War of the USA and the USSR through the eyes of American artists

War of the USA and the USSR through the eyes of American artists

In the wake of the postwar rise in the economy and sentiment of Americans in the United States began to develop fashion for men's adventure adventure magazines, the number of titles which at the time of its peak in the late 1950-s reached about 130 pieces. The most famous of them wore such loud and expressive names as "For men ounly", "Male", "True men", "Stag", "Man's life", "Adventure" and the like.

The main content of such journals was not very plausible, but ominous stories about the adventures of real men - above all, in a war with insidious communists and their henchmen from the Third World countries. Stories of this kind are usually combined with a large number of illustrations, executed in the style of pin-up (from English to pin up - "pin", that is, originally so called posters with half-naked girls, intended for the soldiers to pin them to the walls in the barracks ). The creation of such illustrations on the theme of "war with the Russians" for magazines of that period was occupied by a large number of American artists, including those very famous within the United States of America.

It all begins, as a rule, with the cunning plan of the Russian generals to attack America.

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  1. Stypor23
    25 June 2014 08: 32
    Warhal seems to be drawing
    1. +19
      25 June 2014 11: 27
      I liked the picture most of all, where (oh, the word will be deleted with the letter B), and the dog with it, where the girls are easy-going on a submarine, and the brave Yankees make their way into it. This is FIVE. Everything is just like that)))
      1. +2
        26 June 2014 08: 43
        I was more pinned that saboteurs down the stairs in the fins down the boat wassat
      2. PiP
        26 June 2014 18: 38
        Quote: Sunjar
        I liked the picture most of all, where (oh, the word will be deleted with the letter B), and the dog with it, where the girls are easy-going on a submarine, and the brave Yankees make their way into it. This is FIVE. Everything is just like that)))

        Not true! DOES NOT ENOUGH REALISM! I myself saw that in the submarine Vodka there is a bar counter, a pole for a strip and a tape measure!
    2. +7
      25 June 2014 13: 27
      In general, guys, this is inherent in the American and German military era of the Second World War. adultery. Remember they have nudes painted on planes. And they like to dismiss women immediately. As if they were only thinking about intercourse and not about protecting the homeland.

      We didn't even have prostitutes. It was only ours who probably wrote letters to their beloved wife, bride. I liked the way they voiced the letter to "White Sun of the Desert" - "Dear Martha Vasilievna!" - if I'm not mistaken.
      1. +6
        25 June 2014 21: 22
        That's it!!! Someone who has pain ... This is bl ... characteristic of American soldiers, it’s enough to recall up to Castrov’s Cuba, they essentially made a brothel from the whole island for their fleet ... Elementary propaganda, like a Soviet soldier, scary and terrible and he rapes everyone, only on the fear of his soldiers, there is no way to win, they frightened themselves, almost to death ... violence against the defenseless, such things are inherent only in cowards and insecure people, with a huge inferiority complex, both mentally and physically.
        Russian soldier with women and children does not fight!
        1. 0
          26 June 2014 04: 19
          Yes, in fact, what they themselves were doing around the world, they painted, there is no fantasy :) It is much easier to project our diseases and complexes onto others than to fight them ...
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. The comment was deleted.
            1. +1
              26 June 2014 08: 34
              That is how Vasily Stalin was for the Americans, and I think this image (in contrast to the "Eroto-war" presented here) is more correct. P.S. The picture is clickable.
            2. The comment was deleted.
  2. 0
    25 June 2014 08: 45
    At least 1 drawing with French. resistance against the Germans.
  3. +19
    25 June 2014 08: 51
    neighing as he could. in my opinion, the artists are obsessed with tit. and as our practice shows at any time of the year in earflaps and overcoats come
    1. +6
      25 June 2014 09: 00
      So we have winter all year round. On this and bask as we can)))
    2. +4
      25 June 2014 10: 57
      basically thumbs up written. These would be talents. yes in the right direction.
      In general, a lot of boobs and a lot of submarines. As for the boobs, the Americans judged us by themselves, in the sense of looting and violence in the occupied territory. But it seems that they were seriously afraid of boats
    3. -20
      25 June 2014 11: 42
      And the pictures are nothing, nothing ... juicy
      Thanks to the author of the pictures. Po * 2 times.
      1. +3
        25 June 2014 12: 53
        rkkasa xnumx
        To admit, you cause disgust. In principle, the pictures are designed for your level.

        Dear moderators. Maybe you should remove this garbage from the site? Such an abomination discredits him.
        1. 0
          25 June 2014 13: 35
          Well mr rkkasa xnumx in general, the local icon of the Order of the East of Last Instance, like a lion roaring tossing its carcass harmonizing here and there ... True, wretchedness nevertheless breaks through, as we see. Balabol, in general. Just to blurt out.
    4. xan
      25 June 2014 15: 20
      Quote: LEVIAFAN
      neighing as he could. in my opinion, the artists are obsessed with titties

      I join everyone who liked the defects in the drawings! Yes, and the men are depicted so brutal that normal heifers usually give such free.
  4. Ghin
    25 June 2014 09: 19
    High concentration of insanity.
    1. +4
      25 June 2014 09: 40
      High concentration of insanity.
      Extremely high
    2. +3
      25 June 2014 14: 06
      Quote: Ghin
      High concentration of insanity.

      It is strange that there are no bears, balalaika, nesting dolls and a nuclear reactor on which felt boots are dried.
  5. +5
    25 June 2014 09: 22
    Very funny, magazines like "Crocodile"
  6. ZSP
    25 June 2014 09: 28
    The topic of half-naked aunts is not exhaustive, because no one will look at such nonsense without aunts ...

    The question is where he shoots a storm from a submarine in the water position, this is strongly, hooked recourse
    1. +1
      25 June 2014 10: 42
      shoots you on the screen)))
  7. +2
    25 June 2014 09: 32
    The artist is clearly preoccupied
  8. +4
    25 June 2014 09: 34
    Artists are sexually preoccupied.
    Interestingly, all Americans are so perceive war?
    1. +2
      25 June 2014 09: 54
      And they projected this concern on the officers of the SA, representing ours in the role of stupid, cunning, lascivious freaks.
  9. Alex_Popovson
    25 June 2014 10: 06
    Pure calofuttia of those years. The only difference is that you can play it, and not masturbate on tiolok. Although prapaganda is great.
    1. +2
      25 June 2014 10: 30
      Rather C&C Red Alert, but in general that still "cranberry"
      1. Alex_Popovson
        25 June 2014 11: 47
        No, the Anxiety was originally with a touch of cranberries for both Russians and Americans. In short, it had a humorous component. But the Call of Duty, or rather the modern Call, is almost pure propaganda, like the American Army
  10. +1
    25 June 2014 10: 14
    The delirium of the stoned paranoid, and given the amount of female flesh and scenes of violence against her, this is more to a psychiatrist.
  11. +4
    25 June 2014 10: 23
    Artists professionally painted. Qualitatively. And about ideology, well, this is from comics and books about spies. Don't take it seriously.
  12. +16
    25 June 2014 10: 23
    A charming sight, but it’s better:
    1. +2
      25 June 2014 10: 53
      This is an introductory video to the DLS "world in conflict soviet assault", but to the original part
      1. +3
        25 June 2014 10: 56
        It’s a pity that this is just the imagination of the developers laughing
        1. 0
          25 June 2014 13: 27
          Quote: MORDVIN13rus
          It’s a pity that this is just the imagination of the developers

          or alternative future !!!!
    2. 0
      25 June 2014 12: 29
      What game is this?
      1. Steel loli
        25 June 2014 13: 47
        World in Conflict

    3. +1
      25 June 2014 13: 26
      video from the game World in Conflict. Evil Russians attacked the "good" Americans, but driven by intolerable freedom and democracy, the "lights" of this world will prevail over the "damned barbarians" !!! but I liked to use carpet bombing over American cities)))
    4. +2
      25 June 2014 23: 09
      He played. He gritted his teeth undergoing American missions, then to enjoy the Soviet bastards, the developers mixed up. The equipment was made in good faith.
      1. +1
        25 June 2014 23: 34
        thank you now I will start downloading, still stupid games "victory day Stalin's plan" and "Europe on fire"
  13. +1
    25 June 2014 10: 24
    Moral looping :))) forgot to draw bears for color.
  14. +1
    25 June 2014 10: 32
    In the picture about the war in the Arctic, are the paratroopers landing with Tu-95? How many people get in there? Why couldn’t I draw a transport IL-76? And more likely it’s not a Soviet invasion but the squeezing of half-naked girls. Although there was no Internet then .. .
  15. +1
    25 June 2014 10: 33
    All that is possible is mixed.
  16. +4
    25 June 2014 10: 41
    but it must be said well nanirosirovannye
  17. 0
    25 June 2014 10: 44
    such pictures in the style of American comics, where Amerikos alone saves the whole world with the help of his superpower, can only be drawn by Amer pseudo-painters who became a victim of the Jewish propaganda of their Rothschilds and Rockefellers
  18. Dengue
    25 June 2014 11: 07
    American mindset is felt in every figure
  19. +2
    25 June 2014 11: 27
    Reminiscent of a series of films such as "Hot Heads" of brothers Zukers.
  20. 0
    25 June 2014 11: 33
    Well, in principle, the topic of boobs is revealed. There is not enough Schwartz with "Kapitalizm" and "I am your mother abal"
  21. SIT
    25 June 2014 11: 53
    Evil Russian homophobes defiantly squeeze exclusively American girls, again defiantly neglecting American guys. This is what mayhem and complete lack of tolerance awaits America during the Russian invasion !!
  22. +1
    25 June 2014 12: 47
    They project their vision of war on us. Let me explain - they think that in a war you need to behave this way - to force, etc. That is, in the case of a real war, everything will be as in the pictures, only exactly the opposite.
  23. +1
    25 June 2014 12: 49
    And the drawings are very high quality, straight masterpieces)
  24. 0
    25 June 2014 12: 52
    laughing laughing laughing Smiled!
    Just like in ancient Rome, all orgies, the series Spartak is resting !!!
  25. 0
    25 June 2014 13: 41
    I didn't like the pictures. It feels like the "evil Russians" are obsessed with raping their girls. It's okay that they always tear the "eastern barbarians" apart, which is something to take from Dodik Clancy. But this pornography is clearly too much. Perverts! am
  26. +1
    25 June 2014 13: 45
    And fat women, old women and children, they do not save.
  27. +3
    25 June 2014 14: 14
    He laughed about the soul, especially since the Japanese are shown in some pictures laughing
  28. +1
    25 June 2014 16: 28
    As always stupid imagination, stupid people. The only question is, where does the brave American special forces save something like Conchita Wurst from the hands of evil Slavs?
  29. +2
    25 June 2014 16: 55
    I laid out the pictures so that the people laughed at our probable friends. All their hypocrisy about Russia does not disappear over the years, but rather multiplies. Somewhere else I came across pictures about the Vietnam War, where the brave Americans smash the Viet Cong. I'll try to make an article about this, but with historical facts and photographs, their gallant adventures, how they depicted it, and how it really looked.
  30. Tyumen
    25 June 2014 18: 04
    On a submarine they run in flippers winked
  31. Alexan
    25 June 2014 21: 08
    Well, even plot-semantic stupidity is forgivable for comic book artists, but to such an extent neglect the study of the material: form, awards ... in a word - reckoning on your consumers, superficial and limited!
  32. 0
    25 June 2014 22: 36
    From the point of view of psychology. The bulk of the pictures exploit the first teenage erotic fantasies, a man with a weapon saves a beautiful woman.
  33. Nil
    25 June 2014 22: 41
    Dreamers. It would be better now for their fatdos and blacks with Latinos would have been heating up.
  34. Potin
    25 June 2014 22: 44
    All the heroism of the amerikosov in such pictures. And as the Russian antediluvian plane flew 12 times over their "Donald Cook", so they quickly put everything in their pants.
  35. 0
    26 June 2014 00: 13
    In general, nothing surprising :) Super heroes are American soldiers and communist pigs that offend democracy, sexual women, etc. etc.
    A gag reflex woke up from these pictures: (((
  36. Alexred
    26 June 2014 00: 46
    all I understood from these pictures is that they are preoccupied
  37. 0
    26 June 2014 06: 05
    Funny pictures. Especially those where the heroic P.I.N.D.O.S.-Tang partisans and underground fighters and underground fighters are destroying hundreds of "bloody Russian invaders", hee-hee-hee ...

    R.S. Yes, and one more very cool one, where two Thai prostitutes heroically save John McCain from a plane crash!
  38. +1
    26 June 2014 08: 10
    There, with a parachute, it’s not McCain by chance, a brave ice man.
  39. 0
    29 June 2014 09: 56
    Dreamers pancake))) Especially with Fidel. Kubintsy cannibals)))
  40. 0
    April 3 2015 14: 43
    They would have directed their imagination into the matter !!!!! And it can only be cool in pictures and in movies, but in reality .....

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