and science developed intensively despite the flaws of the system ! But the last years of our days, education inevitably falls apart, even despite the increase in social services. teacher status! Just because those people who are in power and are trying to do something, run on the spot, because either they didn’t have the mind or the strength to clear the governing circles of people who were sold and mediocre, thieves and crooks! Moreover, the whole country knows the top of the latter in person ... And as a result, Soviet norms are canceled, and new ones are not implemented, and if implemented, it is of such poor quality that it is not possible to work with them; the specialists of the Soviet school are already dying out, rarely leaving a replacement for themselves, and the consequence is an increasing shortage of qualified specialists (at least in my fundamental profile)! So the author of the article too embellishes reality, trying for some reason to denigrate the USSR ... it is a good idea to upload such archives, but to say bad Soviet engineers is nonsense, because it was not the engineers who created these materials!

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