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Marine Le Pen will do the same with the European Union as Yeltsin did with the USSR

Marine Le Pen believes that the time has come to “dismantle” the European Union. Disassemble, if not at home, on the bricks, then on the streets of individual houses — that is, to do with the EU in the same way that Yeltsin and his two political friends in December 1991 did come from the USSR. Approximately this conclusion can be drawn from the latest statement by the leader of the National Front.

Marine Le Pen will do the same with the European Union as Yeltsin did with the USSR

According to Marine Le Pen, the existence of the European Union in its present form will not be possible in the future. “My goal is a complete transformation of Europe, and therefore the dismantling of the European Union. The main question is whether the European Union can be improved, whether it can be improved. I do not believe in it, ”Le Pen newspaper reports "Sight".

The leader of the National Front compares the format of the current EU with the USSR. In its present form, she notes, the EU is “similar to the Soviet Union.”

She argues her point of view as follows: “Of course, you can save the European Union if it returns sovereignty to the states, allows it to restore its internal borders, refuses the euro. Good, but it will not be the European Union anymore. It is the same as if in the Soviet Union private property and the freedom to form political parties were allowed. It would all be very good, but it would not be the Soviet Union anymore. And in our case - about the same. "

Euro currency is also not needed. Apparently, like the one-time Soviet ruble.

The euro, according to the politician, lost its reliability: “First of all, I do not consider that it (the currency) is reliable. Since it is not, we are all the time engaged in “saving” it. We all the time lat it, and each time it becomes more and more expensive. The bill goes to tens of billions of euros. "

France, Marin said, has borrowed 70 billion euros. What for? "Just to save the euro ... This is a terrible burden for our economy, for export, for employment."

The chairwoman of the “National Front” proposes “to dismantle the current structure of the EU and build instead the“ Europe of nations ”. Judging by the words of the politician, “The Europe of Nations” will cover a gigantic territory.

The space “from the French Brest to Vladivostok” excites Marin. “This was what General de Gaulle saw in Europe,” she says, “and we share this idea.”

Fear not, readers, Russians will live in Vladivostok: “Such a“ Europe of nations ”would, of course, include Russia.”

The ideas of Marine Le Pen are very popular with the French. Her party enjoys support in different sectors of society: 43% of workers, 38% of employees and 37% of the unemployed voted for it in the elections, the Vzglyad newspaper notes.

Made Marin and other statements. For example, being the mistress of the ultra-right party, she condemned the Right Sector in Ukraine.

As transmits, the chairwoman of the "National Front" appealed to the world community to "put pressure" on the Kiev authorities.

According to her, international influence should force Kiev to distance itself from the "radical elements", and above all from the "Right Sector". As for the new government of Ukraine, he should think about federalization.

The main enemy of Ukraine, its “arsonist” is the European Union. This "arsonist" at the same time plays the role of "fire".

Further, Le Pen stressed that the agreement on the formation of a free trade zone between the US and the EU does not meet the interests of France.

Finally, the notorious Mistral contract, which gentlemen do not like the Americans. Le Pen said that Paris’s failure to comply with the terms of the contract would be incredibly stupid.

In her statement, Marin also criticized the behavior of the international community regarding the situation in Ukraine.

“The position of the world community is inconsistent. I think that in this situation it was mistaken once again. I must say that in general it is common for him to often make mistakes in international affairs: it was mistaken in Libya, it was wrong in Syria, it was wrong in Ukraine. However, the problem is that in all these cases people died, ”the politician quotes "NTV".

The main cause of the crisis in Ukraine is the USA. According to the chairwoman of the National Front, the European Union protects the interests of the United States, and they continue to "demonize" Russia.

Earlier, Marine Le Pen called on the President of France dissolve National Assembly. She considers unacceptable the fact that the assembly has ceased to represent the interests of French citizens.

"RFI" reminds that Marine Le Pen declares his support for the policy of Vladimir Putin.

French political scientist, Russia specialist Kevin Limonie believes that Le Pen and Putin’s interest is mutual and based on short-term considerations.

“I think there is a double interest. On the one hand, he is present at the National Front, since this nationalist party, according to the media, sees in Vladimir Putin a person who conforms to the ideas of the National Front about the “strong hand” (with all the remnants of gollism present in these fantasies) . At the same time, Russia's point of view needs to be taken into account, since for several years already - since its re-election in 2012 - Vladimir Putin and the Russian government have supported the National Front for a number of reasons.

I see here complementarity, a kind of conjuncture, which leads to the fact that the National Front, for its part, and the Russian government and diplomacy find those common points that allow them to establish partnerships, where, in a sense, hand washes. "

A political scientist recalls that several years ago the National Front concluded an agreement with the Svoboda Party, and this fact demonstrates the fundamental differences between Marine Le Pen and Putin. "National Front," said the scientist, the party of nationalists, based on the idea of ​​protecting the nation. And it is in contradiction with the rhetoric of the Kremlin, which is directed "against other nationalists, for example, in Ukraine, and in the entire post-Soviet space."

But now “National Front” criticizes “Right Sector” and the same “Freedom”. On this occasion, the political analyst said that "there was a redistribution of forces within the party, because the agreement with Freedom was signed by Jean-Marie Le Pen, now honorary chairman of the National Front."

In addition, in recent years, the Kremlin has openly supported the party of Marine Le Pen, which was not the case, for example, in 2009. The Ukrainian crisis has changed a lot, says Lemonnier. “We are present at the strategic turn in the international political program of the National Front,” said the political scientist. “This turn is largely due to the frank support of the French extreme right by the Russian state.”

As for the European future of Ukraine, this country has no place even in that EU, which seems to be unreliable Marine Le Pen.

“When the European Union promised Ukraine to join the EU, it only contributed to increasing tensions in Ukraine itself. Ukraine will not enter the European Union, no need to tell tales. Ukraine has absolutely no economic level to enter the EU, Le Pen cited "Days. Ru". - And plus to that, in the list it costs far from the first. But, in particular, the level of the Ukrainian economy is so low in comparison with ours, and socially, too, so this will again be intra-European competition, which will be impossible for our country to overcome. I think this is a lie, I believe that this promise, which, we knew very well, cannot be fulfilled. ”

In principle, soon there will be nowhere to enter, right, Marin?

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Tersky
    Tersky 20 June 2014 08: 52
    Itself disintegrates, and not without the help of the best "friend" - the USA. For Europeans, the EU has long been a problem, not a solution to economic and political problems. What kind of Ukraine is there in the EU, when the entire European Union falls into economic stagnation. Over time, the financial sector will move to the United States, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Industry will go to Asia, and the Heroes will be engaged in symbolic and irrational activities, such as fighting carbon dioxide emissions, supporting green companies and other costly and economically disastrous projects.
    1. Vlad Gore
      Vlad Gore 20 June 2014 08: 57
      It is in Russia's interest to support politicians such as Marine Le Pen. good
      1. ZU-23
        ZU-23 20 June 2014 10: 01
        Chic title of the article. Anyway, this formation, like the European Union with its elite, was specially lined up for Nato.
        1. Alex_Popovson
          Alex_Popovson 20 June 2014 10: 12
          And the name is excellent, but about the photo I would add - this is something. Le Pen, as it were, indicates where the European Parliament should proceed. smile
          1. Stalevar
            Stalevar 20 June 2014 11: 37
            One of the many sane politicians in Europe who are in the shadows. While in the shade. But it seems that soon they will be born. For Europe is in a fever. This is not customary to talk about, but it is. And in Marine Le Pen it is worth investing. This is a strategic interest. Here you can get good dividends. It is necessary to support.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. AnaBat
        AnaBat 20 June 2014 10: 24
        Le Pen as President of FRANCE !!!
        1. Lich
          Lich 20 June 2014 13: 17

          Maroussia is our man, the fire of a woman. Hollande will stop the race, as they say
          1. Walking
            Walking 20 June 2014 15: 01
            This is such a joke probably as soon as Ukraine enters the EU, it suddenly turns out that it is, the European Union is gone.
      4. sssss018
        sssss018 20 June 2014 16: 41
        A very far-sighted woman, from the moment of the election, immediately flew to Moscow!
      5. subbtin.725
        subbtin.725 20 June 2014 18: 58
        Quote: Vlad Gore
        It is in Russia's interest to support politicians such as Marine Le Pen.

        She is a candidate for the next presidential election. In case of victory, She said that her first steps will be: exit from the EU, exit from NATO, rapprochement with Russia, entry into the Customs Union and the EUROSEC. And France, along with Germany, are key players in Western Europe. politics. She needs to provide very good protection. Friendship to be!
  2. anip
    anip 20 June 2014 09: 00
    Sane politician, besides not forgetting about the national interests of France. there would be more of these in Europe.
  3. Bassoon
    Bassoon 20 June 2014 09: 09
    But this is a good idea. No sense from the EU.
  4. AndreyS
    AndreyS 20 June 2014 09: 09
    Brave woman. Most likely the Americans will eliminate it!
    1. zao74
      zao74 20 June 2014 10: 08
      Tipun to your tongue and 12 under your tongue, and all with a horse's head ... wassat
    2. The comment was deleted.
  5. flSergius
    flSergius 20 June 2014 09: 28
    Bravo, Madam Le Pen !!!! Not because she is now positioning herself as an ally of Putin - there are no friends in politics, but all unions for the time being. Because she true national leaderdoes not want to dance to someone else's tune. Such people can always be negotiated normally, even where interests diverge.
  6. N.Zero
    N.Zero 20 June 2014 09: 29
    Quote: AndreyS
    Brave woman. Most likely the Americans will eliminate it!

    no, they won’t be able to ... she's under James Bond's guard!
  7. rugor
    rugor 20 June 2014 09: 30
    Good old populism, it’s very convenient until the real power is in the hands.
    1. dld35057
      dld35057 22 June 2014 04: 52
      You shouldn’t be so. it is prepared by the managers as a backup option, but it is prepared, which means professionally.
  8. chastener
    chastener 20 June 2014 09: 30
    At this rate, Marine Le Pen will soon become the president of France.
    Recent elections and polls, proof of this.
    1. Okay
      Okay 20 June 2014 09: 41
      What are the choices and polls? They won’t elect her anyway in the national elections. By the way, I want to see how the French will do the dirty work for visitors
      1. pv1005
        pv1005 20 June 2014 10: 56
        So you do not call in and the French will do everything themselves.
  9. duchy
    duchy 20 June 2014 09: 45
    Burn Marin further, tear up this stupid EU, switch to the national currency, arrange a funeral for the buck, and Europeans will be happy for you. love
  10. niklaus
    niklaus 20 June 2014 09: 55
    Let’s elect her as the president of the Russian Federation, maybe she will put the Ukrainians in their place, or ours, something this time pokes.
  11. valentina-makanalina
    valentina-makanalina 20 June 2014 09: 56
  12. arthur_hammer
    arthur_hammer 20 June 2014 09: 59
    for more such as Marie Lee-Pen, you look and Geyropa will again become Europe)))
  13. nikkon09
    nikkon09 20 June 2014 10: 07
    What now to wait for queuing in the customs union? So then the countries of the former Warsaw Pact should be accepted without a queue lol
    1. lelyk72
      lelyk72 20 June 2014 13: 28
      Poles? I'm against.
      Czechoslovakia? I am for.
  14. leonar
    leonar 20 June 2014 10: 14
    Clever woman, no one needs the EU with its current values, even the Europeans themselves.
  15. Iline
    Iline 20 June 2014 10: 21
    However, the sense of self-preservation of a nation is a great thing. Sometimes it allows you to turn on the brain.
  16. MSA
    MSA 20 June 2014 10: 30
    Everything speaks of the case, good luck in the election.
  17. imugn
    imugn 20 June 2014 10: 31
    The EU is what Germany has always sought: the capture of Europe. This time in a peaceful way, but for how long.
    1. 290980
      290980 20 June 2014 18: 09
      Quote: imugn
      The EU is what Germany has always sought: the capture of Europe. This time in a peaceful way, but for how long.

      that's just what the Germans are against this fucking alliance, and every luck for it, because they climb into Germany and live on German grubs ... it would be faster if the border were closed again, only FOR.
  18. parusnik
    parusnik 20 June 2014 10: 32
    Marine Le Pen will do the same with the European Union as Yeltsin did with the USSR
    Come on, Marin fall apart ... thank you in advance ..
  19. crambol
    crambol 20 June 2014 10: 34
    Whoever has her address, let Marinka say hello from us all and a wish for health and success!
  20. Mviktor
    Mviktor 20 June 2014 10: 36
    Quote: leonar
    Clever woman, no one needs the EU with its current values, even the Europeans themselves.

    There is no political independence in the EU; Americans are all in charge. And economically, they will not let them rise, because only the European market and the six in politics need to be striped. It would be okay only the Baltic and Polish comrades, it is painful to look at the leaders of Germany, France, England
    1. Voenruk
      Voenruk 20 June 2014 10: 55
      England is at the same time with the USA, and it sabotages all laws aimed at the detriment of America, hiding behind its national interests. Anglo-Saxons rotten people.
  21. MAIGOR
    MAIGOR 20 June 2014 10: 47
    What about the USA? And let the US go tries.
  22. falcon
    falcon 20 June 2014 10: 52
    My respect, Marine Le Pen! Apparently, it's time for the strong
    nation states.
    And good luck to Marin in the elections! At least one normal man was found in France! :)
    1. sv68
      sv68 20 June 2014 12: 34
      falkon-Marine Le Pen is a woman, not a man but she’s right, it’s time already at the wake of the EU to break three slaughter wassat
  23. Voenruk
    Voenruk 20 June 2014 10: 53
    pushed her for such statements. Although the aunt says the right thing in the spirit of Charles de Gaulle. She would be for president.
  24. Vreonosec
    Vreonosec 20 June 2014 10: 55
    If more politicians appear in the EU who do not speak honestly, then it will be very good!
  25. Manul
    Manul 20 June 2014 11: 07
    I do not understand - Oleg supports the article Marine Le Pen, or subject to obstruction? The title of the article is honestly a little shocking. Why, dear to me, did the politician not please the author to compare him with our national disaster - The collapse of the USSR led to the destruction of the power of a great country, disasters, wars, victims, world geopolitical destabilization .. Can all this happen with the collapse of the EU? Hardly. And even many countries will heal better, except perhaps, except for Germany. Marine Le Pen today is our important political ally. I do not urge anyone to love her. And I do not even forbid at all to completely reject her political convictions and course. But I don’t see certainty from Chuvakin - is he a good person and politician Marine, or not? Therefore, with fairly interesting facts presented in the article, reluctantly, I put a minus.
  26. herruvim
    herruvim 20 June 2014 11: 08
    It's time to disperse this gopnik brigade, called the EU
  27. potap48a
    potap48a 20 June 2014 11: 21
    It is high time for the Russian government to invest money in some "correct" Western parties and movements that will pursue a pro-Kremlin policy, lobby the interests of the Russian Federation and put pressure on their governments from within, creating tension. Moreover, there are voters and there are many of them who will support such parties and movements. This blatant presidential policy of non-interference in the affairs of other states and stupid observance of some kind of charter of some kind of UN, which has long been crap ... will hit Russia oh how painful it is. The West is playing in lawlessness, and we are like nuns from a monastery. Ugh!!! no one will appreciate it
  28. Balamyt
    Balamyt 20 June 2014 11: 46
    On destruction, the rating will always be more than on creation! Even if it is 100% populism. Breaking does not build.
  29. volodyk50
    volodyk50 20 June 2014 11: 52
    Quote: imugn
    The EU is what Germany has always sought: the capture of Europe. This time in a peaceful way, but for how long.

    Yes, they’re not happy that they won the campaign themselves. drag all these Hungarians-Romanians-Greeks laughing
    In fact, if the European Union was independent of the opinion of the United States and would develop along its own path, it might work out well, but when you are constantly pulled by Obama and Co. to impose sanctions at a loss for yourself, then do not conclude an agreement at a loss for yourself, then something else- then, there is no time to think about getting out of the crisis within the European Union itself. It is quite possible that the situation in Ukraine will be an impetus to defend the own interests of the EU countries, because they take turns to understand what they have done by joining NATO, there is no army, which means that defense development programs are being phased out, which in turn gives jobs to millions people and contributes to the replenishment of scientific and technological revolution, it is clear that after a while the great EU countries that were colonizers in the past became slaves of US policy and they are, if not in a stage of stagnation, then certainly not on the path of development and prosperity, and all their supposedly violent activity is reduced to one thing, as it was rightly noted - the final transformation and integration into the European Union and the endless "treatment" of the euro
  30. papa-billy
    papa-billy 20 June 2014 12: 22
    Europe has never been united, there are too many contradictions! Against the background of "European values" and liberalism, they tried to unite, but this is a surrogate. Here is the result.
  31. Villas
    Villas 20 June 2014 12: 59
    A serious aunt, she has steel eggs, not that the euro politicians ...
  32. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 20 June 2014 13: 13
    The head of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, sided with Russia in the Ukrainian conflict and said that Europe should support Russia. Here is what Le Pen said during her visit to Moscow: “European countries should support the Russian Federation in the conflict around Ukraine for the following reasons. First, Europe must recognize the right of the Russian people to reunite. Secondly, it is necessary to take into account that the part of the population that has seized power in Ukraine, which are former citizens of the Habsburgs, has already announced their desire to enter Europe. Peaceful living and peasant labor in Habsburg Austria is one thing, but if these uncultured and wild crowds of drug addicts, cloisters and prostitutes, hungry for blood, burst into European cities, this is another matter. This should not be allowed under any circumstances. About how these people behave and what they are, Europeans perfectly saw the footage of the attack on presidential candidate Tsarev with his public undressing and subsequent demonstration of his underwear, as well as a video of the beating of the municipal prosecutor and on his knees governors. "We must not allow the central squares of European cities to become externally the central square of Kiev."

    This beautiful woman is much prettier to me than the lover of gay marriage Hollande! love
    1. Blackmokona
      Blackmokona 20 June 2014 13: 32
      And this woman also has the same political platform as Yarosh, a nationalist and lawyer. lol
  33. Blackmokona
    Blackmokona 20 June 2014 13: 16
    Maybe we don’t need such politicians. The enemy of the United States does not mean a friend of Russia.
    Marine Le Pen (French Marine Le Pen, birth name - Marion Anne Perrin Le Pen, French Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen; born August 5, 1968, Neuilly-sur-Seine (Haut-de-Seine), France) - French politician. Daughter of French nationalist politician Jean-Marie Le Pen. The leader of the right-wing nationalist political party "National Front" (from January 16, 2011 to the present). She was a candidate from her party for the presidency of France in the 2012 elections, taking third place in the first round.
    Why do we need nationalists right-wingers in Europe, not enough for us Yarosh.
  34. Tulip
    Tulip 20 June 2014 14: 06
    Keep it up Comrade Marine Le Pen!
  35. Ghin
    Ghin 20 June 2014 15: 14
    Serious woman.
  36. Stasi
    Stasi 20 June 2014 18: 46
    If Le Pen really succeeds in destroying the EU, and much is not necessary for this: it is enough for France to announce its withdrawal from the EU, the introduction of a national currency and the closure of borders, the Eurozone will disintegrate according to the domino principle. Following France, Germany will announce its withdrawal, which is tired of being a so-called "euro wallet" from which the entire economy and maintenance of the EU is paid at the expense of German taxpayers. I would also like to note that if membership in the EU does not meet the national interests of the French and Germans, and this is the case, then membership in NATO does not meet the national interests of Germany and France either. It is necessary to create a national defense and an army. Let's see how Le Pen can do all this.
  37. Trit Nakosh
    Trit Nakosh 20 June 2014 20: 44
    ... Major M. Lepina (operational pseudonym "Marishka") is presented to the state award for merit, and to receive an extraordinary title ... hi
  38. nstarinsky
    nstarinsky 20 June 2014 21: 44
    I do not believe in the progressiveness of any extreme left or extreme right party. Le Pen makes statements that are beneficial to her and her party to lure the electorate in times of economic turmoil. The unification of Europe into one large alliance was a far-sighted step, despite the protracted crisis. The unification has historically been a step forward. The fact that the EU today is a big bureaucratic and political machine serving the interests of big capital does not mean that it is a weakened machine. At first glance, the growth of the EU took place with an eye on politics instead of economics. If this is corrected, then who knows what the EU could become (positively). Le Pen has not yet "drawn" an economic vision for Europe's future. In politics, it is always easier to criticize the present than to professionally plan for the future. So she criticizes. Who knows - maybe her statements about the EU's mistakes in Ukraine are just a search for a temporary ally in Russia? I don’t like others to guess and I don’t like to speculate where my professional interests do not live. From the point of view of the layman, Le Pen's statements seem to me momentary.
  39. herruvim
    herruvim 20 June 2014 22: 27
    The main photo for the article from the series "Fuck, over there"
  40. DHA
    DHA 20 June 2014 22: 46
    She inspires respect. Let's see what happens next.
  41. Iqbol_tajik
    Iqbol_tajik 20 June 2014 23: 33
    The Communists stopped the collapse of the false Messiah empire for another 80 years.
  42. Stypor23
    Stypor23 21 June 2014 04: 33
    Apparently a strong woman, Åland and Sarkozy, are stateless bespont twigs.
  43. veteran56
    veteran56 21 June 2014 08: 01
    The only sober-minded politician in Europe. The EU will fall apart like the USSR, and it makes no sense to regret the Union. There is, of course, nostalgia for the country of the Soviets, but in the end we would come to the collapse of the USSR a little later. It would still happen. Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Spain and Scotland are preparing for a referendum this fall. The only right decision will be reached, but just wait a bit. I’m sure that European politicians will come to the conclusion that good neighborly relations should be established with Russia on the basis of mutual respect . Of course, it will be difficult with countries such as Poland and Lithuania, but in these countries it will come to understand that Russia is not an enemy, but a reliable economic partner. In these republics, there is resentment against Russia since the time of the Empire, but Finland understood that a strong and wealthy neighbor is not so bad.
    And Marin is smart!