70 years ago we were ready to protect ourselves. Today?

70 years ago we were ready to protect ourselves. Today?
Ride, peaceful people!
You will not be awakened by the call.
Why herds of gifts of freedom?
They should be cut or cut.

A.S. Pushkin

В stories only those nations that are willing to defend their sovereignty with weapons in hand. Russia has always succeeded. However, today's readiness of our society and the state to war raises doubts.

At the heart of every war is the claim to subjectivity. The point is not only that someone needs your land, natural resources, your population, your work or yourself. And not only that you strongly interfere with someone. Gingerbread, of course, is always lacking for everyone, and no one likes competitors. However, the fact that someone is interested in your good, or directly you - is not a reason to start hostilities. You can simply give what the other "necessary", and the conflict will be exhausted. The war begins at the moment when for some reason someone decides to defend himself and his property. The cause of war always lies in the wretchedness with which a potential subject decides to build his own life, stops “sharing”, does not listen to the “advice” of other subjects - in general, behaves provocatively. The right to live with your mind and make your own good can only be won. Our civilized western partners have never voluntarily granted such rights to anyone. The right to self-activity is the largest (exclusive) European value.

In this design there are only two ways to avoid war. The first is not to be a subject, not to have sovereign claims, to agree with the role that the patron will play for you. The second is to gain superpower, create the threat of a retaliatory strike of such a force that would be incompatible with the life of the attacker.

It is essential that, once you have clarified the relationship, you cannot relax and think that the sovereignty you have won is now yours forever. "Test" you will be regularly and at the first opportunity sovereignty will be destroyed (they can and with you). The European world has always been so arranged, nothing has changed today. To think otherwise is to become weak with all the ensuing consequences. The only exception in this European home was us - the Russian Empire, then the USSR. We never took anything from anyone. Joined, included in the empire, but the wars of conquest did not lead. At the same time, we were tested many times for strength. In all wars, we defended the territory and defended our right not to pay tribute, to keep our version of Christianity, to build our own model of the empire (“family”, not colonial), and to conduct an experiment on building socialism from 1917. To all these wars, we were ready. If you are not ready and not able to defend yourself, then you have no sovereignty. Subjectivity is ensured by readiness for war, not by international law. Before we talk about our current situation, let us turn to the Great Patriotic War. This will help to understand what we stand today. There is a mass of speculation about our unpreparedness for that war. I think we were ready for it to a high degree. First of all, this is evidenced by the result. It is foolish to talk about the winner, that he was not ready for battle. Let's try to figure out exactly what our readiness was.

First, we knew for sure that they would attack us. Let us recall a song to poems by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach: “If tomorrow is war, if the enemy attacks, / If a dark force descends, / Like one person, all Soviet people / Will rise for your beloved Motherland”. The picture of the world was right. Not Hitler - so someone else. Britain, in any case, would have grown strong enough to send it to the East to conquer its main historical and geopolitical competitor for influence over continental Europe and Asia. As it has done many times. Especially in the situation of the deployment of a super-efficient social project, in the situation of our sharp economic and military gain. Stalin, the political elite of the USSR understood the inevitability of confrontation with the united West and prepared the people for war.

Secondly, we were ready to die for the Motherland, for Stalin. We knew we were protecting. Motherland - from the root of the "race" (those who were, and those who will). Stalin - a symbol, the face of a state standing on its own feet. The survival of the people and the sovereignty of their state were worth dying for, our fathers thought so. They proved it in battle. We had the right principle: to stand at any cost. In a total war of extermination, it was only possible to survive.

Thirdly, we managed to build an effective system of governance of the country. The beginning of the war it showed. Despite the crushing blow, the loss of territories, the need for mass evacuation, chaos and panic was not. All management tasks of organizing the country's defense have been resolved.

Fourth, we had a national defense plan, to a significant extent already implemented by 1941. A powerful defense industry was created, evacuation sites in the Urals and beyond the Urals were prepared for all enterprises in the western part of the country — with communications, roads, power supply, etc. The army was rapidly rearming ...

Fifth, we destroyed the “fifth column” in the country — agents of Western influence, all those who could make up the “defeat party” by the 1941 year — effectively “cleared out”.

As a result, we won in this war and in the nuclear race. The nuclear sword has provided us with peace for over 65 years.

What do we have today?

We believed our competitors that they would be friends with us now. For some reason we decided that the world was different. We believe that no one threatens us (except for the mysterious "terrorists"). We believe that by declaring a confrontation with the West a myth, we deserve his respect. What our interests will now take into account. Any doubts that the picture of the world is such are qualified as conspiracy, as judgments about the non-existent.

All this wiring. Crush us and let the world. Now without any war. They really want to make it unnecessary. Superpower among small democracies - what a stable and wonderful world!

We do not know what to protect us. To a country whose history we do not know, we do not consider our history as our history and do not regard this history as a space of personal action? Story, which until now even no one can somehow qualify, but to call a fair language does not turn? The state, which - as we are now convinced - the main enemy of man and freedom? These random people in power? Your family and yourself? Yes, we are ready to defend the latter, but this already lies in the framework of one or another personal strategy of salvation, and not the salvation of the country and the state.

All management systems in the country have lost their capacity. We cannot stop the degradation processes.

The defense industry lies, the defense order is once again disrupted. Our fifth column is no longer the fifth, but rather the first. Western control centers are connected with our state apparatus, our media and business by the thousands of threads. Is it enough to point repression to clean it all up?

A strange situation turns out: on the one hand, we are still squeezing a nuclear sword in our hands, on the other - we give up all positions, play giveaway, refuse subjectivity. Thanks to the military and labor feats of our fathers, we are still very strong. We still can not seriously fight. We still have the opportunity to keep the peace. And myself. For this you need to be ready for war. It is impossible to weaken further. You cannot fall into this terrible "fork": either we become so weak that war with us again becomes permissible and, in the case of our obstinacy, is inevitable, or we finally surrender to the winners, and we are in for a peaceful liquidation.

So what else will we fight? Or are we going to get a haircut?
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