Georgian "democracy" will give life for protests

Georgian "democracy" will give life for protestsLiberal media like to tell us what a wonderful democracy in Georgia is. Especially on this rests "Radio Liberty." Do not forget to praise the Georgian democracy and officials from Washington. Say, a young democracy, but already mature. In the series of “young democracies”, which include the Baltic states and Eastern Europe, Georgia is generally among the first. Just the same sample, and only.

Yesterday, Georgian democracy finally matured. The Parliament of Georgia adopted in the first reading amendments to the law “On assemblies and demonstrations,” Kommersant reports. It would be logical to assume that in such a light of democracy as Georgia is, they will now be allowed to hold a rally for everyone and everybody when and who wants where. Yeah, how not so!

New measures dramatically tighten the rules for holding rallies and demonstrations, as well as punishment for opposing the police. The opposition believes that now the organization of mass protests in Georgia is becoming impossible. Nevertheless, the parliament voted for them with surprising unanimity. 98 deputies of the Georgian parliament spoke in favor of amending the law “On assemblies and demonstrations”, only 2 opposed. We immediately see what percentage of the opposition was in the hall.

According to the amendments, from now on, holding of actions, where they will demand a change in the constitutional order (read: call on the president to resign), will not be allowed. It is also not permissible to call for a violent change of power. There can be no violation of the sovereignty or territorial integrity of the country. That is, if citizens suddenly wanted Georgia to join another country or, on the contrary, agreed to secession of a part of their territory, this is not possible.

Okay, go ahead. In addition, shares within a radius of twenty meters from government agencies are prohibited. A complete ban on protests on motorways is being introduced, blocking of railway sections is prohibited. If we consider that twenty meters from state institutions, in most cases, the pavement already ends and the road begins, then we will have to protest on the opposite side of the street. As for highways and railways, then everything is clear - these actions are most sensitive for the authorities.

The initiator of the May protests, the leader of the Democratic Movement Party - United Georgia "Nino Burjanadze says that all this" makes it impossible to hold rallies and demonstrations in Georgia. "

But that's not all. Theater of the absurd is just beginning. And its culmination is reached here: “Attacking a policeman, vehicle, government official or public institution, as well as family members of policemen” is punishable by imprisonment from 7 to 20 years or life imprisonment.

This is really cool. And it is clear that such a measure was not even close to democracy — neither young nor old. Lawyers believe that literally following this rule will lead to the fact that a person who resisted the police during the dispersal of the rally and demonstration, can spend the rest of his life in prison.

Vakhtang Khmaladze, who at one time took part in the drafting of the current constitution of Georgia, considers such punishment to be excessive: “The basic principle of criminal law is proportionality of punishment to the crime committed. A norm such as life imprisonment is disproportionate to this crime and in no way corresponds to the spirit of the constitution. ”

This amendment on the degree of absurdity fully echoes Paul Green's famous play “Hymn to the Rising Sun”, where a prisoner was put in a punishment cell for masturbation, and then beaten to death for the same thing, despite the fact that during the beating he sang the national anthem, hoping to mitigate.

There are amendments in the amendments toughening the punishment for organizing, participating and financing armed groups. For such a crime will be given from 6 to 12 years of imprisonment.

“If it were a question of a formation armed with firearms weapons, - still all right, - says Vakhtang Khmaladze. - But the law declares any group of people “illegal formation” even if they do not have firearms. It is enough to have in your hands any object hypothetically capable of harming another person. And regardless of whether they used this object or not. ”

And there are a great many such items. Take, for example, a wide trouser belt with a heavy buckle. It can be wound on the arm and buckle to light the enemy in the eye. From a good silk shoe lace you can make a noose. In the briefcase, you can put a brick and bang them on the head. Lighter, you can set fire to your hair, and with tobacco from cigarettes fill the eyes of the policeman.

Thus, in order not to get a life sentence, it’s safest to go to protest in soft slippers, belted with a rope, and in your pockets to have only plush toys - they certainly can’t do anything to anyone. However, no, in the heat of the struggle they can be pushed into the throat of the enemy, and he will suffocate. It is best to sew pockets. It is advisable to have your own teeth, and it is easy to bite the nose of a policeman with metal or porcelain crowns.

Knowing the police solidarity and the goodwill of the authorities towards them, it is not difficult to assume that they will surely do something together.

The “democratic” authorities of Georgia, as it is supposed to be true democrats, completely reject all claims of the opposition. “We have brought our legislation closer to European norms and established clear rules of the game,” said Petre Tsiskarishvili, the leader of the parliamentary majority. “Nobody thinks to ban rallies, but they should not have cold weapons, there should not be explosives, Molotov cocktails. And if such a streamlining of the law does not suit someone, then only those who would like the meetings to escalate into clashes and unrest. ”

However, something we did not have to hear about life imprisonment for the "attack" on a policeman, either in America or in Europe. Is that in some dense African countries. If Georgian democracy is moving in that direction, then it is not difficult to predict its next steps. For example, the introduction of corporal punishment. He spat at the policeman - they broke a finger, tore off an earlobe or tore out nostrils. Cried out the slogan - deprived the language. And even completely stoned.
Romanov Alexander
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