Why did the Third Reich not finish the foggy Albion?

Why did the Third Reich not finish the foggy Albion?

One of the big questions of the Second World War is the topic: why Hitler did not finish off the British Empire, although there were all possibilities for this. The first time the English "regretted" in Dunkirk, although they could crush their corps, destroy or capture them, but allowed to evacuate. Hitler stopped the offensive of the motorized and tank divisions, they were taken to the second line, allowing the British to create a defense, and then take out their expeditionary force. In fact, Hitler made a gesture of "goodwill" if the British were destroyed, it would be more difficult to make peace.

This was followed by preparations for the invasion of the island itself: 16 July 1940, Hitler issues a directive on invasion of England (“Directive No. 16: On the preparation of a landing operation against England”), and in September of the same year, the Reich air forces begin massive bombardment of British cities. Berlin could deliver powerful blows to the most important strategic routes of the British Empire — it depended on bringing food, raw materials for industry from its colonies. After the successful Cretan landing operation, Operation Mercury, the Wehrmacht, could capture Gibraltar, conduct an operation to seize Egypt and Suez, and not with Rommel alone, but with more significant forces. After that, it was possible to develop an attack on Persia and then on India, since there was a significant anti-British potential in those regions, many would have met the Germans as liberators. By blocking the island with the help of the submarine fleet, the cruising operations of surface forces, aviation, it was not necessary to conduct an amphibious operation against it, they could just wait until London, under constant bombardments, cut off and having lost a significant part of its colonial empire, would not ask for peace under the conditions of Berlin .

That is, Hitler had every opportunity to break all resistance in Europe, brilliantly completing the unification of Europe under the auspices of Germany. And after that, relying on the fleet of Great Britain, the resources of its colonies, it was possible to take the next steps on the way to the “world reich”. But instead, he begins an adventure with an attack on the USSR, having fallen into a situation of war, so unloved by the Germans, on two fronts. Why? Where is the logic?

And the answer is that the “Third Reich” project, in fact, was “born” by the Anglo-Saxons, they sponsored and supported it from the 20-ies up to the middle of World War II, and a number of American corporations until the very end of the war. London for centuries led a policy of "divide and conquer", pushing its European competitors between themselves. So, in the 19 century, Russia was confronted with France, then Napoleon was pushed to the East, with the help of Russia they finished off France’s dreams of European leadership - foreign campaigns of the Russian army that we do not need. Then, a coalition of the strongest European powers was created against Russia, unleashing the so-called. Crimean War, etc. So here, with the help of Hitler, defeated France, again unnecessarily strengthened after the First World War, and pushed their demoniac puppet against the main geopolitical opponent on the planet - Russian civilization, which unexpectedly quickly revived after the 1917 catastrophe of the year.

Even after the so-called. The “Munich Agreement” between Berlin and London concluded a non-aggression pact and a peaceful settlement of controversial issues between the Third Reich and Great Britain - September 30, 1938. For some reason, the “Chamberlain and Hitler pact” does not scream at all angles, like the Ribbentrop and Molotov pact. They can explain the reluctance of Hitler to finish off England, in it he saw an example of his world order, which Britain had been creating for centuries. Hitler gave England "signals" that he was ready for joint domination over the planet of the race of the "Germans", to which the Anglo-Saxons also belonged. And London played along with him, they gave Poland away, even France was not defended with all possible might. Hitler was supposed to crush the USSR, and then the real Players would have already determined what to do next - perhaps the new conspiracy of the military would bring a more controlled figure to power, and then Hitler would go into the taste of power, becoming less and less controlled.

The preparation for the Sea Lion landing operation and the bombing of England (the so-called Battle of Britain), which followed the rout of France, actually became a covering operation to prepare for an attack on the USSR, a performance in which ordinary people died. The last attempt by Hitler to come to terms with London was the flight of Rudolf Hess. Apparently, to achieve an agreement on a joint strike failed, but Berlin received assurances that England will remain on the sidelines. There is a high probability that Hess flew to England more than once, but when he was arrested, he just got lost, as a result, the information got into the press and had to be detained. Therefore, he was kept in custody, they were killed there when the possibility of his release appeared. The classification of the “Hess case” materials and its negotiations with London is connected with this.

So in the end it happened, officially London and Moscow became allies only on 26 in May of 1942, when it finally became clear that the USSR did not succeed quickly, a protracted war was coming, in which the USSR had more chances to win. Then you can "rebuild" Europe in the camp of "winners". Therefore, we must clearly understand that the main instigators of the war are not Hitler and his comrades-in-arms, they are only a “tool”, but London and Washington.

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