Reports from Igor Ivanovich Strelkov 26-27 June 2014

Reports from Igor Ivanovich Strelkov 26-27 June 2014

Yesterday at 13: 39

Message from the militia

The night was tense. At night, the battery from Karachun struck Kramatorsk, the militia responded by firing at the Kramatorsk airfield with mortars. In the morning, a transport worker circled around Kramatorsk, dropped the cargo on the airfield. In the area of ​​9: 10 (MSC) dropped three more cargo.

Eyewitnesses report that a Ukrainian column of Grad installations drove in the direction of Slavyansk.

At the airport of Lugansk, occupied by Ukrainian forces, landed the An-26 board with food and weapons for the besieged fighters of the national guard.

In Donetsk, the militia arrested the head of field communications. All documents of the department were withdrawn.

11: 25 (MSC). From the direction of Dibrova artillery shots are firing at the southern edge of Krasny Liman.

Yesterday at about 1 pm (in places) a bus with women in black camouflage arrived in Krasny Liman, women had a specific weapon with them.

Yesterday at 15: 37

Volunteer Peter Dudnik, who is involved in the evacuation of civilians from Slavyansk, reports:

“Volunteers who evacuate civilians from Slavyansk are not allowed into the city. Machines with food and medicine are not allowed through the National Guard's checkpoints. Women and children cannot be taken out of the city. The population does not receive any payments and is forced to live without water, electricity and gas” .

Message from a local resident of @mara_beyka:

"People who brought products to the city have recently been deployed at roadblocks. Slavyansk residents should not receive food ... Residents of nearby villages tried to go around posts by mined forests to bring us food. Now the army posts are already in the woods."

Yesterday at 16: 05

DNR intelligence unit repulsed the National Guard under the ceramic factory in Slavyansk

After the information appeared that the National Guard soldiers had occupied the building of the ceramic factory in Slavyansk, a group of DNR intelligence officers moved to the scene: the 5 man went on a mission, several were left behind to provide cover.

The task of the group is to clean up the plant. Apparently, the Ukrainian military decided to equip a base there, from which territory they will conduct shelling of Slavyansk: the location is extremely good.

Hiding in the tall grass, the scouts stealthily approach the plant building. Only one comes out of the shelter - to call the fire of the snipers who surrounded the factory building to understand where they were. After this, the battle begins.

Yesterday at 17: 35

Message from the militia Slavyansk

"As a result of the battle near the airfield of Kramatorsk, one BM-21 militia was hit by a Phagot militia, almost lying on its side, and the BTR came from the PTR."

Yesterday at 18: 54

Summary and comments from Igor Ivanovich Strelkov

“Today we have a lull. Minor shootouts between our positions on Semenovka and their stronghold near the village of Vostochny. The“ bad soldier ”is fighting with might and main in Kramatorsk, and we somehow did not work out today. Apparently, because of the rain ... "

- Regarding the ceramic factory in Slavyansk:
I. I .: "Yes, there were no positions of the National Guard under there ... So, they took" neutrality "..."

- The European Commission suffered the signing of the association of Ukraine with the EU, do you think it will affect their desire to make a blitzkrieg?
I. I .: “They have a desire, but whether it will turn out to be a ba-a-alsha question. Probably, in the depths of their souls, they really hoped that all the“ Chechen mercenaries-terrorists ”in the week given to them to leave, everybody will run away ... But since we didn’t have them and we don’t have them, the number of the garrison has only grown. "

Yesterday at 20: 27

Message from the militia Slavyansk

"The shelling of the Azure Kramatorsk area from the side of Karachun began."

Yesterday at 20: 52

A Donetsk self-defense detachment informs of the completion of the RF assault 3004. Victory!

A mining battalion "Kalmius" and a consolidated compound of the explosives of the Donetsk self-defense participated in the capture of the military unit.

Yesterday at 20: 57

Locals report:

“From Karachun they beat Artem on mkr with explosive shells, splinters are strewed“ just from the sky. ”Sheltered in the basement. Some hellish sounds were heard. The cries of women were heard.

Slavyansk ironing howitzers. Kramatorsk and Karachun were fired at first around the airfield, then in retaliation for the residential sector. "

Yesterday at 21: 49

Reports from places in the last hours

Two morning parcels from the proven kondeya still got the militia, about the other two is not known. During the day, there were battles in the Slavyansk region, during the battles the Zeuskeramika factory was repulsed from the junta. In 1 th column of the day in Ukrainian. armored vehicles approached the village of Yellow, which is in 21 km from Lugansk, and stopped there. By evening, the situation is heating up sharply. Around 18: 30 from the Cretaceous Mountains was opened howitzer fire on the surrounding areas to the airfield of Kramatorsk. Half an hour later, already in Donetsk on Shchors Street, in the northern bus station near the 3004 military unit, a battle began: gunfire, grenade launchers, CPVT. There is a sweep.
19: 30 (MSC) From Karachun, a powerful artillery fire is opened across Kramatorsk, the old city.
20: 00 (ISC) In Donetsk, the battle stopped, negotiations are underway. Shelling continues in Kramatorsk, GO siren works.
20: 10 (ISC) At Wonderful breaks, Karachun fired at the Rykhoz, according to local reports, the breaks seem to be from the MLRS.
20: 40 (ISC) In the area of ​​the Krasno-Limanskiy turn on the fish farm, it beats the MLRS; there is also heavy shelling from the Third Bylbasovka, Karachun.
20: 45 (ISC) In the area of ​​Svyatogorsk gaps, in the area of ​​fish farm fighting.
21: 00 (MSC) Gaps from heavy artillery in the area of ​​Artem.
21: 05 (ISC). In the center of Slavyansk and along Svyatogorsk heavy shelling from shelling continues, maneuvering battles take place.
21: 20 (MSC) Residents of Slavyansk were advised to spend this night in shelters.

Today in 0: 06

Reports from places

21: 55 (ISC) In the area of ​​the railway - Shchorsa in Donetsk, the battle resumed: an RPG, a CPVT, a slingshot, and automatic shooting is in operation. The intensity is average. Local residents report that Kiev gave the order at any cost to keep the territory of the military unit.
22: 10 (ISC) In Kramatorsk, one of the shells landed in a multi-storey residential building (6 floor) and water treatment plant.
23: 25 (MSC). In the area of ​​Shchurov there are several explosions and machine gun fire.
23: 30 (MSC) On the south side of the Red Lyman gunfire, gunfire.
23: 35 (ISC). Topaz area (Donetsk), intense combat, CPVT, possibly a cliff, automatic rifle shooting.
The request to the residents of Donetsk to be attentive to strangers in their courtyards and ceremonies. Residents in the area of ​​Vishnevsky Hospital, Topaz and adjacent areas to the fighting, please do not leave their homes and lock the parade.
23: 40 (ISC) In the Red Liman, on the southern outskirts of the fight is tied. Explosions and shooting in the area of ​​Semenovka.

Today in 1: 22

OSCE 26 staff June inspected destroyed Slavyansk

According to the results of the visit, a report will be drawn up and sent to Kiev.
- A visit by OSCE Slavyansk staff to the OSCE will be able to help create an objective picture of the city's condition. As a result of the visit, a report will be generated that will help in tomorrow’s peace negotiations, ”said a member of the organization’s monitoring group, Viktor Likhachev.

- The picture is dark, a lot of destruction. Experts see traces of mortar shelling, destroyed homes and infrastructure. I saw Slavyansk a month ago – it was absolutely another, - the diplomat told.

According to Likhachev, the OSCE staff primarily collect information and specific facts about the situation in the city and the surrounding area, as well as assess the humanitarian situation. As expected, the information collected by the mission on the destruction will be transferred to Kiev.

On the way to Slavyansk, the organization’s employees stopped in Kramatorsk, where they were met by the militia commander Alexander Mozhayev, better known by the nickname “Babai”.

Today in 3: 34

Message from the militia

"Part of Donetsk captured without loss from anyone's side. All conscripts. We will call mothers and give them sons. Officers are under arrest."
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  1. BYV
    27 June 2014 07: 07
    Several Ukrainian sources at once stated that a massive attack was carried out at the punitive checkpoint near Slavyansk with the support of armored vehicles.

    According to the Ukrainian side, anti-fascist resistance dealt a blow at the first Rybkhoz checkpoint with the forces of several tanks (from two to eight according to various sources), as well as with the help of armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. The Ukrainian military, having suffered significant losses, retreated to the second compound-feed checkpoint, where the skirmish continues.

    Arsen Avakov confirms the information about the tank attack on the Rybkhoz, and according to tradition presents this event in a rainbow light. So Avakov reports the fabulous heroism shown by Ukrainian soldiers (95 airmobile brigade) in a heavy battle, and about one tank of the DNI, allegedly shot down from an RPG-22.

    The first information about the operation began to come from the militia. In particular, it became known that the checkpoint was completely destroyed. It is reported about two three hundred in the ranks of anti-fascists.

    The attack on the "Feed" continues. The enemy suffers losses and cannot use aircraft due to difficult weather conditions.
    1. +6
      27 June 2014 07: 13
      BYV, thank you for the good news.
      1. BYV
        27 June 2014 07: 38
        It seems that the baptism of fire of the armored forces of New Russia took place.
    2. +2
      27 June 2014 07: 42
      The number of battles for the last day of the "truce" covers the weekly norm of the ATO.
      It is interesting to know how many unplanned HF remain in the territory of the CHR? And what did they manage to find in the bins of the RF 3004?)
      1. +1
        27 June 2014 07: 58
        UPD 22: 00:05 (Moscow time) From Maslyakovka, parallel to the road a little more than half a kilometer from the village, next to the shelf in the field there is an ukropov artillery point.
        What is her fate? :)
        Since Strelkov finally got into the hands of tanks and howitzers, I sincerely hope for the speedy capture of Karachun and the transition to offensive operations to liberate the SNR, fie 3 times!
    3. 0
      27 June 2014 09: 10
      Quote: BYV
      .... The attack on the "Feed" continues. The enemy suffers losses and cannot use aircraft due to difficult weather conditions.

      Good luck, while the Nazis cannot from the air, you need to take full advantage of this situation
  2. +6
    27 June 2014 07: 08
    Girkin, one of the first to have been awaited for a long time by a state award, Hero of New Russia!
  3. johnsnz
    27 June 2014 07: 08
    Eh, the calm before the storm. Will something be today? I'm very worried
  4. Death to the Nazis
    27 June 2014 07: 10
    Let Banderlog know.
    1. rereture
      27 June 2014 07: 36
      Strelkov said that he does not include militias neither anti-fascistsnor to the communists.

      So there is no need to replace freedom fighters with mythical anti-fascists.
      And there are no fascists in Ukraine, there are Natsiks (the language does not turn to be called Nazis), mercenaries and conscripts.
      1. -1
        27 June 2014 11: 49
        The Nazis carry out the genocide, and do not forget about it. Learn the story!
        1. rereture
          27 June 2014 17: 31
          I know the story, racist genocide was carried out by the Nazis, or rather, the National Socialists.

          and do not forget about it.

          What genocide of what nationality did the Mussolini regime in Italy produce?
  5. +8
    27 June 2014 07: 11
    All conscripts. We will call mothers and give them sons.
    So the Chechens did in the first. Demoralized the public to the fullest.
    1. +2
      27 June 2014 07: 16
      That's right, all the same there is no benefit from them. Lazy, greedy, bully dumb and shy.
      1. +2
        27 June 2014 09: 36
        What good are they, they will find out when they have eaten off their mother’s grub, sleep off, and since there is no decent work and Ukraine they ... are not needed, they will be hired by the National Guard and come to no longer serve but kill you and your loved ones. There was a battle, then they are prisoners and they need to be used as prisoners: to clear streets, rubble, restore damaged objects, to transport the wounded, to bury the dead, etc. etc.
        Soldiers, the National Guard and "Right Sector" are committing atrocities - they break into houses and kill everyone without exception. It is necessary to establish and make public these facts, units participating in the genocide and shoot prisoners from these units. It is possible that they are not released out of kindness and humanity, but because the prisoners need to be fed and protected. Foreign mercenaries, members of the Right Sector "should be hanged without exception, regardless of gender and age, without announcing it, pilots, officers of the ground forces who participated in the destruction of the civilian population - to shoot. Blood for blood!
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. 0
      27 June 2014 09: 49
      So probably they will call mothers out of old habit.
  6. +4
    27 June 2014 07: 13
    Wow truce from Poroshenko-the war is in full swing.
    Good luck to you, Igor Ivanovich. God help you.
  7. +19
    27 June 2014 07: 16
    Central News Agency Novorossia

    "In the cage, predators gnaw while people die." Right sector threatens Poroshenko
    Activists of the Right Sector radical group said the President must fulfill their demands, otherwise they will return to Kiev to seize power

    On the Facebook page of the Right Sector of the Rivne region, a radical statement of rejection of the current policy of Petro Poroshenko appeared. The leaders of the group offer their "Plan" C "from the people."

    The message contains a call to activists: to put strict demands on the President and not leave Maidan until they are met. The plan contains eight points.

    1. No negotiations with the terrorists.
    2. No diplomatic relations with the occupiers. Recall the ambassador.
    3. Maximum rotation in the ATO, General Staff (journalists / volunteers will prompt the first candidates).
    4. Litvin’s resignation (Chairman of the State Border Service Nikolay Litvin, editor’s note) must be approved.
    5. Fundraising from the oligarchs to support the army.
    6. The introduction of martial law and the announcement of mobilization.
    7. The imposition of sanctions against the occupier and against guarantors who do not fulfill their obligations is to completely shut off gas. No European representatives on Ukrainian soil (OSCE - completely sold out to Putin, and today, Germany, France, - so there to seek support - to play on the side of the occupation)
    8. The arrest of all who supported the terrorists: Akhmetov, Efremov, Shufrich, Medvedchuk, the Communist Party, ... traitors in the ATO.

    Source - portal
    1. +3
      27 June 2014 07: 44
      Absolutely dill!
      One hope is on Strelkova !!!
      Maybe he will be able to beat off Kr. Liman with tanks sad
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +3
      27 June 2014 08: 36
      7. The imposition of sanctions against the occupier and against guarantors who do not fulfill their obligations is to completely shut off gas.

      The south stream will be pulled from that side even faster than us.
      In general, of course, we’ll see a lot of bad things now. Already see. Somehow, understanding begins to begin, how terrible things are happening now.
    4. +4
      27 June 2014 10: 02
      And you know, I support these PS on all points :)
      Only on our part is point 1 - no negotiations with Natsik scumbags.
      And about the "terrorists" - it's funny: where are the severed heads? where are the hostages taken? where are the blown up houses with civilians in the end? And since this is not the case, what kind of "terrorists" are they? That's for sure that morons maydauns, that their Western masters. They can't even come up with a wording for the Militia.
      In the US forums, such questions of mine work - the people there love specifics. And with these "terrorists" they, to all their other nonsense, begin to arouse suspicion
  8. Alexandr 2
    27 June 2014 07: 21
    Well done fighters. We are the soul with you.
  9. raf
    27 June 2014 07: 22
    Only one comes out of the shelter - to fire the snipers surrounding the factory building to understand where they are located. After this, the battle begins.

    Tin! Put yourself as a "live bait" for a sniper! I wonder who is so brave, that's who should be awarded the Order of Courage!
  10. +5
    27 June 2014 07: 22
    Pleasing the victories of the militias, kills casualties among the civilian population and militias.
    So that Ukraine does not become a concentration camp for its own people, it’s necessary to clear the whole country from the Nazis-Bandera.
    1. +1
      27 June 2014 11: 55
      To deploy the partisan movement on the Internet, detailed instruction has already appeared on the organization of partisan groups and the rules of their activity.
      Link: http: //
  11. +3
    27 June 2014 07: 29
    Perhaps today it will be hot for the guys! God bless you, soldiers of the army of New Russia!
  12. 0
    27 June 2014 07: 29
    today the pseudo-truce will end and the Nazis will be lowered from the short leash on which they are being held
  13. +5
    27 June 2014 07: 30
    Judging by the summaries of Potroshenko's "peace plan" in action ... Yesterday, Turchinov's statement was announced on the Zvezda TV channel, he condemned the ATO, explaining that the intelligence had misled him, saying that Russian troops were operating in Donbass ... that everything was not there so he didn't know ... so so ... it turns out ...
    1. BYV
      27 June 2014 07: 41
      It turns out a kind kind king and evil boyars?
      1. rereture
        27 June 2014 07: 44
        And then, a 1000 year old way of managing laughing
    2. nicollider
      27 June 2014 07: 52
      Durchinov what gave backing up? He did this there with a compass for a few lifetime's. It’s too late to jump off
      1. 0
        27 June 2014 08: 28
        Quote: nicollider
        It’s too late to jump off

    3. +1
      27 June 2014 07: 58
      Yesterday on the TV channel "Zvezda" Turchinov's statement was announced, he condemned the ATO, explaining that intelligence had misled him

      if this is not a fake - I think it’s his sphincter that is contracting from the feeling that Poroshenko will merge it and make it a goat.
    4. +2
      27 June 2014 09: 46
      Well, can this character be called smart? IMHO, nothing. He doesn’t know how to lie. If I was convinced that Russian troops were in the Donbass, then martial law should be declared, not ATO. He knew everything ... However, for dill it will do.

      ps And the statement is a great sign ... The junta are already starting to cover their ass, coming up with excuses.
    5. 0
      27 June 2014 12: 09
      Quote: parusnik
      Judging by the summaries of Potroshenko's "peace plan" in action ... Yesterday, Turchinov's statement was announced on the Zvezda TV channel, he condemned the ATO, explaining that the intelligence had misled him, saying that Russian troops were operating in Donbass ... that everything was not there so he didn't know ... so so ... it turns out ...
      .... Began to wait ... I sensed that the parashes began to smell .... am
  14. +1
    27 June 2014 07: 30
    Gaza is already some kind, by analogy it will end with the negotiations of the parties, although it is difficult to believe
    1. +1
      27 June 2014 07: 46
      Tuck both the junta and the junta am
  15. Tanechka-clever
    27 June 2014 07: 46
    Thanks to the Minister of Defense of the DPR Igor Ivanovich Strelkov for reports from the front. Always looking forward to them. Today we need one VICTORY for all of us - residents of New Russia and Russia over the Kiev punishers.
    Good luck to the army of New Russia. The Kiev punishers have nowhere to run - in Russia they will face trial, but in Europe and the USA they are not needed, and therefore they will kill old people and children.
  16. +3
    27 June 2014 07: 54
    The National Guard is tearing down the tower from powerlessness! Remove, shoot, let's go to Kiev, but it’s time for you to get out there! Begin cleaning in your ranks, around traitors and Judas! Cut each other and go on to Kiev all the anger from there, there are your 30 pieces of silver!
  17. +3
    27 June 2014 08: 06
    It seems that Babai trolls the whole European community, including the OSCE mission, with its various mind-blowing hats.
  18. +2
    27 June 2014 08: 23
    What kind of women’s weapon in black? Venereological?
    1. +1
      27 June 2014 08: 35
      Quote: Shell
      What kind of women’s weapon in black? Venereological?

      And most likely with good optics.
      1. 0
        27 June 2014 09: 00
        What is the multiplicity? Well, interestno-caliber and rate of fire.
        1. +3
          27 June 2014 10: 53
          Quote: Shell
          What is the multiplicity? Well, interestno-caliber and rate of fire.

          Wednesday, 25 June 2014 antifa
          Destroyed a female sniper from Poland - DNR
          Fighters of the Donbass People’s Militia on Saur-Mogile killed a sniper woman who arrived in New Russia allegedly from Poland.
          This was reported by according to Deputy Minister of Defense of the DPR Igor Strelkova Fedor Berezin. The woman used an American-made rifle.
          "The other day, the militia from the" Cliff "hit a sniper. Hello Poland! The girl was just from there. She has the newest amerskaya rifle of 12,5 caliber. Ruzhyzko could not be taken. The heavy machine gun" Cliff "broke the tool," Berezin quotes the publication.

          More details:
  19. Starmos
    27 June 2014 08: 43
    Quote: nicollider
    Durchinov what gave backing up? He did this there with a compass for a few lifetime's. It’s too late to jump off

    To "hemp gastuk" - to everyone. Still feed this whole pack for life - their faces won't crack ??? And their allies, "local" - for "shock construction" - to build factories, to plow land, and for food - so workers will appear, and what kind of economy the state will cost cheaper (and maybe moronic laws will not write to anyone am ) ...
  20. +2
    27 June 2014 08: 43
    But conscripts if they can’t be released from the occupied part of New Russia, they will either be killed by Bandera or jailed by the junta, they must either be sent to Russia or their brains should be cleared and, together with other militias, they should free their land. And conscripts - zapadentsev better to shoot, coffins with young Bandera-heirs of their grandfathers even better demoralize zapadenskoe population.
  21. +14
    27 June 2014 08: 51
    In the photo, a militia from Uzbekistan, who called himself Bakhtier.
    In as it is already! The peoples of the former USSR are rising ..
    1. +3
      27 June 2014 10: 46
      Judging by the photo, Bakhtiyar Afgan has behind him - the age seems to be suitable and one more detail catches the eye - Dad said that such a pair of horns, rewound with duct tape, first appeared at the landing party in Afghanistan in the 80s, this case was called "Afghan version ".
  22. +1
    27 June 2014 08: 55
    And the report of the OSCE Commission in Kiev will be used as reliable intelligence.
    1. +1
      27 June 2014 10: 19
      Quote: Evgeniy-111
      And the report of the OSCE Commission in Kiev will be used as reliable intelligence.

      No, they’ll say what the separatists have done. And the intelligence information will probably still be cut off by those accompanying the militias (they won’t show what can be interpreted militarily).
  23. 0
    27 June 2014 11: 48
    This is not ukronatsist artillery in Karachun, this is the Soviet artillery during the battles for berlin!
  24. 0
    27 June 2014 11: 56
    These reports began to please the last time, God forbid, to continue in the same spirit !!! soldier

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"