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Every year in December, the Yankees with friends mark the date of the collapse of the USSR. This is their tradition.

BBG Miroderzhets

However, the main horns of pro-Western absolutism - Voice of America and Radio Liberty - not only in the December days, but incessantly, with ill-concealed malevolence, relish the details of the collapse of the Soviets, implicitly hinting at what happened as the result of a strategic plan and "democratic" achievements of the United States. American commanders and politicians with foaming at the mouth and spit flying in all directions frantically burst their breasts and arrogantly declare how they, good Yankees, defeated the bad USSR.

Total brainwashing on the post-Soviet territory has long been the "good old" practice of the United States. And if earlier, Soviet citizens from the category of curious and torturing minds were catching enemy waves with the help of specially tuned radio receivers, now Western propaganda is absolutely legal and omnipresent. All you have to do is turn on one or another TV / radio channel that is paid for from overseas, or go online to a site with pro-American rhetoric. And right there you will feel a powerful stream of fetid feces from pro-Western columnists and "Vandealles" scabbling about Russia, the CIS, the Eurasian Union and "Putin's idea of ​​restoring the Russian world."

According to the materials "Voices of America":

"Political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky:" Putin has outlined a very large program for the restoration of the "Russian world", the union of Russian people and lands. Now is the time to kick one of those responsible for the collapse of the USSR, which Putin considers to be a geopolitical catastrophe ... An ideological campaign unfolded in Russia, a kind of psychotherapy and preparation for the “Back to the USSR” policy (eng. "Back to the USSR" ). It is not by chance that Soviet names began to return right now - for what Putin was called as overcoming the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century. "

“At the same time, Ann Appbaum believes that Vladimir Putin’s most important task is not Russia's greatness, but the“ humiliation of the West ”- all of its institutions, rules, ideas, lifestyle, the very world order that emerged after the Cold War. Applebaum Russia uses all the tools inherited from the USSR: money - “we need to conduct a serious revision of the role of Russian money used in society and politics in the West against the West”; the church - “Putin uses an Orthodox-conservative plot for anti-Western propaganda inside the countries s "; media -" Now this is no longer radio, but publicly available Internet TV for the outside world, and centralized controlled media for Russia. "

“After the annexation of the Crimea and in the light of recent events in the east of Ukraine, American political scientists are trying to understand what motivates Russian President Vladimir Putin and what are his final goals in the Ukrainian combination. Many of them shrug their shoulders and state that Putin’s actions have become unpredictable ... point of view was expressed by another professor at New York University, a native of Albania, Shinasi Rama. He believes that Putin is acting according to a certain plan: to create pro-Russian political structures in the south-east of Ukraine, rye will actually have veto power at the federal level, preferably without resorting to the open use of Russian troops and without dismembering Ukraine. "Russia’s goal is to paralyze the Ukrainian state and create two administrative units on its territory, one of which will be strongly pro-Russian, - Professor Rama explained in an interview with the correspondent of the Russian service "Voices of America". “In time, they hope to peacefully integrate Ukraine into the Eurasian Union."

"Referring to the government of Ukraine, Nuland told the senators about the arrests of people with documents from Transnistria, the Crimea and Russia." We are sure, she said, that Russia is behind this instability: Russian agents provide material assistance, weapon, they are coordinating the actions of [the separatists] ... Putin’s formula is simple: intervention is abroad, repression is inside the country. "

“A veteran of international politics, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said during the discussion that“ Putin’s reaction to Ukraine was not a strategic step, but a matter of personal anger. ”“ He, ”Brzezinski continued,“ felt isolated and not understood after Sochi, at which he arranged a great feast of self worship. And I decided to recoup in Ukraine ... Putin reached an unprecedented goal, turning the country that was not anti-Russian at all, into a country where the majority is now anti-Russian "... The political scientist emphasizes that Putin’s ineradicable conviction that the collapse of the USSR was The greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century, quite possibly, will induce him "to recreate by force the union which he calls the Eurasian Union."

Through all these lines horror and panic are read. No matter how the staff members can boast, inflating their ego to a maniacal state, behind the stellar disease lies an unrestrained fear of the revival of Russia, the reunification of the USSR and the triumph of the Russians. This is the most terrible nightmare of Americans. With the thought that Russia will climb up to the top of the world again, moving the United States away from there, the Yankees begin to urinate spontaneously in their pants and fight hysterically.

Here is the well-known physiognomy of a politician, a member of the Democratic Party and the US Secretary of State J. Kerry. However, few people know that this statesman, among other things, also Member of the Board of Directors Director of Broadcasting (BBG / IBB), with the federal agency of the US government (headquartered in Washington). Funded by Congress and holding a response to the government of America (in particular, the members of the Board’s Directorate are appointed by the President and approved in the Senate), the BBG absurdly positions itself to the whole world as an “independent” structure.

BBG controls the government-supported civilian international American media, through which it spreads "freedom and democracy" to the whole world. Especially in countries where, according to the BBG leadership, "there is no independent media." Russia, by the way, is in the very "unreliable" list of Americans. Under the supervision of BBG - and the global Internet.

To date, over 1200 radio stations and television channels, as well as more than three and a half thousand media workers all over the world, interact with the US Broadcasting Board. And if in 2013, the budget of this organization was $ 196 400 000, then already in 2014 it was increased several times and reached an incredible amount - $ 733 000 000. At the 2015 year, the US Congress laid approximately the same amount, 721 000 000 dollars. I think it is not necessary to explain why Washington, along with the increase in defense spending, so sharply inflated the budgetary costs of control over the fourth power.

From BBG report, September 2013:

“The implementation of the strategic (note this word) plan for 2012-2016 years will be carried out through impact through innovation and integration, through a number of activities, including increased use of media and internship programs with the participation of Ukrainian journalism students” .

“Channel 5, which is currently the main platform of VOA (Voice of America), is asking for more funding to extend the contract that has been in place for the past two years ... Channel Five asked for an 10 percent increase, it was possible to agree on 5 percent ".

"In addition to his service News Radio produces about 70 video news and programs every week, which are on the VOA website on the Internet. During the audit, it turned out that on average the site receives 30 views every day. The service also has its own pages on social networks with interactive communication on Twitter and Facebook ... One of the latest programs has received 000 views on Facebook. All these events can be attributed to the BBG 19-year strategic plan. "

According to the BBG, the audience of pro-American media and Internet sites in Ukraine has noticeably expanded. So, according to market research, By the beginning of 2014, 20,8% of adults in Ukraine had access to US news programs and resources in Russian. For example, back in 2012, this percentage was just 9,8. With the growth of the Ukrainian crisis, the United States significantly increased the number of programs produced as if for a carbon copy, and their airtime on the territory of Ukraine.

"It is urgently necessary to expand our networks even more, providing news coverage in Ukraine, especially in light of the increase in Russian propaganda and disinformation in the country," asserts Bruce Sherman, Director of Strategy and Development, BBG, in a statement addressed to Congress and the US government.

Information for reflection

A few years ago, a Russian psychologist, writer and publicist Sergey Zelinsky published an article in which indicated main methods of improving the effectiveness of the media in the manipulation of consciousness. In particular:

Fact fabrication or outright lies

Were worked out in the office of Goebbels. Secure false messages truthful. The goal is to make a believable propaganda film. For example, during the Great Patriotic War, it was announced to the inhabitants of occupied Krasnodar that a column of wounded Soviet prisoners would pass through the city and that they could transfer food to them. Many residents gathered with baskets filled with food, after which, instead of prisoners, a car with wounded German soldiers was driven through the crowd - and they made a film about the "meeting".

One of the most important rules of mind manipulation is providing a person with information only from fully controlled sources. For this purpose, informational messages are created from different types of organizations: by political coloration, genres and styles of presenting information, etc.

Selection of reality events for messages

Mr. Schiller wrote:
"With the exception of a fairly small select part of the population, which knows what it needs and therefore can take advantage of the massive flow of information, most Americans fall, although mostly and unconsciously, into an information trap lacking any choice. There is practically no diversity of opinions in messages from abroad and about events inside the country or even in local news. This is primarily due to the identity of the material and ideological interests of the owners (in this case, those who own the media), as well as the monopolistic nature of the information industry as a whole. "

Further, Zelinsky (due to the fact that he wrote his work before the Ukrainian events) cites as examples the absence in the West of serious information about Asia. Messages come from China, India and even Japan, mostly related to exotic culture or terrorism. In addition to keeping silent about "unnecessary" information and creating some kind of "virtual" reality in this way, the media extensively uses the principle of noise democracy - the sinking of the message, which cannot be avoided, in a chaotic stream of meaningless information. G. Schiller writes: "Just as advertising interferes with concentration and deprives the weight of interrupted information, the new information processing technique makes it possible to fill the broadcast with streams of useless information that makes it even more difficult for an individual to look for an already hopeless search for meaning."

Gray and black propaganda

The main goal of psychological warfare (now called “information war”) was formulated in America as early as 1964: “undermining the political and social structure of the target country to such a degree of degradation of national consciousness that the state becomes unable to resist.” It is not difficult to guess that the collapse of the USSR was mainly provoked by the consequences of just such a psychological war.

In the instruction of the US Army "Conducting psychological warfare", a definition of the type of operations is introduced:

1. "White" propaganda - This is propaganda, which is distributed and recognized by the source or its official representatives.

2. "Gray" propaganda - This is propaganda, which does not specifically identify its source.

3. "Black" propaganda - This is propaganda, which is issued for emanating from a source other than genuine.

Manipulative semantics and rhetoric in the media

During the Vietnam War in the United States, an enormous amount of work was done on compiling special dictionaries (thesauri) to denote certain events in order to make the right impression on the reader. So, Since 1965, the military operations in Vietnam were called in the press "appeasement operation", and it was often possible to come across messages of this kind: "One village so stubbornly resisted appeasement that it had to be destroyed."

All words causing negative associations were excluded from the language: "war", "offensive". And instead of them were entered the words of a neutral sense: "conflict", "operation". Napalm, for example, was called “soft charge,” concentration camps were called “strategic villages,” and so on.
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  1. Natalia
    25 June 2014 14: 04
    Voice of America and Radio Liberty

    These traitors are necessary at all, I don’t know how to minimize and dissolve (although they don’t need to dissolve, they have already completely disbanded)
    In short, they are traitors, American singers.
    1. 0
      25 June 2014 14: 13
      Quote: Natalia
      Voice of America and Radio Liberty

      These traitors are necessary at all, I don’t know how to minimize and dissolve (although they don’t need to dissolve, they have already completely disbanded)
      In short, they are traitors, American singers.

      To close and dissolve it, to put it mildly ... we need tougher
      1. +2
        25 June 2014 14: 27
        "Voice of America" ​​and "Radio Liberty" - a ready-made list for the construction of some Siberian railway.
        1. +2
          25 June 2014 19: 50
          + Echo of Moscow with the whole composition there.
    2. +2
      25 June 2014 14: 35
      Hmm ... I’m glad that people are beginning to understand ... STRONG Russia doesn’t need anyone ... The West needs a resource supplier ... But not a COMPETITOR !!! So the brains of young people are being powdered ... Buying not conscientious media publications ... Everything for THAT would plunge Russia into CHAOS again ... !!!
  2. +1
    25 June 2014 14: 04
    What disgusting they are! Sorry for the brief comment, again some emotions.
    1. +4
      25 June 2014 14: 15
      Quote: ....
      during the Great Patriotic War, it was announced to the inhabitants of occupied Krasnodar that a column of wounded Soviet prisoners would pass through the city and that they could transfer food to them. Many residents gathered with baskets filled with food, after which, instead of prisoners, a car with wounded German soldiers was driven through the crowd - and they made a film about the "meeting".

      But the real shots. Ukrainian
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. +2
    25 June 2014 14: 05
    Yes, the war with the West is not over, we lost the battle, but we will win the war anyway, because we made conclusions from the failure, give only time.
    1. koshh
      25 June 2014 21: 12
      Quote: Thought Giant
      Yes, the war with the West is not over, we lost the battle

      Sorry, dear! What kind of lost battle are you talking about? About the losses of our national team in Brazil? Well yes. Now we hope for the championship of 2018, maybe a little - a little luck. Reading your com., You wonder, maybe you were hooked by the Western media. True hope you sound.
  4. 0
    25 June 2014 14: 07
    ++++ to such articles. Thank.
  5. Arh
    25 June 2014 14: 09
  6. +1
    25 June 2014 14: 13
    And again the battle continues ...
    Skirmishes, including artillery, continued during the night in the area of ​​Slavyansk. The enemy continued to concentrate his forces on the bridgehead near the village of Krivaya Luka, from where the entire population was expelled without exception.
    In the area of ​​Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka, the militia units attacked the forward positions of the punitive advancers in armored vehicles in the Oktyabrsky and Ulyanovka areas, and also repulsed an attempt by the reconnaissance group to penetrate directly into Konstantinovka. The enemy suffered casualties.
    At dawn, the enemy's stronghold on the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk highway was subjected to a combined strike by artillery, mortars and AGS, on which the concentration of infantry and light armored vehicles of the enemy was noted. The enemy, located crowded in a small area, suffered significant losses in manpower, 2 was observed visually of the fire.
    At 11 hours, mortar and small arms fire attacked the enemy’s position at the Combined feed checkpoint.

    For their part, the Ukrainians responded with fire from howitzers and mortars from Karachun and from other positions. Skirmishes are currently ongoing almost universally.

    Almost non-flying weather, the ground is wet after a night of rain, the movement of wheeled vehicles outside paved roads is limited.

    In a helicopter shot down by our soldiers yesterday, in addition to 9 Ukrainian military, there was probably a group of foreign military advisers or PMC commanders. Information is not verified, I can not vouch for its accuracy.
    KIEV, June 25. / ITAR-TASS /. Over the past day on the sections of the Donetsk Railway (DZhD) there have been seven cases of undermining of railways, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on DZhD reported. In particular, on June 24, unknown persons made unauthorized interference in the work of the railway on the Gorlovka-Panteleymonovka and Gorlovka-Novobakhmutovka, Karavannaya-Dolya, Bulavin-Debaltsevo sections.

    Departure by the investigative-operational group revealed that in both cases the explosion damaged the high-voltage supports that blocked the path. In addition, 70 and 15 centimeters of railway rails were destroyed.

    In all cases, the victims are absent. The movement of trains through the stretches is suspended. Repair work is underway.

    On Wednesday morning, explosions occurred at three sections of railway tracks in the city of Gorlovka. Explosions damaged two switches and the odd track rails. An investigation and operational group is working at the scene. No injuries, restoration work is being carried out.
  7. +2
    25 June 2014 14: 15
    Increase RT funding by 10 times, buy, take away, create any available media resources in the west in order to cover the real (necessary) Kremlin policy.
  8. 0
    25 June 2014 14: 17
    The world has changed. It is time for the United States to understand that their propaganda has almost no effect on the minds of humanity.
    I think that they are beginning to understand that it is necessary to seek compromises and agree, otherwise they will lose.
    Victory will be ours!
    1. +1
      25 June 2014 14: 23
      Their propaganda affects primarily the minds of "voters" and is needed to control their own population. To defeat them, you need to reach out to the hamburger eaters.
  9. 0
    25 June 2014 14: 19
    Once they were called enemies of the people ... Times are changing, and if you were an enemy, you will remain a crooked homosexual
  10. Dbnfkmtdbx
    25 June 2014 14: 21
    With the collapse of the USSR, disintegration began even slowly, but it goes to NATO, America will realize this very well, and how did we survive the collapse of the USSR in the song with tears in our eyes and they will survive the collapse of NATO? fool
  11. 0
    25 June 2014 14: 23
    Listening to the opinions of political scientists Russia-West, or vice versa, you come to the conclusion that the vector of opinions is leaning towards something negative, just like the policy of the West itself, led by the State Department towards Russia, it may be time for the Western "civilized" world to learn to wiggle brains and not loaves on a chair in waiting for "bad" Russians ...
  12. Andrey Ulyanovsky
    25 June 2014 14: 28
    The humpbacks will fix the grave. We are losing the info-battle figurines - anti-Russian public opinion in the "partner" countries is no longer even ours, but journalists and the media are changing them; our journalists are actually the most effective warriors, and the enemy (they cannot be called in another way) is hunting them.
  13. 0
    25 June 2014 14: 28
    All words that evoked negative associations were excluded from the language: "war", "offensive".

    Everything is happening now for ykrosmi. Apparently from the American warehouses the manuals were brought up
  14. 0
    25 June 2014 14: 28
    When he wrote a term paper on the Psychological War, several years ago, he already assumed how simple and easy it would be to push the fraternal peoples together.
  15. 0
    25 June 2014 14: 36
    A war is already going on in the world, while propaganda. Ours also broadcast in the face of RT. But while lagging behind in volume. But the programs of this channel cause direct rage in the White House. It is difficult for them, poor fellow, to imagine that in the world there are different opinions on events that differ from the opinions of not even the people of America, but namely the top authorities.
  16. +1
    25 June 2014 14: 37
    The collapse of the USSR is the largest loss in US foreign policy in the past and future, until the end of time.
    They did not understand what muck they had done for themselves for a time, while immobilizing the Russian bear.
    They thought that they became the king of the mountain ... only the numbers indicate the opposite ... with the departure from the arena of the USSR, world peace came ... the US defense budget says the opposite.
    Having invaded the territory controlled by the USSR, what they got ... victorious fanfares did not boom for a long time ... they did not receive the expected economic dividends, well, they removed the cream of cream at the time of the collapse ... and that’s it.
    How did the USSR imagine in the post-Soviet space ... an occupier ... a robber, he did not die ... but life became even worse, it turned out that this occupier provided work and paid full-height rubles secured by gold for which life was not bad ... gave technology on which they earn today, in the same sphere of the military-industrial complex.
    The United States could not dispose of the USSR’s heritage for one simple reason ... they will never share with anyone.
    The result, which gave the United States, in addition to trepidation and poverty ???
    25 June 2014 14: 42
    Why are you bullied at these freaks? They are funded by the State Department. And "Echo of Moscow" and "Rain"? Who is giving them a pretty penny for our poisoning? Is it not Gazprom?
    1. +1
      25 June 2014 14: 54
      In addition, Gazprom-Media Holding owns the following assets: television companies

      NTV Plus
      radio stations

      Эхо Москвы
      Comedy Radio
      Relax FM
      Children's radio
      Radio Energy
      Romantika radio

      Publishing house "Seven days":
      Seven days TV program
      Caravan of stories
      Caravan collection of stories
      Panorama TV


      as an option: a) the main thing is profit, and don't care how the money was made; b) buying up shares of opisits.SMI - spy move
      1. +1
        25 June 2014 15: 15
        "Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer!" (C)
        1. +1
          25 June 2014 16: 47
          "Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer!" (C)

          surround yourself with enemies and only enemies, let them get closer and drive your friends away.
          by enemies I mean enemies of the people, and friends, respectively., and not personal enemies, friends, it seems the opposite is true
          this is what the domestic policy of the unforgettable
  18. 0
    25 June 2014 15: 12
    “Veteran of international politics Zbigniew Brzezinski said during the discussion that“ Putin’s reaction to Ukraine was not a strategic step, but a matter of personal anger. ”“ He, ”continued Brzezinski,“ felt isolated and not understood after Sochi, where he arranged a big a holiday of self-worship. And he decided to win back in Ukraine ...

    It happened !!! Finally Brzezinski fell into insanity, now I wish him many years and career growth! good
    On the topic: the article is nothing new, but everything old is neatly stated - plus!
  19. 0
    25 June 2014 16: 49
    Nothing new, we already knew it, remember the newspaper "today" and 600 seconds.

    And the most interesting thing is that everyone who supports "democracy" continues to shout with one voice that no one is going to attack Russia!
  20. +1
    25 June 2014 17: 16
    Leading Marina - thanks for the truth with a capital letter, after such articles there will be more people thinking love
  21. 0
    25 June 2014 18: 43
    American commanders and politicians with foaming at the mouth and spit flying in all directions frantically burst their breasts and arrogantly declare how they, good Yankees, defeated the bad USSR.

    And while everyone is trying to prove that it was he who made the decisive contribution. But no one writes or acknowledges the fact that it was in the 90s that the American system suffered a serious defeat in our country. On the crest of our "democratic transformations", many of our fellow citizens have renounced the liberal worldview and adopted a purely patriotic position. To this their feat was all cynicism, all the lewdness of what was happening. And these were not isolated cases, but a mass phenomenon!
  22. 0
    25 June 2014 20: 19
    Quote: Gamberra
    + Echo of Moscow with the whole composition there.

    These in the deepest uranium mine.
    And for the leading Access Code, dig a special mine into the underworld.
  23. Leprechaun
    25 June 2014 22: 33
    Why are you bullied at these freaks? They are funded by the State Department. And "Echo of Moscow" and "Rain"? Who is giving them a pretty penny for our poisoning? Is it not Gazprom?

    The rain was funded and created with money from KIT-finance, the bank is the wallet of the former Mr. Kudrin's finance. Banker Vinokurov is the owner of "Dozhd", and a couple of other names of the participants for reference, Margania Otar Leontyevich, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Vozrozhdenie and the closest adviser and custodian of Kudrin's money; General B.V. Gromov and his Combat Brotherhood are also associated with them.
  24. 0
    1 July 2014 21: 26
    It would be necessary to take steps to the collapse of the US-sponsor on their territory all sorts of criminals, drug cartels, separatsites, etc.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"