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“Battle for Damascus”: what will be the new stage?

Even the fulfillment by Syria of its obligations to destroy chemical weapons can not seriously defuse the situation

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said that the Syrian air force had bombed the positions of Islamic militants in the Iraqi border town of Al Qaim. The head of the cabinet stressed: although the authorities did not ask Syria to inflict airstrikes on the Islamists, they support the initiative of Damascus. But the US Secretary of State John Kerry, the Syrians on the Islamists - the need to combat that they talk so much in the US - clearly did not approve.

About what he told at the NATO summit to his accomplices on the anti-Syrian coalition, stating the inadmissibility of intervention in the Iraq conflict "third party".

His discontent is quite understandable. The Iraqi party is not played by the administration of Barack Obama, it is here only a puppet of the Pentagon, the CIA, America’s arms and oil business. But the Democrats need to save face, show that they are at least something in the Middle East, yes they rule. In addition, both the president and the secretary of state seriously fear that the “hawks”, under the cover of the operation in Iraq, will begin to solve the “Syrian problem” on their own too straightforwardly. Without propaganda cover.

Syria suffered huge losses during the civil war and jihadist intervention. The borders with Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq are practically open, and from there, weapons are growing in an increasing stream, both for the secular opposition and for the Islamists. Having established control over the oil pipeline leading to Syria, the Iraqi militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant immediately blocked it, provoking power outages in the country ...

Syria’s losses are enormous, and the GDP during the war and intervention has halved. A huge number of citizens of the country were left without work, a significant part of the population became internally displaced persons, or even went abroad. The population of Lebanon is four million people, and the number of Syrian refugees has exceeded one million. In Jordan, a little more than six million live - the official number of refugees is 600 thousand.

But, albeit at the cost of enormous human and socio-economic losses, the country survived. The script of the Arab Spring for Damascus, written in Washington, failed. And if everything is clear with the tasks facing the Syrian leadership - to finish off the rebels, to carry out serious reforms, including political ones, to rebuild the country - then the prospects for further actions by the anti-Syrian coalition and its most active players are much less clear.

The problem is that the further development of the situation in the country does not depend on the choice of the Syrians themselves. They have made their choice just in favor of stability, peace and a secular state.

Peace in Syria does not depend on the position of Russia, Iran and China, no matter how consistently and firmly Moscow, Tehran and Beijing uphold the principles of international law and the inadmissibility of aggression.

Here it is, the curse of the unipolar world: now everything depends on the decision that Washington and its allies will take regarding Damascus.

Even the fulfillment by Syria of its obligations to destroy chemical weapons cannot seriously defuse the situation. The General Director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Ahmet Uzyumcu, stated that all the Syrian declared arsenals - 1300 tons of chemicals and precursors used to create chemical weapons, as well as more 1200 unloaded ammunition - were removed from the country and ready for destruction. In addition, Damascus provided information on 41 facilities, which are located at 23 facilities and can be used to manufacture chemical weapons.

However, the same John Kerry immediately after the official report of the OPCW stated that this was all well and good, but ... “We are still deeply concerned about reports of the systematic use of chlorine in areas where opposition supporters are located; the Syrian regime is reluctant to work on the destruction of production capacity; the international community has questions about what Syria has declared, ”he outlined the claims of the West. That is, the anti-Syrian coalition has more than enough contrived pretexts to accuse Damascus of violating agreements. And more than enough equally contrived reasons for a military action.

It cannot be otherwise, since the main goal of Washington and its clientele with regard to Damascus was, is and will be the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad.

In the Syrian issue, Barack Obama was terribly afraid of dirtyting his white clothes as a peacemaker, and in his habit of democrats, he lied. And, in the end, not only did he get confused himself, but he also drove US strategic partners, the same Saudi Arabia, to a rage. Officials of which, rejecting the norms of etiquette, directly accused Barack Obama of total betrayal: US interests in the Middle East, security of the Arabian “unsinkable aircraft carrier” and “Syrian fighters who fled to America against the bloody regime”.

As a result, other people took control of the Middle East processes in Washington - intelligence officers and the military, behind whom are the capital of the US military-industrial complex and the oil industry, and the political cover of which is carried out by the Republicans.

Their party looks immaculate: a sudden aggravation of the crisis in Iraq requires urgent American intervention in the "fight against terrorists." And under the cover of this struggle, you can deal with Syria.

Now Barack Obama has nothing else to do but to reflect on events launched without his knowledge. Actually, all the fluctuations, both of the American administration and of the circles close to it, were associated with only one question - the question of the price for mastering Damascus. No, we are not talking about the losses of the civilian population or the death of "fighters for democracy" - who and when considered the losses of "pawns" in geopolitical games? Moreover, the West has masterfully mastered the tactics of “proxy wars”, when people of the same faith, of one nationality, yesterday’s countrymen and neighbors cut each other for his interests.

The question is whether the “cure for Asad” would be worse for the West than the disease itself?

This, first of all, is about foreign jihadists fighting in Syria. Today, according to various estimates, from eight to twelve thousand. With criminal and radical scum, which the Arabian monarchies fused from their countries to “atone for sins with jihad,” everything is clear with extremists from Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Maghreb. They are prepared for the role of cannon fodder, it is a consumable material that no one regrets and does not take into account in long-term plans. But in the ranks of the "international jihad" today, 70 citizens of the United States are fighting, 700 citizens of France, 400 - of the United Kingdom and 1300 - from other EU countries. Western intelligence agencies are aware that this contingent of Syria will not be limited to that it will bring the war against the infidels to his home, the USA and Europe. Western politicians can not be bothered. It came to the point that the intelligence services of France and Great Britain through diplomatic channels appealed to the Syrian authorities with a request to provide data to the citizens of these countries fighting on the side of jihadists.

West is sobering? West is beginning to understand the reality of the threat "Afghanization" Syrian conflict?

The threats that the new Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi publicly warned about when deciding to neutralize his country in this conflict and quitting the anti-Syrian coalition? Nothing like that! The purpose of a purely tactical request is to take measures to neutralize these “internationalists from jihad” when, after drinking blood in Syria, for one reason or another, they want to return to the United States and Europe.

In addition, this request helps the anti-Syrian coalition find the answer to another very important question: who should we arm, who is the main stake in the fight against the legitimate government? Coalition strategists did not give an answer, although recently Barack Obama, in his sensational speech at West Point, said that America "is ready to build up support for those Syrian opposition forces that represent a better alternative than terrorists and dictators." Therefore, a new meeting of the heads of the intelligence services of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, England, France and the United Arab Emirates is being prepared for the end of July and the beginning of August. The topic is another consideration of the question of who of the "Syrian rebels" to supply with what will significantly increase their capabilities in the war against government forces and their own people. Man-portable air defense systems and heavy small arms ...

And it will be easy to do. The successful actions of the American agents in Iraq "under the roof" of ISIS allowed, on the one hand, to cut through an additional cross-border corridor for the supply of arms at the borders with Syria, and on the other - to seriously hamper the supply of equipment to Damascus from Iran. Well and, moreover, the igilovtsy managed to seize a significant number of both Iraqi military depots and army armaments. Recent data from Damascus suggests that part of the captured has already gone into the country from Iraq, that ISIL militants in Syria have already had army Hammers and trucks, and artillery systems are already on the way.

Who in such a situation will make out what has got to the “Syrian opposition” from Iraq, and what has come through other channels? The ideal situation in which militants can get an unlimited number of weapons without injuring the “high moral principles” of the West led by Obama the peacemaker ...

Especially since igilovtsy in Syria, by a strange coincidence, launched active operations against those who yesterday considered them as their allies - against the “jihadists.” The fact that in one of the battles between ISIS and Islamist Jabhat al-Nusroy losses on both sides amounted to 1400 testifies to the scale of the clashes. Objectively, ISIS in Syria works for the anti-Syrian coalition, clearing out those whose loyalty and controllability this alliance is not sure about.

And journalists and “scientific experts” at this time continue to “brainwash”, trying to divert public opinion from understanding the true causes of what is happening in the Middle East. Here comes the political philosopher Francis Fukuyama, the one who once proclaimed "the end stories":" What we see today in Iraq and Syria is the slow growth of the conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, in which local forces act on behalf of Saudi Arabia and Iran. A humanitarian disaster is brewing. ”

Lies and fog ... There is no conflict between Sunnis and Shiites do not exist. Even on closer examination, Islamists from ISIS turn out to be completely not Islamists, but on 70-80 percent, an organization under the control of the CIA.

And, accordingly, there is an operation led by the Washington-led coalition to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria, in which there is now a short pause. It is necessary to prepare the next phase of the "Battle of Damascus".

What will it be, this next stage?

After the failure of Washington and its allies to impose on Damascus ideas of a coalition government with the participation of the “secular opposition” and the refusal of Bashar al-Assad from power as a guarantee of a cease-fire, it became clear that this stage would be exclusively violent. And the main role in it will be played only and exclusively under the control of the anti-Syrian coalition gangs of rebels, cleaned of Islamists.

It is this “stripping” that is now the most important task for those who are tied up at the second stage of the operation. Corridors in the areas controlled by the rebels are cut through almost the entire perimeter of the Syrian border. It means that there are no obstacles for increasing the supply of weapons to the “right oppositionists” who, in the intervals between sabotage attacks and terrorist acts against government forces and civilians, cut the opposition’s “wrong” ones.

At the same time, the training of the rebels in the camps near the border with Syria will unfold even more.

Actually, the request of Barack Obama from the 500 congress of millions of dollars "for the preparation and arming of the rebels in Syria" is precisely for these purposes.

The next step is the preparation of "humanitarian corridors" into the zones controlled by the rebels already in Syrian territory. And this is one of the main dangers for Damascus, which he officially warned the UN Security Council and Ban Ki-moon the other day: “Delivery of assistance in coordination with terrorist organizations and without consultation with the Syrian state will be equated with an attempt to attack the Syrian state.” Such an acute reaction is quite explicable: the task of the second stage of the operation of the anti-Syrian coalition is the proclamation of a "free Syrian state" in the territory seized by the rebels with a provisional government formed by the secular opposition.

Well, since Western journalists have prepared public opinion that a humanitarian catastrophe is about to erupt in Syria - some have already assured that it has already erupted - a "no-fly zone" will be created to cover humanitarian corridors by hook or by crook. It will dominate aviation countries participating in the anti-Syrian coalition. And there, and to the "humanitarian bombing" of Damascus is not far, the tactics have already been worked out - from Yugoslavia to Libya.

Optimism to the developers of the second stage of the operation on the “final resolution of the Syrian issue” is added by information from Tel Aviv, shaking on its part of the border with Syria.

The Israeli Air Force and Army artillery are already openly conducting reconnaissance in force, checking the state of the Syrian air defense and the combat readiness of the army.

On Monday night, Israel launched airstrikes on nine Syrian targets, including the headquarters of the armed forces. The reason is the shelling of an Israeli truck by unknown persons from the territory of Syria. Moreover, first Tel Aviv struck from tank guns, subjected the Syrian territory to rocket and mortar shelling, and then carried out five air attacks, the targets of which were the positions of the army and the headquarters of the 90th brigade of government forces.

Israel’s successful air attacks convince the anti-Syrian coalition that the air defense system has weakened significantly and can only be a threat to combat aircraft over Damascus. Consequently, there are no particular obstacles to “humanitarian bombings”. Of course, if Russia does not intervene, but this is already a topic for another conversation. In the meantime, with piercing distinctness, it becomes clear that a certain tactical pause, which occurred in Syria, means only the preparation of a new attack by the anti-Syrian coalition.

Peace plans for Syria Washington and its allies do not provide. In these scenarios on the “final solution of the Syrian issue” - only American puppets in Damascus and cemetery peace over the torn earth ...

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  1. dojjdik
    dojjdik 28 June 2014 07: 16
    hehe, and Israel, as always, aside; cunningly and wisely articles here are written; soon in both Syria and Ukraine, the devastation and death of people will end and then we will begin the same experiment on Israel
    1. 222222
      222222 28 June 2014 11: 33
      dojjdik (2) RU Today, 07:16 AM
      hehe, "
      Hehe .. "From June 27, the crews of long-range anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 and anti-submarine aircraft of medium range Il-38, together with the crews of the ship's anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27 from the airbase of the Northern Fleet naval aviation (SF) began to test torpedo and bombing at combat training ranges. "
      hehe On June 28, a grand ceremony will take place to name the Great Perm fighter-interceptor MiG-31 from the Sokol air base. After that, the aircraft will take up combat duty on the air defense of administrative, industrial and military facilities of the Perm Territory.
    2. voldmis
      voldmis 28 June 2014 11: 37
      Assad and Syria survived. So far this is the main thing. And many in the world realized that the United States is not omnipotent. When the people with the leadership are united - it is impossible to break the country!
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 28 June 2014 13: 26
        It is not a fact that they survived. Now they, like Israel, are surrounded by enemies - Turks, Kurds, Jews, jihadists and militants igil. Plus, the United States will throw another 500 lyam into the arsenal of terrorists. In general, it’s shitty so far. It would be necessary to help them with heavy weapons, but the Donbass is on fire at our side and it’s difficult to help both, besides, no proof has come up here and there. We would like to help Syria, in the end we have the technology for decommissioning, and disposing of it is not much cheaper than just delivering Assad. Yes, and our diplomacy should talk with Israel and explain the simple thing that even a dictator who controls his land is much more convenient than Afghanistan at hand, and that the igil and other mercenaries of the Arabian monarchies, Israel, is simply one of the following goals. Moreover, if the secular power of Assad has something that he does not want to lose and is ready to negotiate, then the horde of jihadists has only crowds of cannon fodder, which he does not feel sorry for, especially since it is not afraid of death.
        1. Gluxar_
          Gluxar_ 28 June 2014 17: 12
          Quote: g1v2
          It is not a fact that they survived. Now they, like Israel, are surrounded by enemies - Turks, Kurds, Jews, jihadists and militants igil. Plus, the United States will throw another 500 lyam into the arsenal of terrorists. In general, it’s shitty so far.

          It was shitty in 2012 when the floor of Damascus was on fire. Today, Assad objectively won the political arena and won the war.
          500 million is a penny for the war. This is the cost of 10 days of oil production in Syria, which is largely controlled by the militants. Today ISIS will be pressed from both sides and a Shiite alliance is clearly being formed, moreover, on a more reliable basis. Iran will gain direct access and "right" to participate in the conflict.
          The same goes for the rest. Air defense is good, but specialists are needed. And you can’t deliver junk 30 years ago, because Israel doesn’t fly bombing on rubbish. But on the most modern aircraft ... in general, the patriotism of the phenomenon is often destructive than useful.
      2. avg
        avg 28 June 2014 14: 08
        Quote: voldmis
        Assad and Syria survived. So far this is the main thing.

        They stand. But what stood up to speak early. The Syrians need help, both politically and by arms, otherwise their overseas gang like Libya will bomb them.
        1. DMB87
          28 June 2014 14: 48
          We help, our BDK (Syrian Express) go with enviable regularity.
        2. Gluxar_
          Gluxar_ 28 June 2014 17: 13
          Quote: avg
          They stand. But what stood up to speak early. The Syrians need help, both politically and by arms, otherwise their overseas gang like Libya will bomb them.

          And even if they continue to stand, the United States is spent on this conflict much more seriously than Russia. And given the fact that the main burden is still in Iran, we generally benefit from such a status quo.
    3. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ 28 June 2014 17: 06
      Quote: dojjdik
      hehe, and Israel, as always, aside; cunningly and wisely articles here are written; soon in both Syria and Ukraine, the devastation and death of people will end and then we will begin the same experiment on Israel

      Tooting. Surprising opinions and voices of site visitors. The article is frankly vyser, in many ways contrary to facts and sound logic. Article minus, the direction is purely anti-Syrian.

      ISIS controlled by the CIA? Is there any evidence? Or hints? No confrontation between Shiites and Sunnis? That is, constant mass executions, sometimes on both sides, are not confirmation of a purely religious confrontation. Is there no confrontation and battle for control over the entire Middle East between Iran and the Saudis?
      The fact that ISIS will now be hit from two sides is this not a success of Syria?
      In general, there is nothing to comment on, a frank disinformation creating a distorted perception of future events.
    CAPILATUS 28 June 2014 07: 31
    Interestingly, what would be the development of the situation, had Putin asked the Duma for 500 million to support the militias (read the opposition) in Ukraine? And then along the path beaten by amers - a humanitarian catastrophe in the Donbass, the cover of convoys with humanitarian aid from the air, etc. etc. until complete victory
  3. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 28 June 2014 07: 40
    Iraq is now defending itself against militants, I think the United States is stirring up jihadists with heavy weapons, opening the borders for an influx of militants, all of which, according to their plan, will help to prevail over Syria, plus they will change the alignment of Iraq!
    1. The Art of War
      The Art of War 28 June 2014 07: 47
      I agree that the United States sees that the terrorists are not coping and decided to open a second front, but armed with heavy equipment and new terrorists from Iraq. It would be nice if Iraq would soon end the terrorists and help Syria with the terrorists!
      1. kodxnumx
        kodxnumx 28 June 2014 08: 15
        I think in the near future we will see a coalition of forces that will be watering the militants together with Iraq, in Syria and in Iraq.
    2. portoc65
      portoc65 28 June 2014 12: 56
      I think this is the plan of the Americans to move the whole Islamic mover after Iraq to Syria .. Now the Syrians need to help Iran together with Iraq-Iraq .. Syria has bombed positions-Islamists, Syria will come to Iraq, then Iraq with Iran will help Syria
  4. The Art of War
    The Art of War 28 June 2014 07: 40
    usa profitable instability in the Middle East recourse And those groups that help destroy Syria are right, because the weapons and equipment that terrorists capture is used by terrorists in Syria. I hope Bashar al-Assad will soon clear his country of terrorists. Walking will be very difficult, since the United States sponsors terrorists and plus Israel attacks government troops!
  5. Mihail29
    Mihail29 28 June 2014 07: 48
    How far can these "exceptional" guys go, but God is not a fraer, he sees everything one way or another soon America is a matter of time.
  6. The Art of War
    The Art of War 28 June 2014 07: 57
    Destruction of fighters in Jobar
    1. SSR
      SSR 28 June 2014 10: 11
      Previously, the faces of the military were hidden, now they do not hide their IMH, this means that the military no longer feels a threat from their own people and that today in Syria flies are separate and the citizens of their country are separate.
      1. DMB87
        28 June 2014 14: 51
        They used to hide the faces of the military, now they do not hide

        Idlib. June.
  7. The Art of War
    The Art of War 28 June 2014 08: 13
    Analytics! From which countries militants go to Syria!
  8. The Art of War
    The Art of War 28 June 2014 08: 21
    If only there were such terrorists in Syria laughing then Bashar al-Assad in a month would cleanse the country of terrorists!
  9. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 28 June 2014 10: 52
    Again, stripping Syria is preparing the United States. All will not calm down. What an ugly and smelly little people lives in the USA, some homosexuals, bandits and money-lenders have gathered from all over the WORLD. Watching and listening to them is disgusting. One PSACI is worth it. soldier am
  10. Stavros
    Stavros 28 June 2014 11: 07
    I hope that Assad hid some chemistry, just in case.
    1. svp67
      svp67 29 June 2014 12: 15
      Quote: Stavros
      I hope that Assad hid some chemistry, just in case.

      Well, I think they have cans with "dichlorvos" in every house ..
  11. emotion
    emotion 28 June 2014 11: 18
    they finish asad, they surely finish. they’ve been messing with him for so long just because they don’t want to get their hands dirty, mainly for domestic political reasons. everything will be done by the hands of the opposition. now come from the Iraqi side. actually a single Iraq, too, no one needs. even to Iran, I think that if Iran faces a choice: to maintain influence in southern Iraq or in Syria, Iran will choose what is closer. and if sanctions are lifted from Iran, then the Persians will generally benefit. in the end, the Asad Alavites were no one to them, not blood relatives, not co-religionists.
    Assad certainly well done that lasts so long. on the other hand, he has no other choice, at the beginning of the mess there was still a chance to emigrate somewhere in Rostov-on-Don, and even with the dough, and now the train has left, hardly anyone will accept and give security guarantees. Yes, and the sectarians have nowhere to retreat, if they surrender, the Muslims will kill them all, and the UN will only scatter it with its hands.
    1. svp67
      svp67 29 June 2014 12: 12
      Quote: noliemotion
      they finish asad, they must

      or Assad is killing them ... that he’s not doing badly.
  12. siberalt
    siberalt 28 June 2014 13: 00
    With Syria, the Americans "passed". Now Israel would not climb.
  13. rasputin17
    rasputin17 28 June 2014 21: 52
    If we surrender to Syria, then everything else will shatter !!! BUT all the same, I believe that common sense will not allow to make Syria a bargaining chip in the fire of raging conflicts !!!
    How much our society and especially its politicians are ready to lie under the enemy for a handful of worthless dollars and surrender not only friends but also their people !!! forgive me dear admins and moderators, but our lives are worth nothing in the game of ambition of pseudo-popular politicians sending their electorate to Calvary and singing to people who chose them as well as to the earth whose boundaries and interests they were chosen to protect and defend! After all, the power is being drained !! It's a shame !!