Peace enforcement

It was early yesterday, tomorrow will be too late!

Today they talk a lot about the inexpediency of open military intervention by Russia in the east of Ukraine. I will allow myself a few thoughts on this. First I will give the main arguments in favor of non-interference of Russia, below - my comments.

1. The United States is eager for a new global war (to “reset” its debts, to prevent the collapse of the dollar system, etc.), for this Washington and Kiev specifically provoke Moscow to enter the Russian troops. In addition, NATO will have a reason to deploy military bases on the territory of Ukraine.

2. The current Ukrainian government is also waiting for the intervention of Russia. This will prolong its existence and give motivation for waging war in the east.

3. The West will impose extremely painful sanctions against Russia.

4. Russia needs not only a friendly Donbass, but the whole of New Russia, and in the future, all of Ukraine. Therefore, one should not give a reason to make Russia the image of an aggressor.

5. Ukraine and without the intervention of Russia will be forced to soon cease hostilities, since run out of money and human resources.

1. First, if someone has not yet noticed, America has long been leading a global cold war against Russia. Ukraine is just one of the staging grounds for American aggression. According to the Department of State, about 5 billions of dollars have already been invested in the creation of this bridgehead. The fact that now this war has moved from the informational to the hot phase, that is, the military one itself, does not change the essence of the matter.

At the same time, it is obvious that today, the West (led by the United States), after the failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, is forced to refuse - at least in the foreseeable future - from direct military intervention and will “export democracy” using puppet governments, i.e. others hands.

I don’t argue: in order to "reset" its debts, to prevent the collapse of the dollar system, America may be interested in starting a new world war. But note: she is interested in a victorious war. But only a madman can seriously hope to win in an open confrontation with such a nuclear power as Russia. So far, America is more like a lazy lazy consumer than a suicide. Therefore, the maximum that the Americans are capable of today is the incitement of their satellites against Russia in the hope that we will not withstand the pressure, we will flinch and back away.

The main task of the United States is the final separation of Ukraine from Russia, or, as a minimum plan, the destruction of the military-industrial potential of the south-east of Ukraine. The main goal is to prevent further strengthening of the military-economic power of our country. Therefore, is it any wonder that, under the pretext of fighting “separatists and terrorists,” the Kiev regime first of all began to systematically and systematically destroy the cities of Donbass. After all, this destruction America purposefully went on for many years. It is impossible not to appreciate the sophisticated cynicism of the Americans, who have achieved that the Ukrainian cities are destroying the Ukrainian cities.

Secondly, the current policy of the United States in Ukraine is a frank gamble and bluff. Actually, it is precisely these words that determine the entire foreign policy of the past decades. In the success of the American adventure in Ukraine can only believe the faint-hearted or the one who is its direct performer. What seems to be some kind of provocation is caused by the feeling of impunity of Kiev leaders, who blindly believe in the omnipotence of their overseas employer.

Russia, which triumphed over the most warlike nations of the West (to which America never belonged), has nothing to fear. Rather, we should be afraid of self-doubt. As events show, the level of training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was even lower than the level of training of the Georgian army in 2008. It seems that the American instructors did not bother to develop a scenario of military actions, apparently believing that this would not happen.

Nevertheless, the junta’s available armed forces would be enough to level the Donbass and even the whole of New Russia. Only a decisive military operation to force Ukraine to peace can save the situation and cool down the ardor of punishers. Alas, the example of Georgia in August 2008 of the year, probably, the USA did not teach anything. We'll have to repeat.

Russia should not hide its assistance to the Russian people, who by the will of fate ended up in the Russophobic state. We have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to justify. America and the current Ukrainian government should be ashamed and justified. Operational intervention of Russia is the only way to stop the bombing of peaceful cities and to avoid large losses from both the militia and the Ukrainian military, who have become hostages of the criminal Kiev regime.

Otherwise, the inaction and indecision of Russia in this matter will be regarded by our enemies as a weakness, which, as we know, is not forgiven in politics. So, there will be even more pressure on Russia, there will be military bases in Ukraine, as before they appeared in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. That is, we will receive both shame and war. I don’t say that Moscow’s indecision acts in a demoralizing way on our partners in the Customs Union (it’s enough to cite the ambiguous behavior of the Belarusian president at the inauguration of Poroshenko as an example), and also gives reason to say that Novorossia is a bargaining chip, a bargain in the geopolitical "game" of the West and Russia.

2. The current Ukrainian government is not waiting for anything and is not deciding anything on its own, as it is a puppet, strictly following the instructions of the United States. For America’s plans, see 1. There is no doubt that in case of failure, the Kiev junta received security guarantees from its owner, which, however, are not always enforced. But this is not our sorrow.

Only the defeat of a military group can dramatically accelerate the fall of the Kiev regime. In this case, even supporters of the junta are finally aware of its sheer adventurism and irresponsibility. On the contrary, with the protracted nature of hostilities, puppet power has every chance of firmly gaining a foothold and gaining great influence (if only: after all, it manages to confront Russia itself!). As for motivation, it should be said that it will disappear immediately after exponential destruction aviation and heavy military equipment of the junta.

3. This seems to be the main thing that a certain part of our political elite, associated with large private capital, is afraid of. It is these individuals who do not allow us to conduct a military operation to force Ukraine to peace, it is they who frighten us with horror stories about the Third World War using atomic energy. weapons, on which some of our innocent and trusting patriots pecked. Fear of losing your transnational business is the main cause of indecision and uncertainty in the actions of our leadership in April-June. Of course, it is foolish and naive to remind individual representatives of the national oligarchy of their love of the Motherland, of the priority of state and public interests over personal ones. But it is worth warning them that when the people draw the power to the answer (in case of its inaction), they can become scapegoats (however, deservedly), and then the fate of Khodorkovsky may not seem to be the worst option. Let us hope that gentlemen-compradors will listen at least to the voice of their own instinct of self-preservation. And in general, it is time for them to understand that the time of the former “new Russians” is over, the time has begun for people from Novorossia.

It can be said that the sanctions will affect not only the interests of the oligarchs, but also Russia. Yes it is. However, one should think about how much it will cost our country, for example, a complete break of economic ties with hostile Ukraine, or how much it will cost to restore the destroyed cities and industry of Donbass (it’s clear that neither the United States nor Ukraine will restore anything) thousands of unemployed refugees.

But the most important thing is still not this. The worst of all the worst sanctions is the loss of public confidence in the government. For the absence of decisive measures by the authorities will be perceived by the majority of the people of Russia and Novorossia as a direct betrayal.

4. The image of Russia as an aggressor and enemy has been created over the past 23 years, which naturally led to the transformation of Ukraine into a Russophobic Nazi state and the genocide of the Russian population in the Donbass. Therefore, whatever Russia does today, only she will be to blame for everything. The only way out is to resolve the issue as quickly as possible with the change of the criminal power in Ukraine. It is clear that this cannot be done without decisive actions against the military machine of the junta.

And then, how are we going to inspire the rest of the New Russia regions to fight the Kiev regime, if they see how the civilian population is being destroyed with impunity? Who wants to be cannon fodder?

As for “the whole of Ukraine,” which supposedly finally hates Russia for “aggression,” we have nothing to fear here: thanks to many years of continuous brainwashing of the brain, Russia is a priori “aggressor” in the eyes of many Ukrainians. For a fundamental change in the situation, at least, powerful information counter-propaganda is needed. And in order to conduct it in Ukraine, again, it is necessary to resolve the issue of changing the existing Kiev authorities.

5. Ukraine will be able to wage a protracted war with the Donbass militia for a long time, since the United States is extremely interested in this. I repeat: for America, the elimination of industry and infrastructure in the south-east of Ukraine is an ideal option. For this, Washington is ready to provide free financial and military assistance. There will be someone to fight. Enough to create a situation where the only job for young men, bringing a stable income, will be serving in the army.

The overall result. It is obvious that the people's militia, even receiving assistance from Russia, will not be able to cope independently with the superior forces of the enemy. To create private military companies (PMCs) on the territory of Donbass, about which they talk a lot there, no longer makes sense. Not only punitive special forces are fighting against the Donbass, but also the regular army using aviation and heavy artillery. While PMCs will fight with the army, the peaceful cities of Donbass will turn into ruins.

Therefore, Russia needs to recognize the DPR and LPR and, at the request of these republics, conduct a military operation to force Ukraine to peace. For this, it is likely that you do not even need to enter ground troops, it is enough to use a massive air strikes on the enemy’s military equipment, which undoubtedly “brings back to life” the Kiev authorities (as was the case in Georgia) and will allow to avoid further casualties on both sides. The rest (repression or destruction of individual punitive detachments not subordinate to the Kiev authorities) will finish the people's militia.

It is possible that yesterday the peace enforcement operation would be untimely, as indisputable evidence (indisputable even for the West) of the criminal activity of the Kiev authorities was required. Today, such evidence is more than enough for several Nuremberg trials. The time has come for decisive actions, because tomorrow these actions may turn out to be unnecessary, as there will be nobody and nothing to save ...
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  1. PRN
    18 June 2014 11: 39
    the current US policy in Ukraine is an outright gamble.
    In fact, the US state itself was created by adventurers, scoundrels of all stripes and exiled bandits. What can be expected from their descendants?
    1. portoc65
      18 June 2014 11: 43
      The power in the country was seized by Galician nationalists, they historically hate Russia ... Plus the mass zombie of the population
      1. +19
        18 June 2014 12: 36
        Not Galicians rule there, but "peace-loving" Jews. Galicians, as always, are slaves and meat.
        1. +9
          18 June 2014 13: 26
          This is largely true. Yatsenyuk is a Jew, Timoshenko is a Jew, Kolomoisky, Kernes, Dobkin, Firtash and a bunch of other independent ukroariyev!
          1. +2
            18 June 2014 16: 39
            Well, let's put: Tymoshenko and Avakov, Armenians, and basically everyone else: Jews ............... and who is the most affected people in our country ??????????? ??? Jews and Armenians, and against the rest, there was no genocide, so genocide ......................
          2. +9
            18 June 2014 17: 56
            Quote: perfect100
            This is largely true. Yatsenyuk is a Jew, Timoshenko is a Jew, Kolomoisky, Kernes, Dobkin, Firtash and a bunch of other independent ukroariyev!

            Jews directed and financed the coup d'etat in Ukraine. Only Jews were on the list of candidates for the presidency of Ukraine. And the Jew Poroshenko took this post. Another Jew, Klitschko, became the mayor of Kiev. And the whole massacre was financed by the Jew Kolomoisky, who heads the European Jewish Parliament. And behind them are the Jewish financial tycoons FRS and Anglo-Saxon transnational corporations, building their new "world order" on Earth, where they assign themselves the role of the chosen people ... All Obama's recent speeches eloquently confirm this.
            Hitler, generously sponsored by American bankers and industrialists, always and everywhere said that the Aryans are exceptional. And everyone who did not agree with this was shot, bombed and sent to concentration camps.
            Now the protege of the Jewish capital Obama repeats the same thing, the same words about the exclusivity of the nation and the spread of democracy, read the authorities of the same supranational capital, all over the world, And whoever disagrees, they shoot them, bomb them and send them to filtration camps ...
            In general, their surnames are also iconic PARASHENK and Kalomoyskie ... On the latter, a case has already been brought about and put on the international wanted list ...
            1. Dracula
              19 June 2014 02: 13
              Jewish (Jewish) Nazism, which may be more cynical, to mimic an alien environment and destroy it from the inside, seizing power. (Like a cancer cell) Take your eyes off the real enemies of Ukraine, replacing them with Russia. And here we, Ukraine, with our * ben lazars *, are weak assistants. We must try to stay on the side of the Light and not let darkness into our soul. God with us.
        2. +2
          18 June 2014 14: 21
          Quote: portoc65
          The power in the country was seized by Galician nationalists, they historically hate Russia ... Plus the mass zombie of the population

          Quote: Altor86
          Not Galicians rule there, but "peace-loving" Jews. Galicians, as always, are slaves and meat.

          I think both speakers are right, so I allowed myself to combine.
    2. +9
      18 June 2014 11: 48
      I think that the Russian leadership will make the right choice regarding the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine!
      1. +1
        18 June 2014 12: 04
        Just that it became known that PARASHENKO SUSPENSES THE FIRE IN A ONE-SIDED SUSPENSION (allegedly in order to enable the South-East to disarm). And who was there shouting that Russia is surrendering to New Russia ???
        1. RN40Y45
          18 June 2014 12: 16
          where are the firewood from?
          1. +5
            18 June 2014 13: 14
            Poroshenko: Kiev will cease fire in eastern Ukraine unilaterally

            Original article:

            They are unlikely to post fakes on RT, we'll see it, although I'm 99% sure that the parashka p.i.z.d.i.t
              18 June 2014 18: 50
              Quote: Lyubimov
              what a parashka p.i.c.d. and t

              In the light of a recent article by a moral fighter of a certain / user / Banshee /, I suggest that the word you mention be expressed in an abbreviated form: He ..zdt; He ..zdn; She's ... out; This is ..zzh. Yes, we agree with the exclusion of the mata, we remove the vowels, we leave the consonants.
            2. +4
              18 June 2014 19: 22
              Kramatorsk is continuously bombarded with heavy artillery after the "cessation."
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. +9
          18 June 2014 12: 51
          He paused a week ago. Only nothing is suspended. And the troops are pulling to Donetsk.
        4. +5
          18 June 2014 13: 38
          Quote: ispaniard
          It’s only that it became known that PARAShenko Pauses the fire in a one-sided ordering (supposedly in order to enable the Southeast to disarm).

          The little casket just opens up - a turning point has taken place in the armed confrontation between the southeast of Ukraine and the Kiev junta - it became obvious that Kiev has basically exhausted its available military resource, which can be thrown against the militias of the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics. And the mobilization potential of the self-defense forces is growing, their morale is strengthening. Hence the "suspension" ...
        5. 0
          18 June 2014 14: 40
          let's see how the fascists react to this ...
          18 June 2014 18: 42
          Quote: ispaniard
          And who was there shouting that Russia was surrendering Novorossiya?

          Dear, did you transfer a pretty penny to help New Russia, or are you leading from the couch?
      2. The comment was deleted.
        1. +20
          18 June 2014 12: 17
          Quote: ispaniard
          Just that it became known that PARAShenko SUSPENSES THE FIRE IN A SINGLE-SIDED SUSPENSION (allegedly to enable the South-East to disarm)

          It was said a couple of days ago that the fire would be suspended. Parashka said that he gave the opportunity to disarm, and volunteers from Russia, calmly leave the country. If this does not happen, then the ATO will take a different form, more severe ...
          The suspension of fire is not a withdrawal of troops from the territory of the republics. So it's too early to rejoice ...
          1. +4
            18 June 2014 12: 41
            Quote: Russ69
            The suspension of fire is not a withdrawal of troops from the territory of the republics. So it's too early to rejoice ...

            That's it! I spoke about this more than once: quid quid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentes. Nothing good can come from the hooves - the manipulators of the USC, which are controlled by the Americans!
            1. +1
              18 June 2014 12: 51
              there was an agreement on a temporary ceasefire between the LPR and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so that the last of their dead and wounded could be taken away
      3. -2
        18 June 2014 12: 16
        no one doubts this. But the fact remains! After a fight, they don't wave their fists!
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Vita_vko
      18 June 2014 12: 28
      Analysis should always be based on facts. In the case of Ukraine, the indisputable fact is that the initiative in this conflict belongs entirely to the United States. And those who think that there are forces in Ukraine that are not subordinate to anyone, such as "pravosekov", are very much mistaken. The facts tell the opposite. But they are not controlled by the junta, but directly from the CIA headquarters. The goal of the United States is known, to take revenge before the Senate elections, which will take place in the fall. And in the fall, the gas collapse of the energy sector in Ukraine and the EU will come.
      Thus, it is clear who, it is clear why, and the timing is clear. And then all the lyrics.
      Russia is still only an extra, forced to put up with the death of thousands of civilians. I am sure nothing will change if nuclear or chemical weapons are used in the DPR and LPR, but in Syria they used it and normally, they forgot. Now it is economically more profitable for the Russian Federation to accept millions of refugees from Ukraine than to intervene in the conflict, risking transit and disruption of contractual obligations to supply gas to Europe. And for Obama it would be just a gift before the elections, and there is enemy number 1, and the aggressor, and the crisis in Europe, where without the American Batman, there is much more.
      But if the DPR and LPR miraculously manage to survive until the fall and create New Russia in conditions for the formation of a full-fledged state, then they will cancel out all US plans for this region. And for this it is necessary to help Novorossia with the whole world and, first of all, with specialists in all spheres of military and public administration.
      1. +4
        18 June 2014 13: 56
        Yes. the analysis must take facts. And if you look at the facts soberly, the author's position on many points immediately becomes untenable.
        1. The author thinks in vain. that the actions of the Americans in Ukraine are completely unsuccessful. I think they can be considered unsuccessful only partially. The author himself then exposes himself, admitting that Ukraine has become a Russophobic state. Is this a failure of the Americans? Our success?
        2. The author somehow prefers not to notice. that aid to Novorossiya goes in all directions, and it is only growing. Well, that's right if you notice it. then it becomes inconvenient to advocate for the immediate deployment of troops. Also untenable is his conclusion that the Kiev regime is capable of prolonged hostilities. Not able to. He has no resources. The Ukrainian troops are already under serious strain even with fuel. If everything goes this way. then by winter, private transport in Ukraine will stop. The author does not think that without our invasion a significant part of Ukrainians will begin to blame the regime for this? And if we fit in officially, the Ukrainians will not have such questions. Nobody is going to give Ukraine resources for the war for free - too much has to be given.
        3. Absolutely unreasonable should be recognized the author's argument. that our indecision badly affects the CU countries, especially citing Lukashenka as an example. Lukashenko's behavior at Poroshenko's inauguration is his usual behavior. Is always . when we were decisive, Lukashenka did not support us. He did not recognize either Abkhazia, or Ossetia, or Crimea (even complaining indignantly about why the Ukrainians did not resist us in Crimea). It's just that Lukashenka is such an ally ... a peculiar one. And in general, our excessively harsh body movements and reckless entry of troops wherever they hit will alert the countries of the Customs Union - they may fear that they will become next. Look, the Kazakhs are already diluting the population of the lands donated to them during the USSR with immigrants from China. Is it just like that?
        4. The military defeat of the junta's troops with our hands will only rally the nationalists in the rest of Ukraine, visibly confirming all ideological principles. that the Ukrainians have been sniffing for these 23 years. By the way, when someone advocates the introduction of troops, he tries not to mention the fact that even in Novorossia not all of our supporters are. I'm not even talking about the entire South-East and even more so - the rest of Ukraine. The author thinks that you can force yourself with tanks and bayonets?
        5. And the last thing. The state stands firmly on its feet only when it has won its independence itself. Even with someone's help, but by itself. For the donated statehood we will not be thanked - for example - the republics of the USSR. Did they thank us? So, when the overwhelming majority of the population of the South-East, which is still waiting, will take up the fight, then we can act. Otherwise they will wait it out and then start invoicing us for invading there to rob. About robbing - these are not my words - these are specific arguments of one resident of YUVU, which she presented on this site.

        In general, if you evaluate the facts, the author is wrong. the more that help is coming. By the way. to advertise it is just the height of stupidity.
          18 June 2014 19: 10
          Quote: smile
          The author thinks that you can force yourself with tanks and bayonets?

          You don't need to force yourself. I am ready, although a year and a half before retirement (reserve warrior of the 2nd category). I'll take a couple of Banders with me to the next world, if they call me. It is better to force the enemy with tanks and aircraft than with a bayonet.
          1. 0
            18 June 2014 19: 19
            I meant, "force myself love tanks and bayonets. "Is it really that difficult to understand from the context? :)))
              18 June 2014 21: 25
              Quote: smile
              Is it really that difficult to understand the context? :)))

              Your genius, I dare not touch your precious thought-forms in context / out of context.
              1. 0
                19 June 2014 02: 10
                :))) Come on, do not be offended, talk about your health, you do not bother me ... I didn’t know that it really didn’t come to you, I thought you were finding fault in this way ... :))) Nothing, next time I'll give you a discount on your "intelligence" ... :)))
                  19 June 2014 05: 36
                  Quote: smile
                  Nothing, next time I'll give you a discount on your "intelligence" ...

                  I'm not bargaining, no discounts are needed.
                  Quote: smile
                  talk to your health, you do not bother me.

                  Quote: smile
                  .. I didn't know that you really didn't get it,

                  This is your problem.
                  Quote: smile
                  Is it really that difficult to understand the context?

                  "Spreading thought along the tree ..." Well, well.
      2. +4
        18 June 2014 14: 29
        if the DPR and LPR miraculously survive until the fall

        ... I think there will be no miracle.
    5. Gluxar_
      18 June 2014 15: 14
      The article put a minus, since "for the hundredth time everyone is dancing around the same heap."
      The theses can still be accepted somehow, but the comments are meaningless.
      How can the junta stay in power for a long time in a situation of collapse of the country's economy? This is absurd. And it is the introduction of martial law in the country in the event of a full-fledged war with Russia that can give the Bandera government a chance to stay at the helm, suppressing all dissenting forces with the help of force. This is possible only in case of war, and besides, it will give the junta a legitimate opportunity to lead hundreds of thousands of Slavs to slaughter under the threat of execution in wartime. And no mothers can stop it. And the West will support such steps.
      That is, the author deliberately lies to us and calls for a fratricidal war. Where are the moderators looking?
      The author is in captivity of some kind of phobias. The Ukrainians are duped people, but not all Bandera are there. Moreover, at least 15 million Russians live there, and almost 100% of Russian speakers. And 90% of the "jumping" are ready to jump only in a flock, when it comes to personal choice and action, they will quickly raise their hands. Direct aggression will drive these animals into a corner and they will be forced to die.
      Time is working for Novorossiya, it should be supported by private structures and special forces. But there should be no military aggression, at least without a direct military strike against Russia.
      The United States no longer knows what to do and is already trying to provoke the Russian Federation at the border, hence the legitimate right of the Russian Federation to bring troops to the border again. This also makes it possible for the militia to avoid encirclement, since the probability of a strike by the Russian army from the rear on Ukrainian soldiers is now increasing. This gives the militia a tactical advantage. The border will not be completely closed, no matter how the Ukrainian warriors try.
      1. +3
        18 June 2014 16: 12
        Quote: Gluxar_
        Time is working for Novorossiya

        I would not be sure of this, the militia is losing the city every day, the ring is really shrinking, and this is due to the increase in the number of mercenaries and the acquisition of combat experience by the Nazis, Strelkov said that he would hold out for a maximum of a month and a half, and this looks like the truth .. In general the situation is complicated, but if the enforcement of peace began immediately after the first victims of the civilian population of Donbass, it would be all logical, but if we have resigned ourselves to open genocide, then I don’t know what to do now ..
      2. 0
        18 June 2014 16: 46
        I want to add that the Americans will not fight directly with Russia, for this they have NATO, to which they will give the FAS command, and that, under the approving resolutions of the UN, PACE and other mongrels, will rush to fight ... Yes, the NATO elite even now (when from the outside Russia has no real reasons) "tearing the ground with its hooves" ...
    6. 0
      1 July 2014 11: 34
      Quote: PRN
      In fact, the US state itself was created by adventurers, scoundrels of all stripes and exiled bandits. What can be expected from their descendants?

      Well, are you an expert in genetics obviously? In Russia, the entire Far East and Siberia was inhabited by terrorists, criminals, bandits and rapists. The same can be said about the regions of the far North and the entire Cossack region of Russia. In your opinion, it turns out that all of Russia is a gangster country. Speak, do not speak.
  2. portoc65
    18 June 2014 11: 40
    Even just creating a no-fly zone can be a turning point .. The latest news is that Avakov and Kolomoisky opened a criminal case in the IC of Russia.
    1. +15
      18 June 2014 11: 46
      Quote: portoc65
      Even just creating a no-fly zone can be a turning point .. The latest news is that Avakov and Kolomoisky opened a criminal case in the IC of Russia.

      This is good, of course.
      But is there any sense in this?
      Now if
      "sentenced and immediately publicly executed"
      - would please more ...
      1. +11
        18 June 2014 12: 19
        Quote: podpolkovnik
        This is good, of course.
        But is there any sense in this?

        This is still populism and nothing more. Starting a case and bringing to justice are completely different things. After the war in South Ossetia, cases were also started, so what ..?
      2. +1
        18 June 2014 13: 53
        Quote: podpolkovnik
        Quote: portoc65 Even by creating a no-fly zone, it can become a turning point .. The last news is that Avakov and Kolomoisky have opened a criminal case in the Investigative Committee of Russia. This is good, of course. But is there any sense in this? Now, if only

        I think it will be a good idea, it will lead to nerves, more nerves, more mistakes! How they say that the ground under their feet would burn! hi
    2. -2
      18 June 2014 11: 58
      Hmm ... Don’t be nervous ... Everyone WILL DO IT AS NECESSARY ... !!! Sure !!!
      18 June 2014 19: 14
      Quote: portoc65
      .The last news is that a criminal case was opened against Avakov and Kolomoisky in the IC of Russia.

      The last wife of the priest. Cases were brought against the "sixes" ... Now, if only on the transatlantic "godfathers", but with a trial and the subsequent execution of a legal sentence.
  3. +3
    18 June 2014 11: 41
    The persimmon should ripen and fall by itself ..
    1. +6
      18 June 2014 11: 53
      Some of them hang until they rot. Who needs an overripe persimmon?
      1. MBA78
        18 June 2014 16: 02
        persimmon does not rot ... and when it is overripe it does not fall ... overripe persimmons are mostly eaten by starlings with sparrows, so that half-gnawed bits remain
        ... by the way, overripe persimmons are considered ripe
      18 June 2014 19: 18
      Quote: parusnik
      The persimmon should ripen and fall by itself.

      The oligarch worms have eaten from the inside. Will fall before the end of ripening. Our worms are no better.
  4. +20
    18 June 2014 11: 42
    Ukrainian punitive battalion will lead to the Crimea under the symbolism of the Tatar collaborators and under the sign of Dzhemilev

    Dzhemilev, who arrived to bow to the sponsor of the Ukrainian Nazis, the Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, visited the headquarters and the base of the "Pravoseks", where punitive units are being formed for the genocide of the inhabitants of the South-East.
    “First, we will liberate the East of Ukraine together, and then - also together - we will return Crimea. I will repeat after our president: Crimea was, is and will be Ukrainian,” Yarosh said to the fugitive Tatar radical.
    "Our two peoples, two religions that know firsthand about war and repression, - we will unite in the name of peace and stability in Ukraine", - declared the assistant to the governor of Kolomoisky Boris Treigerman, did not specify what kind of people and what religion they intend to come to assistance to the radical from the Majlis.
    "Now in Dnepropetrovsk from Western Ukraine," Tatar refugees "are arriving in a stream. Trains from Kovel and Lvov arrive at night. Militants from radical Islamist groups are met on a cordoned-off platform. They fled Crimea three months ago, on the eve of a referendum on reunification with Russia. All this while training took place in the camps of Galicia. Now the time has come to join the battle "- writes Sergei Ilchenko on the pages of" Free Press ".
    He cites information that "the first unit of the" Crimea "battalion has already been redeployed to Berdyansk to block the resort coast" and "the Islamists killed several Azov fishermen - to intimidate everyone who goes on boats to the Russian coast."
    “Dzhemilev and Kolomoisky do not hide a burning sense of personal revenge. Khan Mustafa was expelled from Crimea for endless provocations of interethnic hatred, banned from appearing here in the next five years. Dnepropetrovsk Benya lost a huge network of Crimean Privatbank and other business assets. For example. , preparing for the nationalization of his sanatorium "Foros" - a real pearl of the South Coast "- emphasizes Ilchenko.
    "A sufficient reason to cover the Crimean land with blood. However, in fact, the initiative to create the Crimea battalion belongs to the real masters of Nazi Ukraine. A week ago in Odessa, the Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky talked with the US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. The meeting was held behind closed doors. information, a high-ranking official of the State Department set two tasks for Benei - a fence on the border with the Russian Federation and the beginning of a guerrilla war on the "unsinkable aircraft carrier" Crimea. It must be American, otherwise what was all this started for? " - the observer notes.
    Provocations are already taking place - so in the city of Old Crimea a group of Islamic radicals attacked four Russian soldiers and was scattered and detained by the commandant platoon. And in the suburbs of Simferopol, an unknown person threw a bottle with a combustible mixture into the mosque.
    It is clear that for an open invasion of Crimea no battalions of Ukrainian Nazis and Islamic radicals created with the money of Kolomoisky will be time.
    It is interesting that the battalion has already made a patch. Exactly the same as the accomplices of the Nazi occupiers in the Crimea during the Great Patriotic War. Continuity however.
    1. +23
      18 June 2014 11: 50
      Well this is unlikely. They can now declare what they want, and the Tara jackal and dill. Only if they begin an operation against the Crimea, I won’t be surprised if on the same day they hang out on one bitch. There the regular army of the Russian Federation, and even that group located in the Crimea, is many times stronger than the whole of Ukropskaya. This is not to kill civilians. And zvizdet - not tossing bags.
      1. +9
        18 June 2014 12: 01
        Quote: major071
        There is a regular army of the Russian Federation
        The regular army of terrorists will catch several terrorist attacks, suppose explosions, and there won't be a single tourist in Crimea. The FSB should work here, and they will try to destabilize the situation.
        1. RN40Y45
          18 June 2014 12: 32
          In Crimea, there is now a very strong grouping of Internal Troops and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tatar activists who were trained in Turkey and Syria began to disappear, work is in full swing.
        2. +4
          18 June 2014 12: 49
          Quote: baltika-18
          The regular army of terrorists will catch several terrorist attacks, suppose explosions, and there won't be a single tourist in Crimea. The FSB should work here, and they will try to destabilize the situation.

          You are wrong as always. There is also a battalion "Crimea" and against it, of course, regular troops, and the FSB will deal with its own affairs and they will also have enough work.
          And tourists will go to Turkey and Egypt anyway.
          1. -5
            18 June 2014 13: 07
            I wanted to have a rest in Crimea today .. I didn't manage to either lose 4 days on the train, or twice as expensive as abroad .. here's tourism ..
            1. +7
              18 June 2014 14: 59
              But I had a rest and absolutely do not regret it, 2 weeks together with a round-trip flight from St. Petersburg cost me 40 thousand. Where exactly abroad you can relax twice as cheap, ie. for 20 thousand rubles. in 14 days? In addition, in this matter, I think I should not be guided only by financial considerations.
            2. +1
              18 June 2014 15: 01
              Strange minuses, do not believe go to any travel agency and take a look at the price tag ... and do not forget to include transportation costs in the final bill.
              1. +4
                18 June 2014 15: 04
                I didn't minus, just answered. hi
          2. +3
            18 June 2014 13: 31
            Quote: Irokez
            You are wrong as always.
            As always, what is it? Or are we only right who sings "Hosanna" to Putin? And any even stupid actions of our government?
            Quote: Irokez
            Battalion "Crimea"
            The "Crimea" battalion is located on the territory of Ukraine and is not going to take Crimea by storm in the near future. But the terrorists can easily be sent.
            1. 0
              18 June 2014 16: 00
              Quote: baltika-18
              As always, what is it? Or are we only right who sings "Hosanna" to Putin? And any even stupid actions of our government? The battalion "Crimea" is located on the territory of Ukraine and the Crimea is not going to be taken by storm in the near future. But terrorists can easily send it.

              You, my friend, with big stars, probably sit in the Kremlin and know all the ins and outs of the undercover negotiations and intrigues. Like the Arbat military district and therefore you all know that you are saying so about the stupid actions of the authorities.
              And as for terrorists, they are everywhere in Crimea too, considering that there are Muslims there, well, and prokry, and if Novodvorskaya arrives, then everything is lost. Therefore, "The devil is not so terrible as he is painted." Calm down and trust the special services.
      2. +7
        18 June 2014 12: 21
        Quote: major071
        Well, this is unlikely. Now they can declare whatever they want, both the Tara jackal and the Ukrop Natsik.

        With our passivity, alas, they will become impudent, more and more ...
    2. +1
      18 June 2014 11: 52
      The correct decision is to gather all the rabble in a heap and to tell the story of Crimea ... A good goal will be for the Iskander ...
    3. +3
      18 June 2014 13: 13
      Ukrainian punitive battalion will lead to the Crimea under the symbolism of the Tatar collaborators and under the sign of Dzhemilev
      ......... do not forget to bring the funeral team and a couple of excavators, otherwise in Crimea the land is hard, mountainous relief
    4. +2
      18 June 2014 14: 41
      You can squeal as much as you like. Let them try to realize all this!
    5. +2
      18 June 2014 15: 39
      Soon all the "smart" and "not so" from the Dear site will have to be very b-b-b-c-r-a-t-s-a! You just can't imagine HOW MUCH RUSSIA IS DOING for NOVORISIA !!! I repeat: GDP - 15 years - not ONE jamb! I recommend .......!!!!!
  5. +15
    18 June 2014 11: 42
    I support the author that the time has come for decisive action by Russia. Tomorrow may be late, today the fate of Russia is being decided by and large, and of the whole world.
    1. portoc65
      18 June 2014 11: 46
      The red line was crossed a long time ago. It will be better not to go further - more blood only and deaths.
  6. 0
    18 June 2014 11: 42
    Good, the analysis is good! Time "H" is almost here!
    1. +3
      18 June 2014 14: 06
      There is practically no analysis here. Absolutely. Continuous emotions and contradictory, often demagogic, statements and superficial conclusions.
  7. admin 54
    18 June 2014 11: 43
    The author is 100% right
    1. kombat58
      18 June 2014 13: 05
      May be so.
      But was it not for the sake of this phrase that the whole article was harp!
      "Nevertheless, the available armed forces of the junta will be quite enough to raze Donbass and even the whole of Novorossia to the ground. Only a decisive military operation to force Ukraine to peace can save the situation and cool the ardor of the punishers."
      In recent days, the site has been flooded with emotional appeals, not only in the form of articles, but also comments. A lot of newly introduced participants appeared with a wave of emotions overwhelming the site. Pay attention to the lack of analysis, not of slogans, but of FACTS, numbers, data, messages. ONLY emotions and intensity of passions!
      All this is not casual! It is simply called an information war! And many are, to my regret!
      1. +1
        18 June 2014 16: 56
        ... yes ... Victor ... unfortunately there are ... negative emotions contribute to this ... by the way, it is through them that ukrosmi have a destructive effect on the maydanutyh.
        I repeat that under the influence of negative emotions, the ability to think, analyze information, draw adequate conclusions, make informed and responsible decisions decreases ...
  8. Vlad Gore
    18 June 2014 11: 44
    There is no doubt about it. The war against Russia has been going on for a long time. And the sooner Russia puts things in order in the territories of Ukraine populated by Russians and Russian-speaking, the better. If we wait for something to "resolve" itself, then the war will come to us. soldier
    1. +1
      18 June 2014 16: 07
      Quote: Vlad Gore
      If we wait for something to "resolve" itself, then the war will come to us.

      Unfortunately, we are at war all the time - we are no stranger to it. The main war is ahead with the terrorist Dollar.
  9. JoylyRoger
    18 June 2014 11: 46
    The article is interesting, but the author began for health (he explained why the troops should not be sent), but he finished for the dead (he concluded that it was necessary).
    1. +11
      18 June 2014 11: 48
      Quote: JoylyRoger
      The article is interesting, but the author began for health (he explained why the troops should not be sent), but he finished for the dead (he concluded that it was necessary).

      I agree. Too clever, or wanted to please everyone and get the title "expert of the year"
    2. +1
      18 June 2014 13: 01
      When do you think Roger will be needed? Or maybe you never need to?
      1. JoylyRoger
        18 June 2014 14: 28
        Not yet, don't.
        The following topic has already become familiar on TV:
        First, they show a happy family from Donbass that they came to Russia and got a job, receives documents, help, etc., the husband went to work.
        And then Strelkov, who talks about the lack of manpower.
    3. 0
      1 July 2014 11: 42
      The author began not "for health," but with an explanation of why Russia does not want to send troops. And then his opinion that Russia should send troops to Ukraine. Read carefully ALL WORDS in the article, and not "diagonally".
  10. Vlad Gore
    18 June 2014 11: 47
    I will repeat after our president: Crimea was, is and will be Ukrainian, "Yarosh said to the fugitive Tatar radical.
    "Our two peoples, two religions that know firsthand about war and repression, we will unite for the sake of peace and stability in Ukraine," declared Boris Treigerman, assistant to the governor of Kolomoisky
    How sweet it is. Tatars, Jews and Banderlog in one bundle. What, the end of the world has already come? lol
    1. +3
      18 June 2014 14: 10
      Vlad Gore
      Fertilizers are slowly slipping into one compost pit ... and begging to be buried ... :)))
      1. Vlad Gore
        18 June 2014 14: 12
        Yes, such "fertilizers" of the current to poison the earth. This is the fiend of hell. They are full of sulfur. laughing
        1. 0
          18 June 2014 15: 49
          Vlad Gore
          Hmm, here you are right ... my jamb ... but we have cattle burial grounds ... :)))
  11. +9
    18 June 2014 11: 47
    Before starting an operation, one should, at a minimum, recognize the DPR and LPR as sovereign states and receive from them a request for military assistance. Formalities need to be observed, at least to a minimum. But after that, you can establish a no-fly zone and supply weapons to the army of the South-East.
    1. natkasem
      18 June 2014 14: 56
      Well, I think Vl. Vl-chu, together with Sergey Kozhug, there is no need to remind about this. They are quite literate people in this regard ...
  12. +9
    18 June 2014 11: 48
    Therefore, Russia needs to recognize the DPR and LPR and, at the request of these republics, conduct a military operation to force Ukraine to peace. For this, it is likely that you do not even need to bring in ground troops, enough use a massive airstrike on enemy military equipment, which, undoubtedly, will immediately "bring to life" the Kiev authorities (as it was in Georgia) and will avoid further casualties on both sides. The rest (displacement or destruction of individual punitive detachments that do not obey the Kiev authorities) will be completed by the people's militia.
    .......... I fully support this proposal, I came to this idea myself yesterday, there is most likely no other option, otherwise it will not be possible to avoid the destruction of cities and the flow of refugees in hundreds of thousands ....... it's time to act
  13. -2
    18 June 2014 11: 49
    I would like to know if the author of the article is sitting on the couch, giving advice or scribbling on his knee in the ranks of the "riflemen". And if he is cut off from the use of Visa and Master Card payment systems, as well as Internet access, he will print proclamations in the basement ????? It is easy to give advice to others, only the first whip to the advisor !!!!!
    1. +4
      18 June 2014 12: 08
      First of all, you can't cut off the Internet, and Visa and the Master will not change anything in our market, everything is paid for until 2020, so the process will not be disrupted, even though they will leave our market
      1. +1
        18 June 2014 16: 18
        Quote: bubla5
        First of all, you can't cut off the Internet, and Visa and the Master will not change anything in our market, everything is paid for until 2020, so the process will not be disrupted, even though they will leave our market

        "If only I knew where to fall - they would spread straws." The Internet can be cut off by access to which thread of sites and services, cellular communication is all in wiretapping and surveillance and can also grunted, all computer equipment with chips "Maid in the USA" or Europe can accidentally jam, as well as equipment in which there is a lot of bourgeois electronics. A lot of bookmarks have been done and who knows whether they will work in the face of tough sanctions.
        In short, you can't say so categorically that everything will work, but you need to prepare.
        I'm not scared, you just have to look at the world more realistically.
      2. 0
        1 July 2014 12: 13
        You are greatly mistaken about the Internet. If we (Russia) are disconnected, that is, the records "RU" and "RF" are removed from the central computer in the United States, then not a single Internet provider will be able to function, well, and all Internet users in Russia will be left without the Internet. There is NO regional Internet in Russia!
    2. +3
      18 June 2014 12: 23
      I would also like to know more about the author and who does he represent?
    3. 0
      18 June 2014 13: 38
      And what for do you need a Visa card if no bank is already working in Donbass? Hang on the wall in the toilet?
      18 June 2014 19: 34
      Quote: GarySit
      only advisor first whip!

      Deuce to you. First whip to the informer! А advisor and prompter dick for the cheek.
    5. 0
      1 July 2014 12: 07
      It is possible that Ilya Kolodyazhny is this person. In my opinion, he deserves all praise. He is a professional in his field.

      KOLODYAZHNY Ilya Vladimirovich - Senior Lecturer, Department of Periodicals, St. Petersburg State University.

      Field of scientific and professional interests: theory and practice of mass media; journalism and literary criticism; Media and mass culture.

      Education: Since 2011 of the year - applicant for the periodical press department of the journalism faculty; with 1995 year - Higher Naval Engineering College. F.E.Dzerzhinsky specializing in electrical engineer.

      The main milestones of professional activity: from 2010 of the year - senior lecturer of the department of periodicals; 2010 year - deputy. chief editor of the St. Petersburg magazine Aurora; in 2002 – 2010 years - an employee (since 2007 of the year - deputy chief editor) of the Moscow weekly Literary Russia; in 1995 – 1998, ¬– officer on the ships of the Pacific Fleet.

      International experience: Participant in the Sukhumi international conference “National cultures in the modern world. Folklore. Literature ”(Abkhaz Institute of Humanitarian Studies named after D. I. Gulia of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia, 15-17 October 2012).

      Scientific and organizational activities: Head of the Literary Association of Journalists (LITHOUS) at the Student Scientific Society.
      He has many scientific publications.
  14. +9
    18 June 2014 11: 52
    I agree. Do not enter the troops, help the militia with airstrikes and the creation of a no-fly zone. It is important to establish peace in Novorossiya so that they can create state institutions.
  15. His
    18 June 2014 11: 53
    Don't blame everything on the USA, the EU. If the people do not want war, there will be no war. And to have a civil war, it must be prepared for a long time. There is a great desire on the part of the Ukrainians themselves to purge the former Ukraine. This desire arose long ago, matured and finally ripened with ripe fruits. But it turned out that the Ukrainians have a weak smell and that the Russian nation is not a name but a long-formed reality in the form of the Russian world, which no world wars could destroy.
    1. +1
      18 June 2014 16: 50
      They cooked ... And not 23 years, as is commonly believed .... Read A. Dikogo "undistorted history of Ukraine-Rus" ... a little primitive, but intelligible ... there is a network ...
  16. +14
    18 June 2014 11: 54
    "It is possible that yesterday the peace enforcement operation would have been untimely, since indisputable evidence (indisputable even for the West) of the criminal activities of the Kiev authorities was required. Today, such evidence is more than enough for several Nuremberg trials."

    If Russia intervenes in a timely, clean, tidy and tough manner, if the situation quickly enough returns to normal peaceful course - then yes, there is more than enough evidence for more than one Nuremberg .... otherwise, you can say as much as you like - he who doesn’t want doesn’t will hear. A striking example is the UN Security Council.
  17. +6
    18 June 2014 11: 56
    "The current Ukrainian government is also waiting for Russia's intervention. This will prolong its existence and provide motivation for waging a war in the east."
    I doubt this thesis most of all. Someone is strenuously instilling it in all the media.
    There is a high probability that the people of Ukraine are more likely to rise. The main thing is to choose the right moment. Now, when economic difficulties are still not so worrying for the population of Ukraine, it is a little early to advocate peace enforcement. The main thing is not to miss the moment when it will be just right.
  18. +7
    18 June 2014 11: 57
    The conflict of another state is his problem. In Ukraine, the civil war. The USA supports one side, Russia the other. the southeast can either take up the whole weapon and sweep out the National Guard, or sit and wait for it to be done for it. If they hesitated less, they would now be Novorossia, they could be part of Russia as the Crimea, or as part of the CIS. War will not last forever. Well, the US will destroy the infrastructure of Ukraine, then what? After this, tearing Ukraine away from Russia will be impossible, despite all the sick on the head. Only Russia will provide free aid, the west will give loans. Where will the poor and ruined Ukraine go? People are dying, it's scary. And what would be better if civilians in Russia begin to die again? Russia will start the US war won. Help should be provided to the militias, a blow to the National Guard. Deprive of their technical superiority.
    1. +6
      18 June 2014 12: 07
      Yes, understand that Ukraine is not a separate and not another state, but the territory of Russia occupied in 1991, and now there is a war not in another state, but in ours, simply on the temporarily occupied territory. And this war is our war
      1. 0
        18 June 2014 17: 11
        ... no offense will be told ... but your terminology akin to ukrosmi terminology... this is just a FACT statement ...
  19. +5
    18 June 2014 11: 57
    "... to conduct a military operation to force Ukraine to peace ..." So simple ?!
    Of course, I am not a politician, but a "cook", but for some reason it seems to me that this is not the way and should not be hitting the junta now. Perhaps I am wrong.
  20. +8
    18 June 2014 12: 00

    There is a high probability that the people of Ukraine are more likely to rise. The main thing is to choose the right moment. Now, when economic difficulties are still not so worrying for the population of Ukraine, it is a little early to advocate peace enforcement. The main thing is not to miss the moment when it will be just right.

    If Russia introduces troops, it will certainly rise against Russia. Peace in Ukraine must be done by the hands of the Ukrainians themselves. Help the militia.
  21. +5
    18 June 2014 12: 00
    The article is the chewing of the chewed and rethinking of the conceived. Nothing new, not a single fresh thought, not a single fact. Just - it's time! Cheers! Blow the horns!
    No offense to the author, but while reading, I almost fell asleep. Especially after night football ... hi
    1. -1
      18 June 2014 13: 08
      Happy! And people in Donbass now have no time for football ...
      1. +2
        18 June 2014 15: 09
        Today we showed the march of the striking miners in Donetsk. They said 10 thousand dugs in miners' helmets passed through the city. So if you are “not up to football” either, you can go and volunteer for the militia. Protect their right to peaceful work. Or write a clever article on the topic - wake up, Russia, take a sword, chop off the heads of the hydra of fascism, otherwise we are all fucked up!
  22. Stepan Vict
    18 June 2014 12: 01
    The main reason for not introducing Russian troops is not the United States, not the European Union, not Kiev, the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Everything can be dealt with in 1 month. The question is - what's next?
    Hostile population. A lot of people do not support the militias. And after the entry of Russian troops, they will generally take up arms, including in Donetsk and Lugansk, not to mention Western Ukraine, no one will support Russia, including China, Belarus, Kazakhstan and our other friends.
    This alone is enough. And besides that, there is still a poor population, outdated equipment in industry, theft among officials, corrupt intelligentsia, etc. etc.
    So let it be better to deal with their own affairs themselves, and let Russia help with money and weapons, food and medicine.
    1. explorer
      18 June 2014 12: 45
      I would add: that all the victims of the punishers that Russia will present to the world after coercion, "all progressive humanity" will unequivocally write down on its account, regardless of the evidence, and if God forbid it turns out that Catholics and Protestants suffered during the coercion process, then Europe will definitely not forgive the "aggressor".
      in 2008, with all the victims in the South. Ossetia, we had only one iron trump card: an attack on our peacekeepers. And now he is gone.
      And according to the views of the Anglo-Saxons, the government has the right to act on its territory with those who actively disagree very harshly, I think there is no need to give examples.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. 0
      18 June 2014 12: 53
      Quote: Stepan Vikt
      Everything can be dealt with in 1 month. The question is - what's next?

      Further assistance in the formation of their own Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, internal troops or whatever, state institutions, and then they themselves work on their territory
    4. Opinion-8888
      18 June 2014 13: 27
      And then you need to treat Ukraine from Russophobia. TV, TV and TV again.

      And not only from Russophobia, they need to explain that in accordance with the association agreement, they can sell 10 thousand tons of sugar in the EU, and they will be obliged to buy 40 thousand tons.
  23. +7
    18 June 2014 12: 02
    Here is evil. It's simple - a massive airstrike. And that's it - the war is over. Author, are you a military specialist? What specialty? Have you read intelligence reports on the state of affairs in Ukraine? This chatter reminds Grachev before the first Chechen war. Remember the 131st brigade?
    Dear author, to whom do you propose to fly and kill the Slavs, even if they are drugged, even if they are forcibly or deceived into war, even if not everyone is like that, but they are also people. Or will you start repeating the American mantras about pinpoint strikes?
    1. +1
      18 June 2014 12: 56
      Quote: maxvik
      kill the Slavs, even the drugged

      ay-ay-ay, poor lambs, you are about the poor and intoxicated, tell the inhabitants of Slavyansk and the adjacent environs, innocent children, no need to rush into Slavophilism here, as well as into Westernism
      1. +3
        18 June 2014 14: 41
        Just in the news (13-00 NTV - 10000 Donbass miners declared a one-hour strike. Is this the position of people whose houses are destroying Banderlog? 10000 thousand is a division - a division of brave strong people who can put things in order in the house. But no hour strike Uncle Putin come defend from Banderlog, and we'll see to trust you or hit in the back of the pits. When there is someone to help we will help. Otherwise, "Titus go thresh my stomach hurts. Titus, go eat porridge, where is my big spoon !!!!!
      2. 0
        18 June 2014 16: 38
        The total population of Donetsk, Kharkiv and Luhansk regions (eastern) is 9.2 million people. Let us think about what has been written. If 1 out of 10 joins the militia, then the number of units will be 920 thousand people, if 1 out of 100, then 92 thousand people, and even 1 out of 1000 gives 9.2 thousand fighters.
        If every hundredth does not want to fight and defend against enemies, then the majority of the population are either cowards en masse, or do not consider it necessary to fight. And then Putin brings troops to Ukraine. What will be the reaction of the Ukrainians themselves? Who should our warriors die for?
        Well, it is clear that in this case Russia will be in complete isolation and few will support it. Russia is the aggressor. It is not without reason that Putin is compared with Hitler in Europe. The aggressor must be crushed together and under the leadership of the United States. And then we will definitely get a war on our territory, perhaps on several fronts and there will be no excuse for us, since Russia is an aggressor.
        I think that before you find fault with everything and everyone, you need to evaluate your own awareness and ownership of the situation. Personally, I fully trust the president and his team, because in such situations he has done everything coolly and beautifully more than once. And then do what you must and be what will be.
      3. The comment was deleted.
  24. +6
    18 June 2014 12: 02
    Finally, I believe that Washington must be destroyed
  25. +6
    18 June 2014 12: 05
    Of course, getting on cards including credit is good, but there is one thing but! and when will the war come to you? and it will be very soon if we do not take action. I predicted the actions of Kiev on gas on the forum a month ago, you don’t have to be a big analyst in this, you just need to know the nature of Svidomo at least by 2%. and also: Yarosh’s threats must be taken seriously, this scum will do anything to spoil us.
  26. +3
    18 June 2014 12: 06
    Why so far Russia has not recognized the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics with all the ensuing consequences of the protection of our people in the original Russian territories?
    What or who gets in the way?
    How long will this ostrich, rotten policy go on?

    There are many ways to help and protect. Any applicable depending on the analysis of a specific situation.
    1. +2
      18 June 2014 13: 00
      Quote: nils
      How long will this ostrich, rotten policy go on?

      And you go to the site "Kremlin tchk ru" and ask a question. We all need to ask a question and be sure to demand an answer to the question that worries us most of all now.
  27. Leshka
    18 June 2014 12: 13
    I think so too hare to be silent it's time to put things in order
  28. Marisat
    18 June 2014 12: 17
    The main goal of the United States: Absolute and Indisputable world domination of American capital. The main resistance, i.e. ideological Russia.
    Whatever the Chinese and the Arabs think of themselves, the United States will flatten them without Russia. Their worldview is not right.
  29. -3
    18 June 2014 12: 17
    I completely agree with the author. But I very much doubt that the GDP, the Kremlin bureaucrats, the oligarchy will act to their detriment ... Their financial interests are primary, but their homeland is so ... Only a raw materials platform. They will come up with another tale to pour into the ears of the people, in order to justify their actions (inaction). That's all.
    1. +4
      18 June 2014 14: 20
      I’m wondering - you complain about the "Kremlin tales", while at the same time you operate with swamp tales, invented by anyone known .... the same people who drove the Maydauns to overthrow Yanukovych with exactly the same tales. Yes, the yanyk was not good. But he was replaced by even greater crooks and thieves, and, moreover, the Nazis. It's okay for you, right? :))) Or is the swamp maydown your goal? Do you want to arrange with us what happened in Ukraine?
      1. -3
        18 June 2014 15: 52
        Well, nothing new ... Expected. There is no need to classify me as a "swamp", although there, besides all the bastards, there were normal, sober people, just tired of the official lies and lawlessness. I am always amazed at this overly loyal, pro-Yedrosov position. Is there too much hypocrisy here? If you are not with us, then against us! So what do you think? I do not adhere to any political party and am not an apologist for Putin, my worldview is formed on the basis of my own experience. Or have we also privatized love for the motherland? And answering your question, what is normal for me and what is not ... Stable, prosperous, strong Russia is normal for me. The murder, destruction, genocide of our compatriots, what we are now seeing in Ukraine is not normal. And one more thing ... Criticism is never unfounded, and instead of immediately hanging labels, it is worth thinking about where and why it occurs. Yours faithfully hi
        1. 0
          18 June 2014 18: 26
          And you are not original ... so. briefly listed a simple set of marsh cliches and that's it ... And the slogans were invented by the curators of this, as you say "bastards". In any state there are dissatisfied, but on the swamp and on the Maidan it was this "bastard" who headed and. most importantly, it fueled discontent. It is thanks to those whom you call "normal, sober-minded people", who led to populist slogans, that the destruction of Ukraine took place and the Nazis came to power ... it was these "normal, sober-minded people" - that is, the Barrrans who supported the swamps, actually contributed to the destruction Russia.
          And screams about lies and lawlessness usually come from those who themselves did not give a damn about the law and lie so that the jacket is already wrapped ... as our bad government never dreamed of ...
          And I am not surprised by the presence of people like you, it amazes me how impenetrable you are ... it is interesting - such a position is an impenetrable unreasonableness or that very hypocrisy. which you have and those whose slogans you repeat an order of magnitude more. than the current leadership of the country?
          And I do not say - not with us, it means against us. I say that if you in fact repeat Hitler's slogans, believe in them, help what he was striving for. then you are a fascist. Even if you personally don’t like Hitler. You repeat the slogans of the swamp (and the leaders of the Russian Maydauns knew who) ... to continue? :)))

          I am not an apologist for Putin, and I am not anyone's apologist (although, basically, I support his policy), I don’t believe in God or in devil, for me all parties are now the same. especially since they really have the same line-up - no worse, no better ..... But I know. that the word Motherland should be written with a capital letter .... :)))
          And I do not touch your love for the Motherland ... love whoever and how you want ... only strangely you love her, actually supporting the slogans and demands of those who are trying to destroy it ...
          And yet ... criticism is very often unfounded ... just think about this phrase and agree. :))
          Admit it, no matter why you think the swamp leaders are right (this is confirmed by the fact that you support their slogans and firmly believe that their lies are the holy truth, even though you disown them), what does it matter? And it was not a label, but a statement of fact, it is strange and, I must confess, it is not clear why you cannot realize this and at least admit it for yourself.

          Well, and by the way you answered me, you confirmed that you are worthy of respect. And I respect you. But people like you cause a very negative reaction in me ... by the fact that they do not ponder, and do not want to ponder, to whose tune they are dancing, and where their leaders are leading, enthralling with populist slogans and demagogy ... just such the majority were on the Maidan ...
          1. -1
            18 June 2014 19: 02
            Slogans? It is you who, in my opinion, think in a stereotyped way, and these stereotypes, as you have deigned to put it, are impenetrable ... It seems easier to shout - "we will tear everyone apart, Russia forward!" or to speak, it is important to puff out my cheeks - "this is a subtle presidential strategy." Let everyone in this case remain unconvinced. And if you do not feel any contradictions in what is happening (returning to the topic of discussion), indicate your priorities, it will be curious to know how my "slogans" differ from yours?
            1. +1
              18 June 2014 21: 31
              Have I ever yelled "we'll tear everyone apart"? Can you give a quote? :))) And if you can't, then what kind of Allah are you telling me this? :))
              Besides, I think it’s better to shout about everything that was torn. how to howl about poor ... polymers, using slogans, lies and verbal cliches adopted by the demagogues of various political trends, united in a kublo, under the name "leaders of the opposition." :)))
              And about the priorities - you still ask me a question - what is your credo? I speak enough in the comments, in particular there is a fairly extensive comment at the top. in which I just assess the inaccuracy of the author's conclusions and the insignificance of his analytics.
              And we will not be able to compare our "slogans" :))) - I do not use slogans. Generally. None. They give me gag reflexes. Everyone, without exception.
              1. 0
                18 June 2014 21: 44

                In front of you is a patient with Putinitis in the acute phase.


                At the word "opposition" it goes berserk. During a seizure, he catches devils and throws himself at others with the words "barrrans! Homosexuals !!! belolentochniki !!! Nazis !!! liberoids and fascists !!!" whom he considers all who have a point of view different from his delusional fabrications.


                Any non-complimentary reference to his idol is perceived as an attempt on the fundamentals.
                Doesn't understand how one can think that power can belong not only to the GDP
                Active as a plague bacillus during the breeding season.

                Suffers from a loss of orientation in time and space.
                He feels himself in the past tense (the period of mass protests) and simultaneously in two geographical points (Moscow and Kiev), which is clearly demonstrated by statements of this kind - "maidan on the swamp " (what would that mean ???)
                I have never been to these places at the indicated time, but I consider myself an expert on the processes taking place there and the groups of people and social movements involved in them, which is typical.

                Associates himself with his avatar and responds to the nickname "toothy", calling in response his fellow in misfortune "clawed"


                Isolation from NORMAL people is required in a specialized closed-type medical facility.

                He needs constant monitoring by a specialist with a specific profile, treatment with electricity, peace (in emergency situations), care, love and affection, judging by his anger and aggressiveness, was deprived of his childhood.
                The last time I regained consciousness about half a year ago

                smile (2) RU January 26, 2014 23:46 ↑

                Wow .... I began to envy you, without humor I say this .... We sometimes get confused, but it turns out there is something in common. :)))

                Since then, the disease has progressed and the patient is apparently hopeless.
                Someone, invite the orderlies, please.
              2. The comment was deleted.
          2. -1
            18 June 2014 19: 32
            And, I just don't understand why you are so persistently dragging me to the "swamp" ... Maybe it is so easy for you as an opponent to see in me a terry "swamp"? Then arguments appear at once? But this is in vain, I have never been there, and I hardly will ... I just can understand the feelings of a few (internally free) people who all went there. And the truth and prospects as such are not there either.
            1. +1
              18 June 2014 21: 55
              I'm not dragging you anywhere. You yourself are just actively using swamp rhetoric. And nothing but her. Sami
              Much of your given comment. like everyone else - all the slogans.
              For instance. The slogan is about "Kremlin bureaucrats". Presumably corrupt :)))
              Inception - during perestroika. It was actively used both during the destruction of the USSR and in the events on Tiananmen Square. Various variations of slogans about them have calmly survived to this day. And they are used by all opposition parties without exception. Moreover, their entire top is the same bureaucrats. By the way, nobody likes bureaucrats. Nowhere. Never. I don't like them either. But not a single state can live a day without them. Yes, we have problems with them. like all other countries. But the slogans about them when trying to change the government are used, with rare exceptions, only in countries that have been exposed to the purpose of organizing color revolutions. This is very noticeable.
              The second example is the resource economy. Not only did the trade in raw materials provide us with really monstrously powerful levers of influence on the geopolitics of the Planet and the West in particular, which we could not provide with any money or other methods at present. This is how this trade ensures the development of our country, including industry, and social services and everything else. It is not in vain that the United States is currently making powerful efforts to conquer the markets for raw materials. It is bursting into the gas and energy markets by all means .... are they crazy? The slogans about a raw material economy were most actively used by certain forces just after that. how our country began to recover and strengthen since the XNUMXs. I don't even want to continue on this topic - laziness. the topic has already been chewed and chewed ...
              Further, excuse me, I will not write, otherwise I will have to parse your comment and write a whole article.

              Your last phrase puts everything in its place - you are poor people who stupidly, slavishly follow leaders who do not forget to wander around the American embassies and speak to American senators with demands to increase pressure on Russia, all this creative mink opposition, fascists, pederasts and the rest Barrrans who bought into cheap populism and demagoguery were called internally free people .... :))) Enchanting ... :)))
              In addition, it turns out that you yourself have confirmed that you are an adherent of the swamp. Yourself !!! And why the hell were you arguing with me before that, trying to prove that I shouldn't have classified you among the swamp supporters? :))) Why dodged? Or are you even here unable to understand how hypocritical your position is? In this case, nothing can help you. Late. Swamp plague primarily affects the brain. Tightly. My condolences.
              1. -1
                18 June 2014 22: 12
                Mutually. Judging by what you write, the dialogue, as I see it, is completely impossible ... All the best.
  30. mingalev
    18 June 2014 12: 20
    I agree with the author in many ways. But the most important thing is the economy. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Russia is not ready for full-scale military action. Early. We have to wait until the economy of Ukraine falls, the West will not sponsor for free, in this they are our main allies. And then it will be less necessary to chase the Bandera people through the forests, because they will be demoralized or in Poland. And UP needs to be built by any means. When there is an economy, military victories are predetermined! And Ukraine will not run away from us :)))))))))))) Practice shows that there will be no economy there, and, therefore, no army.
    1. +1
      18 June 2014 12: 29
      wait for the Ukrainian economy to fall
      She has been on the "krachki" for a long time
      18 June 2014 19: 51
      Quote: mingalev
      in this they major our allies.

      Yeah, loved ones, the first ones gvnne.
  31. +2
    18 June 2014 12: 22
    Poroshenko announced a temporary ceasefire in eastern Ukraine
    Interfax 10 minutes ago, 12:02
    Poroshenko announced a temporary ceasefire in the east of Ukraine Photo: ITAR-TASS

    Ukrainian security forces will unilaterally cease fire in the east of the country in order to enable members of illegal armed groups to disarm, and those who want to leave the country, said President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

    “The plan (the president's peace plan - IF) begins with my order for a unilateral ceasefire. Immediately after that, we must get the support of the president's peace plan from all participants in the events in Donbass. In a very short time, ”Poroshenko told reporters in Kiev on Wednesday.

    According to him, the ceasefire time will be very short, during this period the disarmament of the militias should take place, as well as the restoration of order in the region.

    I can imagine what they "plan" to bring there ...
    1. 0
      18 June 2014 17: 24
      if the dill squealed about the world, then either they are exhausted, or they are planning some meanness ... or awaiting the arrival of the amerskih owners, who will once again give instructions.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. 0
        18 June 2014 18: 30
        During his stay in Kiev, the USAID chairman will meet with illegally elected President Petro Poroshenko and Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko and discuss USAID's programs to support reform.

        here is the explanation of the temporary ceasefire - the head of the odious agency USAID (the main spider lair of all so-called NGOs) will come to give orders to the junta ...
  32. Alexandr 2
    18 June 2014 12: 24
    Why are we afraid of sanctions and other horrors in the case of coercion to peace in Ukraine, and in case of coercion of Georgia to peace, we were not afraid of this?
    1. +1
      18 June 2014 17: 33
      As far as I know, there was direct aggression in Georgia against our peacekeepers, which allowed the Russian Federation to act within the framework of international law ... With Ukraine it is more complicated ... be that as it may ... legally, the use of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine would mean an invasion. ... to bring in peacekeeping forces, you need to have a UN mandate (and this organization has already shown who it sags under) ... if someone has more professional information, correct me ...
      1. Alexandr 2
        19 June 2014 07: 27
        Thank you very much for the detailed answer.
  33. +1
    18 June 2014 12: 28
    Soothing articles every day, almost no different. But at least you need to voice your position. It's a shame to be silent already. A pause to look smart is also a deadline!
  34. Druha
    18 June 2014 12: 29
    Quote: baltika-18
    The regular army of terrorists will catch several terrorist attacks, suppose explosions, and there won't be a single tourist in Crimea. The FSB should work here, and they will try to destabilize the situation.

    By the way, at the expense of the FSB, they are working there, how much howling was when they caught the leader red-handed who turned out to be a Ukropsky director.
  35. mingalev
    18 June 2014 12: 32
    In addition, even if the DNR and LNR fall, the military operation of the ukroarmiya will not be in vain, the shed blood is not forgotten, people in the east will be angry and will not forget it. It will not take long to organize a riot, all the more who in Ukraine is smart enough to foresee this? Every shell in residential areas, every killed civilian, every refugee is a nail in the coffin of the Ukrainian state. The consequences of civil wars are terrible, does Kiev really not understand this? This is me about the goal of "ATO"! Its goal is one - to KNIT RUSSIA TODAY, NOW !!!
    We got involved in 1914. Do you remember the 41st, probably Stalin was stupid and cowardly? There was a commander Suvorov, but read about him, he was READY TO ATTACK! And the cunning fox Kutuzov? It now seems that it was easy. It was bad, all of Europe came. What's the bottom line? So you have to THINK, not wave a saber.
    1. -2
      18 June 2014 12: 59
      Quote: mingalev
      A riot will not last long

      it will be a hundred times more difficult, because people will remember how they have already passed them once, they will not be led the second time, there are no bad
    2. -3
      18 June 2014 14: 27
      Before the uprising in Donetsk, Lugansk, before the referendum, people were promised help and guarantees. And what we see: no, not even humanitarian aid, chewing snot and sluggish yelping "we are outraged, we are calling." Free gas supplies are coming out to the authorities (read - financing of the war of the Kuyevskaya junta against the South-East at the expense of the Russian budget) was stopped only on June 16.06.2014, XNUMX.
      As they say before our eyes, history is happening - the history of the betrayal of the Russian people by the Russian state.
    3. Mriya
      18 June 2014 15: 47
      if Novorossiya falls, it means that we were all betrayed, and who will believe in this government, which could not defend the Russian world, its own interests, how will they explain to the people, what is the reason for the betrayal (no other word) ??? Is it in money, in someone's accounts? This is the height of cynicism, and the Hero of Riflemen is probably right when he says that in this case we will also have a Maidan ... and what will be the consequences ... the Americans are rubbing their hands. And we continue to be quietly indignant, indignant, but who is listening to this ??? Disgrace, quite right, this is the story of the betrayal of the Russian people by the Russian state.
      1. +1
        18 June 2014 18: 35
        Over the past decade and a half, Russia has consistently and steadily and the further, the more rigidly, defends the interests of its own and of its people. Russian people, including. Provocative and panicky cries about that. that we all and all hand over to rise at every convenient and inconvenient occasion. Only now, when it turns out that the hysteria was unfounded, you cannot hear the same loud repentant cries ...
        New Russia will not fall. We will not allow this. I’m wondering, then, will you also remain silent, or will you just as passionately expose the groundlessness and shamefulness of your statements and those of those whose opinion you have listened to? :)))
      18 June 2014 19: 53
      Quote: mingalev
      So it is necessary THINK

      So what interferes?
  36. The comment was deleted.
  37. Y.R.S.
    18 June 2014 12: 32
    But soon on June 22, 2014, Sunday ...
  38. The comment was deleted.
  39. +7
    18 June 2014 12: 38
    Speech Glazva
    1. 0
      18 June 2014 12: 58
      LPR recognized South Ossetia. Why not agitate China on the anti-American demarche and recognition of the LPR? Events in Iraq are very displeasing for China. All US sanctions then go nafig.
  40. +3
    18 June 2014 12: 41
    (Suffice it to cite as an example the ambiguous behavior of the Belarusian president at the inauguration of Poroshenko)

    And when he did not behave "ambiguously ???)

    "when the people hold the authorities accountable .."

  41. Associate Professor
    18 June 2014 12: 42
    To be honest, I'm tired of these everyday meaningless articles in a similar spirit. One chatter. We must do this, we must do this.
  42. +5
    18 June 2014 12: 42
    It is good to be an adviser, you sit on your sofa, you reason, you eat vodka, you advise - and you are not responsible for anything! VVP also probably has reasons not to start, and, unlike the author, he bears responsibility!
    1. 0
      18 June 2014 15: 52
      Everyone imagines himself a strategist seeing the battle from the side? ... (Shota Rustaveli) soldier
  43. 0
    18 June 2014 12: 56
    I fully agree with the author about "not to send ground forces, but to strike from the air." It seems to me that this will be enough. At least for now. Only VVP has not done it yet, so something is wrong there. Or I don't understand something.
  44. +3
    18 June 2014 12: 58
    The defense of Slavyansk resembles a plot from the film "Battalions are asking for fire". When the battalion fought surrounded by German troops, believing to the end that an offensive was about to begin in their sector of the front. But it never started ... And almost the entire battalion was killed. And the commander of the artillery battery shouted into the receiver to his commander, expecting to strike at the Nazis: "What are we waiting for, Comrade Fifth !?"
    1. +2
      18 June 2014 14: 24
      Do you remember that at the cost of these battalions the capture of a different beachhead and the salvation of many more lives were ensured?
      1. -1
        18 June 2014 19: 52
        Quote: smile
        Do you remember that at the cost of these battalions the capture of a different beachhead and the salvation of many more lives were ensured?

        I'm not going to enter into a discussion, because it's not about why the battalion died, but about the fact that help never came to them.
  45. 0
    18 June 2014 13: 00
    Quote: Strongpoint
    Poroshenko announced a temporary ceasefire in eastern Ukraine
    Interfax 10 minutes ago, 12:02

    He has repeatedly spoken about the completion of the operation, now about the termination. None of this will happen. Americans will not give the go-ahead. They need an "open field". They will blame the war on the impoverishment of the people and the whole mess that is going on with them now.
  46. -3
    18 June 2014 13: 00
    I fully support the author of the article "Peace Enforcement". Russia needs the most decisive action now, not to chew snot. Every day of delay for Russia in the future will cost dearly.
  47. +2
    18 June 2014 13: 02
    Victoria Nuland, at a conference on transatlantic relations at the present stage (at the German Marshall Fund), as the official representative of the US Department of State for Europe and Asia, said, literally, the following:

    - Events in Ukraine "woke up" NATO;

    - The NATO summit to be held in early September this year in the UK will be one of the most important, NATO member countries will review their military budgets;

    - The task of the USA is “to help Ukraine achieve success”, “to give it a democratic and economic chance”;

    - “Make sure that Russia pays the price for destabilization in the Crimea or in the east of Ukraine”;

    - “Give Russia a second chance if she decides to work with Ukraine to stabilize the situation”;

    - “Protect the space of NATO member countries”;

    - “Events in Ukraine have become the biggest security challenge in Europe since the Balkan War”;

    “For the first time in many years, NATO member countries are considering increasing their defense spending”;

    - “Alliance members, especially in Eastern Europe, are forced to build up military capabilities and strengthen defense systems”;

    - "Strengthening security should not stop at the borders of NATO Europe";

    - “The United States will help Ukraine strengthen its own armed forces”;

    - “If for security it is necessary to establish an impenetrable border with Russia, then Ukraine must do this”;

    “Conflicts in the post-Soviet space will occur where there are Russian military bases: Crimea, Transnistria, Abkhazia.”

    Conclusion from the above: the loop will be tightened gradually, but purposeful. Until completely tightened.
  48. -1
    18 June 2014 13: 03
    Quote: Semenov
    GDP also probably has reasons

    Of course, they especially appeared after Didier Burkhalter's visit, a figure of regional significance in itself, but he certainly acted as a provider of information from the Swiss Rigles, and brought to the attention that in case of sudden movements, measures would be taken on the corresponding accounts, which in turn can lead to big trouble already inside the Kremlin
  49. Stenrnd
    18 June 2014 13: 04
    I have been visiting and reading this site with interest, but for the first time I decided to leave a comment here.
    I would like to ask a general question to all the authors who, in the past few days, have been posting articles on what Putin needs to do or not. What's the point in them other than a bunch of abstract +/-?
    All right, there would be some new facts, for example, a diploma. recognition of LPR and DPR, or speeches of the President of the Russian Federation. Or a serious change in some sector of the front, as was the case with the border posts. What's the point?
    1. +1
      18 June 2014 13: 34
      Firstly, there are many articles of reposts of the one I liked, this is the creation of a general picture and the expression of my opinion through the view of the authors.
      Secondly, it is the Ukrainian theme that catches the soul of many, I will say about myself that I immediately recall the era of Yeltsin (-Yatsenyuk version of 000), when many (including myself) stupidly followed this staff member.
      Now, according to the situation in Ukraine, trying to at least speculatively correct these errors.
  50. +1
    18 June 2014 13: 04
    Quote: Svetlana
    Speech Glazva

    Everything is very competently and correctly said !! We have adequate people in the government. Let's wait for the decisions of our authorities!
    1. 0
      18 June 2014 15: 30
      Unfortunately, Glazyev is not the president and not even the speaker of the Duma, but only an adviser to the president.
  51. Andrey82
    18 June 2014 13: 11
    Поддерживаю. Вот только князь московский по гневному окрику из Атлантической отвёл войско то ли за Урал, то ли утопил в Тихом Океане.
    А если серьёзно, то даже 50-70 тыс. группировка не решит всех вопросов. Нужна группа в 150-200 тыс. при предварительном уничтожении ВВС, ПВО, штабов и узлов связи. Есть ли всё это сейчас? Ответ - нет. Нужно время. Нужны не дни, а недели.
    И самое главное. Пора начать снабжать все антиамериканские силы через третьи страны. Запасов АК и РПГ на складах море. Сердюков всё жаловался.
    И наконец - предупредить США, что дальнейшая поддержка нацистов и участие американцев в геноциде русских будут считаться объявлением войны всему русскому народу.
    Способна ли наша верхушка обрести волю? Скорее нет, чем да. Недаром она даже по-русски говорить разучилась. Выражает озабоченность, пугает санкциями, призывает к диалогу. Не можете и не хотите защищать русский народ, так уйдите и дайте защитить русских тем, кто может это сделать.
  52. +1
    18 June 2014 13: 12
    Блестящая статья! Согласен по всем пунктам.
  53. +4
    18 June 2014 13: 16
    В феврале было :"Витя, чего ждем?"
    Теперь похоже пора:"Вова, чего ждем?"...
  54. 0
    18 June 2014 13: 18
    Парашенко нельзя верить. И в конце концов, это не предложение мира, а угроза.
  55. 0
    18 June 2014 13: 23
    Кто ни будь, внятно может ответить- почему не признаём ДНР и ЛНР? Одно лишь признание Россией независимости республик переводит АТО украинских силовиков в акт внешней агрессии.По всем уставам международных организации и ООН и ОВСЕ, факт внешней агрессии подпадает под другие оценки и возможности ведения внешнеполитического давления на Украину.....
    1. Andrey82
      18 June 2014 13: 34
      Атлантическая Орда цыкнула и наши князья с боярами попрятались по углам. И не слышно более лозунгов о России как новом полюсе силы, о том, что своих не бросаем. Каждый из княжебояр переживает за сундуки с золотом, за поместья оставшиеся в Орде. А ну как заарестуют. А так ждут - пережидают, авось выползут через год-другой из-под лавки - нет Орды (испарилась), сундуки целы и народишко их на руках качает.
    2. +1
      18 June 2014 13: 44
      Первое - ООН сейчас, - это чисто инструмент США - вы посмотрите полностью хоть одно заседание, к примеру как проходила первая резолюция по Украине под эгидой США(просто все вассалы зачитали ксерокопию текста от Америки, все Европейцы - в том числе). Или достаточно вспомнить, что в феврале США просто не дали послу Ирана в ООН визы. И никто и не пикнул.
  56. +1
    18 June 2014 13: 35
    Вопрос не в том,как помочь юго-востоку.Вопрос в том,как слить юго-восток-головную боль российских олигархов,не получив справедливого возмущения российского народа.
  57. -1
    18 June 2014 13: 36
    Войны не избежать, но есть два варианта ее развития. Вариант первый: аля 2008 со всеми вытекающими (санкции, дипломатическое давление и т.д.) вариант второй: на украине действующий режим, при финансовой помощи сша, реанимирует промышленность Новороссии для наращивания ВПК, пусть даже это будет ширма (якобы для подъема украинской экономики), т.к. производить будут только технику стандарта НАТО, а по факту переброска марально устаревших образцов военной техники стран альянса. И при наличии достаточного колличесва для создания серъезного очага напряженности, будет провокация. Итогом будет развязывание войны, в которой учасвоват будет не нестабильное только пережившее переворот гос. образование, а пусть и слабо вооруженный (по сравнению с Россией) но многочисленный и идеологически натасканый сателит настоящего врага нашей цивилизации. Поледсвия победы над таким противником грозит уже не санкциями, а вторым железным занавесом., или того хуже война с европой и сша. А уже это может подтолкнуть и Китай в состав своры жаждущей кусок наших территорий. Это еще без учета ПРО и баз самих сша на территориии украине, развития ситуации в белорусии и казахстане т.к. они цели номер один после подписания всем извесного договора.
  58. +1
    18 June 2014 14: 04
    Вы вроде провели какой-то анализ, при котором "...Поэтому России необходимо признать ДНР и ЛНР и по просьбе этих республик провести военную операцию к принуждению Украины к миру. Для этого, вполне вероятно, даже не нужно вводить наземные войска, достаточно применить массированный авиаудар по военной технике противника, что, несомненно, сразу «приведет в чувство» киевскую власть (как это было в Грузии) и позволит избежать дальнейших жертв с обеих сторон. Остальное (вытеснение или уничтожение отдельных карательных отрядов, не подчиняющихся киевской власти) доделает народное ополчение..." - будет расценена как акт агрессии, а признание Новоросии и так уже состоялась неофициально, если их представителей уже встречают представители законадательных органов РФ. Также не считаю верным говорить, что поставки военной помощи для сил ополчения не достаточны или не приносят результата, это пока более чем достаточно для сдерживания "нациков". Скоро придется признать, что АТО (карательная операция) на Юго-Востоке не принесла результата и задача провалена, поэтому АТО закончится скоро.
  59. 0
    18 June 2014 14: 10
    Давно пора организовывать тут в России анти-майдановскую партию "зробiтчан", как аналог и противодействие украинским НКО.
    For in the worsening situation, the closure and visa regime for Ukraine is just around the corner. And who and against whom these millions of guest workers will go depends on today's politics and the organizing force of our government!
    1. Andrey82
      18 June 2014 14: 26
      Но почему то наши правители выделяя 50 млрд. у.е. на всякие игрища не выделяют неск. млрд. на это дело? А вот американцы не скупятся и выделяют деньги и обкладывают нас со всех сторон. Спрашивается, нами правят слепые и скупые глупцы или прямые предатели?
  60. 0
    18 June 2014 14: 16
    Россия представила обновлённый проект резолюции СБ ООН по Украине. Документ подтверждает суверенитет и территориальную целостность страны. Представленный Россией обновлённый проект резолюции СБ ООН по Украине подтверждает суверенитет и территориальную целостность страны, а также возлагает на Киев основную ответственность за обеспечение безопасности и прав украинских граждан, передаёт ИТАР-ТАСС. В тексте документа отмечается необходимость принятия срочных мер, «нацеленных на стабилизацию ситуации на Украине мирными средствами», и подчёркивается «основная ответственность украинских властей за обеспечение защиты и безопасности жителей Украины, а также их прав и свобод». По словам постпреда РФ при всемирной организации Виталия Чуркина, российская делегация приложила максимум усилий, чтобы «сделать текст сбалансированным, и он получил более широкую поддержку среди членов Совета Безопасности».

  61. +4
    18 June 2014 14: 30
    Драку нам навязывают ,и драки не избежать.Сейчас обстановка в мире как в криминальном районе раз другой от гопоты убежиш потом всё жизнь рить будут.Надо давить свою правду давить всеми доступными методами признавать ДНР и помогать всем чем можем не смотря на Запад.Через полгода от остатков Украины отколется ещё кто нибудь. и так постепенно останется только западная Украина голодная и холодная.Кстати к помощи можно и союзников привлечь по таможенному союзу.
    А помогать надо,и признавать очень надо.Сейчас тупо народ сгоняют с территории и народ идёт к нам.Вопрос если сгонят население и разрушат дома кого будут защищать ополченцы,очень сильно мотивация упадёт.Так как за правду матку бороться когда она не нужна никому не больно и хочется.Освободят территории будут газ добывать и трындеть что это вредно некому будет.
    Признав и приняв ДНР в состав РФ Россия сможет решить все проблемы как с Крымом быстро и тихо.А запад поорёт, поорёт перестанет газ им важнее.Европейцам помирать за хохлов которые у них газ пи...воруют тоже не охота и все прекрасно понимают ,что Россия это не Ирак и не Афганистан где они жутко обкакались Россия это намного серьёзней.
  62. ssaazz
    18 June 2014 14: 31
    Россия вперёд!Победа будет за тобой!
  63. wanderer
    18 June 2014 14: 48
    Автор статьи во многом прав, слов нет. И думаю в Москве это тоже понимают. -----НО ПОЧЕМУ МОЛЧИТ МОСКВА??!
  64. +4
    18 June 2014 14: 58
    [quote=армагедон]Хм...Не надо нервничать... Все СДЕЛАЮТ КАК НАДО...!!! Уверен!!![/
    Давайте помечтаем: "СДЕЛАЮТ КАК НАДО" - это значит скоро ополченцы перейдут в наступление, разгромят армию Украины и Россия признает Новороссию...

    Дорогой батенька! Ничего этого не будет, потому что Россия не помогает, а имея подавляющий перевес в вооружениях, укрармия подавит ополченцев, погибнет ещё много мирных жителей, каратели проведут этнические чистки на Донбассе и будут готовиться к походу на крым...

    Из того, что "СДЕЛАЮТ КАК НАДО", по-моему, пока вообще ничего не сделано, а учитывая, что Путин беседы ведёт с Поросенко по телефону идёт СЛИВ Новороссии конкретный! Кто "СДЕЛАЕТ КАК НАДО" вы и сами не знаете, потому что, никто ничего не делает...
  65. 0
    18 June 2014 15: 09
    Quote: Armagedon
    Hmm ... Don’t be nervous ... Everyone WILL DO IT AS NECESSARY ... !!! Sure !!!

    А можно сказать и так: всё СДЕЛАЮТ КАК НАДО...Ну если надо, значит сделать , чтобы надо как сделать-то надо обязательно! Надо как сделать обязательно, то нужно сделать! Ну а если как надо не сделать, как надо сделать, что тогда делать? Правильно, ничего не делать, чтобы не надо...

    Вот такой БОЛТОЛОГИЕЙ занимается наша власть, вместо того, чтобы реально спасать Новороссию...
  66. 0
    18 June 2014 15: 15
    Это интересное словосочетание - "принуждение к миру". Но вопрос, как это понимать в данной ситуации? Россия постоянно заявляет в ООН (да и не только там) о необходимости прекращения огня - это принуждение к миру? Идет усиление ополчения, что очень затрудняет проведение АТО - это тоже принуждение к миру? Можно конечно сомневаться в том, что УЖЕ делает Россия это принуждение к миру, но ведь любой! выстрел с нашей стороны будет оценен как агрессия, что и требуется ам! Так может все-таки до давить ситуацию дипломатическим методом, а уж потом...! И, кстати, истерия на всех ресурсах тоже не спроста... Судя по всему, у ов время на исходе вот и поднимают истерику, и провоцируют. Неужто все забыли, что война УЖЕ идет давно - информационная, а "горячая фаза" только приправа к ней. А истерия, которую раздувают, основана на старых представлениях о войне, а вот это и есть, точнее, станет нашей слабой стороной, если мы поведемся...
  67. +1
    18 June 2014 15: 16
    Лучше жёсткое предупреждение,чем "умываться" потом собственной кровью. soldier
  68. The comment was deleted.
  69. Mriya
    18 June 2014 15: 38
    Поддерживаю автора статьи, все правильно. Только сегодня Матвиенко твердила ,как мантру, что "только не военным методом, а вот надо, дескать мирным путем беседовать с укрой"?!Это значит, если бы ее родных бомбили, жгли...а она вела бы мирные переговоры и увещевала бы агрессора, интересно. Но все молчат, сколько уже людей уничтожено, -мерзко все это. Если власть этого не понимает, получится для нее как- то по горбачевски-ельцински, как-то так.
  70. Krasnodon
    18 June 2014 15: 39
    Образ России как агрессора и врага создавался на протяжении последних 23 лет, что закономерно привело к превращению Украины в русофобское нацистское государство
    Предлагая ввести войска России на Украину автору необходимо внимательно прочитать самого себя,образ агрессора-России привит многим.
    1. wrm
      18 June 2014 17: 06
      Допустим привит, допустим многим, но почему не мобилизируется народ украины против "русского-террориста" под шквалом информационной пропоганды?! Или, всетаки, не многим? Может люди просто запуганы нацистами и не знают где друг, а где враг?
  71. 0
    18 June 2014 15: 44
    Согласен с автором. Хорошо то, что уже многие авторитетные личности стали призывать власть к каким то активным действиям.
  72. wrm
    18 June 2014 16: 02
    Поэтому России необходимо признать ДНР и ЛНР и по просьбе этих республик провести военную операцию к принуждению Украины к миру

    Не нужно признавать ДНР и ЛНР, а нужно признать, что Украина оказалась в беде, и вводить армию на всю территорию, если есть такой ресурс. И НАТО не сунется, некуда будет - не встанут же армии друг напротив друга с направленными стволами. Можно считать за версию, почему не признаем ДНР и ЛНР.
    На линии с народом, на вопрос Киселева: не боится ли президент нато, Путин ответил: нет, "мы их сами задушим"...
  73. 0
    18 June 2014 16: 21
    Походу " ... это есть наш последний и решительный бой!..." А отступать больше некуда, все продали! Самое обидное, что это сценарий озвучивали еще до развала СССР.
  74. Gagarin
    18 June 2014 16: 39
    Как то не сильно верится, во первых зарегестрирован две недели тому, а главное точно такое ВСТУПИТЕЛЬНОЕ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ как под капирку было уже неделю тому (правда не помню в какой тему), хотелось бы ошибаться...
    Цитата: StenRnD
    I have been visiting and reading this site with interest, but for the first time I decided to leave a comment here.
  75. 0
    18 June 2014 17: 12
    Сегодня по СМИ в частности по ТВ прошёл сюжет о митинге в Донецке (видел сам лично),так вот один из шахтёров на вопрос о поддержке и защите ЛНР и ДНР сказал, что ЕСЛИ нападут на ЕГО ПОСЁЛОК он будет защищать его с оружием в руках.Правда интересная позиция?Пока большинство населения живёт по таким принципам бесчинства и всяческие безобразия там будут продолжаться.И не надо говорить про силу шахтёров - там сейчас таких нет,а есть лишь кроты живущие по принципу "МОЯ НОРА С КРАЮ".
  76. +1
    18 June 2014 17: 12
    что по моему будет в ближайшем времени .порошенко уже ПРИКАЗАЛ ополченцам разоружится. глупость очевидна. никто ему не подчиняется и подчиняться не станет. конечно возникнут новые бои. Россия вполне может попросить мандат от ООН на миротворческую миссию. и думаю получит этот мандат. дальше дело техники уничтожить украинскую армию. по аналогии с косова отделяеться часть земли ... .
    с другой стороны все те люди которые бегут в Россию ,это рабочие руки. часто квалифицированные рабочие руки... .можно даже с оборонных предприятий рабочих сманивать в Россию. построить военные заводы под уже имеющиеся руки.
    хотят американцы воевать с миротворцами международными ? пускай приезжают и воюют сами. УБИЙЦЫ- фашисты будут грабить тех кто останется на другой стороне, когда сунуться на эту сторону их просто почикают и все дела.
    мне скажут людей жалко ? пускай эти люди пожалеют себя сами!!! на Бога надейся, а САМ НЕ ПЛОШАЙ.
  77. +1
    18 June 2014 17: 38
    здоровья ,еще раз.
    вдогонку к превидущему высказыванию.
    согласия америки даже не нужно на такую операцию голубых касок. достаточно согласия Европы на сохранность их газа.
    обеспечить сохранность европейского газа вполне могут русские, китайцы, индусы, армяне, бялорусы, греки, итальянцы, испанцы, ну и ... .важно что бы русские и китайцы были а все остальное не важно. можно даже цену на газ Европе снизить ...
  78. 0
    18 June 2014 18: 08
    Похоже,что наконец-то "лед тронулся" и к границе снова выдвигаются войска Российской Армии,а то взяли моду как махновцы раскатывать на БМП по нашей территории.Да и необходимо срочно прекратить террор против мирных жителей!
  79. +1
    18 June 2014 18: 25
    In Ukraine - an inert mass lives ... If the main 8 regions stood up -
    It would be - NOT!
    Kharkiv Oblast - was generally afraid to hold a referendum ...
    Kiev authorities - would be scared of this magnitude. And so - one by one they began to choke.
    1. 0
      18 June 2014 18: 37
      А Херсонская полностью оккупирована галициантами, нагнали вояк, ментов и погранцов тоже из рагульстана.
  80. 0
    18 June 2014 18: 29
    Силы АТО в одностороннем порядке прекратят огонь и дадут шанс террористам разоружиться и уехать – Порошенко
    Президент предупредил, что время прекращения огня будет очень коротким
    Украинские военнослужащие, участвующие в антитеррористической операции, в одностороннем порядке прекратят огонь на востоке Украины для того, чтобы дать возможность боевикам разоружиться, а тем, кто хочет - покинуть страну, заявил президент Петр Порошенко.
    "План (мирный план президента – ред.) начинается с моего приказа об одностороннем прекращении огня. Немедленно после этого мы должны получить поддержку мирного плана президента со стороны всех участников событий в Донбассе. В очень краткие сроки", - сказал он журналистам в среду в Киеве.
    По его словам, время прекращения огня будет очень коротким и за это время должно произойти разоружение со стороны незаконных вооруженных формирований, а также наведение порядка в регионе.
    Как сообщалось, мирный план Порошенко предполагает прекращение боевых действий в Донецкой и Луганской областях в ближайшие дни.
  81. +1
    18 June 2014 18: 35
    Под разговоры о мире Украина закупает тысячу единиц бронетехники для силовой операции в Новороссии и проводит перегруппировку сил.
  82. 0
    18 June 2014 20: 49
    Сегодня, 18 июня, у министра обороны Донецкой народной республики и командующего силами самообороны Славянска Игоря Ивановича Стрелкова именины. Его небесный покровитель - святой благоверный князь Игорь Черниговский, принявший мученическую кончину во время междоусобицы.
    Великий князь Киевский и Черниговский Игорь Ольгович жил в XII веке - тяжелое и скорбное для Руси время непрерывных междоусобных браней. В 1138 году Великим князем Киевским стал старший брат Игоря - Всеволод и хотя его княжение длилось всего несколько лет и было наполнено непрерывными войнами, князь считал Киев своим наследственным княжеством и решил передать его в наследство своему брату Игорю. И когда в 1146 году умер князь Всеволод, киевляне целовали крест Игорю как новому князю, а Игорь целовал крест Киеву, пообещав справедливо править народом и защищать его. Но, преступив крестное целование, киевские бояре изменили новому князю, призвав к себе князя Изяслава Мстиславича с войском. Но на этом измена не закончилась, прямо во время боя, состоявшемся под Киевом, еще раз нарушив крестное целование, киевские войска перешли на сторону Изяслава. Преданный князь Игорь Ольгович был взят в плен, привезен в Киев и посажен в поруб. Произошло это событие 13 августа, таким образом все княжение Игоря продолжалось две недели. После тяжелой болезни, которая напала на князя в заточении, он был освобожден из сырой темницы и пострижен в схиму в Киевском Феодоровском монастыре. Божией помощью князь Игорь выздоровел и, оставшись иноком монастыря, проводил время в слезах и молитве.
    Но и здесь враги князя не оставили его в покое. В 1147 году киевское вече постановило расправиться с князем-иноком. Обезумевшие киевляне ворвались в храм во время святой литургии, схватили молившегося пред иконой Божией Матери Игоря и потащили его на расправу. Убив князя, озверевшая толпа стала избивать и надругаться над его телом. Так святой мученик предал Господу дух свой, «и совлекся ризы тленнаго человека, и в нетленную и многострадальную ризу Христа облекся». Когда вечером того же дня тело блаженного Игоря было перенесено в церковь святого Михаила, «Бог явил над ним знамение велико, зажглись свечи все над ним в церкви той». На другое утро святой страдалец был погребен в монастыре святого Симеона, на окраине Киева. В 1150 году князь Черниговский Святослав Ольгович перенес мощи своего брата, святого Игоря, в Чернигов и положил в Спасском соборе.
    Игорь Иванович Стрелков известный сегодня всем русским патриотам как командующий ополчением Донбасса и борец против киевской хунты, родился 17 декабря 1970 года в Москве в семье потомственных военных. В 1993 году он окончил Московский государственный историко-архивный институт, однако профессии историка предпочел военную службу. В 1993-1994 годах Игорь проходил срочную службу в Вооруженных Силах России, добровольцем принимал участие в боевых действиях в Приднестровье, в Боснии и в Чечне. С 1998 по 2000 г. Игорь Стрелков регулярно публиковался на страницах газеты «Завтра», с 2011 г. публиковал аналитические материалы в "ANNA-NEWS". В конце января 2014 года, как заявлял сам И.Стрелков, он обеспечивал безопасность доставленных в Киев из Греции афонских святынь - Даров волхвов.
    На Украину Игорь Стрелков приехал по своей инициативе, руководствуясь личными убеждениями. Собрав вокруг себя противников новых киевских властей, он организовал отряд народного ополчения. В настоящее время Игорь Стрелков является командующим вооруженными силами Донецкой народной республики и министром обороны ДНР.
    Да хранит Господь воина Игоря и всю дружину его!

    Коллектив "ANNA-NEWS"
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    18 June 2014 21: 27

    оглушительное молчание Путина
  84. 0
    18 June 2014 22: 04
    Почему-то никто не замечает, что играющие против нас вполне не глупые люди должны действовать только наверняка, предусматривая любое развитие событий и по мере сил заранее поворачивая ход событий в свою пользу. Слишком большие ставки. Да, америке нужна война. Чем больше, тем лучше. Но кто сказал что они стремятся воевать сами? Сами они всегда готовы высадить десант на заключительной фазе для сбора трофеев. Воевать должны другие, и будьте уверены, в случае победы Украины Россия получит американскую помощь по ленд-лизу. За золото.
    Ещё одно. Как-то никто не обращает внимания на то, что основные цели поставленные противником в этой войне пока выполняются. (За исключением Крыма, естественно. Но это отдельная тема.) Главное - достигнута глубокая дестабилизация в Европе, окончания которой не видно. Россия ввяжется в любом случае, следовательно дестабилизация распространится и к нам, вместе с заботой о беженцах (давайте говорить честно, если ожидать худшего - это миллион человек) и затратами на Крым. Война или около военное состояние запросто может распространиться на восточную Европу. И уж точно там предстоит весёлая зима с избытком газовых событий.
    Итак главное достигнуто: участники событий тратят деньги и ресурсы совершенно бессмысленно, следовательно американские банки - самое надёжное место для тех, кто хочет сохранить хоть что-то.
    Нынешняя укропская власть получила ярлык за океаном и видит единственный способ продления своего существования - выполнение приказов. Что и делает.
    Вряд ли любые санкции превзойдут наши затраты на войну, тут даже считать не надо.
    России нужен дружественный народ Украины, а не отдельные области с пророссийским правительством наполненные партизанами. Пока партизан на Украине намноооого больше чем хотелось бы.
    Ресурсы не кончатся. Вспомните, в России советские запасы доели году к 98-му, а хохлы запасливые...

    Таким образом, наше участие в военных действиях на Украине сейчас предусмотрено нападающей стороной и будет обыграно самым выгодным образом. Любые действия там должны быть неожиданными и неординарными. Главное, что просто необходимо делать сейчас - договариваться со всеми, кто способен к переговорам и жёстко наказывать виновников сложившейся ситуации. Прибалтам, например, не плохо бы доходчиво рассказать об их роли в событиях на Украине.
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    1 July 2014 14: 09
    Quote: maxvik
    и будь, что будет.

    Странные у Вас взгляды. Бедненькие, одурманенные, насильно воевать заставляют. Вспомните нацистскую Германию. Из кого эта фашистская банда состояла? Ответ: из рабочих и крестьян. Эти бедненькие рабочие и крестьяне шли и жгли, грабили, убивали и насиловали украинок на Украине.
    "Солдат всегда здоров, Солдат на все готов,
    And the dust, like from carpets, We knock out of the way!
    И не остановиться, И не сменить ноги.
    СИЯЮТ наши лица, Сверкают сапоги!
    По ВЫЖЖЕНОЙ равнине, За метром - метр,
    Идут по УКРАИНЕ Солдаты группы "Центр"...

    Это Вам привет от одурманенных немцев сгнивших в России.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

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