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Results of the week. “Tut's neighboring state was threatened with war. Lend, please, half a dozen millenchik on militaritskih goals "

While Russia laughs at psaki, the United States laughs at Russia

Jen Psaki was “pleased” again, and not only the Associated Press journalist Matthew Lee, but also millions of Russians, are now looking forward to the presentations. This time, the official representative of the US State Department answered the question about the complexity of the humanitarian situation related to the Ukrainian refugees arriving in the Rostov region.

Psaki announced that there are no Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine, and all those people who today are driving tens of thousands to Russia from Ukraine are completely tourists. And they go to the Rostov region exclusively for the mountain air ...

One gets the impression that Jen Psaki is a strategic information weapon United States, which skillfully applied against Russia. And the effectiveness of this weapon here in Russia is clearly underestimated. Like, psaki - a close resemblance of the representative of the Foreign Ministry - and nothing more. But…

With his amazing statements, Psaki skillfully sets aside Russian anger over the information war that is being fought with the help of the West in Ukraine, and, by the way, not only because of information. Behind the ridiculous words about the Rostov mountain air, about the gas that flows from Western Europe to Russia through Ukraine, about the carousels, whether Psaki wants it or not, there is an effective means - public attention suddenly switches to Psaki itself, and the central events (o what psaki ask) quickly fade into the background. So this time, the “information bomb” distracted millions of people from the real problems of Ukrainian refugees and the attendant problems of border Russian regions, but forced us to open a map of the Rostov region in order to find at least one mountain chain on it ... And who after this is narrow-minded or psaki ? ..

Comments from our readers:

Let's all together invite psaki skiing with the Rostov mountains.

Everything is very competent. For uncomfortable questions, it is easier to laugh and clown. She is not just an idiot, but a pawn that performs her role quite normally. Imagine that all these questions need to be given serious answers that are not.

War with truth

“Vesti” reports that Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin were killed intentionally near Lugansk.

“They were being tracked down. In addition to the mortar, a sniper worked on them. They needed to be silenced. From them we learned the truth about the fratricidal war that Kiev unleashed in eastern Ukraine. Literally every hour brings new evidence that our colleagues have fallen prey to targeted criminal hunting, ”writes Artem Kol.

The deliberate murder of Russian journalists is a kind of demonstrative action. At first, Russian reporters were “simply” abducted, then abducted and beaten. According to the Ukrainian authorities, such measures did not turn out to be “effective” for journalists from Russia, and therefore decided to accept that it is in the order of things for modern Kiev - to kill unarmed people, to kill those who try to present the truth about present-day Ukraine. The truth for Kiev is today the main problem, and therefore everything is being done to ensure that this truth remains in the shadows as long as possible. But only all the secret sooner or later still becomes clear. Yes, Mr. Poroshenko? ..

Comments from our readers:

Eternal memory to honest people !!!
Condolences to family and friends.

Giant thought
There is a thorough hunt for Russian journalists, who bring the truth to people about the lawlessness that creates the junta in Ukraine. Therefore, such a tough reaction of the fascists.

Of course, intentionally! I have no doubt about that. There is also no doubt that the killers of all levels will pay in full! Payback will find their heroes!

"Reliable transit"

Ukrainian politicians become the authors of new jokes. After the explosion at the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipeline section, a person who calls himself the prime minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, literally said: “This is an attempt to discredit Ukraine as a reliable transit country.” This phrase has already fallen into the golden fund of the world collection of humor because of the presence in the immediate vicinity of each other such opposing concepts as “Ukraine” and “reliable transit”.

A young old man, a little giant, a diplomat Deschytsia, the Ukrainian constitution, Ukraine is a reliable transit country. This is a brief overview of the dictionary of oxymorons - terms with mutually exclusive (opposite in meaning) meaning. Recent events on the Square have clearly enriched this dictionary, and now it is possible to replenish textbooks with excerpts from it: Independence Maidan, Food Krayina, Poroshenko's promises fulfilled, Ukraine - Europe tse ...

Now the “reliable transit country” is concerned with how everything would be arranged by itself so that the gas could be pumped out of the pipe, and the European Union was silent in a rag, and Russia began to beg to buy blue fuel at least 100 dollars per thousand cubic meters. And still someone would come and patch up the pipe by all means for nothing ... Ukromechty come true?

Comments from our readers:

"The" undermining "of the gas pipeline section in the Poltava region was carried out" not without the participation of Russia. ""
"which immediately found traces of explosive at the scene"
Conclusions of the Ukropsky Commission (as always operatively):
The explosive is a Russian gas, and it was pumped into the pipe of M.О.S.К.А.Л.И !!!

Meanness is cultivated as a way of life of Ukrainian "elite".

Urinals in the form of Deshchitsy

Andriy Deshchitsa, who gained notoriety due to his obscene statements near the Russian embassy in Kiev to the address of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been removed from the post of Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The corresponding representation in the Verkhovna Rada was made by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko the day before. Deputies of the Rada of Petro Poroshenko supported.

Poroshenko personally thanked Deschitsa for his work as acting minister and said that he could be sent as an ambassador to one of foreign countries. The hall of meetings of the Verkhovna Rada sounded "in Russia!"

Of course, for Russia it would be a gift. The Ukrainian embassy would definitely become one of the main sights of Moscow if Mr. Deschychytsya started working on it on a regular basis. It can be assumed that Ramzan Kadyrov, for whom the special diplomat’s work caused special emotions, would have been in the regulars of the embassy building.

But Kiev is unlikely to make Russia such a gift. Send Deshchitsu completely in another country. Perhaps the one for which Kadyrov is on the list of banned entry ...

Meanwhile, it is said that urinals appeared in the toilets of Grozny and certain latrines in the city of Moscow in the form of the upper part of Andrei Deshchitsa ...

Comments from our readers:

Let flies through Smolensk, can meet with your Polish friends! Well, boring in the Smolensk region!

66 Division IRA
We are waiting for him in Novorossia!

Strange, in the Rada there were still people with a sense of humor.


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ordered the head of the State Security Committee to find the telephone hooligan who introduced himself as the son of Ukrainian ex-President Viktor Yanukovich to him and send him to the countryside to prepare fodder. If this does not happen, according to Lukashenko, the head of the KGB and the head of the administration will go to the collective farm. The adjutant who connected the Belarusian leader with the bully has already been punished.

Results of the week. “Tut's neighboring state was threatened with war. Lend, please, half a dozen millenchik on militaritskih goals "

Whether a telephone speculator goes to harvest agricultural fodder is not the most important thing in all this stories. The main thing is that, according to the statements of the swindler himself (by the way, now calling himself a journalist), he personally did not post the recorded conversation with the Belarusian leader on the Web. He did not post the record, but the information that Lukashenka allegedly spoke with his son Yanukovych immediately dispersed to social networks and the media like hotcakes.

This leads to conclusions: either Lukashenko himself likes to put such things on display (which is very difficult to explain in connection with Lukashenka’s subsequent reaction), or Lukashenko under a reliable “someone's” cap. It was the second version that was voiced by the telephone bully itself. At the same time, it would be difficult to assume that the communication lines used by Lukashenka are not “monitored”, based on the information that Edward Snowden presented to the world at one time.

And who should be sent to the “collective farms” Dilme Rouseff, Angela Merkel and the list goes on? ..

Comments from our readers:

Lucky KGB chairman. If the farm is sent to the chairman, it means to increase. There is a chance to become president of Belarus.

So, from where are such disciplined and beautiful collective farms at Batka.

Roman 1977
Lukashenka was asked how many years he needed to put Ukraine on its feet ...
- What years !!! Three days, he replied. - On the first day I will shoot
all deputies are happy, and after a day all those who came to
him for the funeral ... EVERYTHING.

Dead Head

On the eve, the Acting Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Mikhail Koval, told the media that a new unit was being created in the Ukrainian Armed Forces: special operations forces, which abbreviated as SS.

Ukrainian authorities called things by their names. The SS battalions — here, it turns out, what, according to Koval, was not enough for the Ukrainian punitive detachments to bring their actions to the desired Kiev result. After statements about the creation of filtration camps in Ukraine and special operations forces (SS), Mikhail Koval, with obvious impudence, claims to be the main follower of the ideas of Nazi Germany. We are waiting for the moment when Mr. Koval will appear in the appropriate uniform with the image of a “dead head”, because the stars on his shoulder straps, to put it mildly, do not harmonize with the utterances.

Comments from our readers:

An ordinary warrior, seizing upon power. Hitler fan. While serving, the brains he was sent, where necessary. As he became on the "top" of the roof and went.

SS - poorly prepared slyazhui unit!

Doesn't he need to fly anywhere in a helicopter?

Fecal battalion

On June 17, the fighters of the special battalion "Aydar", who had stormed Lugansk, were ambushed and killed by the militia. According to the head of the Center for Military-Political Studies Dmitry Tymchuk, the unit was defeated due to the lack of planning for the operation.

The “Aydar” battalion is a typical example of a Maidan rabble, in which creatures gathered that are ready for 2,5 thousands of hryvnias a month to kill their compatriots. Moreover, these creatures were convinced that in the east they expect only a triumphant march. But in the first serious battle the fecal battalion ceased to exist. Stoked up to the fullest. Well, do not know how Maidan thugs fight with those who also have weapons. Like their Bandera ancestors, the “Aydarovtsy” were taught only to deal with unarmed and shoot in the back.
By the way, is the caught fire spotter still alive?

Comments from our readers:

There is nothing to encroach on the sovereignty of the LC!

Alexander Romanov
We grieve together with Kiev, tearing the button accordions.

The corrector needs to be properly adjusted.

What a pop ...

It would seem that after swearing at the President of Russia from Desmatitsa’s “diplomat” it would be difficult to find a reason for surprise and indignation. But Ukraine supplies such occasions regularly: a new day is a new surprise. This time Filaret became the main newsmaker - the head of the so-called Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who considers himself the Patriarch of Kiev. Filaret, he is Mikhail Denisenko, voiced threats against Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

Ukrokhristiane - they are ... Statements self-paid into the cloak of the "holy father" about the fact that he, he says, "hotly" meet Patriarch Cyril in Kiev, if he is going to come - this is the top of Christian morality. If such a "shepherd", then what kind of a flock? .. According to what precepts does this, forgive, Lord, the believer live? .. Is it that preparing to enter ukroray - the one with burning tires? ..

Comments from our readers:

Yes, this Judas is afraid for his own ... He, if there is peace, nobody needs nafig

They even have an impostor patriarch.

What is pop, is the parish ... Old as the world

On armor

The People’s Governor of Donbass Pavel Gubarev declares that the militia of the southeast is forming its own tank division, which will include up to 250 tanks. The militia managed to get such an amount of armored vehicles from the reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is reported that the militia managed to capture some of the equipment in the military unit A-2730 Artyomovsk.

During the week, fierce battles took place in the vicinity of Lugansk and Krasny Liman. Reported numerous victims on both sides.

Materials began to appear on the Web that there were no 250 tanks at the disposal of the army in the southeast, and that the possession of numerous armored vehicles in Artyomovsk was supposedly a move to cover the large-scale transfer of tanks from Russia. On this occasion, ukroSMI howl. But ukroSMI they exist and to whine Kiev authorities. Therefore, even if the information about “covering the transfer of tanks from Russia” is confirmed, only Kiev should be sad about this. Let him howl at least, even spit smack.

If Poroshenko literally every day announces the end of the operation, and punitive detachments continue to hit the population of the Donetsk region and the Luhansk region, then why not declare a ceasefire for the militia, inflicting a crushing tank attack on the Ukrainian army. In this case, the militia tanks can become an easy target for Kiev aviation? Well, not every Kiev “bird” will reach the middle of the DPR ...

Comments from our readers:

You understand - 250 tanks (and even though 1000) - a lot of scrap metal without crews, commands, and most importantly supplies, maintenance, basing and much more.

For ukrov for the first time enough and 10. The main thing is a competent application. The only thing that the militia is lame is sabotage work on ukrov communications.

I do not know, guys, but for me, with every lost of us, something is dying inside. This is not pathos.
As life shows us, people who are ready to fight for the Russian world are many times smaller than "patriots". Therefore, now the best are dying there, and the losses are irreparable.
God forbid, for good reason!

We don't speak Russian

The organizing committee of the international conference on missile defense, which will be held in Mainz, refused to accept the Russian application for participation, citing "the various difficulties that have recently appeared that will not allow creating proper conditions for receiving Russian guests."

Figure from the site

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, this step fits into the "general line on curtailing the dialogue with Russia on missile defense, which has recently been pursued by the United States and its NATO allies."

Sunk. They do not have the "proper conditions for receiving Russian guests"! Mineral water and kvass, to put on the tables, nothing to buy. The international financial crisis.

And what to discuss with the Russians? Last year’s topic that the European missile defense system would be directed against an aggressive Iran, dreaming of an atomic bomb, was rotten in the same last year. The "reset" was flushed down the toilet and washed away a bit later - this winter. Then the evil aggressor Putin came and cut off a tidbit of Ukrainian territory called Crimea. In the DPR and LPR, “separatists”, “terrorists” and “Russian mercenaries” began to act, with whom the entire Ukrainian people are fighting with courage and peaceful means, approximately 99% of which is seeking to enter the EU. In the EU, however, no one is going to take them, but that is another matter.

And with the Russians, of course, there is nothing to discuss. After all, their goal is to enslave the whole world, forcing free Germans, French and Poles with Ukrainians to work hard from morning till night in uranium mines and dig wells by hand for oil production, and at night in cages play sad melodies on balalaikas and seven-string guitars, entertaining drunk supervisors.

Comments from our readers:

Iran invited to the conference?

North Korea would not forget.

Well, do not want - and do not. Just keep in mind, gentlemen, that no one gave guarantees to you that your bases of the air defense and missile defense forces are not in the list of targets of our tactical forces and air defense and missile defense forces. And also airfields based on American "strategists".

Why "now"? They were always on the list of goals. I think our answer is: mirror - C-400 and in the near future C-500, asymmetrical - Topol-M and Yarsy, and in the future BZHRK, as well as Iskander in Kaliningrad. I do not think we are lagging behind. There is also a joker - "Khibiny", "Donald Cook" with "Aegis" managed it and could not do anything with this EW suppression.
Interestingly, did it occur to anyone to put anti-missiles on the plane? For example, on the MiG-31, this would allow an invulnerable and extremely mobile air-based missile defense system to be used on the northern frontiers.

Plus, but hurried. Concerning "Khibiny", 1000 was already explained once, they could not be on Su-24. Already furious to read it.
“I wonder if it occurred to anyone to put anti-missiles on the plane?”
Naturally, it came, and if today this direction had prospects, it would be realized, do not hesitate.

Plus, the new system of the CBU "Appeal", which allows to change the "falling trajectory" on the OUT after a serif of the launch and prolongation by the American missile defense system. Also recently passed field tests hypersonic missiles for the "shell". While the name and index are unknown. Now the "shell" supersonic 576-E.

Cried Brussels money

The head of the European Union’s representative office in Ukraine, Jan Tombinsky, June 18, said that the EU had allocated to Kiev "tens of millions of euros" to equip and strengthen the border with the Russian Federation. But this money has gone somewhere. Where to look for them now is a “big question”.

Speaking at the national forum “From the Revolution to the New Country”, Tombinsky described the situation to his Ukrainian colleagues. He said: “As for the border with Russia ... As the EU, we have provided tens of millions of euros to help Ukrainian border guards. What we get now, Ukrainian border guards are asking for money to buy everything. And where did the money that the EU gave? Ukraine needs to deal with corruption, with transparency. After all, previously these funds were used inefficiently. ”

Allow me, like this: “used inefficiently”? This, from your point of view, and from Kiev, is complete order: every million has found its new owner.

So it usually happens with the accelerated construction of democracy.

Kiev is not the most reliable place for cash deposits, gentlemen, European officials. “Keep your money in the savings bank!” One famous character advised.

Comments from our readers:

Nicholas C.
Banderofashist, like a pump, steals everything that he sees, which he reaches. Svidomye even helpers collected on the maidannaya porch, plundered the sebals for the sebro-on their cottages and villas, and the Eurohean sucker (like Moskal) shod them - the case of Jesuit prowess and heroism.

It reminds me of the end of 90's in Russia, the story of 4 billions from the IMF, which were whistled by the most democratic and “crystal honesty” personalities from the EBN environment, I remember, then these Lars disappeared somewhere between the IMF office and Moscow.

Yes, this money did not leave Europe, they changed their pockets, and without going to Ukraine, they remained in Europe. Lie quietly on the personal accounts of gentlemen X in the British or Swiss banks.

"From French Brest to Vladivostok"

Marine Le Pen believes that the time has come to “dismantle” the European Union. Disassemble, if not at home, on the bricks, then on the streets of individual houses — that is, to do with the EU in the same way that Yeltsin and his two political friends in December 1991 did come from the USSR. Approximately this conclusion can be drawn from the latest statement by the leader of the National Front.

According to Marine Le Pen, the existence of the European Union in its present form will not be possible in the future. “My goal is a complete transformation of Europe, and therefore the dismantling of the European Union. The main question is whether the European Union can be improved, whether it can be improved. I do not believe in it, ”Le Pen newspaper reports "Sight".

The leader of the National Front compares the format of the current EU with the USSR. In its present form, she notes, the EU is “similar to the Soviet Union.”

She argues her point of view as follows: “Of course, you can save the European Union if it returns sovereignty to the states, allows it to restore its internal borders, refuses the euro. Good, but it will not be the European Union anymore. It is the same as if in the Soviet Union private property and the freedom to form political parties were allowed. It would all be very good, but it would not be the Soviet Union anymore. And in our case - about the same. "

Euro currency is also not needed. Apparently, like the one-time Soviet ruble.

The chairwoman of the “National Front” proposes “to dismantle the current structure of the EU and build instead the“ Europe of nations ”. Judging by the words of the politician, “The Europe of Nations” will cover a gigantic territory.

The space “from the French Brest to Vladivostok” excites Marin. “This was what General de Gaulle saw in Europe,” she says, “and we share this idea.”

Fear not, readers, Russians will live in Vladivostok: “Such a“ Europe of nations ”would, of course, include Russia.”

To this we must add the special opinion of the chairwoman of the National Front about the future of Ukraine. This country has no place even in that EU, which seems to be unreliable Marine Le Pen.

“When the European Union promised Ukraine to join the EU, it only contributed to increasing tensions in Ukraine itself. Ukraine will not enter the European Union, no need to tell tales. Ukraine has absolutely no economic level to enter the EU, Le Pen cited "Days. Ru". - And plus to that, in the list it costs far from the first. But, in particular, the level of the Ukrainian economy is so low in comparison with ours, and socially, too, so this will again be intra-European competition, which will be impossible for our country to overcome. I think this is a lie, I believe that this promise, which, we knew very well, cannot be fulfilled. ”

In principle, soon there will be nowhere to enter, right, Marin?

Comments from our readers:

Himself crumbles, and not without the help of the best "friend" - the United States. For Europeans, the EU has long been a problem, not a solution to economic and political problems. What kind of Ukraine is there in the EU, when the whole European Union will fall into economic stagnation! .. Over time, the financial sector will move to the United States, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. The industry will go to Asia, and geo-Europeans will be engaged in symbolic and irrational activities, such as controlling carbon dioxide emissions, supporting environmentally friendly companies and other costly and economically disastrous projects.

Vlad Gore
In the interests of Russia to support such politicians as Marine Le Pen.

Brave woman. Most likely, the Americans liquidate it!

About rotation and convention

June 15 in the Black Sea from the Bosphorus entered the reconnaissance ship of the Italian Navy "ITS Elettra". According to, he replaced the USS Vella Gulf, an American missile cruiser. The stay of NATO ships in the Black Sea is a way of supporting Ukraine, which is fighting the Russian “aggression”. notes that "ITS Elettra" (A 5340) is equipped with electronic and acoustic reconnaissance systems, has a crew man on board the UAV, 30, and besides them - 65 electronic reconnaissance specialists.

According to NATO propaganda, the ships of NATO member states are in the Black Sea in connection with the Russian annexation of the Crimea and the actions of sabotage groups and militants who entered the territory of the eastern regions of Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera indicates that the ship will conduct maneuvers related to the Ukrainian crisis.

Columnist "Independent newspaper" Vladimir Mukhin even admits that the United States decided to withdraw from the Montreux Convention.

The analyst points to the rotation of NATO warships in the Black Sea and notes that in recent years, the Alliance has repeatedly violated the Montreux Convention of 1936. About this the other day said the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov.

This spring, the Convention was violated by the US frigate “USS Taylor”, which exceeded the duration of stay in the Black Sea on 11 days (formally due to the fact that it was stranded on the Turkish coast).

To this we must add that the rotation of the NATO ships themselves has a psychological goal: to put pressure on Russia. The United States and the European Union did not recognize the annexation of the Crimea to Russia, and now Washington and Brussels make it clear that the cold war continues.

Recently, observers from NATO found through the satellites of Russian tanks, reaching almost to Kiev, and the magazine "Forbes" Advised White House to arm Ukraine, so that the Ukrainians could themselves defeat the Russian aggressors.

The proposed US withdrawal from the Montreux Convention or its change by Washington is just speculation.

Comments from our readers:

"... the ship will conduct maneuvers associated with the Ukrainian crisis."
The wording came up with psaki?
"... the rotation of NATO ships has a psychological goal: to put pressure on Russia."
Something somehow we are not nervous! And vice versa - we are working on the skills of attacking ships!

These are reconnaissance ships, their task is to conduct radio and radio technical reconnaissance against our armed forces, whether we are building up the group, etc. In addition, there is a possibility that all kinds of consultants, weapons and other things are brought to Ukraine along with these ships. The truth is from them: the Su-24 “attacked” the Cook, and 30 crew members quit, fearful, the Taylor ran aground (maybe unofficially) ... In any case, the Americans are watching from satellites, and from the sea, but they traveled to Crimea ... in the sense that the leadership of the CIA and other g ... services did not find anything suspicious. However, in the near future it is planned to hand over several vessels for the World Cup. fleet, including underwater and surface, then, I think, they will not be in the Black Sea. I recall a story during the conflict in Syria, when the Peter the Great entered the Mediterranean Sea, and all NATO ships immediately spinted from there, and bombing operations in Damascus immediately ceased.

Probably, in the Black Sea water, the underpants are better washed. The crew of "Donald Cook" advertised our water.

Expulsion from Paradise

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that with respect to the east of Ukraine, scenarios of ethnic cleansing are being hatched.

“Because instead of the promised cease-fire, what we heard from President Poroshenko, some announcements are heard from Kiev by the security forces that a temporary truce will be announced so that the“ separatists ”, as they call them, can to leave the territory of Ukraine, - Lavrov declared. - This is no longer a national dialogue, this is no longer negotiations with the participation of all regions. This is essentially an ethnic cleansing. ”

“I very much hope that Poroshenko will not be led by those who are carrying out such scenarios,” Lavrov noted.

Well, it will not go, Comrade Lavrov? And not a “reason” for him, but a short leash - with a fixing carabiner, like a trained (better to say, trained) Rottweiler.

The overseas owner of the leash gave Poroshenko a completely democratic clue: why kill the "separatists", the international community is worried! They should make an offer they cannot refuse: let these “separatists” leave the territory of Ukraine, or they will be broken by Grads.

As for the ethnic events, there are options. In Latvia, non-citizens won difficult lives, Ivanovs become Ivanovs on passports, and Shchukins live on Sukins. And nothing, people live.

And not to hear that Mr. Obama or J. Bush Jr. before him condemned the wrong Latvian democracy. Riga lives quietly, serves tourists, and no Maidan is foreseen there. This is because half of the population of Latvia has moved to developed EU countries.

If Poroshenko expels the “separatists” to Russia (and the refugees will go there with punitive actions), and then join his country to the EU, then who will remain in Ukraine? Who will buy the “popularly elected” gold toilet bowls? And who will eat his candy?

What future shines to the state, the head of which sends some citizens to the east, others to the west?

Comments from our readers:

I remember, because of such purges, Yugoslavia was bombed ...

Of course, it is ethnic cleansing that is the main task. To clean Lugansk and Donetsk from the Russian-speaking population (either to kill or to go to Russia). The plan is to clean up from dissent. Then, the American oil and gas companies will come to the cleaned-up bridgehead and will extract (try to extract) the slate, with all the consequences ... They will get, they won't get - the tenth question.
This is the plan, and not what they used to say, they say, they want to thrust us in, and since we have unraveled this plan, then we should not attack. It is necessary to introduce troops, just then all the subsequent sanctions packages will appear, and then the question is whether Putin will be scared ... Or will we be able to enter.
It is clear that NATO will not interfere in open war, it is clear that the Ukrainian national guard will not survive for long in the case of the introduction of Russian troops. Another question is how much we worry about quotes and blue chips in stock markets. And whether to worry at all.

In other words, is this a deep concern?

Yeah, as usual, they are deeply concerned about everything. And everything ... All things. Our concern, damn it, is already sick of this “deep concern”.

Linguistic analysis from psaki

In the course of her regular meeting with journalists, the official representative of the US State Department, Jen Psaki, tried to smooth out the awkward situation and justify the Fascist terminology of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk with a wrong translation from Ukrainian to English.

During the briefing, one of the media representatives asked Psaki to comment on the article by Yatsenyuk, published on the website of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States. In it, the prime minister calls the militia from the south-east of Ukraine and the Russians "subhuman". This term is not new, it was used by Hitler's propagandists in relation to the Slavic peoples.

“The comment of the Prime Minister of Ukraine was given incorrectly. He did not call anyone "subhuman". He meant that the militants who destabilize the situation in Eastern Ukraine are inhuman, and there is some difference. And at the same time, Yatsenyuk was referring to armed fighters, but not Russians, that’s how I understood it in translation, ”Psaki answered the question.

The journalists noted that initially the text of the article contained the word “subhumans”, and only later it was replaced by “inhuman”.

“I think this is a question of the accuracy of the translation,” insisted Psaki.

Well, psaki probably understands Yatsenyuk better than others. Yes, and other American women from the State Department also understand him perfectly - for example, Victoria Nuland favors Mr. Arseny, who endorsed his candidacy in a famous telephone conversation in which the European Union was knocked out.

But we also understand everything quite well. We understand who is the succubus here, and who is the incubus. And who is concealing who, we also see.

Comments from our readers:

As if we did not hear this in pure Russian. Well, maybe with Ukrainian pronese.

How now to characterize the very psaki? Incompetent or subcompetent?

Yes, you will not surprise anyone, everyone already understood that the “Dumbest Politician” competition was yours in absentia! For 2-e place is a struggle! Citizens forum, your suggestions?

I would not hurry with the assignment of the first place, we have in stock a lover of ties (Saakashvili), “a simple Texan guy” (Bush junior), Ukropovsky Prime Minister (Yatsenyuk), maydanutya Princess Tymoshenko, the criminal authority who became the head of the ministry, which should fight with him, - Avakov, and the half-legit prezik Poroshenko, however, the latter is only listed in the candidates of this “team”, but not yet evening.

Russians are not mistaken

In the blog Washington Post Adam Taylor’s article appeared on the situation in Iraq and the statement by Russian Foreign Minister S. Lavrov that “we warned”. According to the journalist, Putin’s foreign policy is most likely based on "hackneyed realism." True, such realism sometimes looks better than its alternative, the author believes.

The situation in Iraq, the journalist writes, more and more resembles a full-scale state crisis. And Russia is right there. She has already performed with a recognizable chorus: "We told you so."

“We are very concerned about what is happening in Iraq. We have long warned that the campaign launched by the Americans and the British will not lead to anything good, ”the author cites the words of the Russian foreign minister. Sergey Lavrov described the war in Iraq as a “complete failure” and said that Russia regrets that these predictions came true.

It is difficult to reject what the Russians said about the war in Iraq, calling it a bad idea, the journalist said. When the invasion began in March 2003, President Putin publicly criticized him, speaking in the State Duma. According to Putin, this was "the most serious crisis the world has faced since the days of the Cold War." He added that the fighting would be “cruel” and the war would be “protracted.”

To this we must add the following. 17 Jun from the message "BBC" it became known that Washington was sending 275 military to Iraq to ensure the security of the US embassy. In addition, the White House said it was ready to discuss with Iran methods of dealing with the radical group "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant." Earlier, recalls the BBC, the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said his country is ready to assist its neighbors.

Probably, it was the alleged inclusion of Iran in the Iraqi question that caused yet another “pearl of elegant literature” from State Department star Jen Psaki. However, we would not be surprised if we find out that gosdepovskie speechwriters, like George W. Bush, will not find Iraq on the world map.

Speaking to journalists at the next briefing on the US position, Jen Psaki instead of “Iraq” said “Iran.” One of the most meticulous journalists who distinguishes Tehran from Baghdad, corrected Psaki She had to admit her mistake.

But what - psaki! If Bush admitted that "God commanded" him to invade Iraq by mistake, - oh, that would be a sensation for the press!

This sensation could only be eclipsed by Obama, who, in order to surpass Bush, would have to say: “The Russians were right. Russians are always right! ”

Comments from our readers:

Yes, for her discovery was that these are two different countries!

Somehow Bush, when getting ready to speak, with the microphone turned off, also asked an assistant: is it correct - Iraq or Iran? Journalists recorded this with the help of a directional microphone and published it too. But against the background of the rest of the gems of Bush Jr., this was not very cool.

Iraq - the Arabs, Iran - the Persians. Language, culture and more. others are different. No wonder the war between them was!

There is a constant confrontation on religious grounds. Sunnis against Shiites and together against the Jews. In Iraq, he was the head of the Sunni Saddam Hussein, and there was a war with Shiite Iran. Baptists from the United States overthrew Sunni Saddam and put Shiites on power in Iraq, now for Iran Iraq is a "good neighbor" (read - their area of ​​interest), while Iran has recently been the main enemy of the United States in the region. And now Sunni Wahhabis, who are in fact an unofficial army of Sunnis from Saudi Arabia — the main US ally in the region — have invaded Iraq. Now the question arises: will the United States, together with Iran, help its proteges in Iraq in the fight against Saudi Arabia, which was defeated in Syria, where it could not overthrow the Alawites ... oh well, let's not talk about the difference between Alawites and Shiites, because I I do not know.
I imagine what Psaki will be hysterical when she is initiated into the Middle East business.

In debt as in silks

In the United States of America calculated the total debt. It turned out that it is almost 60 trillions of dollars. The astronomical sum is the result of the addition of government debt and domestic credit debt with total business debt.

From almost 60 trillion $ over 17,5 trillion dollars accounted for by the US government debt, the counter of which shows its growth by at least 6-7 thousand dollars per second.

Over the past 4 decades, the total debt of the American economy has grown more than 27 times. The authors of the material admit that there is no such financial and economic instrument in the modern world, the use of which would lead to a large-scale reduction in giant American debt. There is no economic instrument that could stop this rapid growth for a long time.

And who said that the US national debt was going to "scale down"? In the 2008 fiscal year, the US national debt amounted to 9986 billion dollars, and in 2013-m - already 17453 billion dollars. The Obama Board is a history of the growth of state debt obligations. And this story was not started by Obama himself, but by the warrior Bush Jr. But Obama is a worthy successor to his cause.

According to the plans of the White House, approved by Congress, in the current fiscal year, the US government debt will grow by another trillion dollars.

Comments from our readers:

"There is no economic instrument that could stop this rapid growth for a long time."
There is. Sakharov somehow invented ...

The American economy is a big soap bubble. Which is swelling more and more. Someday it will burst ... It seems that up to this point there is not a long time left ...

Why, only one single stick is needed for a bubble! And we have a lot of needles!

We must get up so that we do not splash ...

Fraternal Iran will help Europe get rid of Russian aggressors

In the near future, Europe expects to diversify gas supplies and start squeezing Mother Russia out of the market. By the year of 2019, just when the long-term contracts with Gazprom end, the European Union will get a gas pipeline from Azerbaijan. And there Iran will arrive in time. Or maybe the United States - with shale gas, for which empty storage facilities have already been prepared. Russia will have nothing left to do but trade gas at friendly prices with China.

As Sergey Semenov writes ("Free press"), Ukraine has begun the division of Naftogaz into three separate companies: joint-stock companies Ukrainian Gas Transportation System and Ukrainian Gas Storage. The third is Naftogaz itself. He will continue to do what he did before: the supply of fuel, including its purchase in foreign markets.

Perhaps, the journalist notes, this reform may be further linked to the transfer of control over the fragments of Naftogaz to the Americans.

There is also the opinion of experts from the West that a decision may be taken soon on completely lifting the embargo on Iran - from July 20. As a result, Tehran will begin to supply oil and gas to Europe, which will allow the latter to diversify energy supplies, which the EU has always wanted. (Just like in China, by the way.)

There is an opinion about the coming reduction in gas prices. It was as if this were the White House’s plan: Washington beat Putin and put Russia at a disadvantage. Hence, Kiev’s gas persistence in negotiations. American politicians have long warned Poroshenko, and he plays up to them.

According to the Deputy Director General of the National Energy Security Fund, Alexei Grivach, the reform of Naftogaz is probably “being done for possible privatization“ under the guise of the gas transportation system ”.

As for Iran and its gas, there can be no replacement of Russian gas and knocking down prices in the coming years. The expert notes that Tehran “will need at least eight years or more 300 billion dollars to restore export and production capacities. Until then, nothing will change. And it is absolutely certain in the coming winter. ”

Europeans, however, have on this account their opinion.

Iranian Iranian gas could be the future source of supplies to the European Union, Bloomberg reports the words of European Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger, voiced at a press conference following the gas negotiations in Russia, Ukraine and the EU.

Oettinger saidthat Europe is considering all the possibilities for diversifying gas supplies.

Today, the largest suppliers of gas to Europe are Russia, Norway, Algeria and Libya. In addition, the European Union has lobbied for the construction of a gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to 2019. Finally, within a few years, the EU states built receiving terminals for liquefied natural gas with a total capacity of almost 100 million tons per year. Today, they are all empty because of the price difference in the markets of Asia and Europe.

But Ettinger spoke earlier about shale gas from the United States.

And now he is quite logical to promote the idea of ​​Iranian gas. In short, from anywhere, just not from Russia!

If for Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk there are puppeteers from the White House, then they also pull the Ettinger strings.

And if we consider the “positive” scenario for Russia, in which Iran will need eight years to restore export and production capacity, it becomes obvious: Washington, with the assistance of Brussels, has set the benchmark for launching a new Russian crisis. 2014 year + 8 years = 2022 year.

Comments from our readers:

For some reason, the authors do not take into account one extremely important thing, namely, lifting the embargo from Iran will make its 100% the regional leader of the region + the collapse of Iraq + a ripening atomic bomb + under the current government - a tough confrontation with the US and in the future this will not change + Iran’s attitude to Azerbaijan as to your lost territory. Do not forget that Israel will do everything in its power to ensure that the gain of Iran does not happen in any case. So it's not as simple as it seems. And we can sell gas not only to China, the Asian gas market is much larger than European.

Alexander Romanov
Iran, I see, is no longer an enemy of the United States and of all mankind. Quickly, however. But now all nishtyaki fly to Iraq. The moor did his job, the moor ... must go.

Now what is Europe to do? Until 2022, to live would yes not freeze. A bubble from America to put on gas pipes is not possible.

... External circumstances dictate to our state the time frame in which we must reorient our economy to increase domestic consumption of energy resources and diversify buyers of surpluses. Since the Anglo-Saxons and the Western world have declared and are waging an economic war, turning into an armed confrontation and even on our territory, we must realize this and understand that it is impossible to feed their production facilities with energy, which makes shells and cartridges for this war against us. We feed the enemy army and their rear with resources and wonder why we always catch up with them? Yes, because the stoker in the train is always in the area of ​​the rear wheelset is ...)))

Mother Theresa
We can arbitrarily laugh at Obama and others, but behind them are experienced players, and they cannot be underestimated, and their plans must be taken seriously. In Ukraine, we have already received the strongest blow from them.

Dates are shifting constantly, they used to say that by the year 2010 ... Let's wait!)

All of them will climb ... and grow unevenly ...)

* “Tut's neighboring state was threatened with war. Lend, please, half a dozen milenchik to militaritskih goals "- a phrase from the cartoon" Mister Pronka "
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 22 June 2014 07: 09
    Psaki announced that there are no Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine, and all those people who today are driving tens of thousands to Russia from Ukraine are completely tourists. And they go to the Rostov region exclusively for the mountain air ...

    Psaki = US State Department. They are equally stupid, deceitful, and ONLY opposed to Russia.
    Well, it’s not forever to trash her. Yes they will be rewarded according to their deserts!
    1. armageddon
      armageddon 22 June 2014 07: 52
      Hmm ... Politics is a DIFFICULT business ... Almost MATHEMATICAL ... And women like Sophia Kovalevskaya UNITS ... Alas, the Psaki are not one of them ... Someone at this moment is advantageous for the image of the poorly educated Psaki ... Like why be offended ... WOMAN !!! And there are NO ANSWERS ... !!!
      1. avg
        avg 22 June 2014 13: 23
        I looked at the photos of the daughter-in-law and became interested, did they have in their mid-Foreign that everything was too big?
    2. Igor39
      Igor39 22 June 2014 07: 56
      Talking stupid? They made the Russians kill each other and made of brotherly country, enemy No. 1, whose army is undergoing combat coordination and gaining the most invaluable experience. Not bad for a dumbass.
      1. Bayonet
        Bayonet 22 June 2014 08: 46
        Quote: Igor39
        They made the Russians kill each other and made them from the brotherly country, the enemy No. 1

        So she was not so brotherly that she was easily made an enemy.
        1. Igor39
          Igor39 22 June 2014 10: 27
          And what was it the last 300 years?
          1. Shishiga
            Shishiga 22 June 2014 17: 15
            And for the Ukrainian Cossacks that went to Moscow with the Poles in the Time of Troubles, to remind for Mazepa for their tricks with the Crimean Khanate.
        2. Dimy4
          Dimy4 22 June 2014 10: 43
          Quote: Igor39
          They made the Russians kill each other and made them from the brotherly country, the enemy No. 1

          So she was not so brotherly that she was easily made an enemy.

          Grandfather (died in 44), according to my grandmother, while serving in Lviv strictly forbade her to go out in the evening and speak Russian, my father, working as a long-range driver in the late 70s, did not like to travel to two "fraternal" republics in the Baltic states and Western Ukraine.
      2. 1812 1945
        1812 1945 22 June 2014 14: 33
        Quote: Igor39
        Talking stupid? They made the Russians kill each other and made of brotherly country, enemy No. 1, whose army is undergoing combat coordination and gaining the most invaluable experience. Not bad for a dumbass.

        You're right. Sadly. If we are not talking about 23 years of inaction, when Russia's enemies continued to build on the success of the early nineties, it is a pity that no measures were taken during the Maidan, when forceful intervention could help avoid the losses already suffered by the Russian World and which - alas - will follow. There are too many "stupid" people recruited into their ranks "sensible" in Moscow ...
    3. Bayonet
      Bayonet 22 June 2014 08: 43
      Quote: aszzz888
      Psaki announced ... And they go to the Rostov region exclusively for mountain air ...

      Let skiing come to us, there are quite a lot of steep streets in Rostov, only skis are needed with wheels. Mountain air, though I do not promise. smile
      1. schizophrenic
        schizophrenic 22 June 2014 11: 01
        When they answer the question stupidly, the next one can be baffled and the next one will be even more stupid. It is a pity that the journalist did not ask the next question; And why do tourists vacationing in the Rostov region destroy houses with the help of artillery and tanks. Come on psaki waiting for new fun laughing. The US State Department is getting its way out of uncomfortable questions, people who are even a little thinking will ask all new questions.
      2. SHILO
        SHILO 22 June 2014 11: 33
        Yesterday the men found a work - rate it.

        Fly, my bullet, fly with a whistle.
        Try to find the aorta of the enemy.
        The villains will answer for Red Estuary,
        For civilians who died from wounds.

        Fly, my bullet, to Mount Karachun,
        With hope, parting words, after shouting:
        "Blow up the ammunition of the punishers,
        Arrange fireworks, I command Fas!

        Fly, my bullet, fly right on target
        Put the enemy in an earthen bed.
        For the fact that he came to the Donbass with the war,
        For the fact that he dared to shoot at us.

        Fly, my bullet, fly not be shy
        Fascist reptile ruthlessly beat.
        The Ukrainian people are completely brutalized,
        The fuel mixture is pouring on Semenovka.

        Fly my bullet like a cheeky spit
        So that Russia does not trample the occupier boots.
        Shut the Donetsk doors for the junta,
        Drive the banderlog with shame down.

        Author Matvey Dymov
    4. GRune
      GRune 22 June 2014 12: 46
      At the expense of this statement, there was already a refutation from the journalist who allegedly published it ...
    5. dr.Bo
      dr.Bo 22 June 2014 22: 17
      They made a fool psak a specialist, that you’ll take a fool!
  2. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 22 June 2014 07: 27
    Oh, thanks to the author! Everything is relatively funny, if you do not go into details. The most important thing is that people die in vaincrying
    1. ZU-23
      ZU-23 22 June 2014 08: 27
      Here at the expense of Psaki, we somehow even cling as children to her words, but in reality they made an alleged clown out of her who as a result doesn’t know a damn thing or a damn thing, and there’s no point in it, I don’t think that a normal person in America will listen to her. So such a psychological effect is created, not joy or sadness, as a result, at that pace, they will stop asking questions to her, she will squeeze everyone with her cheerful dullness laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. irina.mmm
    irina.mmm 22 June 2014 07: 51
    It is necessary to look for allies among all states through treaties, but if Russia introduces troops, everyone will consider it an aggressor. Russia's soft policy does not mean that Russia caved in to the West, but forcing a dialogue in which all priorities are indicated. US statement that they are one blow destroy Russia, a statement to the public. Wait and see.
  4. Roman Skomorokhov
    Roman Skomorokhov 22 June 2014 07: 54
    For the photos a separate respect! Well it was necessary to shoot like that !!!
    Photographers need to set monuments for such shots!
  5. Artifact
    Artifact 22 June 2014 08: 00
    fascism, terrorism, there is a more terrible concept - it is Satanism. Satanism nurtures both fascism and terrorism. And somehow the idea came that the Antichrist is not a person, but a collective image embodied in the ideas of thinking of a certain part of the characters. And these characters worshiping the golden calf will kill, kill, kill ...
    1. nvv
      nvv 22 June 2014 09: 06
      . And these characters worshiping the golden calf will kill, kill, kill ...
      Nothing is eternal.
      1. Reks
        Reks 22 June 2014 21: 11
        No comments
  6. Karevik
    Karevik 22 June 2014 08: 06
    As for Psaki, it seems that before voicing something she takes someone out of her mouth and therefore her brains are still liquefied.
    Regarding the name of the warrior from Kyev, I propose that they continue to be called Utsi (Ukrainian)
  7. ICT
    ICT 22 June 2014 08: 11
    Linguistic analysis

    I remember our man also explained the subtleties of the language
  8. horoh
    horoh 22 June 2014 08: 21
    Thanks to the authors, good review !!!
  9. major071
    major071 22 June 2014 08: 21
    Oleg and Alexey hi Thanks so much for the review! good

    I dedicate to BEN KALAIMES:

    Standing in front of a mirror dur.ak
    And it turns around this way and that
    That pace will correct a little
    That tie for the belt will tuck
    He put a butterfly on it - again not that
    Put a coat over her
    And tied the tape on top
    I am the lord - I told myself
    Rested his hand on the barrel
    Another squeezed into a cam
    Set aside the leg, chest pouted
    Yes, so that almost fart ....
    Then he put on a medal
    He moved his ears for a long time
    Corrected pants, belly pulled
    On his shoes he blew his nose
    He took out the crown, examined
    I put it on my head
    See people: Benya is the king!
    And he will rule as an old man!
    All my actions lead to success!
    You're an idiot! Habitually repeated the echo .... laughing
  10. Iline
    Iline 22 June 2014 08: 23
    It would be funny if it were not so sad.
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 22 June 2014 08: 31
    Well, first of all, a few "millions" are not enough for us! We would have thrown "lards". And you won't even notice how "we will master them". Kio will nervously smoke on the sidelines!
    Secondly, “in Kiev, the people's deputies were so concerned about the problems of the military involved in the so-called anti-terrorist operation, the insidious plans of Vladimir Putin and the European future of Ukraine that the acting head of the Verkhovna Rada, Alexander Turchinov, had to threaten the people's deputies with closing the parliamentary buffet.“ We even we will make a proposal to the parliamentary secretariat to close the buffet in parliament when the break ends. Right? So that there is no temptation to relax in the buffet out of time due to working hours, "- threatened the people's deputy Turchinov"
    Well this is how the deputy will have to suffer for the Ukrainian people! No buffet! And you all say that they don’t think about the people!
    Well, the third ... But what can Russia do nowhere to put gas? So maybe their country is completely gasified! The people will be pleased and support, well, I think so.
  12. portoc65
    portoc65 22 June 2014 08: 35
    The Greeks were right — what a man needs — bread and circuses. Along the way are inundated with spectacles. We sit chewing and watching
    1. ICT
      ICT 22 June 2014 08: 45
      Quote: portoc65
      the Romans
  13. Observer2014
    Observer2014 22 June 2014 09: 14
    I want to thank the author of the article, the article is correct and timely, and I have long believed that this idiocy psaki is nothing more than a mockery of Russia
    1. Ramzaj99
      Ramzaj99 22 June 2014 21: 09
      psaki idiocy is nothing more than a mockery of Russia

      Absolutely agree. Only this is not idiocy, it is the State Department’s policy to put a real fool so that they do not ask uncomfortable questions, because you still can’t get a clear answer. By this they say that there is only their opinion and there can be no other opinion, and they are not going to discuss with anyone.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 22 June 2014 09: 16
    Summary of the week:

    This is yesterday:

    Achtung! Today, the brave Ukrainian government was ready to pack their bags and flee to Poland after reports in the Ukrainian media that Russian tanks had entered Ukrainian territory and captured Karachun.
    It all started with the fact that an operation well planned by the militia of the DPR in Artyomovsk led to the capture of the A-2730 military unit, which hosts over 200 tanks, 183 infantry fighting vehicles and 288 armored personnel carriers. This number of military equipment is enough to assemble a mechanized brigade. It is enough to patch up some images and find ammunition.
    This failure of the Ukrainian security forces near Artyomovsk so frightened the country's leadership that Ukrainian President Parashenko and Prime Minister Yaytsenyuk were knocked down for several hours. Further, the situation was aggravated by rumors that Russia invaded Ukrainian territory. An urgent meeting of the National Security and Defense Council was even convened, and helicopters were trained to evacuate the country's leaders. At 15.00 local time, acting Defense Minister Koval was to give a press conference to media representatives, at which he was going to make a statement about the beginning of the Russian occupation. After all, the received intelligence spoke about the flags of the Russian Federation allegedly raised on tanks.
    According to eyewitnesses of what is happening in the Cabinet and on the street. Bankova, where many government buildings are located, the current situation looked very much like what happened in Georgia when its president Sukaashvili was informed that Russian tanks approached 90 km from Tbilisi. With a fright, he began to chew items in his wardrobe.
    This situation suggests that the Ukrainian army as such practically does not exist. Broken and hungry conscripts, whom the thugs of the oligarch of Kalamoy drive to slaughter, will not last long. All this brings the verdict of the entire Ukrainian government elite, which realizes that it seized power temporarily.

    Yesterday, Dolgov promised Sunday fun. It seems to have begun.
    1. a52333
      a52333 22 June 2014 09: 57
      Information about taking control of the tank base in Artyomovsk was not confirmed. After a two-hour battle, the DNR militias were forced to retreat. It is reported by the official Twitter DNR.
      20 June 2014, 16: 11
      Earlier, information appeared there that militias captured the tank base and 221 tank, 288 armored personnel carriers, 12 self-propelled artillery systems, 183 infantry fighting vehicles and 12 mortars.

      Original article:
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 22 June 2014 10: 18
      RALLY “STOP WAR!” 22.06.2014
      Dear compatriots! On June 22, in the distant 1941 year, Germany attacked the Soviet Union without declaring war. The result of World War II was the death of 50 million people, tens of millions of wounded and maimed, and thousands of destroyed cities and villages.

      None of us thought that a terrible scenario could be repeated in Ukraine. Today, paradoxically, the Ukrainian army is shelling Ukrainian cities and villages. As a result of the bloody massacre, a huge number of civilian casualties, thousands of crippled, dozens of cities and towns destroyed. Some of them, like Semenovka, have been obliterated to the ground.

      The southeast of the country is bleeding, and neither the end nor the edge is visible to human suffering. The state is killing its people, and so we, ordinary citizens of Ukraine, should defend ourselves and help the Donbass and the entire Southeast.

      We appeal to you - take the first step, come to the REQUIEM MEETING, which will be held 22.06.2014 at the entrance to the KIEV-PECHERSKY LAVRA MONASTERY near the AFGHANIAN MONUMENT.

      Come, almost the memory of innocently killed civilians, protect the living and the needy!

      Spread it, friends. Let the whole world see that in Kiev it’s not only the Maidan Nazis, that real people remained in Kiev.
  15. Rigla
    Rigla 22 June 2014 09: 35
    With regards to gas ... Why not mattresses to extract shale gas in Poland? There are shale gas reserves there, the Psheks hate Russia, sheer diversification! That would be mined slowly. I would love to watch how vile Poland turns into a lifeless poisonous desert good
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 22 June 2014 10: 21
      Quote: Rigla
      Why don't mattresses produce shale gas in Poland?

      We were going! The Poles even boasted that they had this gas ... "like shoe polish at a shoe polish factory!" Enough for 300 years. However, when dug, it turned out that only 5% of the "planned".
  16. sv68
    sv68 22 June 2014 09: 38
    today June 22, God forbid that this day in the history of mankind and our country be the start date of the active phase of the war against the Russian people and their culture, language, religion and the people themselves. Events on ukroin is the development of methods for the collapse and destruction of Russia
  17. DesToeR
    DesToeR 22 June 2014 09: 53
    Quote: irina.mmm
    Russia will send troops, everyone will consider it an aggressor.

    Why are you Russians so afraid of becoming an aggressor in the eyes of your geopolitical enemies? What have you got to lose? In 1940. The USSR included the republics of the Pro-Baltics in its composition and somehow it worked out. During the Winter War of 1940, we received a "moral embargo" from the United States, and did not stop trade with the United States. And here it is not some Finno-Ugric groups, but native Slavic blood ... Why should we lose something other than respect for ourselves?
    1. Stanislas
      Stanislas 22 June 2014 18: 37
      Quote: irina.mmm
      Russia will send troops, everyone will consider it an aggressor.
      Quote: DesToeR
      What are you Russians so afraid of becoming an aggressor in the eyes of their geopolitical enemies?
      I don’t think that anyone is afraid to look like an aggressor for the enemies, but the enemies have many allies who can help the enemy in the event of a military clash of our armed forces on the territory that Russia recognizes so far as the territory of Ukraine. Then Russia will have many more enemies, and there will be many more victims.
  18. padonok.71
    padonok.71 22 June 2014 09: 53
    The position of Russia is surprising. Customs posts fired on - silence. The customs officer is wounded - silence. Military equipment crossed the border - silence. Unclear. Of course, it is highly undesirable to introduce troops into the territory of ukrov. But to crush the mortar battery "beyond the river", what's the problem? Demonstratively capture and judge the team from the UkrBMDshka on OUR territory - why not?
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 22 June 2014 10: 25
      Quote: padonok.71
      Fired at customs posts - silence. Customs officer wounded - silence. Military equipment crossed the border - silence.

      Why silence? A note was sent, a request was made, indignation was expressed ... and another DEMARCH !!!
      Threat. Is the demarche really painful? wassat
  19. Rigla
    Rigla 22 June 2014 09: 56
    Quote: padonok.71
    The position of Russia is surprising. Customs posts fired on - silence. The customs officer is wounded - silence. Military equipment crossed the border - silence. Unclear. Of course, it is highly undesirable to introduce troops into the territory of ukrov. But to crush the mortar battery "beyond the river", what's the problem? Demonstratively capture and judge the team from the UkrBMDshka on OUR territory - why not?

    The embassy forgot.
    1. samoletil18
      samoletil18 22 June 2014 11: 24
      Quote: Rigla
      The embassy forgot.

      And the consulate in Odessa.
  20. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 22 June 2014 10: 34
    Soon, Europe expects to diversify its gas supplies and begin to squeeze Mother Russia out of the market.


    Our answer to Chamberlain:

    Gazprom "goes to painful reception"

    The first results are already there. One can only sympathize with the European Commissioner Gunther Oettinger, who was officially instructed to send the United States in three letters on the gas issue:
    “We buy Russian gas in the European Union, not the United States. We can consult with the USA, listen to their recommendations, but we will make decisions ourselves, ”said European Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger in Brussels.

    It's a shame, yes. The Americans tried so hard to control the Ukrainian pipe and control (i.e. cut) the energy flows from Russia to the European Union.

    This is only the beginning, because these statements were made before Gazprom began to increase pressure. As of today, Gazprom has made two more moves. Only two but the “box with troubles” is still full.

    Movement One: Gazprom will stop Nord Stream for maintenance despite aggravation with Ukraine (

    The essence of the action: In a situation where Europe wants to take every opportunity to pump more gas in order to have more time to “resolve” the crisis with Ukrainian transit, Miller defiantly closes the Nord Stream, depriving Europe of this opportunity.
    As you might guess, an audit may reveal the need for new audits, and then more technical work, etc.
    Russia recalls that the inclusion of the Nord Stream to its fullest to compensate for part of the lost Ukrainian transit is not a “concession from Brussels” (which supposedly suffers from the need to temporarily violate the European rules of the 3 Energy Package), but the good will of the leaders of the Russian Federation.

    Gazprom’s second action: Gazprom terminated the contract with Ukrtransgaz, the operator of the Ukrainian gas transmission system. The agreement provides for compensation by the Ukrainian side for diurnal fluctuations in gas consumption in Europe. (

    The essence of the action:
    - close a loophole that could be used to resell gas in the EU
    - prevent Europeans from building up gas reserves for the winter
    - prevent Naftogaz from filling up its storage facilities

    Why is it important? This is a very specific technical action, such a purely “expert hole”, which only experts know about. Its closure means that the order came from above in the form: "collect the tadpoles, let them close everything that they can and then make the ukram hurt as much as possible, and the Europeans - the most uncomfortable." Moreover, this order was not sabotaged in the best traditions of top management of Russian state-owned companies, and this is an excellent sign. This can be explained in two ways: at the top they promised to "kill" if they learn about sabotage or top management was inspired by national interests. Both options are good.

    1. Al_lexx
      Al_lexx 22 June 2014 10: 35
      There has been a radical breakdown in the strategy for working with the EU. Until recently, they showed maximum goodwill, and now they create the most uncomfortable conditions for the EU, literally pushing Europeans into a corner. In this coldest corner, they will have to quickly make a decision on how to calm Kiev.

      The same Ettinger, having visited Kiev, clearly indicated to the European public that saving Ukraine would cost European taxpayers more than saving Greece. The dillies rejoiced, thinking that they would immediately receive this money (> 60 billion euros). In vain! Ettinger rendered the Russian Federation a great service by transferring the intra-European discourse about Ukraine from the sphere of ideology to the sphere of concrete money, which a) does not exist, b) it will not exist, and c) if there is, it will not be for Ukraine.

      Those who monitor the economic and political life of the EU know that Greece was “saved” only because the survival of the Euro zone was at stake. Those who think that EU countries will tie a millstone and millstone millstones around their neck strongly underestimate the greed and self-preservation instinct of Europeans. They got involved in a Ukrainian adventure to rob, and not to rob them.

      In a recent and very good article, GDP adviser Sergei Glazyev came to the following conclusion:
      “Along with measures to undermine the ability of the United States to finance increased military spending, political efforts are needed to form a broad anti-war coalition to condemn US aggression and expose its organizers in Washington and Brussels. Of particular importance is the political revitalization of European business, which unleashing a new war in Europe does not bode well. ”

      If everything goes on like this, then the forecast of an unknown poet will come true (albeit not in such a brutal form):

      Along the GTS, the snow is shallow,
      In tents they sang in chorus
      Motorized infantry patrols,
      And pan-grenadiers ...

      Posted by crimson alter
      1. Shishiga
        Shishiga 22 June 2014 17: 26
        Along the GTS, the snow is shallow,
        In tents they sang in chorus
        Motorized infantry patrols,
        And pan-grenadiers ...
        drinks for mutual understanding
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. dFG
    dFG 22 June 2014 11: 01
    Quote: Igor39
    Talking stupid? They made the Russians kill each other and made of brotherly country, enemy No. 1, whose army is undergoing combat coordination and gaining the most invaluable experience. Not bad for a dumbass.

    no need to distort remember the history of this "brotherly" people still betrayed Peter the Great, I'm not talking about the Great Patriotic War where these "brothers" were the foremost punishers even better than the Germans ... it's time to call a spade a spade
  23. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 22 June 2014 11: 25
    Konstantin Dolgov
    17 min ·

    How to understand - our man or not ours?

    Our man mournes on June 22, and rejoices on May 9.

    Those on the contrary are not ours

  24. dojjdik
    dojjdik 22 June 2014 11: 34
    no matter how much they giggled at Lukashenko, the Jews failed to impose their "democracy" on the republic; since the 90s, not a single city in Belarus has been destroyed, not a single child has died from bombing and shelling, industry and agriculture are working; and most importantly, the KGB is working, and it is unlikely that the CIA and a bunch of Jews standing behind them will be able to conduct the same inhuman experiment on Belarusians as they do in Ukraine
    1. smile
      smile 22 June 2014 13: 53
      Yeah, but father has a flexible policy ... but isn't it too flexible? Here we have decided to admire him?
      On the one hand, Lukashenko now demands two billion loans from us, on the other hand, he gives the following interview at the inauguration:

      Lukashenka friendly calls Turchinov "Sasha", calls for the destruction of terrorists in Lugansk and Donetsk. promises to flood Ukraine with cheap fuel (I hope it is clear from whose oil) if the Ukrainians remove the middlemen, declares that he will more than double the trade turnover and advocates an increase in the volume of military cooperation with the junta ... contracts, so no, he is actively expanding cooperation ....... Good ally, isn't it? :)))
      If it were not for our preferences, which were especially gigantic earlier, Lukashenko would never have been able to maintain his economy, social sphere and everything else ... and his oligarchs are exactly the same as ours ....
      I am especially depressed that he was going to provide fuel to the junta - if it weren’t for Lukashenko, then he would have nowhere to take cheap fuel to the Kiev regime, and they don’t have any serious money .... now their troops lack fuel, the prospects are even more for them sad ... if Lukashenko does not intervene and does not ensure the validity of the Ukrainian armor .....
      1. thrower
        thrower 23 June 2014 00: 30
        It seems to me that you underestimate Lukashenka and the policy he is pursuing. He can now promise the Kiev junta "golden mountains", and then shrug his shoulders and say that it did not work out.
        And about the fact that terrorists in the Donbass must be destroyed, so he is right. He in the face and with a smile calls punishers punishers and offers to destroy them. He was not talking about militias.
      2. dojjdik
        dojjdik 23 June 2014 07: 28
        and where did you get such "reliable" information; you know all about Lukashenka; well, he asks for a loan not from your own Israel but from Russia; you try to pour out the same dirt on Fidel and on the rest of the leaders who support Russia
  25. Gray 43
    Gray 43 22 June 2014 11: 46
    Ukraine, Ukraine ... how long has it been? Some money is spent, others just survive. Division of "Naftogaz", I propose the names of those three companies that will appear - "Spizhnafta", "Spizhgaz", "Pipe", the latter deals with the payment for supplies, the nature of the rest is determined by the first half of the name. I thought that our response to shelling the border crossing was something more effective and intelligible than protest, which made it difficult to mix mortars with the ground and write off the fact that "they blew themselves up", so to speak, conscience tortured. on missile defense has shown against whom it is being built. Nifiga their history does not teach, it has not yet reached, although knowing the Russophobic sentiments of our "Slavic brothers", then in this case Europe is being led to the classic "maybe", well, "Poplar" is their judge. Yes, finally, we are waiting for the Ukrainian Ambassador Drishchitsa with a tour of Russia - is he a man or Conchita? Maybe he will say for an encore what he said to a crowd of zombies at the embassy, ​​they immediately took him for their own
  26. Carlos
    Carlos 22 June 2014 12: 00
    Note, more and more weekly results include the same group of words: hostilities, refugees, crisis, collapse, the threat of hunger (cold, war). A time of difficult changes is coming. All over the world.
  27. thinker
    thinker 22 June 2014 12: 10
    Great review for the week. And still there are cons. Are the trolls roaming?
    Found a fresh dem, I want to share
  28. Naval
    Naval 22 June 2014 12: 30
    The current ukrofashists should remember how their idols finished in the 45th year. In the photo, "supermen" and "blond beasts" shuffle their bast shoes along the streets of liberated Kiev. History may repeat itself ...
  29. herruvim
    herruvim 22 June 2014 13: 18
    Good article selection, plus
  30. mamont5
    mamont5 22 June 2014 13: 35
    "The young old man, the little giant, the diplomat Deshchitsa, the Ukrainian constitution, Ukraine is a reliable transit country. This is a brief overview of the oxymoron dictionary - terms with mutually exclusive (opposite in meaning) meanings."

    You can add: Ukraine is a country, the USA is a peace-loving state, the EU is pursuing an independent policy.
  31. avg
    avg 22 June 2014 13: 51
    There is also the opinion of experts from the West that soon a decision can be made on the complete lifting of the embargo from Iran - from July 20. As a result, Tehran will begin to supply oil and gas to Europe, which will allow the latter to diversify energy supplies, which the EU has always wanted.

    In the meantime, oil prices have risen to 114.8 dollars and are not particularly going to decline. request
  32. Privat
    Privat 22 June 2014 13: 54
    We must think that the series "Game of Thrones" will break all records of popularity in the region.
    Since the motto of the Stark house is becoming more and more relevant for them every day.
    1. The point
      The point 22 June 2014 15: 20
      and they get out
  33. bmv04636
    bmv04636 22 June 2014 17: 21
    especially about gas made laugh at the annual drop in gas production in Europe, the reduction of coal and the closure of the last nuclear power plant in Germany in 2022, as well as the fact that the shale bubble is blown away in AI, I’m afraid that Iranian gas and Russian may not have enough geypop
  34. an2
    an2 22 June 2014 18: 17
    Ah, here it is! And then they took the ring and instead of stripping a truce. Strange somehow! And so long as there is a militia, you can fuck as much as you want, writing off everything to them.

    It’s a kind of fork so that they won’t win or lose, and build up the army under the guise.
  35. vezunchik
    vezunchik 22 June 2014 20: 13
    “Today, one woman from Germany answered a friend from Ukraine, who was happy about the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. I quote the text verbatim:
    "Svetlana, you write with such enthusiasm about the sanctions against Russia, and I want to share with you a little the opinion of the Europeans, those who go to elections and to various discussions held by different parties. If you think that Ukraine is not expected here when you enter Europe, you are mistaken. Normal people do not need this! We are tired of the problems of other countries. And we do not want to be a locomotive. We have enough of our own problems. Indignation and impatience is growing. The government is forced to listen to the people. The Germans are incredibly patient. , they do not go to the barricades, like the French, for example, but now there is a rapidly growing dissatisfaction with Frau Merkel's policy, especially in relation to Russia, with which the Germans want normal relations, and the attitude towards America is changing for the worse.
    If you think that money will flow to you from Europe like a river, then you should take an interest in the problems of countries such as Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal. And these are all European countries. But Ukraine is not enough! Do not flatter yourself! The Germans work very hard, suffer a lot from mental and physical exhaustion. Depression has already covered millions. The retirement age was raised to 67. Taxes simply stifle us. Do you want to live well? Then work, not ruin your country. Blowing up and burning is easier than building. Germany has already gone through fascism and is not eager to "become akin" to your Pravosek people. Apparently, you don't show on TV how here in Germany Merkel cheered and rallies in support of Russia. It's a pity you live in a fictional world where lies, anger and murder are in the foreground. If you speak English or German, then read the news in the original! A lot will surprise you ... "

    Oksana Enko
    1. wolf7
      wolf7 22 June 2014 23: 07
      Well done, lady! Polite, intelligent and intelligible (but only this Kohana still doesn’t understand, or she will stand on her own from the Khokhlyat stubbornness. Respect for the answer!
  36. Agent 008
    Agent 008 22 June 2014 22: 26
    Guys, there is still time to joke, to laugh at the site ... But I feel that after June 27 such a massacre will begin, compared to which, everything that happened before will seem like a simple "squabble". Today Putin is talking about some kind of agreement with the Junta all day. I'm sure he doesn't believe what he says! So, Uv. President, do not waste time, prepare troops! Well, those who do not believe in my prophecy, let's wait, you will see for yourself what will happen ...
    1. ratnik
      ratnik 22 June 2014 23: 30
      So we are quilted jackets laughing soon soon .... soon !!!
  37. Itson
    Itson 22 June 2014 23: 05
    Three buffoons - Kravchuk, Kuchma and Yushchenko (with a small letter ... because ... with a small one) sent a letter to the President of Russia with an appeal to end the aggression against Ukraine - think about it, we are the aggressors in their opinion.
    This is no way, not at all.
    They are there all the sociopaths and their place in Kashchenko.
  38. Agent 008
    Agent 008 22 June 2014 23: 37
    Here I saw a plot where refugees from the DPR and LPR live in tents in the Rostov Region. And autumn will come, and then winter - and the number of refugees will grow by hundreds of thousands! And that will be? Also in winter, people will live in tents ...?
    1. thrower
      thrower 23 June 2014 00: 36
      These are temporary points, people are sent to the regions for accommodation. But first, they need to register, because refugees must receive some kind of money, such as raised ones.
      Tents are a necessary necessity.
  39. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. 22 June 2014 23: 47
    Quote: Itson
    Three buffoons - Kravchuk, Kuchma and Yushchenko ...
    They are there all the sociopaths and their place in Kashchenko.

    If we collect all ukrosotsiopaths by psycho-dispensaries, then in each chamber there will be a battalion ...
    Kashchenko clearly will not cope with the problem.

    And about the aggressors: The cap is lit on a thief.
  40. Proud.
    Proud. 22 June 2014 23: 53
    The mountain climate of Rostov has a huge range of healing properties. And the view of the mountain ranges on Teatralnaya itself instills self-confidence and a sense of pride in our Motherland! Especially beautiful view from the highest mountain of Rostov-Stela, from where you can see all the surroundings of the resort city. laughing
    1. thrower
      thrower 23 June 2014 00: 38
      Less to me. I’ve been to Rostov, but didn’t go to the mountains ((
  41. Iskander Khan
    Iskander Khan 23 June 2014 00: 21
    Who is registered on ukrosaystaykh. Please re-post. Great article for them and for our alarmists. Start to reach.
    Is it really a hangover? fool fool fool
  42. melnik
    melnik 23 June 2014 01: 25
    I watched "the clink of swords. Tin. They say, we will open the gates of Rome and return to Andalusia. I wonder if European ruminants are interested in anything other than football? There are such boys in the east who have grown American icos, anyway expensive
  43. melnik
    melnik 23 June 2014 01: 28
    And, by the way, our macaque from the Ministry of Defense on the note - a great Hammer armored car ... for parades
  44. hooligan
    hooligan 23 June 2014 02: 19
    Hmm ... they even have priests without a king in their heads) what can we say about the flock))) laughing
  45. CIANIT
    CIANIT 23 June 2014 08: 21
    If such a TP (I'm talking about Psaki) works in such a high state body, how can they judge anything at all and even more so draw conclusions. If such tupar work in the US administration, then ordinary Americans (in the majority) are not smarter chimpanzee.
  46. Baloo
    Baloo 23 June 2014 08: 29
    There was a lot of noise: they shot down a plane with paratroopers or did not shot down. No one noticed the wiretap of the egg, which discussed how to report to the merikashki for the first tranche for the supply of weapons. Yaytsenyuh said that he would take from debt gas money from ebropii. Otherwise, the little ones doubted whether to provide assistance for military supplies for 18 lyam or not. So what was on the airplane? For the sake of excuse, how would you spend American lamas? Rather, there was no airplane; is there a bunch of junk that is presented as bought by the State Department? I guess I'm wrong. Look into the eyes of an egg, is such a person capable of lying?
  47. elena.utyupina
    elena.utyupina 23 June 2014 09: 28
    Great article for them and for our alarmists. Start to reach.
    Is it really a hangover?
  48. Evrepid
    Evrepid 23 June 2014 14: 12
    Quote: Bayonet
    which flows from Western Europe to Russia through Ukraine, about a merry-go-round whether Psaki wants it or not, an effective means is hidden - public attention suddenly switches to Psaki itself, and the central events (what the Psaki ask about) quickly fade into the background. So this time, the “information bomb” distracted millions of people from the real problems of Ukrainian refugees and the attendant problems of the border regions of Russia, but forced them to open a map of the Rostov region in order to find at least one mountain range on it ... And who after that is narrow-minded - we or Psaki ? ..

    In Aksay ride from the hills :)) In principle. Rostov region can be found quite long and high slides. In Novochek, for example, 103 yards high or in the Mines from the heaps, you can ride perfectly. And skiing too. the truth is, you need to become a freerider, but we will provide her with this opportunity :)
  49. Support
    Support 23 June 2014 14: 38
    There was a plot on the box - commerce. 30-35 years old, had a store (furniture) like either in Lugansk, or in Slavyansk. He moved to the Russian Federation with his family. Refugee. I got a job on a construction site. Okay, I’m not sorry. And who will protect their land? Why is he not there, but here? And still enter the troops? And then he will return and restore his store again? Now, if you had defended your land with weapons, then there are no questions - here is your store, defended. Of course, not all of them are, but I think most of them ...