The peaceful life of Ingushetia

To combat extremism and terrorism in the former hot spot a complex of force, social and religious measures is used.

News from the North Caucasus for several years have ceased to be hot. It seems that the long-awaited world has really come here. As far as he is strong, the correspondent of the Military-Industrial Courier found out from the head of the Republic of Ingushetia (RI) Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the region, Lieutenant-General of Police Alexander Trofimov and the Deputy Chairman of the Spiritual Center of Muslims of Ingushetia (DCMRI) Alikhan Nalgiev.

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov: “Everyone should be able to repent”

- Yunus-Bekmat Bamategireevich, the statistics is talking about a radical improvement in the situation in the republic, and we felt the changes on ourselves, having communicated with the locals. How did you manage it?

- Yes, our life is quite peaceful, little distinguishable from other regions of Russia: roads, residential buildings, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports and cultural institutions are being built. People are provided with jobs, Ingushetia is actively developing. Naturally, this is impossible without the help of the federal center, however, funds in sufficient quantities were received earlier, and there was no peaceful creative life. Money is not everything.

The peaceful life of IngushetiaWhat we have been able to achieve is the result of comprehensive measures. A significant role in the process belongs to the revival of the spiritual and cultural life of the people. No less tangible work has been done in this direction than in the construction of social facilities. You, probably, paid attention in our new capital Magas to the Memorial of Memory and Glory complex built a year and a half ago? His main goal is to return to the people. history without retouching (because we have nothing to be ashamed of and hide), to show the contribution of the Ingush, the natives of the republic to the common cause - the protection and prosperity of our Fatherland.

Back in 1770, in the village of Angusht, the Ingush elders signed the first peace treaty with Russia and have never violated it for more than 250 years. The most tangible contribution of ancestors to the defense of the common house of Russia can be seen in the example of the First World War, the centenary of the beginning of which we will celebrate this year. Already in September, the Volunteer Caucasian Native Horse Division was formed by the 1914, where the Ingush regiment was one of the first to enter. I can definitely say that it is among the Ingush in this division the most full of St. George Cavaliers - 27. This is not counting the cavaliers of the highest military order of Russia - St. George IV degree and awarded with the Golden St. George weapons "For courage."

We are not ashamed of us for the period of the Great Patriotic War distorted by unscrupulous historians. The figures show this: among the natives of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic there are many Heroes of the Soviet Union who were awarded or represented. Not everyone knows that the last defender of the Brest Fortress was an Ingush - senior lieutenant Umat-weights Barkhanoev. The Ingush continue to repay their debt to the Motherland even now, serving Russia not only in all the power structures, but also in various sectors of the economy, the scientific sphere, and culture.

Of particular note is law enforcement officers. Their contribution to the maintenance of security and peace in their native land is invaluable. Over the 20 period since the founding of the Republic of Ingushetia, more than 400 employees have laid their heads. We remember all these courageous people, including those seconded from other regions of Russia. Their names are immortalized not only on the boards and monuments to the places of their service, trees are planted in memory of each on the said memorial. The result was a whole alley of saplings of different breeds, how different those people were.

Today we can confidently say that such tragedies will not be repeated. The threat of terrorist attacks is preserved, since the bandits still have hidden reserves, but it is easy to be convinced of the established order by visiting the most remote settlement, talking to people. We have the strength, the means and, most importantly, the leaders who are able to adequately and quickly respond to the slightest threat.

The first violin in this orchestra belongs, of course, to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. You can talk about the current system of work of the republican ministry, where all the staff - from the district commissioner to the minister - work in a coordinated and coordinated manner. It helps that they are accountable not only to the head of the republic or parliament, but above all to the people whom they serve. However, accountability in no way makes the police officers dependent on the whims of officials. I like the position of the Minister of the Interior, when he doesn’t keep silent at such hearings, but with arguments and figures on his hands defends the interests of the department and his people, asks the municipalities the following questions: where is the interaction of local authorities with law enforcement bodies written on paper, for example, formation of national teams?

Close cooperation has been established with the operational headquarters, the FSB department of the republic, the mobile detachment, the temporary operational grouping of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the security council, and the administration of the head. Today, we act proactively, on anticipation. Information arrives, it is immediately rechecked, and we carry out the targeted targets, simultaneously revealing all the ties of the bandit underground, and when the time comes, we are working on interception. Previously, we did not succeed: the bandits were the first to beat.

- They say that you take an active part in the development and planning of anti-terrorist operations, and even participate in them?

- This is a rumor. I am a professional soldier, I have the most complete and reliable idea about discipline. It is not my business to intervene in the course and planning of special operations, especially to go to the venue for control or personal guidance. To do this, have their superiors and commanders. I have a perfectly selected team of competent and professionally trained security officials, whom I fully trust. I have personal combat experience and opinion, which I convey to the leaders at the discussion stage. But no more than that. I consider it intrinsic and unacceptable to interfere at the stage of the operation, although, I confess, there have been situations when my hands itched to take a machine gun or a sniper rifle and show what I was taught in the army.

Another thing is when you need my help as head of the republic. For example, when negotiating with bandits, relatives, heads of teips, elders, religious authorities, so that there are fewer casualties and destruction. For this, I am ready to fully surrender to participation in the negotiation process, putting all matters aside.

- So, in the negotiations with the bandits personally participated?

- Yes, several times. I do not make a difference between a young man who got into a gang by fraud, or a bloodthirsty wolf who lost count of murders. For this I am sometimes reproached, for example, by the families of the deceased police officers. Each time I explain that not only the fact that the gangster was handed over to the authorities is important, but also that he will no longer kill. Over the past two years, we have thus pulled out of the forest, disarmed 67 people. This means that exactly this number has diminished the number of bandits, for someone there is a chance to return to a peaceful life. After all, the majority were in gangs by deception, threats, blackmail, they would like to return to their families, to do their usual business. We have the correct data that among the leaders of bandit groups there are those who are ready to surrender themselves and bring the rest. It is only necessary to pick up a key to them. The game is worth the candle, because one thing is the killed gangsters, who are immediately glorified, and the other is surrendered with weapons. Neither I, nor the Interior Ministry, nor Putin need their lives.

We do not shoot, for example, drug addicts for the fact that they harm themselves and society, spread evil on earth. Although they chose this path themselves, those who planted the needle are much more guilty. So with the gangsters - we must give a chance to everyone who wants to, but clearly understand that we are not persuading anyone, we do not beg to surrender at any cost, but offer a simple choice between life and death. Believe me, even the most frostbitten bandits often choose correctly. Terrorism and extremism are the diseases that we deal with. The methods are different, from therapy to surgery, but the goal is the same.

On this way, we study acceptable experience, accept any advice, regardless of time. For example, in 2010, they came out to one of the gangsters of the Nazran grouping, and in order to make the right decision to surrender, they had to spend a week. During this time, people talked to him through various channels of 170, including relatives, friends, acquaintances, classmates, and top officials of the republic. The works were not in vain - he surrendered. For his previous atrocities, he received 14 years in prison, but was ready for this. We did not deceive him, and this is our advantage over recruiters.

Or another case. One of the organizers of the explosion in the market of Vladikavkaz came to confess. Soon a trial will take place over him, but we, as promised, sent appropriate papers on the commutation of the sentence. The law must work rigorously. Unlike the bandits, we are in the legal field, guided only by the law, not deviating one iota from it.

- How long is your working day? There are weekends, holidays?

- There is no rule I introduced: if an official is at work more than the allotted time, then he works poorly and does not know how to organize his day. Therefore, I will not say that I work 24 an hour a day (laughs). On the other hand, I admit that no one in the government leaves the service exactly at 18.00, as stipulated in the regulations. The approach is flexible: he did everything that was supposed and planned for the day - he was free.

My work day lasts an average of 12 hours. I think this is normal and ready for such loads even from military service. If not on departure, I usually complete it by parsing incoming mail and planning the next day. With the onset of summer, I return to the usual practice of driving around in the morning a few objects for inspection. Sometimes the other way around - I do it at night when I stay up late. It happens, I invite with you on trips, for example, the Minister of the Interior, we together check the performance of duty at the traffic police post or in the police department. If the weekend falls, I try to dedicate myself to traveling around the republic, but not to leave more than a day, and then the work will increase and the next day to sit longer.

- And how do you spend your free time?

- In the family circle, whenever possible I try to go to relatives. I love mountains. What could be more beautiful than them?

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov

Alexander Trofimov: “Bandits in a panic”

- What is the situation in Ingushetia in numbers and facts?

- If we conduct a comparative analysis, for example, with 2008, when Yunus-Bek Yevkurov became the head of the republic, the total number of registered crimes decreased by almost a third, the number of especially serious crimes decreased 2,4 times, murders - 3,5 times, and encroachments on life law enforcement officers - 6 times. Terrorist crimes have decreased by 53 percent over the past two years.

The main reasons for the positive dynamics are three. First, there was a close interaction between the authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and all the power structures located on the territory of the republic. Now we are working almost in unison, but this was not always the case. Before 2011, the security forces acted quite separately. The FSB, for example, tried to conduct operations on its own, which did not give the desired effect. But with 2012, we gradually established interaction and today all operations are conducted jointly. An operational headquarters has been established, which carries out planning and coordinates the activities of security agencies. The possibilities are different for everyone: the FSB, for example, is better equipped technically, but the operatives of territorial ATS have more real and fresh information. Combining opportunities and gives the result.

It is gratifying that all our initiatives find full support in the government. Only one example is the commission on rehabilitation for the peaceful life of the bandit underground members. Only last year, nine people inclined to surrender, and from the beginning of its work in 2009, almost 70.

Secondly, the level of logistics of ATS has increased, opportunities have appeared to stimulate personnel. Not only due to an increase in the money allowances and allowances, but also due to the full-scale construction of social, service and logistic facilities. Last year, two 25-apartment houses for employees and family members, as well as a warehouse complex of rear services, were commissioned. The year before last, we received a medical unit with a hospital for 60 beds, the building of the police department in the city of Nazran. A new base of the republican riot police, the ATS complex in the Dzheirakhsky district, the capital's traffic police, are being actively built.

Improved supply and provision of technical means of observation and protection, communications, as well as transport and weapons. For example, in places of mass gathering of people over the last two years, more than 220 surveillance cameras have been installed under the Safe City program. This year, four new UAZ “Patriot” vehicles were allocated to the district authorized in areas with a complex road surface. 12 of the same machines were made available to traffic police officers. Over the past three years, the fleet of the Ministry has been updated almost completely.

Third, demand has increased from managers at all levels, including for the activities of subordinates. For this reason, last year we changed three heads of territorial internal affairs agencies, and in this, two more heads of major PPP units. Not disregarded and honest service. Last year, more than 70 people were encouraged for personal involvement and contribution to solving crimes. The families of the victims, as well as policemen who were injured or injured, are not forgotten. First of all, we are trying to provide them with housing, to help with the departure for treatment and rest.

- How active are the gangsters, what is their number?

- The exact figure is difficult to determine. Not because they are well classified, but because they periodically go to their neighbors in Chechnya, where we lose track. However, we know that there are approximately 30 – 35 people in the most combat-capable gang of Beslan Makhauri. There is another gang of the so-called Amir of Ingushetia (Gilgay’s wilayet) of Artur Gatagazhev - up to the 13 terrorists. They are hiding in the forests of the Malgobek district. No more than a dozen more in one gang in Nazranovsky district. Last year 29 people were neutralized: 15 destroyed, 5 detained, 9 inclined to return with confession. Our losses for the same period are five employees.

- Can we say that the bandits went on the defensive?

- I would say differently: their tactics have not been the first year - this is panic and flight. From fear for their deeds, for their lives, they constantly wander through the forest, trying to break away from persecution, dissolve. And when we overtake them, they snap. Of the 30 attacks on the lives of employees in the past year, 10 committed during the search activities in forests. Mostly these are explosions. Last year, there were ten armed clashes and five shelling.

Alexander Trofimov

Alikhan Nal'giev: “Our task is to show the right Islam”

- What is the role of the clergy in Ingushetia?

- As in the whole country, we have an increased interest in religion, the faith of the ancestors. The task is primarily to fully satisfy this interest. In April 2011, the construction of the Cathedral Mosque and the Islamic Center of the Republic began. Today in Ingushetia, around 70 mosques with their imam, that is, in virtually every locality. At the beginning of each month, we meet with imams at meetings, discuss topical issues.

The Islamic Center is often asked for help by various organizations and institutions - public, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Interior, State Drug Control, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education. They mainly ask for explanatory work and invite them to events. We believe this is the trust of the society, we are happy to meet it - every Friday after the prayer, the imams convey to the parishioners ideas that contribute to the consolidation of society, better organization of public life, and spiritual and moral education of the ummah.

We use every opportunity to speak in the media, publish our newspaper "Ihsan". In the air of the republican radio station "Angusht" daily we appeal to the residents of the republic. We want to give everyone the truth about Islam - not aggressive, not isolated, but open and good for all. This position is fully supported by Yunus-Bek Yevkurov.

- How do you work with young people to prevent the influence of sects?

- As one of the measures, we regularly attend educational institutions, imams conduct lessons on the basics of religions and religious tolerance, the Olympiad on the history of Islam and knowledge of the Koran, “round tables”. Our center supervises all the spiritual educational institutions of Ingushetia. For more than 10 years, the history of religions has been kept in schools, teachers must be certified. This subject allows young people to get a correct understanding of religions, teaches them to understand difficult issues, to distinguish good from evil.

- For many people who are not familiar with the basics of religions, Islam seems to be a very rigid system, sometimes overwhelming the individual.

- This is not true. Unfortunately, not only people who are far from faith, but also some Muslims think in a similar way. They are deceived by those who believe that you can achieve your goal only by force and cruelty. The Almighty, referring to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), directly says: “By the grace of Allah, you treated them with gentleness, and if you were a rough, hard heart, they would be scattered, leaving you” (Sura 3, ayah 159 ). Our task is to show young people first and foremost the correct Islam, because it begins where there is humility, obedience to the Almighty and parents. Distorted Islam is very beneficial to his real enemies.

The criteria for assessing the sincerity of the faith of each person are only his actions. If someone, hiding behind the name of Allah, spreads wickedness, and does not create order, then the hypocrite before you and his goal is not at all in the service of the Almighty. It is not possible that a person who has realized the true moral principles of Islam, who has betrayed himself to the will of the Lord, is afraid of the punishment of the Almighty, can become a supporter of cruelty and injustice or participate in any ungodly deeds. Realizing and accepting the moral precepts of the Qur'an will never support people aiming at sowing chaos, enmity and hatred in the hearts of people who bring society suffering and atrocities. Having become, if not a performer, but a supporter of injustice, a person not only condemns himself to torment, but also loses the most valuable - the heavenly abode.

- How is your work organized with the military, the police?

- Good enough. For example, in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia, over five years of work have been specialists who have received specialized religious education and who conduct educational and preventive work among police officers. For conversations with military men professing Islam, we are invited to frontier guards. There is an appropriate agreement with the FSB border guard in the Republic of Ingushetia, which gives the right to carry out such work. The same agreement, by the way, was concluded with representatives of the clergy of the local diocese. Every normal person has a need for spiritual food, and therefore our task as representatives of the clergy is to bring, albeit from different angles, a person to God.

Alikhan Nal'giev
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  1. -1
    25 June 2014 19: 08
    In the Caucasus now, I think a temporary lull. Despite the fact that there have already survived two wars, it is quite possible to fan the flame there. Everything rests on financing. Without money, even fanatics are problematic to cook.
    1. +9
      25 June 2014 19: 12
      Hmm ... Sure !!! There will be peace in the Caucasus !!! And Caucasus Leaders Prove THIS !!! But ROT should be CLEARED first !!!
      1. +11
        25 June 2014 19: 29
        Yes, a lot depends on the personnel. The relative silence in Ingushetia and establishing life is a great merit of Yevkurov personally, who fights against clanism in the republic no less mercilessly than with banditry. By the way, these phenomena are largely interconnected. We would have more Evkurovs ... everywhere ....
        1. +3
          25 June 2014 20: 00
        2. +1
          25 June 2014 20: 53
          These teips are not even clans, it is something more .. C
          I can’t find a definition at all. Clan gangs of some kind. I think it’s hard to fight this.
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  2. +3
    25 June 2014 19: 37
    The spiritual strength of employees of law enforcement agencies is the key to a peaceful life in modern times in Ingushetia.
  3. +1
    25 June 2014 19: 52
    If only they themselves believed in unity with Russia, in peace in Ingushetia!
  4. +1
    25 June 2014 19: 55
    The Caucasus is such a tangle of contradictions that it is enough for our grandchildren to unravel it.
    And if in a nutshell - while there is no work in the Caucasus, it is not realistic to clean out all this bandit pack.
  5. net abortion
    25 June 2014 22: 22
    Peaceful life in Russia for the 5th column is like a bone in the throat
    ... a peaceful Caucasus is unnecessary to them!

    Upon the deceit of the 5th column
  6. +1
    25 June 2014 23: 43
    I would say differently: it’s not their first year that their tactics have been panic and flight. Fearing for their deeds, for their lives they constantly roam the forest, trying to break away from the persecution, dissolve. And when we overtake them, snarl. Of the 30 attacks on the lives of employees last year, 10 were committed during search activities in the forests. These are mainly subversions. Last year, ten clashes and five shellings were recorded.

    They just get together and organize, while we bother them and manage to knock out everyone who approaches the threshold, it’s worth stopping going to the forest and a year later the third campaign will begin.
    then panic and flight. From fear for the deed,
    Yeah, there are 60 of us in search of 30 of them according to intelligence data, then another 30 came up to them and we sat down on the defensive, and when we came up yet, we had to drape to the accompaniment of guns. We, of course, would have put more than half of them, but we would have all been knocked out.
  7. +2
    26 June 2014 01: 08
    All Ingush deepest respect! I met with a large community in our region in Susuman. Great guys, very correct, scrupulously abide by their customs and you won’t buy them for Coca-Cola with Hollywood and you won’t wash your brains with tolerance-liberalism!

    Barkal for hospitality! (thanks, I mean :) I learned a few more phrases while I was staying with them (well, there’s Dedik-hel, Muchtish Ruksh, etc.)
    What bought me the most is imagining that the younger brother cannot even drink and smoke in the presence of the older one!
    Here's the example we need to take - from the Caucasus! And here we are all "Europa" "Democracy" ... ugh .. Look - Conchita and other gay parades with outright Satanism, which brought ukrov to the point that we are now seeing everything - all this is "European values"!
  8. Stypor23
    26 June 2014 02: 10
    Yunus Beck, symbiosis MP + Airborne. Immediately recalling June 1999.
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    26 June 2014 19: 21
    Well done what! Good luck to you guys in the difficult task of establishing peace!

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