"Peace" plan Poroshenko: artillery strike on the outskirts of Slavyansk

Despite the temporary truce announced by Petro Poroshenko and the cease-fire, an artillery strike was made on the outskirts of Slavyansk. This was announced by the representative of the city executive committee. Earlier, local residents and militia reported shelling another suburb of Slavyansk.

Despite the peace plan proposed by Petro Poroshenko, an artillery strike was again struck on the outskirts of Slavyansk. About this agency RIA News reported the representative of the city executive committee.

“Around midnight (1: 00 MSK), a blow was struck at the Artyom district - the area at the entrance to the city, the traditional place of clashes between security forces and militias,” the city executive committee reported.

Earlier, with reference to local residents and representatives of the militia, information appeared on the shelling of the village of Semyonovka, located in the suburb of Slavyansk, with incendiary bombs. However, the city executive committee cannot yet confirm or deny this information.

The proposed ceasefire plan proposed by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko began to operate on Friday evening, 20 June. It entered into force in 22: 00 local time (23: 00 Moscow time).

Recall, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko 19 June announced that he will publish his plan for the peaceful settlement of 20 June. On Friday evening, he made a statement that the Ukrainian army would cease hostilities for a week in southeastern Ukraine until 27 June.

At the same time, the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine states that, according to Poroshenko’s plan, the cease-fire is aimed at ensuring that the militia forces “could put weapon". "Those who do not, will be destroyed," - said in a statement. Poroshenko also said that during the truce, possible "fighting would only be in the nature of an answer."

In addition, the proposed Poroshenko plan provides for the free use of the Russian language in the south-eastern regions of the country, as well as early elections to local authorities.

However, the militia of Lugansk and Donetsk said that Poroshenko’s plan was incapable, and they were not going to lay down their arms. This was announced by the head of LC Valery Bolotov. He also added that in the Lugansk republic Poroshenko is not considered the president of Ukraine. The DNR also does not believe the promises of the security forces and are going to use the time given for a truce to regroup the forces.0
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  1. +4
    21 June 2014 06: 09
    The world passed with the help of the State Department "peace plans" on different continents, Ukraine is another bloody page of the State Department ...
    1. +1
      21 June 2014 07: 00
      Porshenko, and with a perversion in the brain-type ATO, he stopped, the army does not conduct military operations, and those who die in battles after 20 or the militias shot each other.and everything to the world community you can’t prove a damn thing that this is unlimited ukramiya ......... am
      1. 0
        21 June 2014 22: 20
        Quote: mirag2
        ukrarmia is boundless

        Yes, it seems, as I heard, the army more and more portrays activity if they do not poke their trunks in the back so that they go forward. And mostly pravoseki and other Svoboda-Maidanites, who were legalized under the guise of the Nazi-Anal Guard, are unlimited.
        1. +2
          21 June 2014 22: 25
          Quote: Nagan
          And mostly pravoseki and other Svoboda-Maidanites who are legalized under the guise of the Nazi-Anal Guard are unlimited.

          So they will be a monstrous headache dill authorities, when some reasons these armed lawless men hastily force the Dnieper and find themselves in ridged open spaces.
  2. +8
    21 June 2014 06: 09
    It seems peaceful plan - this is what those who believed Porosenko smoke. On a sober head, this does not work.
    1. +7
      21 June 2014 06: 20
      Believe me, Ukaine society is now sweeping any vomit. If they say that in the vicinity of Slavyansk the Mongol cavalry units were noticed, how many net ukrov will conquer about the invasion of Genghis Khan?
  3. +2
    21 June 2014 06: 11
    Not any faith in such a condom. Oppresses its own and meritosic. In a word - a war criminal (because he is the commander in chief). And criminals must be tried by a military tribunal.
    1. nvv
      21 June 2014 06: 24
      Well, what kind of prez? The real one is in the US Embassy.
      1. nvv
        21 June 2014 07: 21
        And the Piglet is fed fat
  4. -5
    21 June 2014 06: 25
  5. +9
    21 June 2014 06: 28
    Fig leaf this plan.
    By the way, photos are not photoshop and not fake. A successful shot, just in addition to the soldier who fell on the inauguration.
    1. Christina
      21 June 2014 08: 18
      So do not believe in signs after such a frame! good
  6. waisson
    21 June 2014 06: 29
    --------------------- soldier
  7. waisson
    21 June 2014 06: 29
    ---------------------- hi
    1. +2
      21 June 2014 07: 10
      The piglet Peter richly lives!
  8. +2
    21 June 2014 06: 36
    Poroshenko’s statements about the ceasefire, this is all a show for the Western media. Then he will say that I’m so peaceful, but they don’t want peace and provoke us to decisive action.
    1. 0
      21 June 2014 07: 10
      And he left a loophole for himself like: "... the fighting will have the character of a response."
    2. +1
      21 June 2014 07: 18
      Quote: Siberian
      Poroshenko’s statements about the ceasefire, this is all a show for the Western media.

      27 signing an association agreement with the EU.World peace. A picture is needed without the corpses of children and women. And then ...
      And in general ... "The President of Ukraine called on everyone to support actions aimed at a peaceful settlement of the situation in the east of the state. At the same time, Petro Poroshenko stressed that "In the event that an armed attack is made on Ukrainian units or civilians, our military will open fire."
  9. waisson
    21 June 2014 06: 41
    ----------- hi
  10. +2
    21 June 2014 06: 42
    Parashenko, a reptile, we are still poisoned by sweets! Zombie Rafaelo Rocha.
  11. waisson
    21 June 2014 06: 44
    ---------------- hi
  12. 0
    21 June 2014 06: 48
    What to talk about with him .. the surname speaks for itself.
  13. +4
    21 June 2014 07: 07
    Obama called Merkel, and there was a conversation: if Russia does not accept Poros’s plan, then new sanctions will be introduced. Is this psychedelic reality? What do they use there? There is a war with fascism, people, children, women are dying, the Slavic people are being destroyed. The frame does not see this !! But if we do not recognize the Poros plan, then we will impose sanctions, and the Poros plan is the disarmament of the militia, and its complete destruction, and the ethnic population of the population !! You know, I’m a cultured person, but hunting to take a big shout that all America would hear, and send them to ... catch a butterfly farm !!
  14. +2
    21 June 2014 07: 09
    This is not a ceasefire.

    The enemy has an operational pause for regrouping, rest, and tightening reserves and equipment.

    Need a counterattack! To the very den!

    Do we really have a second Sudoplatov who would feed the new Bandera ... sweets ... Well, you understand how ...
  15. +2
    21 June 2014 07: 21
    "Peaceful Alan Poroshenko - the militias must lay down their arms, and those who do not, will be destroyed." This is some kind of perversion of the peace plan. When they strive for peace, they agree, they make compromises. It seems that President Poroshenko does not see the difference between the technology of making chocolate and the leadership of a country made up of people, not food components.
  16. +4
    21 June 2014 07: 21
    Forgive me, but against the background of "peaceful statements" I want to repeat this letter.
    To all my friends and acquaintances !!! I am alive! Yesterday I left Slavyansk. Thanks to one kind person who took me out of Slavyansk. Those who were not there will not understand what horror is happening there. The city is almost destroyed. In the city there is no light, water, nor any connection, and in many houses they turned off the gas, because. damaged gas pipes after the bombing. 9 June terribly bombed the city center. Destroyed a lot of houses. Bombs flew into windows, roofs, walls. 8 June I buried my mother. If I had a movie camera, I would remove all the horror of what is happening in the morgue. I remind you that there is no water and light, but the heat is on the street. It’s not possible to go to the morgue. If you saw how many corpses there are. They are buried in mass graves. Poor guys. They would live, but live. And the National Guard does not even bury its killed. They lie under Karachun and decompose, and their mothers will be told that they are missing. IT'S TRUE!!!! How to bomb civilians from GRAD installations. Ukrainian. The media certainly said that the militia bombed, forgetting to say that they did not have a city. And you need to be a complete idiot to bomb yourself. Slavyansk is simply wiped off the face of the earth. Destroyed all the factories, gas stations, market, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and residential buildings. People were deprived of work, housing and life. Bomb at any time without warning. In the morning of June 9, after a bombing, not far from my house lay a woman torn from an explosion. I called the morgue to be taken away, and they told me that there was no gasoline, and even burial would not take place. I understand why many do not believe in what is happening. Having left the Kramatorsk aisles, a quiet and peaceful life, and we have a blockade of Stalingrad. Only more cruel. When my mother was killed before my eyes, I became panicky afraid to go out. And how we buried her .... I got bombed when I was looking for at least some kind of car to take my old and sick father to the morgue. Thank you, the guy who helped., And then the two of us and one friend of mine very quickly slipped into the cemetery. Quickly buried and home in the basement. MOM did not deserve this. And the next day no one was buried, because. no fuel. What would I do if I had to bury the next day. She would carry it in her arms under the bombing.? And further. There is no limit to my indignation: I gave interviews only to 2 to Russian channels. Ukrainian. There are no journalists in the city. But in Ukrainian. The channels were shown my speech, cutting out where I said so that the Ukrainian would not believe. The media that the Ukrainian Army is bombing us. And where I asked for help, they commented that I asked for help from Poroshenko. LIES. Even human grief was wrapped in their favor. EVERYTHING IS VERY SCARY. And after the last bombing, I could not stand it. How I would like those .... who give the order to SHOOT or to bomb, at least a week spent in our shoes, in our basements, without sleep, food, water and light and in constant fear. My children did not recognize me. After the death of my mother, I got older for 10 years. God forbid other cities to know all this horror ...

  17. +2
    21 June 2014 07: 32
    I repeat with my thought, if the parasha squeals about the ceasefire and truce, then wait for even more blood and new attacks of fascism. Not for this hell was seated on the throne to end the war but in order to accelerate it. to break the militia, then he will have to change the throne to a place in the slaughterhouse, they’ll just end and install a new victim on the table
  18. Stypor23
    21 June 2014 07: 43
    Very soon the main Kiev dish will change, there will be parashenko in Kiev.
  19. +1
    21 June 2014 07: 53
    Poroshenko in Ukraine does not solve anything. His decrees are just zilch. Benya Kolomoisky and Avakov are not subordinate to him, they are slaughtering. Whatever Poroshenko is blathering, the dog barks, the caravan goes on.
  20. +1
    21 June 2014 08: 06
    "" Peaceful "plan of Poroshenko: an artillery strike was struck on the outskirts of Sloviansk"

    Poroshenko Judas and the double-dealing, and all its predecessors, notice too, under the tracing paper skins are corrupt.
  21. 0
    21 June 2014 08: 40
    Poroshenko's "peace plan" is not an invitation to peace and negotiations, but more like an ultimatum to the militias in southeastern Ukraine. Now that Poroshenko is already implementing his plan, we somehow expect from our leadership not a statement of the obvious, but some kind of action. For example, refusal from separate telephone conversations with Poroshenko, until the DPR and LPR parties are involved in the dialogue. Moreover, up to the threat of recognition of these republics. And instead of this, an incomprehensible game of troops, then we bring them to the border, then we withdraw. Meanwhile, Ukrainian security forces are already openly firing at objects on the territory of the Russian Federation. And where is our adequate response to these provocations?
    Next - Poroshenko’s announced plan provides for a direct violation of the agreement between Russia and Ukraine on free border crossing. Why are we even discussing this illegal act? The visa-free regime agreement has not been denounced. And then - why is Russia not interfering in the issue of protecting the civilian population of Donbass? Why is there even no question about this? The Ukrainian state is clearly not only unable to provide its citizens with the right to life and security, but today it is itself a source of threat to its citizens. Is Russia, as the guarantor of the security of Ukraine under the Budapest agreement, not obliged to intervene? But for some reason he doesn’t interfere, preferring to watch everything on TV, sending journalists to die for this.
  22. 0
    21 June 2014 08: 51
    What is the weakness of Poroshenko’s plan (15 points)? THIS IS NO TRUTH.
    There are no prospects for its implementation!
  23. +1
    21 June 2014 10: 55
    Another peaceful plan. Judging by the fact that it was paranoid, this, apparently, was not even composed by Psaki, but rather by Power.
  24. MSA
    21 June 2014 12: 05
    It’s time to get used to it, when Poroshenko declares a truce, then a new wave of offensive will begin.
  25. 0
    21 June 2014 12: 20
    We will judge the entire Kiev power by the whole Slavic world, hide, find and punish
  26. 0
    21 June 2014 21: 28
    And Don Pedrilo Poroshenko - can I believe it? He cannot rule the country, the troops — everyone there is his own master. If he had been - FOR PEACE - he would have stopped the civil war long ago.
  27. +4
    21 June 2014 21: 55
    Poroshenko’s proposed plan

    Coot trap. Dill cannot be trusted, just like their media. Psaki is an order of magnitude truer

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