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Artillery shelling in eastern Ukraine continues

The Ukrainian military continues to use artillery in the east of Ukraine, despite Poroshenko’s statements about a cease-fire. In particular, representatives of the militia reported shelling of the settlement of Privolye in the area of ​​Lisichansk, reports INTERFAX.RU.

“The Ukrainian army conducts artillery shelling in Privolye, there are victims, they are beating the Volgaine mine from the side of Krasnyanka station,” representatives of the Lisichansk militia said on Tuesday night.

It is noted that as a result of the shelling, "the substation was damaged, because of which light was lost at the mine, the rescuers now went there." There is no information about the victims.

In addition, at night, in the vicinity of Slavyansk, volleys of guns and automatic weapons, notes ITAR-TASS.

According to the representative of the militia, it is unclear which side is firing, but shots are heard periodically.

23 June around 15: 00 local time, the Ukrainian security forces shelled the village of Semenovka under Slavyansk. As a result of the shelling several militiamen were wounded.

It is worth noting that 23 June in Donetsk, consultations were held on the implementation of the plan for the peaceful settlement of the situation in the east of Ukraine. According to their results, the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Boroday, stated that the militia undertakes not to conduct military operations until June 27.

“We, in response to the cease-fire on the part of Kiev, pledge to cease fire on our part, not to conduct military operations on our part. The term of the current cease-fire is until June 27, ”said Boroday, noting that the movement of troops across the territories of the Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics also cease.
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  1. subbtin.725
    subbtin.725 24 June 2014 07: 01
    And who would have doubted? All this so-called "truce" is a fiction. Strelkov correctly said that the ukram need time to regroup. The Yankees, again, have planned something rotten. The atrocities will be even more blatant, ... unfortunately.
    1. Alena
      Alena 24 June 2014 07: 33
      shooters are always right, but let him at least make a mistake in this
    2. armageddon
      armageddon 24 June 2014 07: 33
      Hmm ... Nothing good from the USA and Bender. Unfortunately, you don’t have to wait ... !!! And the Southeast THIS UNDERSTANDS THAT !!!
    3. Alena
      Alena 24 June 2014 07: 34
      you need to start a truce with something, you just need to blindly believe everything, like Yanukovych
      1. 222222
        222222 24 June 2014 10: 38
        Alena RU Today, 07:34 ↑
        it is necessary to start a truce with something .... "
        Stuff it is necessary. Unambiguously. BUT ..
        Who are the parliamentarians from Kiev representing: Kuchma, Medvedchut and Shufrich? .. Are they in power? NO .. Someone from the government gave them rights? then where is papyrus?
        It's just that oligarchs again. But another oligarchic group - the group "family number 1-Pinchuk .. And the role of Tsarev in all his glory is very incomprehensible .. as He himself .. ????
        And according to Shufrich, there’s nothing to say after talking with Tymoshenko when they dreamed of 8 million non-atomic Ukrainians ..
        minute video: "People in Donetsk almost tore Shufrich into a thousand little hamsters .."
    4. 1812 1945
      1812 1945 24 June 2014 07: 36
      Quote: subbtin.725
      And who would have doubted? All this so-called "truce" is a fiction. Strelkov correctly said that the ukram need time to regroup. The Yankees, again, have planned something rotten. The atrocities will be even more blatant, ... unfortunately.

      That's exactly how it is! The best and only possible for Russia is to renounce what the West is threatening to deprive. (There was no need to get into this global swamp, since those "economists" who were pulling in there are now broadcasting with one voice about the collapse of the West's economic structure. ) It is necessary to focus on domestic consumption and establish the closest ties within the framework of an economic union with the countries of the East, India, Iran, Latin America ... And in the light of these changes, not only to stop the genocide of Russians in the Southeast, but to return all the dill lands under the Russian Banner ! I am sure it will be a nail in the coffin of the Anglo-Saxon empire.
    5. andrejwz
      andrejwz 24 June 2014 09: 33
      Quote: subbtin.725
      Strelkov correctly said that ukram needs time to regroup.

      Poroshenko needs to ensure that before the signing of the association agreement with the EU, the situation does not get out of control, and regrouping, receiving assistance from the United States, etc. is what has been and is being carried out. It is naive to believe that Ukrainians are busy looking for peaceful ways, not everything was started for that.
    6. Mhpv
      Mhpv 24 June 2014 09: 35
      Yes, everything is just like a clear day - the IMF delegation arrives in Kiev, well, it is necessary to regroup by itself, if it has disappeared somewhere, then it has arrived somewhere.
  2. shyler
    shyler 24 June 2014 07: 02
    Duck Parashenko, few obey, it seems to me only regular troops. And the SC and the Right Sector pursue their goals!
    1. Stypor23
      Stypor23 24 June 2014 07: 06
      It’s Africa right. Recently I watched a film about Angola, of the Union television, there are also lines of how many groups fought for power.
  3. mig31
    mig31 24 June 2014 07: 06
    Armistice in the State Department, Ukraine does not command there ...
    1. brelok
      brelok 24 June 2014 07: 19
      Quote: mig31
      Armistice in the State Department, Ukraine does not command there ...

      Correctly! Not for that, they began to end the war! Just been on the censor! There howl-parashenka maidan cook! why didn’t it end, everything only starts if .... Putin still manages to squeeze Obama and exclude him from the game. She seems to have already caught ha soft
  4. Revolver
    Revolver 24 June 2014 07: 07
    Tomorrow morning (in our opinion, it will be closer to evening already in your opinion) I’ll see what Reuters writes on this subject, and I will post the excerpts from this article in comments. And in the West, the view is that the truce, you see, the separatists violate.
    1. Alena
      Alena 24 June 2014 07: 37
      What they say to the West is what he believes. Information sources must be independent.
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 24 June 2014 07: 49
      Quote: Nagan
      And in the West, the view is that the truce, you see, the separatists violate.

      Why in the west? About this Ukrainian TV every 2-3 hours taldychit on all channels.
      Moreover, fakes on fakes !!!!
      All means are good for provocations. Putin's double on TV channels of Ukraine
      It seems that all means are good for provocations. Look at what a girl who came from Western Ukraine writes on social networks. This is how the local population is bullied.

      «A friend of my daughter returned from Ukraine, went to Vinnitsa, to the wedding of relatives. She told THAT !!! show on TV in western Ukraine !!! There they have Putin knocking on the table and yelling (although Putin never yells): “The southeast will be ours !!! If necessary, we will send even more troops to Ukraine !!! ” Well, these ours "" see and do not believe their eyes, THIS IS A PUTIN DOUBLE! His eye and hair color is darker, and he is younger than our V.V. ten years! They brought evidence to their relatives, well, and they kind of say: “Oh! And it’s true, so it’s not Pu ..., but we have been looking for 3 for a month and believe in it ?! ” Can you imagine the guys ?! There you go. The actor is playing Putin. CROSS. Oksana Tulina. "

      Do not shun anything. Such slander against our president should be followed by harsh punishment.

      Irina Zaporizhzhya Cossack,
      That's why many are sure that Russia attacked Ukraine. Guys go to defend their homeland from the aggressor !!! And come back in coffins! But residents blame it on whom? Correctly! The one about which they showed on TV !!!
      1. armageddon
        armageddon 24 June 2014 08: 12
        Hmm ... Bender is TRUE Goebbels IDEAS ...: The more FALSE ... The easier it is BELIEVED in it ... !!!
      2. Anper
        Anper 24 June 2014 09: 18
        Quote: Egoza
        Russia attacked Ukraine. Guys go to defend their homeland from the aggressor !!! And come back in coffins! But residents blame it on whom? Correctly! The one about which they showed on TV !!!

    3. Revolver
      Revolver 24 June 2014 17: 37
      Posted as promised.
  5. Zomanus
    Zomanus 24 June 2014 07: 07
    Yes, there is already a real Makhnovism. How can Parasha decide anything when entire units of the junta are supported by people not under his control? If he can speak for anyone, it is only for the army team, and then not all. That is, like "those, those and those will not shoot at you."
  6. Neighbor
    Neighbor 24 June 2014 07: 09
    Quote: shyler
    Duck Parashenko, few obey, it seems to me only regular troops. And the SC and the Right Sector pursue their goals!

    They would have bitten as soon as possible. Whoever throws them Temko for scandal ...
    APASUS 24 June 2014 07: 11
    Ammunition will be brought up, set out in directions and deployed in battle formation, but for now they will scream to the whole world about a truce. Who is the teacher ???
    Poroshenko already lit up on the Maidan twice with his unfulfilled promises, more times - times less .............
  8. Dbnfkmtdbx
    Dbnfkmtdbx 24 June 2014 07: 12
    Ukrainians must understand in the end that they will not see Crimea and Novorossia as their own ears, but they will have to answer for all the sacrifices. angry
  9. doctor
    doctor 24 June 2014 07: 12
    It's time to end the shelling and give up. So it will be right.
  10. Agat
    Agat 24 June 2014 07: 15
    The authorities in Kiev have no reason at all! Only glimpses in the negotiations appeared, so again !!

    “Right during multilateral negotiations in the Donetsk Regional State Administration between representatives of Ukraine, DPR, LPR and Russia, a court in Kiev approved the arrest of 11 representatives of the republics, including DPR Prime Minister Aleksandr Borodai, who represents the position of the southeast of the country in trilateral negotiations.


    1. Egoza
      Egoza 24 June 2014 07: 53
      Quote: Agat
      approved the arrest of 11 representatives of the republics,

      And that's what I was afraid of. After all, they will become, and the West would only applaud. It is good that the building where the negotiations took place was guarded by the militia. But Donetsk residents then staged a rally and "had fun"

      In Donetsk, participants in a rally of opponents of the Ukrainian authorities attacked cars in which there was a People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions of Ukraine faction Nestor Shufrich and former President Leonid Kuchma. It is reported by Interfax.

      It is noted that the protesters blocked the exit of cars, started pounding on wheels and tried to break the windshield of the car.

      The DNR guards tried to drive away the crowd so that the motorcade would leave the territory on which the building of the Donetsk Regional State Administration is located. As a result, two cars managed to leave the territory of Oktyabrskaya Square, but the dents from fists and stones remained on the cars.

      It is noted that the rally is ongoing.
      (Time was 22.00 in our)
  11. queen
    queen 24 June 2014 07: 16
    These ukrovoyak just have not been ironed properly ... if they had already started all the pants transferred and asked for diapers of European and American production.
  12. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 24 June 2014 07: 21
    The authorities in Kiev have no reason at all!
    And their mind and there is nothing to them; they have already decided everything!
  13. orb13
    orb13 24 June 2014 07: 24
    Hmm ...
    Negotiations, negotiations ...
    All this crap in an independent one, in my opinion, distracts Russia from the region of Iraq, Iran and Syria. In my humble opinion, it was not without reason that it started banging again. And in the meantime, we kick off the chocolate thief ...
    And most importantly, everything is being done in order to make the Ukrainian problem the highest priority for Russian diplomacy. We would now pay all attention to Iraq, and here ...
    1. Was mammoth
      Was mammoth 24 June 2014 07: 59
      Quote: orb13
      Negotiations, negotiations ...
      All this crap in an independent, in my opinion, distracts Russia from the region of Iraq, Iran and Syria

      Quote: orb13
      We would now have all the attention on Iraq, and here ...

      Why not use even the smallest chance to the world. Even the most unrealistic. I don’t believe that the junta will stop firing during the negotiations. And this will show once again who it is.
      Iraq is of course important. That's just the events in Ukraine distract people not only from Iraq. They distract many from what is happening in our country. Here, yesterday he poured gasoline, and he went up by 20 kopecks. per liter. You are aware that Gazprom and Russian Railways are asking the government to raise tariffs by 9-10%, despite the fact that they plan to pay dividends by a quarter. Those. that you will be forced to satisfy the appetites of not the poorest people in the country. Not Ukrainians or Iraqis, but you.
      Many people support Putin now, we are people of different views, I think we should support him now, but the advance of trust given during the events in Ukraine is not eternal. And trust is not given to him in everything.
  14. sanek0207
    sanek0207 24 June 2014 07: 30
    Here's what to do with them? It’s simply impossible to negotiate with them. Only to destroy!
  15. roman72-452
    roman72-452 24 June 2014 07: 31
    Normal truce am
  16. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 24 June 2014 07: 39
    In any case, that the negotiations that have begun are still better than war, shelling and uncertainty. All the same, the national radio worked in Europe, that genocide of the dill junta against the civilian population is taking place in Novorossia, that officials of the Geyrope shitty EU, the low six of the USA in the media did not admit any facts about the massacre in Ukraine. The same thing happened in the shitty USA and the result is obvious - there was a telephone conversation between Putin V.V. and Obamki Monkey on events in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq. Let’s hope that the ice has broken and it has gone a little bit in line with the dill farther junta. And here the events in Iraq that were not important for the USA also played a role.
  17. azbukin77
    azbukin77 24 June 2014 07: 41
    A truce is very necessary, at least to bring women and children out of shelling, because the Nazis do not make out where the peace, where the militia!
  18. sv68
    sv68 24 June 2014 07: 43
    it was possible to understand that all these are just words at odds not spoken by a peasant but by a balonbolk after the first statements Kiev cutlets — I’ll give peace or something like that. tsarstvo. the United States gave the cutlet a decree-lie and fight, and then just lie lie, but the main thing is fight! here is the cutlet and the chair
  19. evilrussian
    evilrussian 24 June 2014 07: 58
    The obvious fact is that dill would not stop attacking.
  20. Karasik
    Karasik 24 June 2014 08: 18
    It is clear that nobody obeys the Chocolate Hare. There is no authority in the army, while still a candidate, he promised to pay every soldier in the anti-terrorist operation zone 1000 hryvnia per day, to officers, naturally more. In fact, a naked, barefoot, hungry army. Why spend money on their food, uniforms and on the promised salary (and, quite high by Ukrainian standards), if this money can be spent on shells that fighters will throw on the heads of civilians? About the private army of Kolomoisky - generally silent. There are mostly mercenaries who do not know at all who Poroshenko is, and they can hardly find Ukraine on the map.
    Therefore, a truce only in words.
    To lower the degree of comments, check out the humorous clip that the craftsmen made about the 5 President of Ukraine. [Media = http: //

    ytka-nomer-pyat-video-klip-tekst-slova-pesni /
  21. calocha
    calocha 24 June 2014 08: 32
    Those who think that the ATO will end are stupid naive people! The regrouping of forces, tightening and building up is in full swing. The defeat in the South-East for Poroshenko is political death. Although he is already ... "dead-born". The script is not written by him, he is simple - puppet.
  22. Russ69
    Russ69 24 June 2014 09: 17
    TP "Dolzhanskoe", completely broken, our TV, only shows a wall with 2 holes ...
    1. shiplover100
      shiplover100 24 June 2014 10: 11
      It shows the truth. This is a shot of the destroyed Ukrainian TP.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 24 June 2014 09: 47
    I think that this very "truce" will not last even a couple of days .... the right-wing residents will surely provoke a massacre .... how to drink
  25. P-38
    P-38 24 June 2014 09: 54
    What bothers me the most is that the DPR / LPR committed not to move, that is, not to regroup the troops. And have the Ukrainians made such an obligation? Even if they took it, then they are unlikely to comply with it. Why should we abide by it?