The role of the savior remains vacant

The role of the savior remains vacant

The position of the Kiev authorities in relation to those of their fellow citizens who in one form or another, in one way or another disagree with these authorities, has been fully defined, and it is especially clear on the example of Donbass.


Today they talk about the genocide in the Donbass, but this is not true by definition. In international law, genocide means actions to destroy, etc. any national, ethnic, racial or religious groups. In the Donbass, just civilians are being destroyed, which is not an act of genocide, but, without doubt, is a war crime.

And this makes the Kiev authorities war criminals in full compliance with the norms of international law.

Kiev has already committed a number of war crimes and is ready to go on this path further. It does not matter who behaves in the Donbass truly brutally - foreign mercenaries or Galician extremists-neobanderovtsy. On the other hand, we must understand that the latter, being the spiritual heirs of the executioners from the SS division “Galicia” and having made the main argument from the beginning of 2014, the main machine gun, the Molotov cocktail and murder, today almost subordinated almost all Ukrainian society, with the exception of Donbas .

About the last further and talk ...


Let us leave aside for the time being the question of how legitimate and viable is the Donetsk People’s Republic, what are its prospects. Ultimately, her fate depends on whether the majority of the population of Donbass will be ready or not ready to support her - at least morally - in the future. Today, there is support, but it’s impossible to live under land mines for months without clearly realized goals that are close to the majority so much that it is ready to suffer and suffer - as was the case in the Great Patriotic War.

We will take out of the brackets and whether it is possible to talk about any real prospects of creating an open civil society in the whole of Ukraine. There is no need to think much to understand: Ukraine in the format of “Poroshenko-Tymoshenko-Lyashko” is a testing ground for future tragedy. It is already said today that the country is under "external control", and this is nothing more than a euphemism for the word "occupation". In a legal sense, the main sign of occupation is the lack of minimum guarantees of civil rights for the population. Formally, the rights of the citizens of Ukraine are preserved, but Odessa has already shown that the authorities do not want to give guarantees for these rights, and they cannot ...

The main thing is that at first, by orders of the acting President Turchinov, and now - by the orders of the double president Poroshenko in the Donbass openly sanctioned by Kiev actions are carried out using heavy weapons and military aviationas a result of which the settlements of Donbass, including cities, are being destroyed and civilians, including children and adolescents, are dying.

Having stated this fact, I recall a number of information from international law.

Article 25 IV of the 1907 Hague Convention of the Year prohibits “attacking or bombarding in any way whatsoever” unprotected cities, villages, dwellings or buildings. According to Additional Protocol I, “civilian objects should not be the object of attack or reprisal.”

12 August 1949 The Convention on the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War was adopted, Article 18 of Section II of which states: “civilian hospitals ... cannot under any circumstances be attacked”.

In 1974, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Protection of Women and Children in Emergencies and Armed Conflicts, which stated that attacks on and bombarding civilians, "especially women and children who constitute the most vulnerable part of the population," are prohibited and condemned ...

The series can be continued, but - is it worth it?

No doubt, the above-mentioned and unquoted documents of international law were repeatedly violated, but no one has repealed the same Hague Conventions. Their violation, as a violation of other norms of international law, especially in terms of the destruction of unprotected cities and attacks on civilians, as it was, remains a grave war crime.


It should also be recalled that international law divides the parties to armed conflicts into two categories: combatants (fighting) and non-combatants (non-fighting).

Combatants in accordance with the norms of international law are persons who are members of the armed forces and have the right to take direct part in hostilities. Combatants are: personnel of the Armed Forces, partisans, personnel of the militia, volunteer units and organized resistance movements, if they are in charge of the preparation and conduct of hostilities, the person responsible for their subordinates is openly worn weapon and have a definite and clearly visible distinctive sign (St. George ribbon, for example).

At the same time, international law regards as combatants and fighters of domestic armed conflict. Only in relation to combatants, international law recognizes the lawful use of violence, including the highest form of violence - physical destruction. In the event of capture, the combatants enjoy the status of prisoners of war, excluding spies and mercenaries. The last is permissible to shoot.

Noncombatants are personnel who do not have the right to directly participate in hostilities (quartermaster and medical personnel, correspondents, etc.). Non-combatants (noncombatants) cannot be the direct target of an enemy attack, but they have the right to use their weapons .

So, even against non-fighting personnel of internationally protected militias, enemy combatants have no right to use violence. What can we say about the civilian population, about civilians? And even more so about women, people with disabilities, old people and children ?! Not to mention the destroyed civilian objects, including hospitals and childcare facilities.

All this has become a fact in the Donbass, but how, in the light of this fact, not only has the right — by the letter of international law, but is obliged — by the spirit of international law, the Russian Federation does?


On the one hand, Ukrainians as a people are not even people friendly to Russia. The Ukrainian people are one of the branches of the triune Russian people, consisting of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. This triune people has three closely related languages, three merging into one another, but are independent cultures. However civilizational historicalThe geopolitical, political fate of all three branches is the same - regardless of the subjective perception of the current situation by the living generations of the three branches. Belarus is a “castle stone”, it is a talisman of the Russian people, but the unity of Russia and Ukraine above all is a guarantee of the historical existence of all three branches of the Russian people.

This is all true, but, on the other hand, at the moment, the population of Ukraine as a whole (not only ethnic Ukrainians, but also those who do not know the Ukrainian language, and even those who are ethnic Russian) cannot be regarded as friendly to Russia.

The main reasons are two.

The first: an active informational and ideological war against Russia and Ukraine, which is being waged in Ukraine by the West and Ukrainian nationalist collaborationists since perestroika, then with the promotion of renegades Kravchuk and Kuchma, and then the Yushchenko – Timoshenko administration. Even supposedly pro-Moscow Yanukovych did absolutely nothing to curb the anti-Russian activities of the West and the Neo-Banderes, and today it has finally adopted a Neo-Hebbel character.

The second reason is: the mediocre lethargy of Russia, including the lethargy of Russian society, which completely gave its initiative in Ukraine to the West, while economically supporting regimes in Ukraine that are openly hostile to Russia (the Yanukovych regime is no exception).

As a result, the minds and souls of the absolute majority of Ukrainians are now clogged with information and spiritual manure. It is sad, but also a fact that must be reckoned with and which must be eliminated.

But if, in relation to the people of Ukraine, intensive therapy is necessary - first of all, counter-propaganda, which is not yet the case, then in relation to the current puppet "leadership" of Ukraine, not surgery, but surgery is necessary.

And the sooner the better.

Enough to observe the behavior in the European corridors of power Yatsenyuk. Behavior, frankly, pointedly arrogant and cheeky, with his hands in his pockets, to understand that he feels like a jerk, behind which stands a mighty “plowman”, just waiting to be offended by his “little girl”. At the same time, the “tillage” himself - well done only among rams, and confronted with equal power, immediately succumbs.

So, it is early to recognize at least de facto the Donetsk Republic and even more so to raise the question of its joining after the second referendum to Russia. But what had to be done yesterday was to state it clearly and definitely at the level of Russia's top leadership that Moscow does not intend to further register the facts of the commission of war crimes by the authorities of Ukraine near the borders of Russia and against the civilian population having relatives in Russia.

Russia must declare that it cannot continue to inadvertently observe the gross violation of the fundamental norms of international law, which are designed to ensure the life and tranquility of civilians on Earth. In spirit, and if you think about it, then in accordance with the letter of international law, the set of requirements for the elimination of violence against civilians is higher than the norms governing interstate relations on different sides of state borders.

Anyone who has the ability to stop violence and does not stop it, he becomes an accomplice of crimes, and Russia does not want to play a similar role, especially in relation to the historically fraternal people.

Therefore, Russia warns the Kiev authorities that from now on it will not tolerate any form of violence against vulnerable communities and the civilian population of Donbass. If Kiev considers its actions in the Donbass an antiterrorist operation, then it is entitled to it only if only small arms and, as a maximum, grenades are used against terrorists (in Kiev’s interpretation). The use of even heavy rifle armaments, not to mention mortars, heavy armored vehicles, barreled and rocket artillery, combat aircraft, is categorically unacceptable.

It is permissible - as a limit - to use during the operation within the precincts of populated areas, BMP technology, etc. without ammunition of airborne weapons, exclusively for the armor protection of Ukrainian combatants from the fire of Donbass combatants.

State power - if it is state power, does not have the right to use heavy weapons to neutralize terrorists, if it creates a threat to innocent civilians, isn’t it? If terrorists seize, for example, a plane with hostages, then the authorities do not shoot the plane with guns on the grounds that the terrorists hid in the plane, even if the number of hostages in the plane is much less than the number of terrorists. So what is the right for Kiev in the course of the allegedly anti-terrorist operation to rudely, brutally, criminally neglect the rights of the civilian population of Donbass?

On the basis of such considerations, Russia is simply obliged to categorically warn Kiev that if within 12 hours after a Russian note in Donbass a no-fly zone for military aircraft is established and military flights are not stopped; the artillery and mortar shelling of the settlements of Donbass will not stop; all heavy military equipment, including Tanksmortars, barrels and rocket artillery, combat aircraft, Russia reserves the right to suppress the most bloody and destructive activities of war criminals in the Donbass by any means and means at its disposal.

Specifically meant:

- the destruction of one way or another on the ground and in the air of military aircraft, leading criminal military actions;

- the destruction in one way or another of mortars and barreled artillery, leading criminal hostilities;

- preventive destruction of all rocket artillery in the territory of Donbass.

The introduction of Russian troops on the territory of Donbass is not planned.


It is time to understand that such actions of Russia have matured and are needed not only from considerations of humanity even, but from considerations of perspective foreign security of Russia. After all, with the connivance of the former Ukrainian administrations, America brought to power in Ukraine not just anti-Russian circles, but mad political dogs, which are useless to negotiate with - they can and must be politically destroyed!

It is especially dangerous for the future of both Russia and Ukraine that the rabid dogs in power (both in state power and media management) are increasingly biting the broad masses of the Ukrainian people and infecting it in one way or another with political rabies of a more dangerous nature, than even the total political rabies that engulfed the German masses before the Second World War.

And it's time to stop!

Of course, if the Russian attack aircraft deliver a devastating blow to artillery positions on the mountain with the symbolic name Karachun, then the anti-Russian hysteria will reach the last degree not only in the Verkhovna Rada and on the television screens of Kiev, but also among the broad Ukrainian masses.

So what? An extra portion of informational and spiritual dung in the minds and souls of the masses will become larger, but there is enough of it there. On the contrary, the sobering and purification will begin sooner ...

The response of Ukraine?

Full of you, colleagues, to frighten yourself with empty fears.

NATO response?


Moreover, in parallel with the note of Ukraine, Russia must place the entire political “world community”, and above all the UN, at the moment of truth. A simple and public question is needed by the Russian representative of Russia, addressed to the UN as a whole and to each UN member individually: “What is more important for your country and people: a formal mandate or saved dozens and hundreds of lives of civilians, including children?”

The country that gave preference to the first is not worthy of being considered civilized.


America has violated the rights of nations so many times by conducting gendarme punitive actions and committing war crimes thousands of kilometers from the territory of the United States that not only by the highest standards of international law, but also from the standpoint of case law, Russia can definitely take any measures to curb war crimes Russian borders. Moreover, these forceful measures will affect only unequivocal war criminals.

What difference does it make if the killer will meet his carachun - from the Nuremberg loop or from the Russian “Sushki” missile strike, if he saves the cities from destruction, and the children from tears and death?

Or would someone risk something against that?
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  1. +9
    28 June 2014 18: 24
    For the role of a savior, Russia is even very suitable, it will be so, the US began a conflict with its zealots, and Russia will end once and for all
    1. Matroskin 18
      28 June 2014 18: 34
      No legal norms will work until their violators act against Russia!
      Even if they start to find corpses with a swastika on their forehead in front of the Capitol, fascism in Ukraine will not be condemned!
      In our case, it is necessary to interrupt the financing of the Nazis and the new Ukrainian authorities, only then this madhouse will begin to subside.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +3
      28 June 2014 18: 44
      Hmm ... Beyond the Southeast TRUTH !!! THE TRUTH of a Russian person ... AND THE TRUTH WILL WIN !!!
    4. +1
      28 June 2014 20: 26
      Quote: herruvim
      For the role of a savior, Russia is even very suitable, it will be so, the US began a conflict with its zealots, and Russia will end once and for all

      So it has always been! Paranoids of different nationalities were kindled by the world fire ... But ALWAYS RUSSIA ALWAYS extinguished this fire! I have not defined the messianic role of Russia, the Russians. It was not by me that it was said about that world, but centuries have passed, and more than once by the seers of different nations this prophecy was repeated. I just remind and repeat: I can’t wait, I can’t sit out! And abstentions minus everything, to my joy!
  2. portoc65
    28 June 2014 18: 26
    It is very difficult to make decisions without knowing what follows, it is easier to criticize .. BB Putin, in my opinion, is doing everything right. The people believe him. For us, the truth means and victory will be ours.
    1. +2
      28 June 2014 20: 48
      But our ancestors Russian people BELIEVED in the SAVIOR and this conciliar beginning made them invincible!
      How many battles did Suvorov and St. Righteous Fyodor Ushakov lose, leading their army with FAITH? NO ONE!
      Turned away to 1917 and rescuers tumbled down.
      Ashes in 1941, they immediately remembered their ancestors, Temples and Monasteries, opened theological seminaries. Stalin is a wise leader.
      Then again the rescuers began, rescued - we are at war with Ukraine.

      Spiritual laws are immutable. "BY YOUR FAITH AND WILL BE YOU" or to all of us.

      In a war, everything is quickly remembered, who knows who fought.
    2. +3
      29 June 2014 01: 04
      Quote: portoc65
      .BV Putin, in my opinion, is doing everything right. The people believe him.

      If I were you, I would not speak for the people. Speak for yourself, sir - definitely not for me. If by the word "people" you mean your social circle, I admit that this mood may be present.
      I personally do not believe the President. BELIEVING is a more complex concept than "agree", "understand", "support" .. Those steps that the President has just begun to take are an official task for the government to help refugees, for example - I SUPPORT... The fact that urgently, on the eve of sanctions, it was necessary to conclude a gas contract with China, yielding to them in the conditions, and to speed up the creation of the EurAsEC, leaving the solution of many painful issues "for later" - that's me UNDERSTAND. And AGREE in order to tighten the belt somewhere, so that under the conditions of sanctions, which, apparently, they will try to apply to us, continue to work quietly, preserving the Russian economy.
      But at the same time, I DO NOT BELIEVE the President. Because upholding his economic interests is understandable and understandable, but ignoring those insults and rudeness that the "international community", in the person of its individual members, allows itself in relation to Russia - it personally offends and outrages me! The economy feeds, first of all, a certain group of people. And NATIONAL PRIDE AND SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS - unite all the peoples of the Russian Federation!
      And if they spit in our faces over and over again, and we wipe ourselves every time, and pretend that nothing happened - we say WE, since the President represents ALL the people - then what faith can we talk about ?!
      1. nvv
        29 June 2014 01: 44
        The enemy was well prepared for information. Settled in the tank. Putin, against this information tank, with bare hands? If he began to knock on the table with his slipper now, he would cease to respect such a president. Break the information blockade now, the enemy himself will die. And the rest, I agree with you.
        1. 0
          29 June 2014 12: 24
          "The enemy was well prepared for information. He sat in a tank. Putin, against this information tank, with his bare hands? If he now began to knock on the table with a slipper, he would cease to respect such a president." my shortsightedness, sometimes you have to watch TV, read newspapers one line at a time, visit the Internet, what is going on there, who is fighting with whom, what propaganda is being conducted, what is the word to believe in the environment. You look and information war - the propaganda was carried out in the right direction, and so he was on guard for someone else's dough, the rest as God would send, divide, and distribute, so the information war was lost.
      2. Dersu65
        29 June 2014 09: 51
        And you sir, by yourself, you will fight only for yourself or for the people you should not
  3. +31
    28 June 2014 18: 29
    The confusion of Ukrainian disaster ratings hides the objective tasks of Russia. They are simple, but masterfully ignored by our "offshore aristocracy." For the sake of her foreign assets, she is ready to forget about the interests of the Motherland as a nightmare and extend as long as a quarter of a century of national betrayal.
    So that they do not do the same with Russia as they did with the USSR, it is necessary to demand a self-evident state from the state. It should call a spade a spade: in Kiev there was not a “Maidan” and not “events”, but a Nazi coup organized by the USA with its NATO satellites. With the direct participation of the foreign ministers of Germany, Britain and Poland. Today, the West does not support “democracy” in Ukraine, but Nazism. He also supported Hitler during the Munich conspiracy to plunder first Ukraine, and then Russia.
    The Russian government is obliged day and night, with the sophistication of beer advertising, to explain to the people of the West for what purposes their authorities support the terror in Ukraine. They are obvious: the seizure of the assets of the Ukrainian state, the destruction of the channel for delivering Chinese goods to Europe inaccessible to American aircraft carriers and the “corral” of global speculative capital in the US public debt by randomizing the world.
    The state has for this money, resources, channels of influence and specialists. There is no desire only.
    Therefore, Russian Yanukovychs, whose families and assets are hidden in NATO countries, should be swept out of power by a filthy broom. Either to prison, or to the shameful, with a wolf ticket, resignation.
    The "fifth column" of liberals, serving global business, not the people, must be burned out of power, the media, and education. But first of all from power structures, the government, the Bank of Russia. As far as I can judge, it’s worth starting directly with Prime Minister Medvedev and Bank of Russia Chairman Nabiullina.
    A proponent of Nazism, convinced of the need to “burn quilted jackets and colorado,” may teach chemistry or choreography, but not social sciences.
    Believer, he said, that Russia must pay for the financial stability of the United States, Dvorkovich may be the administrator of a gay club, but not the deputy prime minister.
    Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pivovarov, demanding "to free himself from Siberia and the Far East," can sit in the gateway or even in New York. But not in the chair of the director of a key social science institute.
    1. +3
      28 June 2014 19: 02
      Thanks for the great commentary on the article! Only ones +++++++++++++
      1. +2
        28 June 2014 19: 51
        well said
    2. +1
      28 June 2014 20: 03
      It is useful to fulfill your "considerations" 100%. The people will be grateful for this. And the "performers" are in no hurry to perform something! We must "stimulate"! For the "demand to be free from Siberia and the Far East" Brewers must always atone for their sin!
    3. +3
      28 June 2014 21: 05

      You have not affected only the Guarantor, but in this situation it is possible and right.
      Time will put everything in its place.
      One thing worries, however late it is. Judging by the numerous forum comments, many do not understand this.
    4. +1
      28 June 2014 23: 42
      The "fifth column" of liberals, serving global business, not the people, must be burned out of power, the media and education.

      I agree on all points. I would like, as always, to share information from "my garden" that the most hidden and most dangerous in the "fifth column" is the health care system, which is completely subordinate to Western structures of population control. The most undesirable population for these structures is the Russian people, who are methodically destroyed by the "health protection" system. The fruit of this "protection" is the almost widespread sterility, and especially the sterility in the next generation.
      Who is interested, take a look at the website of an organization called RANiR (Russian Association for Population and Development). Previously, this very large international "swamp" was called the Russian Association for Family Planning - raised and nourished in Russia by the unforgettable EBN
      Now they are especially active. All eyes are turned to Ukraine. And they daily cripple hundreds (perhaps more, there is no one to consider these victims) of Russian women
      Look at what Russian state structures and public organizations, including NGOs, as well as foreign partners and sponsors support this organization of the destruction of Russia.
      Then I wrote my suggestions, but decided to delete it. I think the venerable audience will guess the contents of the remote.
      1. +1
        29 June 2014 02: 17
        Quote: Elizabeth
        that the most hidden and most dangerous in the "fifth column" is the health care system,

        I would say, nevertheless, "one of the most dangerous". Because no less dangerous, and at the same time leading to a catastrophe in the near future, the education system raped in the American manner! The less educated people are, the easier it is for them to instill a myth about their own inferiority. And the myth of the need to trust healthcare - including!
    5. 0
      29 June 2014 14: 58
      Quote: sgazeev
      The "fifth column" of liberals, serving global business, not the people, must be burned out of power, the media, and education. But first of all from power structures, the government, the Bank of Russia. As far as I can judge, it’s worth starting directly with Prime Minister Medvedev and Bank of Russia Chairman Nabiullina.

      I agree with the comment, dear Alexander. But about the quote: are there any bright thoughts on the topic "HOW"? WHAT to do - is clear to many, but HOW? To show the need to replace them, you need, first of all, HONEST information - how do you think it can be obtained? And most importantly: WHAT authorities can I turn to with this info so that it is really considered? And what do you think: will the GARANT support the "popular" initiative? .. I honestly doubt it. To achieve real change, you need a revolution of the October level - What kind of chaos did she cause in the country, I believe, no need to remind? Do we wish such a shock to our country now? Hardly..
    6. koshh
      29 June 2014 18: 13
      Quote: sgazeev
      The Russian government is obliged day and night, with the sophistication of beer advertising, to explain to the people of the West for what purposes their authorities support the terror in Ukraine.

      Yes, it had to be done yesterday. We miserably lost the information war on the outskirts. At that time, when the West and the mattresses in their information war made a bet on the people of the Outskirts and spent money on it, we spent money on supporting the Outskirts of power, on the corrupt Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko and Kosoy, and on the corrupt Yatsenyuk. The West carried out hourly work on the minds of the Okrainsky people, and we gave money and hoped that we could buy all this mr.z. And Mr. only showed off and asked for more money, and not only with us. Now we are reaping the benefits of our foreign policy on the outskirts.
  4. +5
    28 June 2014 18: 31
    A supporter of Maxim Psaki (“I don’t know anything, but Russia is to blame”) can speak anywhere in the West, but not in the media distributed in Russia or owned by Russian capital.
    According to the US military doctrine, the information war is just a prelude to the "hot" one: those who tolerate the support of Nazism and insults today, will suffer the bombing tomorrow. Residents of Donbass endured the nickname "quilted jacket" - now they are being killed.
    New Russia needs consultations to nationalize the assets of saboteurs (including oligarchs), create a people's liberation army and liberate Kiev. Russian troops have nothing to do there, but don’t interfere with volunteers, including those with military and managerial experience.
    Each resistance cell in the land occupied by the junta should receive help, as in the last war with Nazism. The Nazis and their accomplices cannot have “security zones”: the earth must burn under their feet. Denazification of Ukraine should be an official demand of Russia and Western societies, horrified by the atrocities of their governments.
    The implementation of these measures is simple and does not require anything other than serving humanism and the interests of the people of Russia.
    Rejection of them will increasingly resemble national betrayal. Mikhail Delyagin. soldier
    1. Boralex63
      28 June 2014 18: 52
      So it means that it's time for the people to recall Strelkova to Russia ?! Who will do it all? Putin ?!
    2. 0
      28 June 2014 20: 52
      It is difficult to reduce or add something. From words to action!
  5. 0
    28 June 2014 18: 36
    Of course, we all want the war in Novorosia to end sooner. But how to end it, and how to punish the fascists - war criminals will ultimately be decided by our president.
    1. +2
      28 June 2014 19: 32
      Quote: Thought Giant
      But how to end it, and how to punish the Nazis - war criminals will ultimately be decided by our president.

      One president of the Russian Federation, who was also trusted, took and made sure that the country under the name of the USSR did not become, do not get carried away with such faith,
  6. +2
    28 June 2014 18: 40
    Ordinary fascism, ordinary junta, hitler, mussolini, franco, pinochet and others, ending with Obama and his last bastard ...
  7. +7
    28 June 2014 18: 42
    Saved Russia more than once
    From rot this world is beautiful
    But again, some kind of piaras
    Smeared swastikas trace dirty.

    Well don't get used again
    We dirt from the ground revenge with a broom.
    Again have to step
    On the skull of evil is his fifth.

    And the skeleton of the enemy crunches again
    As it happened more than once in centuries
    And the horns are stuck again
    The enemy was slurping at him.
    28.06.14/XNUMX/XNUMX Tatarus
    1. +2
      28 June 2014 19: 50
      One of the Banderlog put a minus. And for a long time I can't understand why they won't make a "bald" hill out of Karachun, in which ukromamy will look for the remains of ukro-murderers ...
  8. 0
    28 June 2014 19: 22
    Something needs to be done if the brutal methods of killing the population and destroying cities will be undertaken against the Donbass. But representatives of geyropa fucking should see this, otherwise you can’t prove that the separatists themselves didn’t destroy their cities (the European officials, like Psaki, will have the audacity to say so, and that they themselves began to kill themselves, as the Russians zombified them) After all, Russia, which does not in any way participate in the Ukrainian conflict (but the EU and the US are constantly there), was declared an aggressor, but only because it defended its Crimea. Russia is blamed for the war in southeast Ukraine, but there are no Russian troops there, there, mercenaries from all over the world, together with Bandera, kill ordinary people who did not recognize the power of the Nazis and Americans over Ukraine.
  9. +2
    28 June 2014 19: 33
    What? About Mount Karachun, a sensible proposal! Theirs shells "accidentally" fly to us! Let some of our shells "accidentally" fly into Mount Karachun ...
    1. +1
      28 June 2014 20: 45
      Quote: Agent 008
      Let some of our shells "accidentally" fly into Mount Karachun.

      There is not enough long-range equipment to rename Mount Karachun to Mount Scribe.
      The soldiers did not reach her (there, according to rumors, supposedly foreigners were guarding the guards) and heavy equipment dug in there. The object is very impregnable. Now, if there was a hail and some one voluminous explosion there, then it is quite likely, but there is no possibility for this.
  10. 0
    28 June 2014 20: 32
    Well, you cannot now openly untwist and exacerbate the situation! It is necessary now to "settle down" economically after the Crimea. Costs are too high. It is necessary to "raise" the ruble, calm the stock exchanges, and only then make demands on the Ukrainian side to withdraw the artillery and troops from the border by 20 km. Otherwise, the shells will fly in response. Right up to Karachun.
  11. +2
    28 June 2014 20: 52
    Once again I will express my opinion, even if Russia forces Bandera to peace, then what will the West do? But nothing!, Except for the next regular portion of personal sanctions against home-grown oligarchs (part-time officials). So what is more important for us, the well-being of a handful of oligarchs-officials or the lives of thousands of Slavs + the fate of New Russia + the fate of the entire Russian world?
  12. Victoria 1980
    28 June 2014 21: 09
    Meanwhile, Naryshkin licks Europe's ass at a session in the PACE PA.
    “The so-called North Atlantic solidarity is increasingly turning into a“ one-sided game. ”Is it worth someone's favor and subsidies to continue to cede national sovereignty and destroy your home with your own hands, our common Europe, which we all Europeans want to see without dividing lines, and from Lisbon to Vladivostok? ", - asked the parliamentarian."

    And this is after Europe's support for the killings and Nazism. What kind of political correctness is this?
    I don’t know how everyone else is, but I and millions of other Russians don’t need Europe for nothing. But it seems that the Kremlin has made its choice. Let them kill at least 10000 Russians, but with Europe - forever.
    Yes, the Kremlin also disowned Glazyev.

    Maybe someone else will say that Putin defends our national interests?
    1. 0
      29 June 2014 00: 05
      our common Europe, which we all Europeans want to see without dividing lines, from Lisbon to Vladivostok? ”

      In my opinion, a very sensible proposal: Europe from Vladivostok to Lisbon will be in the Customs Union. "What the fathers did not finish, we will finish ...!"
      We stopped at 1945 in Berlin, and not in Lisbon, now we are reaping the benefits. Fascism, like a cancerous tumor, must be destroyed completely and completely in order to prevent the appearance and spread of metastases. Alas, this is a very difficult surgical operation, which, unfortunately, cannot do without damaging healthy tissues. It is always a very difficult choice. Now this difficult choice is being made by our Commander-in-Chief. Let's support him. This is also very difficult, because it can affect each of us. A war in which we need one Victory, one for all ...
      And then everyone knows and everyone makes their choice.
  13. +1
    28 June 2014 21: 10
    This is said warrior.
  14. Russianin
    28 June 2014 21: 34
    June 2014 Aerial view of the situation:

  15. -1
    28 June 2014 21: 50
    We apparently have half the country of couch analysts who know what to do and how. The smartest business executives sit out their pants scribbling angry tirades about how to manage the country. Once responsibility comes to them, they evaporate in the bushes.
    We do not know 1% of the information that management knows.
    Such articles are simply harmful.
    It's obvious to me that the Americans want another Afghanistan for Russia. And the introduction of troops will contribute to this. Then very Slavic guys will begin to detonate bombs in Moscow, Stalingrad and St. Petersburg in order for us to "liberate" Novorossia from the "occupation".
    Everyone who yells about the introduction of troops is either fools or provocateurs.
  16. 0
    28 June 2014 21: 55
    It is necessary in my opinion, it is necessary to try hard and to argue a lot about all military crimes of the junta and Porosenko. Starting from Odessa and Slavyansk. With photos and videos, from polls. With a ton of evidence. Maybe not right away, but Europe will have nowhere to go. What we do not have the FSB or what? I think the collection of information is on. Not really it is impossible to properly issue this information for the Hague Tribunal. Let Europe do nothing in this regard, but Russia will have an extra trump card. Benka must be neutralized as Trotsky was in his time. (Of course, unfortunately, dreams)
  17. vasilysan
    29 June 2014 00: 23
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