How to behave in the shelling and bombardment

In anxious times, it is worth hoping for the best, but it is important to be prepared for any development of events. Let them never need the rules of action in case of being hit by shelling or bombardment: what to do, where to run and how to hide? Advises veteran of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Andrei Kulish.

Sudden shelling

If you heard the whistle of the projectile (it looks more like a rustle), and after 2-3 seconds - an explosion, immediately fall to the ground. Do not panic: the very fact that you hear the sound of the flight itself means that the projectile flew far enough away from you, and those seconds before the explosion only confirmed a fairly safe distance. However, the next projectile will fly closer to you, so instead of complacency, quickly and carefully look around: where can you hide more safely?

In case the shelling caught you in a minibus, trolleybus or tram - you should immediately stop the transport, run away from the road in the direction "from buildings and structures" and lie down on the ground. Look around and look for a more secure shelter nearby. It is necessary to cross short quick throws immediately after the next explosion.

If the first explosions caught you on the road in your own car - do not expect that you will be able to quickly get away from the shelling by car: you will never know in which direction the fire will be transferred, and whether firing, say, from mortars will start further. In addition, the gas tank of your car adds a dangerous risk of burning. Therefore, again: immediately stop the car and quickly seek shelter.

Not suitable for shelter:

- Entrances of any buildings, even small attached structures. From multi-storey / apartment buildings in general, you should run at least meters on 30-50;

- Places under different equipment (for example, under the truck or under the bus);

- Ordinary ZhEKovskie basements of houses. They are completely unsuitable for sheltering air strikes or rocket and artillery shelling in time (this is about weak ceilings, lack of emergency exits, ventilation, etc.). There is a big risk of being under massive rubble. The blockage of such basements entails the risk of instant fire or smoke.

You should never hide outside under the walls of modern buildings! The current concrete "boxes" do not have the slightest margin of safety and are easily scattered (or "folded") not only from a direct hit, but even from a strong blast wave: there is a big risk of landslides and debris. It is also impossible to hide under the walls of offices and shops: from the blast wave a lot of glass will fall from above; it is no less dangerous than metal fragments of shells.

Sometimes people instinctively hide among any piles, in places laid by containers, crammed with drawers, building materials, etc. (the subconscious reflex comes into play: to hide so as not to see anything). This mistake is dangerous because there may be flammable objects and substances around you: there is a risk of being among a sudden fire.

Sometimes, out of fear, people jumped into the river, into a pond, a fountain, etc. An explosion of a bomb or a projectile in water, even at a considerable distance, is very dangerous: a strong water hammer and - as a result - a heavy concussion.

You can hide in the following places:

- In a specially equipped bomb shelter (if lucky). From an ordinary ZHEKovsky basement, a real bomb shelter is distinguished by a thick, reliable ceiling overhead, a ventilation system and the presence of two (or more) exits to the surface;

- In the underpass;

- In the subway (perfect);

- In any ditch, trench or pit;

- In the wide drain pipe under the road (you should not climb too deep, maximum on 3-4 meters);

How to behave in the shelling and bombardment

- Along the high curb or foundation of the fence;

- In a very deep basement under the capital houses of the old buildings (it is desirable that he had 2 output);

- In the underground vegetable storage, silage pit, etc .;

- In the observation pit of an open (in the air) garage or service station;

- In the sewer manhole next to your house, this is a very good cache (but do you have enough strength to quickly open a heavy piece of iron? It’s also important that it was a sewage system or water supply - not a gas pipeline by any means!)

- In the pits, "funnels" left over from previous shelling or air raids.

In the worst case - when there is no cover in sight, where you can run across in one quick throw - just lie down on the ground and lie with your head covered with your hands! The vast majority of shells and bombs explode in the top layer of soil or asphalt, so the fragments at the time of the explosion fly at a height of at least 30-50 cm above the surface.

So, the general rule: your shelter must be at least minimally in-depth and, at the same time, must be located away from structures that can fall on you from the top in a direct hit, or they can catch fire. Ideal protection is provided by a trench or ditch (similar to a trench) 1-2 meter deep, in an open area.

Hiding in the shelter, lie down and clasp your head with your hands. Open your mouth a little - it will save you from a concussion when you close a shell or bomb.

Do not panic. Borrow your psyche with something. You can count the explosions: know that the maximum after the 100-th explosion, the shelling will definitely end. You can try to mentally count the minutes.

First, it is a distraction. Secondly, so you can navigate the situation: artillery shelling does not last forever, a maximum of twenty minutes; airstrike - significantly less. Nowadays there are no long bombardments, large groups of bombers do not apply.

After the end of the shelling (bombardment)

Leaving the place of refuge, do not let yourself relax. Now all your attention should be concentrated under your feet! Do not pick up any objects unfamiliar to you: the bomb, rocket or projectile could be a cluster!

Combat elements often burst when dropped, but can explode later, in the hands - from the slightest movement or touch. All attention - to children and teenagers: do not let them lift something from under your feet!

The greatest casualties in the Yugoslav conflict were at the very beginning of the war among civilians who were caught with lightning speed: the lack of training and compliance with elementary rules is a great danger that can be avoided.

And let the above rules never be used by anyone.
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  1. +15
    19 June 2014 09: 24
    Dad always dug a trench under the machine, not even a deep one, and this more than once saved him from death ...
    1. +9
      19 June 2014 13: 48
      Thanks for the recommendation! Informative. I wish that this is not useful to anyone!
  2. +11
    19 June 2014 09: 29
    Such memos need to be printed and distributed among the population of the zones of military conflicts, maybe then there will be fewer deaths, especially among civilians
    1. Capetown
      21 June 2014 15: 32
      I completely agree! And you can also shoot short videos for civilians on the basics of survival during a military conflict, put them on the Internet, show on TV, organize classes in schools, universities and organizations.
  3. +8
    19 June 2014 09: 40
    Experienced veteran veterans said that they killed primarily young people. I lived for 2 weeks and you are already an experienced front-line soldier. To do the same. Kill primarily peaceful untrained people.
  4. +14
    19 June 2014 09: 52
    "And may the above rules never be needed by anyone."
    A weapon may come in handy once in a lifetime, but to do this you need to wear it all your life
  5. +2
    19 June 2014 10: 44
    Thank you, I’ll take note.
    1. +7
      19 June 2014 11: 22
      Vasia kruger
      As I understand it, you are one of those places where it is "hot" now? In this case, since the Ukrainians use helicopters, I will add a little - in urban conditions (and in a wooded area), the sound of a helicopter approaching is always heard exactly from the opposite side, this is an axiom.
  6. +5
    19 June 2014 10: 47
    The author, have you seen many bomb shelters in new areas, and what subway does every city have? Often in medium-sized cities, there are not even underground passages.
    1. +2
      19 June 2014 14: 32
      Quote: Megatron
      The author, have you seen many bomb shelters in new areas, and what subway does every city have? Often in medium-sized cities, there are not even underground passages.

      Even where they are - either little or far.
  7. +6
    19 June 2014 11: 01
    Quote: Megatron
    The author, have you seen many bomb shelters in new areas, and what subway does every city have? Often in medium-sized cities, there are not even underground passages.

    The author simply advises where to hide and how to behave. But no one is going to dig shelters, and to others too. Just take into account. And if you want, you can tear it yourself if you are afraid. soldier
    1. 0
      25 December 2014 17: 56
      I completely agree! Just to criticize!
  8. +3
    19 June 2014 11: 52
    Thanks to the author. This knowledge is always needed and it is good if it remains useless.
    Recently, such articles began to appear. Got caught "Stay in the city or leave during hostilities." In light of the events in Ukraine, it is not superfluous.
    hast-1 /
    hast-2 /
  9. +4
    19 June 2014 13: 08
    Good article. May God be of no use.
  10. +8
    19 June 2014 13: 28
    Not in the subject of sudden shelling, but in the subject of all trenches:
    My grandfather told me that at night one fighter stood up to his full height in the trench and lit a cigarette, the Germans without hesitation began to throw mines and put one directly into the trenches. Grandfather then survived because he dug a hole in the trench in the trench and slept there, only his knees were sticking out, that time he received a splinter under his knee, the first wound.
  11. +3
    19 June 2014 13: 39
    Thanks to the author of the article!
  12. Pyckaya-dubina
    19 June 2014 14: 19
    "- In the sewer manholes next to your house, this is a very good hiding place (but will you have the strength to quickly open a heavy piece of iron? It is also important that it is a sewer or water supply - by no means a gas main!)"

    Do not try to get into the sewer !!!!!!!!!!!! The author of the article went too far, because when you go down the sewer manhole you can never get out of there and the point is not in a direct hit, but in methane gases, which you won’t even feel, and will lose consciousness within 2-3 minutes and are 100% lethal Exodus!!!!
    1. +7
      19 June 2014 15: 49
      On the one hand, the author is right, he clarified - "In the sewer manholes near your house." There is a shallow bed, a small channel and the risks of poisoning are minimal. True, he immediately corrected himself - "will you have enough strength to quickly open a heavy piece of iron?" There are no comments here - you cannot lift the fitted lid with your bare hands. Although our communal services have half of the wells. Well, don't forget about communication wells.
      Substation Awesome to hide in the wells of heating mains, especially in winter, but they will not let them go - there, already without a war, FSE is already occupied)))))))
  13. +18
    19 June 2014 15: 42
    I will add. When lying, head (cheek) touches
    land. Do not bulge your head trying to figure out what
    going around. If you are with a child, hold
    with his hand pressed to the ground.
    1. dervis 65
      21 June 2014 15: 43
      Yeah ... when it’s especially from rockets of hail and kasam ...... everything is right.
    2. dervis 65
      21 June 2014 15: 43
      Yeah ... when it’s especially from rockets of hail and kasam ...... everything is right.
  14. Leshka
    19 June 2014 18: 34
    nowadays very useful information is needed so that people know how to behave
  15. MSA
    19 June 2014 18: 40
    Useful information in our troubled times.
  16. Kus Imak
    19 June 2014 20: 53
    I add that you can only rise some time after the last explosion, you can count up to 100-120. Sometimes you have to wait 5 minutes. Block buildings are usually formed from aerial bombs. Not every tank shell will lead to the addition of the building. Mina GRADA breaks through 2-3 floors in the building. It usually does not lead to the folding of a multi-stage, but it does very serious damage. One-story buildings after the city turn into a pile of concrete.
    1. 0
      20 June 2014 09: 47
      Why wait a few minutes?
      1. Kus Imak
        20 June 2014 13: 49
        Quote: Viator
        Why wait a few minutes?

        It happens that the shelling resumes in a few minutes. Let's say GRADES were released, they burst. You think that everything is over, and at this time the calculation in 2-5 minutes charged a new portion. Came out and came under a new raid.
        1. 0
          20 June 2014 20: 59
          Thanks, thanks!
  17. +2
    19 June 2014 22: 40
    very useful information, THANKS !!!!
  18. therapist
    20 June 2014 00: 22
    So, the New Russian cottages are not suitable for shelters. There is a lot of money but no mind. It is better to build it underground and with a thick ceiling with fittings. Then there is hope.
  19. portoc65
    20 June 2014 00: 45
    SURVIVED..we are already learning to survive ... a very useful article. Thank you very much hi
  20. +1
    20 June 2014 01: 41
    The author simply advises where to hide and how to behave.

    The text of the campaign was stripped from Soviet posters, which are still hanging in polyclinics in some state institutions.
  21. padonok.71
    20 June 2014 06: 27
    Off topic, but I’ll write. They just kill shots from Ukraine where the locals are sitting in the basements of private houses, surrounded by cans of pickled jam. You can never do that. This is certain death, even just at a close gap - it will cut with fragments of these same cans. It is better to open a ditch on your site and take cover there. Especially to open it then 2-2,5 hours.
    1. 0
      6 October 2014 12: 30
      In those conditions, I will dig this ditch in 20 minutes, with fear)
  22. bred55
    21 June 2014 14: 51
    Here it is, real freedom in Russian! The National Search of all the inhabitants of our state walks freely on the Internet. You just look It's outrageous! Personally, I found complete, and most importantly, reliable information, also on relatives.
  23. 0
    25 June 2014 11: 30
    Good article, clarified a few nuances. Thanks to the author, I hope not need hi
    1. Chainyc
      2 July 2014 21: 05
  24. 0
    26 September 2014 20: 45
    much needed instructions thank you very much
  25. 0
    22 November 2014 21: 18
    To my great regret, all the residents of the South-East also needed it.
  26. 0
    25 December 2014 18: 00
    Competently written! Thanks to the author!
  27. 0
    14 August 2015 18: 38
    In 2001, a wandering mortar fired at my group.
    I never thought that in the bronics and in unloading you can get into such a small hole.
    I did not like it, then it was easier to carry, acted competently, but I remember it for the first time constantly.
    And I fully support the author, because in the conditions of urban development, I got, as it were under a terrorist attack, my head was only busy so that the glass wouldn’t cover the top or the heavier it would.

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