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Extremist will stop coughing

Pulse dispensers are able to knock the ground out from under the feet of participants in riots

Analysis of operations to curb riots shows a sharp increase in the aggressiveness of participants in illegal actions. Moreover, homemade weapons are widely used by extremists. If we summarize the data on known recent events that took place in different countries, it turns out that among policemen there are on average twice as many injured than among participants in the riots. The latest developments demonstrated at the test site in the Leningrad region, make it possible to secure personnel opposing the radicals and calm any crowd.

The events in Kiev in January-February of this year revealed additional risk factors for law enforcement officers. Among them: special training of militants who skillfully disguised themselves in a crowd of demonstrators; a reduction to the negligibly small threshold of the permissibility of violence against police officers; active use as weapons the damaging effects of improvised means; continuous improvement of improvised incendiary compounds and explosives, mass throwing of projectiles loaded with them not only from the hands, but also with the help of primitive catapults. The severity of the defeat of the personnel was aggravated by the fact that the regular uniforms were not designed to protect against new types of damaging means. For example, the helmets of the special forces "Berkut" made their way from the first strike with a metal rod or a long pole with nails mounted on it. In addition, the uniforms of the staff are made of combustible materials that are relatively easily ignited under the action of improvised incendiary agents and even ordinary gasoline.

Extremist will stop coughingIn connection with the identification of new types of threats arising during the conduct of police operations, specialists of the NPO Special Materials, under the guidance of the authors and with the participation of special forces officers of the Russian Interior Ministry, tested equipment, including resistance to fire damage. The assessment was given in field conditions; the riot police of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region were involved as “experts”, participating in special tactical exercises on the topic “Unit operations during mass riots at various city infrastructure facilities”.

In the course of the tests, the simplest liquid and incendiary throwing means were used. It turned out that many elements of equipment and protective equipment of special forces do not take into account the above-mentioned damaging factors, moreover, they are made of flammable materials. For example, the presence of a gap between the sight and the helmet itself allows a burning incendiary fluid to leak onto the face and, which is especially dangerous, to a damper pad. She, like the slam of the slam, instantly ignites and burns in less than a second. That is, severe burns, injuries and even death are likely.

Reliable protection is provided by the 1 SAT helmet that was tested in class. The material from which it is made does not ignite, and the barmitsa can be made of fire-resistant fabric with special impregnation. The design of the helmet provides reliable protection of the cervical and auricles. The rubber seal on the visor ensures that the helmet is sealed in the frontal direction, and the volumetric convex shape of the visor itself allows it to withstand shelling from an airgun. The dimensions of the internal space allow installation of the radio, and the standard headset for its connection is already built into the helmet. There is a place for a video camera, which is extremely important in cases when you need to record a conflict.

Tests of body armor made with the use of refractory fabric have shown that when exposed to an intense flame of a gas torch for 15 seconds, they not only did not ignite, but did not even begin to smolder. The same results were obtained by checking suits such as “Skat-3С” and “Shadow-3С”.

A separate stage of the test was the assessment of the suitability of various fire extinguishing devices for use in police operations. Traditional pneumatic fire extinguishers (water, foam, powder) showed low efficiency for protection against incendiary weapons, and air-pulse ones have a high cost and significant weight and size parameters, are difficult to operate, especially in extreme conditions. Therefore, the development in industrial production and the supply of fundamentally new means — quick-acting, compact and reliable — to law enforcement agencies has become very relevant.

Such plants in various modifications were created under the guidance of one of the authors. They have been repeatedly and successfully tested at test sites and in real service-operational situations.

The first of these installations is a pulsed mini-sprayer (WRI) with ultra-low-power powder charge complete with 150 and 330 containers of grams filled with fire extinguishing powder. WRI effectively extinguishes the flames, even on woolen clothes, which, as is known, is the most difficult. Thanks to the pulsed spraying of a special mixture, the elimination of ignition occurs instantaneously - within a couple of seconds, a maximum.

Small-sized WRI for pocket or waist-carrying are also created. The radius of their action - up to three meters. These WRIs can be effectively used by police, firefighters or rescue workers as constantly wearable personal protective equipment against incendiary means, against hot spots after a massive domestic explosion, as well as fires in riots. Installations stably operate in the temperature range from -50 to + 50 оС in all weather conditions (snow, rain, wind). WRI is resistant to vibration, shaking, falls from a height of up to two meters. Can be stored without loss of performance up to 10 – 15 years, without requiring special conditions.

WRI designed for different operational situations. If, for example, containers are filled with inert dust or relatively weak irridants (tear, weakly toxic, sleepy), they can be effectively used as a special irritant for neutralizing the offender at short distances.

A modification of the WRI is a pulsed portable sprayer (IPR) with various weight and size parameters, such as, for example, pump guns or grenade launchers. At the same time, the effective fire extinguishing or non-lethal (stopping) impact distance can vary from 10 to 30 meters. The IRP is designed for special forces officers, police officers, rescue firefighters, guards involved in riot control operations. The combination of protective and diversified functions of IPR is achieved uniquely, achieved by means of flexibly controlled spraying of special compositions, for example, extinguishing and irritating. For the first time, such devices are designed to use natural non-toxic and environmentally friendly substances.

When spraying shots and even volleys from several IPRs, the absence of serious injuries and a threat to life is guaranteed. At the same time, in a matter of a second or two, quite impressive whirlwinds or clouds of a smoke screen with a surface area of ​​several hundred square meters can be created. Irritant effect of IPP is limited to short spraying time and the level of safe concentration of active substances.

A gas-liquid squall or gas-dusty vortex created by a shot of inert and environmentally friendly substances give a combined effect: the object is affected by a strong but soft pushing blow, causing loss of balance and orientation, pain in the eyes and throat, asphyxiation, a strong cough. Rehabilitation lasts up to several tens of minutes and occurs naturally. After achieving the desired effect, it is possible almost instantly by finely dispersed spraying of water to precipitate an irritating or opaque cloud, in the latter case, visibility is provided on clearly defined local areas. Due to this, the IRS is effective in neutralizing terrorists in enclosed spaces.

With salvo application, you can double the effective impact radius, and the area - three - five times. Portable long-range ITS provides stopping of the driven vehicle.

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  1. sv68
    sv68 28 June 2014 08: 26
    well done that quickly drew conclusions from the Maidan coup. it would be good to start developing and releasing for the special forces a powdery synergistic or in the form of aerosols - one shot and thirty thugs managed the full program. the truth will be terrible, but they will not be washed away, emissions will
    1. armageddon
      armageddon 28 June 2014 12: 28
      Hmm ... I think in the arsenal of our special services ALL THERE ARE ... It will be required, APPLY !!!
  2. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 28 June 2014 09: 54
    Infrasonic and microwave guns for dispersing the crowd have long worked out. Even already experienced in Iraq. Ours are waiting until the Americans put it on the stream and start selling to everyone who wants it, and then they just start to use the money supposedly for their development.
    1. Kir
      Kir 29 June 2014 04: 08
      Well, suppose we even had portable ultrasonic pistols, But in accordance with some international memorandum, they’ve banned these things, by the way, as far as I remember, she had a cone of defeat almost 1.5 meters in radius, she broke bones only like that ! Yes, and there were guns, but the effectiveness of using all of this is still there, it’s one other, forgive the so-called non-lethal weapon, which is much more inhuman even a bullet with a displaced center of gravity.

      And what a demand from the Yankees, these trash can’t get used to sadism, they are the Selected and all that!
  3. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 28 June 2014 10: 04
    smile In France, a few years ago, the composition was changed by inhalation of which involuntary bowel movements occur. Demonstrators turned into demonstrators and retreated. That would be on the Maidan to spray this rubbish and let them try to cough.
    1. Nuar
      Nuar 28 June 2014 11: 11
      Quote: zoknyay82
      That would be on the Maidan to spray this rubbish
      on the Maidan, and without that there is enough stink ...
    2. Kassandra
      Kassandra 28 June 2014 13: 35
      and jump ...

      so far, only gulls and pies with filling have been used there.
  4. siberalt
    siberalt 28 June 2014 12: 26
    And now what to do Nemtsov, Navalny and any makshushera? laughing
  5. kimyth1
    kimyth1 28 June 2014 17: 21
    Enema and gas mask! :-) and bulk again .... races! :-)
  6. Kir
    Kir 29 June 2014 04: 21
    The author of the article, Bold and Huge Plus, everything is dry, concise and clear!
  7. Anton2013
    Anton2013 29 June 2014 12: 31
    There is more of a question in the manual, if it directly prohibits any harsh retaliatory action, as in the situation with the Maidan .. then any means are useless.
    When police shoot, burn and hit with axes in order to kill, one must not beat them with a baton or throw grenades with tear gas, but rather retire to rearm on military weapons and destroy the OPPONENT, it is the ENEMY, and not the criminal or the rave bullying peaceful demonstrators ... But the whole point is the orders of the political leadership, if they did not even cut off the supply of the Maidan, did not turn off the light, gas, water in the quarter, what can we talk about ?! Without the supply of food, water, fuel in the January and February frosts, they would not have lasted even a week, having swabbed the entire district before this, after overfilling the dry closets.
    1. Kassandra
      Kassandra 29 June 2014 14: 10
      it is possible (and necessary) from the combat legs, preferably so as not to hurt the arteries.
    2. Kir
      Kir 29 June 2014 17: 52
      There is rather a dilemma, not how to extinguish the "fire", but how to prevent it - a symbiosis of surveillance, infiltration and information !!!
      By the way, as far as I remember, light of a certain spectrum and intensity introduces an individual into a stupor.
  8. mithridate
    mithridate 29 June 2014 14: 06
    indeed, it is all about the political will of the leadership
  9. Riesling
    Riesling 29 June 2014 23: 59
    Infection must be extinguished in the bud, special equipment to help.
  10. Zomanus
    Zomanus 30 June 2014 03: 16
    Yes, taking into account the Maidan, such funds are becoming very popular. But such a thing can also get to the attackers. With our mess / corruption it is easy. The most effective work in the crowd. Cutting down coordinators and inciteers. Moreover, not so much in the plan to detain and punish, but in the plan to disconnect.