Russia without own tanks

Russia without own tanksUnlike other countries in Russia, they refused to create a new tank; On April 7, 2010, Vladimir Popovkin, Deputy Minister of Defense - Head of Armaments of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, announced the termination of financing for the development of the T-95 tank and the closure of the project. No country in the world has not abandoned tanks. America, Israel, Germany, France, continue to develop and improve them. Tanks are in service with many countries and are considered a pretty weighty argument in a serious dispute between countries.

If we think that tank battles are not foreseen in the foreseeable future, and therefore tanks have outlived their day and they have no prospects, then yes, a lot of things can be written off as scrap metal. The Ministry of Defense has closed the topic of the promising T-95 tank and will not order a combat tank support vehicle (BMPT), and our main T-90 tanks will be purchased in limited quantities.

In general, Russia is increasingly beginning to purchase weapons abroad. It hurts to hear that we can't create Dronesthat we are buying helicopter carriers, now the turn will come for tanks. One would like to ask, can we create anything other than waste? Forks and spoons are from China! Can't melt a spoon?

After all, it is clear to everyone that the equipment supplied to another, foreign country is not quite full-fledged, it is limited in a number of parameters, so that it does not happen that this, modern weapon, will be directed against the country that produces and sells it. The armament developer has the same tank faster and stronger and smarter.

How will we fight and repel aggression in the event of an attack if we begin to abandon our developments? Are there more promising developments? Maybe combat Robots? Apparently, you will have to fight against enemy tanks with sapper shovels. It has long been known that the most terrible troops in Russia are the construction battalion, they are not even given weapons.

Of course, it can be assumed that it is unlikely that anyone will attack a nuclear power, a nuclear weapon is a weapon of deterrence, but, unfortunately, not a defense. You will not throw nuclear bombs in the native Russian fields, and you will not begin to fire at enemy forces with nuclear missiles. Then how to repel aggression if there are no armored vehicles?

I remember there were military exercises in Estonia. But they do not have their own tanks, and in order to get out of the predicament, they lent the T-55 tank from Latvia for conducting "serious" military exercises. Even there they realize that tanks are important and necessary.

In Estonia, the possibility of equipping an army with tanks and other heavy equipment has long been discussed. However, the country's military leadership rejected such initiatives, although Poland offered several T-55 tanks that did not meet NATO standards.

But to return. We abandon what cannot be abandoned. If we do not have our own military equipment, then it will have to be purchased abroad, to pay money to other countries, other scientists, engineers, workers. their orders to raise the economy of foreign countries. And this technique will not be completely advanced and perfect.

Let them fall behind, let the difficulties, but admit that they cannot lose. To retreat is to be defeated!

At all times, Russian science is on top. We invented a great medium tank in the world, our tank, our T-34. Due to its fighting qualities, the T-34 was recognized by a number of specialists as the best medium tank of the Second World War. We do not need millions of tanks, let them be 2000, but it will be modern, powerful representing a serious force with a strong argument of reliability, armor, weapons, intelligence.
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  1. Vadim
    23 June 2010 11: 47
    Something he wrote an article .... The heresy of the thread .... The T-95 bullshit ... and the armored capsule will not save ... a new TNK is necessary, but this past century ...
  2. SIA
    13 October 2011 15: 26
    Damn, some kind of madhouse. To refuse tanks, this is what "UMISHCHE" is needed. Not the head, but the House of Soviets straight. I have no words...
  3. Anthrax
    23 December 2011 16: 33
    The last new tank in NATO was built in 2000.
    In the USA in 1993.
    In 2010, Russia made 61 new tanks and modernized several hundred old ones.
    Russia has about 2 times more tanks than all of NATO
  4. 9991
    16 March 2012 20: 23
    Probably to the place of the photo of Korean K1 --- even Koreans make their own tanks.
    1. Aleksey67
      16 March 2012 20: 26
      Quote: 9991
      Probably to the place of the photo of Korean K1 --- even Koreans make their own tanks.

      You should at least pay attention to the date of the article wassat This is the "guano of the mammoth" wink
  5. 9991
    16 March 2012 21: 37
    Well, I read about the promises - Armata in 2013 was just a year away, but there weren’t any announcements ---- but now the secrecy isn’t as secret as in the USSR --- I think Armata will even be sold if the buyer appears.
  6. kov
    19 October 2012 13: 27
    Quote: 9991
    Probably to the place of the photo of Korean K1 --- even Koreans make their own tanks.

    and they’re not bad at it

  7. skif33
    18 September 2013 16: 42
    How much money is swollen down the drain.