Lebensborn Program

In the 1935 year in Germany, which was ruled by Hitler, the Lebensborn program (Source of Life) began its operation. The founder and main ideologist of the program was one of Hitler's closest associates, Heinrich Himmler. According to the Lebensborn program, parents of children who in the future should form the basis of a great Aryan nation should be a healthy blue-eyed blond in the service of the SS, and a healthy blue-eyed blonde who should be a true Aryan in the third generation. A child born of such a union should be, like parents, blue-eyed and with blond hair. That is how the man of the future who will rule the world should be in the view of the Nazi elite of Germany.

In order to conceive a child, true Aryans did not need to get married and live together. He and she could just conceive a child, and later part. The mother bore the fruit, which for the fascist leaders was more valuable than gold, under the supervision of qualified doctors and on a certain day and hour gave birth to a baby that was the heritage of the nation. With a certain desire, the mother could take care of the child on her own and even receive a decent allowance if the father is an SS officer. Or, with her written consent, the newborn was transferred to a nurse for nurses from a special shelter, and later to foster families, where the child was raised in accordance with the ideas and plans of the “new order”, which after a short time should reign in Europe.

However, in reality, the situation was completely different. A prerequisite for the launch of the state program was an obvious problem with a steady decline in the birth rate throughout Germany. And considering the real possibility of an approaching confrontation with the USSR, the Nazis seriously thought about the real power of their army. Who will fight if women do not give birth to future soldiers? The German historian Volker Koop in his literary work on the plan "Lebensborn" led documents that are found in the federal archives. From these documents it can be concluded that Himmler was trying to put an end to the terrible "abortion epidemic" in the state. 600 thousand terminated pregnancies per year is too huge a figure, and the Reichsführer decided to make special detention facilities in which a woman could safely give birth to a baby and pass it on to further education of the state. “Give the child to the Fuhrer!” - this motto called for all German women to actively participate in the state program of increasing the birth rate. From now on, conceiving a child without a legal husband was considered an honor. Especially, if dad is a devoted SS soldier!

The coming lord of the world, born into the world, underwent a non-standard ritual of baptism, in which the mother praised on behalf of the newborn an oath of devotion to the Nazi ideology. But the Nazis found very few of their own Aryans. Consequently, when the World War 2 broke out and the German troops began their occupation procession across Europe, they began to search for “individuals” suitable for the future of other countries in other countries.

The most promising mothers of the future rulers of the world were the women representatives of the Scandinavian countries, the preference was given to the Norwegians. The descendants of the ancient Vikings, they roughly correspond to the Aryans, and absolutely the same can give the Führer children. The program undoubtedly brought certain benefits: the Norwegians gave birth to several thousand blond boys and girls from German selected warriors. At the same time, a proposal was made to expand the scope of the current program. Look, look, how many small blondes run in the occupied states. If they are brought to Germany and raised as Germans, the result will be only positive. And in the occupied territories they began to catch children outwardly similar to the Aryans. Parents, as usual, were killed, and the surviving babies were delivered to special detention centers, scrupulously examined, measured, and those who came under the requirements were sent to Germany, "rejected" was expected to die in the gas chamber. Nowadays, in the city of Lidice (Czech Republic) there is a monument to children who fell victim to the Lebensborn Nazi program in 1942, when all 105 and 13 boys and boys were taken from 40 children 52 girls were killed. One of the children who managed to survive was Maria Dolezalova-Shupikova, who became an unwitting participant in the Lebensborn project, and she said: “I and those not many who were given up for foster care were grateful to the new mom and dad. And we were glad that we were alive. All the time we were in families we were well treated, even, perhaps, loved. And compared to the orphanages, where we were lodged right after we were taken out of Lidice, it was pretty good here. ”

Mary was given a new name, Ingeborg, and she lived with him until 1946. While her official documents did not come to the consideration of human rights defenders. With their help, she found her miserable mother. During the war, a woman was arrested and was in a concentration camp, and by the time her daughter found her, she was paralyzed. In the 1947 year, when Maria turned 15 years old, she was invited to testify at the Nuremberg trials, in her speech she described in detail all the horrors of the Lebensborn project.

The children who were handed over to German families in their infancy believed that the real parents who raised them were people, and only years after the end of the war did they find out about what happened in reality.

Volker Heineke spent most of his life without even realizing that he was not the person whom he had considered himself all his life. And only being in old age a lucky German businessman accidentally found out that in reality he was an orphan, and not even a primitive orphan, but one of the children of the Lebensborn program. Once, Mr. Heineke decided to restore order in the archives of the deceased father, and among the papers he suddenly came across documents that indicated that he was not born in Hamburg into the family of his father and mother, but in Oderberg, and was subsequently adopted by SS member A.Hayneke. Volker continued his search, for this he sent inquiries to various international organizations and learned that he was not even German. His real name is Alexander Litau, and his real homeland is Crimea. In one of the SS documents, Heineke found a description of a military operation in the vicinity of the Crimean village of Kommunar. During this operation, Hitler’s soldiers were caught by a charming fair-haired little boy who was captured and transported to Germany in order to bring up a true Aryan from him in the future. But Volker himself does not remember this. Yes, and his life in a foster family can not complain. He could not even imagine that his father and mother, who loved him to distraction, were not his relatives. He did not know that Adalbert saw him at an 3 age at one of the Lebensborn special houses and immediately fell in love with the child with all his heart. According to the law, this German could not take for the further upbringing of the child, due to the fact that, due to his own health, he was not suitable as a father, as he suffered from slight deafness. But Adalbert was very rich and owned excellent connections in narrow Nazi circles. He was able to lure Heinrich Himmler himself to a party and started a conversation with him on a favorite topic of a high-ranking guest - about raising chickens. As a result of this conversation, Adalbert literally - charmed Himmler - and got him to support his candidacy for the role of adopter.

Foster dad did everything so that the future life of his step-son succeeded. In the inheritance, Adalbert left him a thriving brokerage firm, thanks to which Volker made a fortune by moving to London.

For the sake of honesty, it must be said that the subsequent long life of the receptionist was joyous, despite the sadness ... no, not disappointment, but rather a revelation, which, however, did not change his really warm feelings in relation to the people who brought him up. Many other children of the Lebensborn program were expected at all by a different fate.

With the fall of Nazi Germany, the “Aryans involuntarily” took on their shoulders the heavy burden of retribution for the misdeeds of their “fathers”. Exceptionally furiously and brutally with the participants of the Aryan experiment was cracked down in Norway. The leadership of this Scandinavian country took measures so that all the “guilty” would be punished appropriately. Mothers who gave birth to the SS men were called “German whores” and sent to secret concentration camps, forcing them to do the most difficult and demeaning work. And their children were teased by "Nazi bastards" and "rats." Approximately eight thousand so-called "rats" leadership of Norway sent to Australia - out of sight. It was also terrible that even the clergy offered to sterilize these children so that in the future they would not produce offspring that could easily inherit the unsafe genes of the Nazis. The rage on the unfortunate offspring of SS men from the former occupied Scandinavian countries was so huge that they were beaten, spat upon and even raped in orphanages.

Harriet von Nickel, whose Norwegian mother was obliged to liaise with a German officer in the 1941 year, many years after the end of the war was subjected to heartless humiliation. At the age of four, adoptive parents planted a baby in one chain with a dog in the yard. In six years, the inhabitant of her village threw the little girl into the water to see if the “witch” would escape or drown. And at the age of nine, the unknown people, who cannot be called people by their tongues, cut out a miserable fascist swastika on their foreheads.

Because of this attitude, adolescents experienced a constant feeling of shame and guilt for the Nazi fathers, whom they did not choose, and their mothers were only victims. The number of suicides among children born under the Lebensborn program was more than twenty times higher than among ordinary neurotics. Many of the adolescents were drinking too much, abusing drugs and becoming socially dangerous individuals, from which the state got rid of.

No one can name the exact number of children participating in the program. Some call the number 5,5 thousand, others - 12 thousand. How many of them were born from the Germans, and how many were captured and taken out of the occupied territories, to find out now even about unreal. But Volker Heineke wants, any valuable, to know the fate of his real parents, and for this he even visited Crimea. Perhaps he will be lucky, and he will find even a grave, but the native people, from whom he was meanly taken away in order to please the great ideas of the Aryan schizophrenic.
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