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The US Army spends billions of dollars to replace uniforms

Only some 8 years passed after the new universal camouflage was adopted in the American army, the development and implementation of which cost the budget 5 billion dollars, and in the USA they were already thinking about replacing it. US media write that the command is seriously thinking about creating a new uniform for military personnel. According to experts, the issue price - 4 billion dollars. It turns out that the frequent dressing up of the army and the development of huge budgetary funds for these purposes is not a purely Russian game.

Back in 2004, the Pentagon decided to abandon the two traditional types of uniforms used, which were used for many years. One of the types of camouflage uniforms was intended for action in the forest belt, and the other in the desert. This is a tricolor forest camouflage BDU and desert DCU. In the announced competition for the creation of a new type of camouflage uniform for the armed forces, all the leading players in the American market took part. As a result, the UCP project won a victory in the competition, though not without questions to the organizers. This camouflage, in the opinion of its creators, was ideally suited for use in any terrain. As a result, currently the US Army uses digital camouflage gray-green hue in all climatic zones of their stay.

According to The Daily Beast, the UCP form did not justify its hopes for universality. In the US Army urgently going to withdraw this form from circulation. According to a number of veterans of the Iraqi campaign, the fabric used in the UCP gave a characteristic creak when it came into contact with various objects, which revealed the whereabouts of the soldiers, especially during night raids. At the same time, participants in military companies in Afghanistan complained that the soldiers were very noticeable in the highlands due to the contrast of colors. For this reason, soldiers fighting in Afghanistan preferred to use the MultiCam form, which also participated in the Pentagon-organized competition, but lost to the UCP, mainly because of the price.

Camouflage UCP

The US military often appealed to the command with a request to turn its attention to the shortcomings of the military uniform, but their demands were heard only after 5 years, when the UCP was already mass-produced and supplied to the military. As a result, the US Congress intervened in this situation in 2009. In that year, a bill was passed that obliged the US Army to conduct new tests on the choice of suitable camouflage for its use in the territory of Afghanistan and to replace the UCP. The newly held competition led to the victory of the already well-known form of MultiCam (Multikam) from the company Crye Precision, which in its development collaborated with the US Army Soldier Systems Center. Multicam is one of the most modern camouflage colors for different types of terrain. At the same time, the military began to conduct comprehensive detailed studies aimed at developing new camouflage uniforms.

At the same time, military experts note that the problems that have arisen with the uniform are far from the only example of not the most reasonable spending of money in the US army. An example is given in 2003, when the Pentagon unexpectedly spent $ 20 billion on the purchase of SUVs to arm the operational units of the ILC. However, it was not possible to send the purchased equipment to participate in combat operations, since the vehicles were ordered without armor plates to protect the crews. According to competent specialists, such a situation in the American army may develop due to the fact that the army leadership and owners armory companies are held together by close ties. For this reason, a series of tenders for the purchase of equipment for the army is becoming a farce.

All this happens to lead to serious setbacks. Currently, the US Army is forced to solve the problem of replacing military uniforms. At the same time, its development and adoption for weapons has already cost the USA a huge amount. The portal reports that in early June 2014 of the year it was reported that the US military would no longer wear its original gray camouflage, and it would disappear from the army’s cabter without unnecessary noise and dust. The form, which was adopted in 2004, cost the budget 5 billion dollars. This "pixel" during the tests took the last place, but still the military chose it. In fairness it should be noted that the camouflage was pre-finalized, besides, it compares favorably with competitors price. Perhaps this is what tipped the scales in his favor.

Camouflage UCP

Before adopting a camouflage pattern was re-digitized. The main colors of the new American camouflage steel are Taney - Desert Sand 500 (sand), urban gray - Urban Gray 501, and deciduous green - Foliage Green 502 (sometimes referred to as olive green). At the same time, compared to the original version, the black color completely disappeared from the camouflage pattern. In the course of the research it was found that this color in nature in its pure form is extremely rare. At the same time, this color stands out very strongly against the general background and in the infrared spectrum, making the whole camouflage too high-contrast.

Existing views on this camouflage divided. Someone considers its use justified, and someone notes that the new "digital" camouflage was taken in a hurry and at the last moment. Allegedly, the generals felt that the soldiers in this form would "look cool." Currently, this argument does not seem so funny. We live in an era of information wars, where the picture on the TV screen determines consciousness. In this regard, the example of “green men” is indicative, they are also “polite people” - this is one of the best finds of Russian propaganda for all modern history.

Americans themselves say that UCP was not the most convenient form because of the abundance of unnecessary details and features of its cut. The masking abilities of this form did not fully justify themselves. Here is the problem of universality. Versatility was originally conceived as a means of saving. In itself, the idea to create a single set of forms that could be used in winter and summer, in the desert and in the forest is at least interesting. However, the hedgehog is clear that the specialized (sharpened for a specific area or time of year) camouflage will always be better than universal.

Camouflage MultiCam

It should also be noted that the modern American army is not sharpened by a contact melee. Her main fad is contactless combat operations, when the destruction of detected targets occurs at the maximum possible distance of defeat. And to guess the silhouette of a soldier in UCP camouflage, like in any other slightly suitable camouflage, even at 300 meters is a nontrivial task. This is an important clarification, given that in most of the meetings of American soldiers with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the average distance of a firefight was approximately 500-800 meters. While the problems of camouflage UCP emerge at close range combat.

One way or another, the US military decided to reshape it. They did not spare 4 a billion dollars for this. The army goes to such expenses at the time of austerity, by the standards of the American army, of course. The spice of this situation is added by the fact that before 2002, the US Army soldiers could choose from two camouflage options available to them. But the global war on terrorism forced the US military to tighten and tighten their belts. It was then that work began on the creation and implementation of a single set of forms, including for savings. In this case, the strangeness of the American military system can be attributed to the fact that the United States simply does not have a structure that would be responsible for creating and supplying a uniform form, since each branch of the military takes care of itself independently.

Colonel-General Tim O'Neill noted: “It would be better if everyone in the army wore the same uniform. However, the Marines do not want to look like an army; the army does not want to look the same as marines; while none of them want to look like "squid". (In the United States, this is what naval sailors are called.) However, only inventory management of various types of camouflage costs the US military in tens of millions of dollars annually.

Camouflage MultiCam

In search of a replacement for UCP, the US military leadership opted for a very successful camouflage for Multicam, a Crye Precision product. Although this camouflage at one time lost to the UCP, it was very much appreciated by the American special forces. Currently, it is very popular outside the United States, not only among the security and military structures, but also among enthusiasts. Despite the fact that at one time this camouflage was not put into service, it continues to be produced in large volumes. Currently, this form is used by a number of units of the US Special Operations Command, as well as employees of private military companies, and is also used in some units of the US Army (but not in line units). In 2010, the military department purchased the Cartoons for soldiers serving in Afghanistan, worth 40 million dollars. At the same time, this camouflage was not adopted by the Pentagon primarily because of its high cost.

It is very expensive to sew such a uniform for the whole army (even excluding marines, air force and navy), by 20% more expensive than in the case of the UCP uniform. The manufacturer received a patent for a camouflage pattern and demanded that the military commission for printing the pattern on the form. The military did not like it, and at the beginning of 2014, they stopped negotiations with the company. At the same time, a proposal was made to buy a patent for 25 million dollars from the company, but this proposal was rejected for political reasons. It is not in the interest of the country to ruin Crye Precision, workers would lose their jobs, and the army would lose one of the suppliers.

As a result, the US military remembered that even 12 years ago, the same company Crye Precision presented a coloring called "scorpion", which was developed for the project of equipment "warrior of the future." The rights to this camouflage belong to the Pentagon, while it differs slightly from the MultiCam only in the color gamut. This camouflage always received slightly lower marks, but the savings eventually outweighed it, it was on him that the US military chose.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 20 June 2014 09: 54
    As far as I remember, the "state" camouflage was taken by our Defense Ministry, as a basis, well now we will change our fighters, imitating the next "state camouflage" or we will begin to use the Soviet experience in the development of uniforms, that is, they will create a specialized science Center...
    1. Papakiko
      Papakiko 20 June 2014 10: 40
      Quote: svp67
      that is, they will create a specialized research center ..

      Oh yes, ours can.
      The "asterisk" has been re-styled so that you want to cry. (people noticed that the sponsor is Pepsiko, but the army will be NEXT)

      But what a buffet is planned "my mother".
      To destroy the company Crye Precision is not in the interests of the country, the workers would lose their jobs, and the army - one of the suppliers.
      Doubtful conclusion.
      Care for slaveEspecially.
      Most are sewn by the Zeks (this is both with us and them), only they also have shoes and a lot of other things ZK do.
      Well, in general, 4+ article, mercy.
  2. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 20 June 2014 10: 19
    We have all kinds of camouflages, we just need to choose ...
    hnie /
  3. Alexander.B
    Alexander.B 20 June 2014 10: 24
    Quote: svp67
    As far as I remember, the "state" camouflage was taken by our Defense Ministry, as a basis, well now we will change our fighters, imitating the next "state camouflage" or we will begin to use the Soviet experience in the development of uniforms, that is, they will create a specialized science Center...

    I was amazed, but the digital flora works, at least on Belbek.
    1. yanus
      yanus 20 June 2014 11: 48
      Quote: Alexander.B
      I was amazed, but the digital flora works, at least on Belbek.

      My first impressions of "digital" appeared when an army truck with soldiers in the back drove past me. When I turned to look into the back, it drove 15 meters away from me. So at such a distance, the soldiers turned into a shapeless mess - you can't understand where the arms and legs are. if the faces were covered with masks and did not "shine" in this mess, then xs how to aim at it.
      1. Alexey Prikazchikov
        Alexey Prikazchikov 20 June 2014 12: 05
        - you will not understand where the arms, legs. if the faces were covered with masks and did not "shine" in this mess, then xs how to aim at it.

        So it works. The figure refers to the patterns and the purpose of the patterns is not to hide the person, because in the combined arms fight this wasn’t rubbed, but to make the silhouette of the soldier shapeless and break it into small fragments. Thus giving additional chances to survive.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. jonh
      jonh 30 June 2014 08: 40
      and a green spot in the center of the photo hit my eyes right away. and to be honest I don’t see any difference between the olive and this figure
  4. 66 Division IRA
    66 Division IRA 20 June 2014 10: 24
    Sheep in wolf's clothing!
  5. Nester
    Nester 20 June 2014 10: 26
    In general, I don't like the "number". Neither American nor ours. A friend bought a "slide" in digital camouflage, from 50-60 meters all these small pixels merge into one tone. Cartoons, in my opinion, are much more successful. By the way, I liked KRYPTEK LEAF, there is a whole series of different colors, but it is most likely not affordable for the US Army either. We now also have a lot of all kinds of camouflages, for almost any terrain, but probably for our own money.
    In general, the form is not only a coloring, it is wear resistance, suitability for washing (so that colors do not float after the first washing) and a host of other indicators. Much depends on the fabric and cut. They (NATO) have no problems with this. I’ve been carrying M5 trousers for hunting and nature for 65 years - at least henna, strong infections ...
  6. Alexander.B
    Alexander.B 20 June 2014 10: 32
    For me, the A-TACS FG is great for central Russia. Although it has recently been revealed that the vegetation is very bright and you are dull, if not on the ground, then visible. I think here the digital flora would work fine.
  7. papa-billy
    papa-billy 20 June 2014 10: 58
    Personally, I don't like the "number". But it should be given its due - it disguises well. The problem of universality is one, everything that is universal has average indicators. As a form for everyday wear - let it be. But for a battle, it is necessary to approach in a comprehensive manner: climatic conditions, terrain, dustiness, etc. What kind of versatility can we talk about?
  8. Alexander.B
    Alexander.B 20 June 2014 11: 03
    Quote: papa-billy
    Personally, I don't like the "number". But it should be given its due - it disguises well. The problem of universality is one, everything that is universal has average indicators. As a form for everyday wear - let it be. But for a battle, it is necessary to approach in a comprehensive manner: climatic conditions, terrain, dustiness, etc. What kind of versatility can we talk about?
    It may well be if universality is achieved between two intersecting climatic zones.
  9. X Y Z
    X Y Z 20 June 2014 11: 05
    Everything turns out to be invented for a long time before us. After reading, I remembered our so-called tenders, when the "right" company always wins, not the best. The price goes down to ridiculous, which cannot be pulled by other firms, and all the profit is obtained due to improvements and newly opened volumes of work. Then all this "savings" translates into huge additional payments to the customer, and everyone is happy, excluding, of course, state interests. Drank machines in action!
  10. stoqn477
    stoqn477 20 June 2014 11: 20
    Support for local production. Otherwise its thinking of taxpayers.
  11. Nickanor
    Nickanor 20 June 2014 11: 50
    In post-Soviet Russia, IMHO has never yet been issued a normal form.
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 20 June 2014 12: 51
    it’s universal and everyday, I won’t argue, it’s fashionable, beautiful, etc., but I prefer the good old Afghan, cheap and cheerful, the rest is a matter of masking technique, the ability to correctly camouflage equipment is an art worth living, that's all ... soldier
  13. sergant89
    sergant89 20 June 2014 13: 56
    There has already been an article about the "cartoon", it has about 4 colors for different seasons and terrain, and is clearly better in terms of "merging" with the terrain, as well as cutting out babosiks, supporting their military offices.
  14. Massik
    Massik 20 June 2014 16: 40
    Our group camouflage was mask-robes "Partizan" of yellow leaf color. Somehow during exercises - 1st platoon against 2nd, we sat in an ambush in tall vegetation, something like reeds, 3-4 meters to the path. I poured herbs for all the slings, covered my face with a camouflage net (there is one in the kit.) The 1st platoon firebrand goes by, followed by a cannonball, my concern was the rear patrol. Ahead, the firebrand is scheduled to be met by audible queues of unmarried, in front of me the rear squad harmoniously sits down, dropping backpacks and directing the trunks in different directions. One looks straight into my eyes, the distance is no more than 7 meters, I already hold it at the sight of the machine gun, but he does not see me!))) Despite the black 74M, dark green unloading and cracks in the vegetation of 5-10 centimeters. It takes 5-7 seconds to give a signal - the radio is vibrating, I raised the barrel higher, gave a turn, came out of the bushes and said "I shot you guys fellow ") The second issue came out with the same mine to my right)
    The main camouflages in the squad are used: frog, north (grapes and swamp similar to it), various "leaves", rarely break or reeds (considered a special form). The official form is considered "kink", but the right to wear it still needs to be earned, so half of it goes in a green number or in flora.
    1. understudy
      understudy 21 June 2014 01: 20
      Quote: Marssik
      but the right to wear it must still be earned

      It's a shitty principle when it comes to the ability to have a form that allows you to survive in combat. This is not a "maroon beret", without which it is quite possible to exist and even defeat an adversary.
      1. Massik
        Massik 25 June 2014 22: 48
        It goes on as everyday, and not as a direct "worker".
  15. tchoni
    tchoni 20 June 2014 16: 54
    What is really annoying in the amerovskoy form, as well as in our "from Yudashkin" - the abundance of stickies, which in the conditions of dirt, dust, etc. quickly end. and if the oil gets in - an ass. people sometimes sew on buttons.
    1. Free wind
      Free wind 20 June 2014 18: 19
      Velcro can be cleaned with a regular needle. Take a needle. and you clean the hook part, there are no other ways.
      1. tchoni
        tchoni 21 June 2014 10: 57
        It helps wink only on fresh ones, and then, if a couple of times I hooked somewhere with hooks, it’s gone.
  16. alma-ata
    alma-ata 20 June 2014 20: 49
    How about the good old hacks? Better yet, I threw any into the local dust - dirt and got what I needed.
  17. psiho117
    psiho117 21 June 2014 00: 18
    our colors have no complaints about the colors. The problem is in the material, quality of execution and general thoughtfulness.
    Although as it turned out, the amers also have such problems slip))
  18. Oslyabya
    Oslyabya 21 June 2014 00: 41
    I will support for the material. The fabric that we use on the vole, we men wear 2-3 years until the need to replace the form. The form that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation issues is faded and faded through the 6-8 months on average. Substitution at own expense ...
  19. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 21 June 2014 13: 33
    They can (they have a printing world machine) .. And the army is appropriate to buy their papers .. I do not envy just insulting ... angry (at our expense, too ..)
  20. kavad
    kavad 21 June 2014 16: 04
    "The command is seriously thinking about creating new uniforms for military personnel. According to experts, the cost of the issue is $ 4 billion."

    Haha Just like we have in the police. The reform was a long time ago, I still go in my father's uniform! The shirt is still Soviet!
  21. mig31
    mig31 22 June 2014 14: 09
    Let them spend money, the form will not help them, I explain popularly - messing up the form with its content is a trifling matter, let them risk what I personally know about Amers, I doubt that they are capable of feats in the name of psaki !!!!!!!
  22. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 22 June 2014 16: 59
    "in most of the meetings of American soldiers with the Taliban in Afghanistan
    the average distance of a fire fight was approximately 500-800 meters. "///

    This is a serious achievement of tactics: to keep the battle at a machine-gun distance!
    The infantry's dream ...
    1. jonh
      jonh 29 June 2014 12: 21
      to hold the battle, followed by an air strike. quite the right decision. no need to risk the lives of their soldiers
  23. jonh
    jonh 28 June 2014 20: 19
    the American army does not spend anything extra on replacing the form since the form is constantly being updated. things have one striking feature. they wear out. with such success, one could write how much the American army spends on replacing shoes
  24. FAO_48E
    FAO_48E 1 July 2014 07: 33
    There is also a nuance here. In the US Armed Forces, at the state expense, the form is issued only to military personnel undergoing IET (Initial Entry Training). After the end of the IET, all the costs of updating the uniform are borne by the military themselves (soldiers and sergeants, however, are given a so-called "anniversary" surcharge for (before) the purchase of a uniform once a year). That is, you go to AAFES Military Clothing Sales (it's like a military store) and there you buy everything yourself for your own money.
  25. EvigKrig
    EvigKrig 17 October 2014 15: 57
    I do not understand what the author wanted to say with this article. And nothing that the Russian Ministry of Defense is already thinking about the development of Warrior-2, without having time to deal with the Warrior. In general, an article about how everything is bad with them and against the background of this "bad", our "very bad" does not seem to be visible.
  26. Ivan Ross
    Ivan Ross 14 October 2017 21: 40
    The author is a very mediocre expert in the field of patterns !!! The article is not about anything. And yes, the "SCORPION W2" pattern differs from "MultiCam" not only in its color scheme, but also in its pattern!
  27. Tutashkhia date
    Tutashkhia date 26 August 2019 07: 50
    Well, our cartoons are happy to wear cartoons. For example, the FSB or the MTR.