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Silent motorcycle under development

Silent motorcycle under development

The Pentagon has issued a contract to Logos Technologies for the development and manufacture of a prototype hybrid electric noiseless motorcycle.

According to the company, the US Department of Defense Advanced Research and Development Department (DARPA) issued a SBIR grant (innovative research for small enterprises) to develop a silent system, although a company representative said that its value could not be announced under the terms of the competition.

Logos Technologies will manufacture a multi-fuel hybrid electric powerplant, the company also collaborates with the motorcycle manufacturer BRD, which will provide its BRD Redshift MX motorcycle as a platform.

BRD Redshift MX will be the basis for a new hybrid motorcycle

A company spokesman said that Redshift MX is a high-end off-road cross-country motorcycle. “Significant modifications will be required, but our team is pleased with such a mature, efficient platform as a point of reference, this will speed up the development cycle that it would not be possible otherwise.”

A statement from Logos says that "for the first time, two-wheel drive and multi-fuel hybrid capabilities will be integrated into a full-size off-road motorcycle."

Although the representative of the company could not name the development time, he noted that at the beginning of the work the team would demonstrate “a hybrid electric system corresponding to the power of an off-road motorcycle, and uses these results to develop a draft solution. This will allow in the course of further work to develop the full-fledged prototype properly. ”

In order for the bike to be considered noiseless, the DARPA control must still define specific noise requirements.
“DARPA indicated that during normal operation — that is, when the engine burns fuel — the motorcycle should produce no more than 75 dB at a distance of 7 meters, which is roughly equivalent to the sound of a phone dialing right in the listener's ear,” the spokesman explained.

“A significant reduction in the acoustic signature is possible, especially when driving on batteries in silent mode, when the loudest sound of a motorcycle is the rustling of its wheels on the ground.”

He also added that the main problem is volume. "There will be some weight gain, but off-road motorcycles do not have such dimensions as their street counterparts and therefore maximum miniaturization and integration will be very important."

However, the representative noted that from a technical point of view, the company does not view this work as a high-risk program, as Logos had previously demonstrated a hybrid system based on a multi-fuel generator set on another platform and is currently working on an efficient electric motorcycle on the BRD platform. Redshift

“After the manufacture and display of the prototype, we plan to explore both commercial and military versions. As for military use, here we are working with our sponsors from DARPA to determine the next optimal steps, ”said a company representative.

Wade Palome, Head of Prospective Projects at Logos Technologies, said: "A light, reliable, silent single-track vehicle with all-wheel drive and a large power reserve could support successful operations of the expeditionary and special forces of the USA in extreme areas and in difficult environmental conditions."

"With the growing need for actions by small units far from logistical support, the military can increasingly rely on adaptable, efficient technologies to which this hybrid-electric motorcycle belongs."

The company added that in addition to improving efficiency and mobility, which is the goal of this project, the hybrid-electric approach will also make it possible to move for a long time almost silently only on an electric propulsor, and also to generate additional electrical energy for use by personnel in the field.

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Land Warfare International June / July 2014

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  1. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 24 June 2014 09: 45
    Good design. And very promising not only in the army, but primarily in the civilian world.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Aryan
      Aryan 24 June 2014 13: 39
      I don’t think ... off-road accident rate should increase sharply:
      the driver will often be distracted back spinning wheels or not recourse

      but bikers will definitely not like it, except that a deaf biker will not notice anything
      1. Andriuha077
        Andriuha077 24 June 2014 13: 46
        An article about that bikers are thrilled - Four years ago, we could not even imagine that a serial motorcycle with an electric motor could drive on one charge 275 km, take 95% charge in one hour, develop 160 km / h, and arrange any a car with a license plate - regardless of the number of wheels.
        sr /

        And by the way, in electric vehicles from the very beginning simulators "crap-crap" through the speakers.
    3. Andriuha077
      Andriuha077 24 June 2014 13: 44
      Quote: abrakadabre
      but first of all in civilian life

      Optimization of the old approach.
      The toy itself (almost the same) is already sold, for example, in Moscow.
      I am looking for a link in letters ...
      Zero FX Motorcycle
      A powerful and lightweight cross-country electric bike that looks like an alien from the future or like a Batman motorcycle. The modular design allows you to quickly replace the battery and not waste time on charging.
    4. svp67
      svp67 24 June 2014 16: 42
      Quote: abrakadabre
      And very promising not only in the army, but primarily in the civilian world.
      At the expense of the army use, as they say, they will do it - we will test it, but in a CITIZEN .... Only due to the fact that the motorcycle ROARS most of the motorcyclists remain so, and do not go into the category of "crunches" ... So, God forbid, "silent "will appear on the roads, then every car should be equipped with a preliminary warning system ...
  2. Kangarli
    Kangarli 24 June 2014 10: 00
    Already late I created. smile
    1. Professor
      Professor 24 June 2014 11: 01
      Quote: Kangarli
      Already late I created. smile

      Yeah, how did you create. wink
      1. Kangarli
        Kangarli 24 June 2014 12: 19
        The secret of the company, my son. wink
        1. Professor
          Professor 24 June 2014 12: 48
          Quote: Kangarli
          The secret of the company, my son. wink

          Do I really have the honor to talk with the chief designer of Delta 7 or another .... wassat
          Delta 7
  3. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 24 June 2014 11: 23
    I think electric motorcycles are very promising.
    for all special forces. Ordinary noise and therefore
    little applicable.
    And so - threw cartridges on the trunk (or even ATGM).
    You fly up silently to the enemy, "dismount", then - as usual.
    1. Professor
      Professor 24 June 2014 12: 06
      Quote: voyaka uh
      I think electric motorcycles are very promising.

      the future is with electric bikes
      Electric bike gear for military service

      1. Siberia 9444
        Siberia 9444 24 June 2014 12: 38
        Good for a citizen! good And where is the brave American marine flying cord pull that head flew off to hell. am
      2. The comment was deleted.
  4. Obliterator
    Obliterator 24 June 2014 14: 53
    Well, why do we need it in civilian life? We will not be able to hang up a forward flow to it to scare away with our hellish roar and squeal of everyone on the road. The motorcycle should sound, growl with powerful bass, and for silence, and stock mufflers do well.
  5. Massik
    Massik 25 June 2014 00: 31
    When they make stable on the bumps and pits, then maybe they will be accepted into the army. In crossovers, the center of gravity is high in turns, it’s easier to refuel, but they will not be easier to screw on them. If you still load something on them, the center of gravity will become even higher, and God forbid there are legs, to correct these rattles is not as easy as it seems ...
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 25 June 2014 11: 09
      Weapons and ammunition can be placed in two bags
      to the sides of the trunk, as in Harley. Then the center of gravity
      will be low and stability will increase.
      By the way, Harley just released the first serial electric
      - era!