Gaddafi - who is he: a terrorist or a victim?

The figure of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in the last three months does not leave the pages of the world's leading newspapers. People on all planets are literally divided into two camps: the former support the President of Libya, and the latter call him almost the main terrorist and the devil's envoy on Earth. And even despite the fact that since the outbreak of hostilities in Libya, it has been quite a long time, people have not come to a common opinion.

To begin with about the cause of war. It is rather banal - the overthrow of the dictatorial regime of Gaddafi by the Western democrats (NATO). According to the United States and other NATO countries, the Libyan president is a tyrant who kills all his oppositionists, tortures civilians and so on. It is fraught with danger not only for its own inhabitants, but also for other sovereign states. That is, they accuse him of all mortal sins. It is difficult to judge who is right and who is wrong. In Libya, there are also avid opponents of Gaddafi, and there are those who literally want to stand up for their current leader. In addition, it should be noted that there was already a civil war between the forces of the government and the oppositionists, who were eager to seize power in Libya. And NATO troops were unwelcome guests on the battlefield.

In this war, which has come to a standstill (aggressor countries recognize this), there will be no right and guilty ones. Russia and the PRC condemned NATO’s interference in the sovereign affairs of a third country, but they don’t hurry to help the Libyan leader. Switzerland decided to freeze at all bank deposits Libya. Very controversial, was it done legally? Other countries are also limited to statements.

Now it is worthwhile to dwell on the figure of Kaddafe, so controversial person. Nothing can better characterize the main person in the country than, in fact, the situation in this country: economic, cultural and social. Many foreign media have made a number of articles that clearly describe all the positive aspects of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

The point is that the country has very high GDP per capita, barely underperforming to the level of fifteen thousand dollars. The country has high wages and low taxes. Moreover, the system of various financial assistance to the population is actively developed. So, for example, the state allocates serious money for opening its own business. At the moment, the standard of living in Libya is the highest among all African countries.

All these figures directly indicate that the regime of dictatorship and tyranny simply a priori could not give such results. As well as no dictator can be supported by a large army of people gathering in the main square of the capital of the country when bombers are diving over the sky.
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