Ukrainian refugees need fraternal assistance

People who leave the south-east of Ukraine, traveling to Russia, declare that the units of the Ukrainian security forces are shelling columns of refugees. "Russian newspaper" publishes data indicating the shelling by militants of the National Guard buses, in which women and children go to Russia. Private cars and public transport crossing the Russian border often have traces of bullets and fragments.

At the same time, the Kiev authorities continue to persist, stating that the humanitarian corridors are highlighted. In addition, Kiev invites residents of the Luhansk region and the Donetsk region to “filtration camps”, in which citizens will be tested to participate in armed confrontation against the Ukrainian punitive detachments.

Ukrainian refugees need fraternal assistance

According to ITAR-TASS, for the last month, more than 120 thousands of residents of the south-east of Ukraine entered the territory of the Rostov region Basically, they are women and children, as Kiev imposes restrictions on the departure of Ukrainian men. Of the 120 thousands, about 70 thousands remain in the Rostov region.

Tens of thousands of refugees crossed the borders of the Belgorod and Voronezh regions of the Krasnodar Territory. Local authorities temporarily place people who are forced to leave their native land in dormitories of educational institutions, children's camps. The tent camps grow along the border.

Feasible assistance is provided by residents of Russian cities. Residents of Voronezh, Borisoglebsk, Rossosh, and other settlements of the Voronezh region offer assistance in accommodating visiting people, help the most necessary things: medicines, food, children's things.
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  1. +13
    16 June 2014 15: 28
    I think it is necessary to help, whoever can with what.
    1. Salamander
      16 June 2014 15: 37
      And they can! Here, for example, yesterday:
      1. portoc65
        16 June 2014 15: 41
      2. +1
        16 June 2014 15: 48
        Hmm ... Our business is RIGHT !!! TOGETHER - WE ARE FORCE!!!
        1. +3
          16 June 2014 16: 31
          They chuckled around the cameras ... Men and ladies, who exactly knows the account where to transfer money to? Specifically, specifically to some refugee camp or sanatorium where they are placed ... Global funds do not inspire confidence in me, but to immediately know, the money in such and such a place will be used (see the website of this or that) ...
          Kindly publish the bills ...
          1. +1
            16 June 2014 16: 42
            It was convenient for me to transfer a feasible donation from my Sberbank credit card. God help us!
            1. +4
              16 June 2014 17: 12
              With the blessing of the Metropolitan of Rostov and Novocherkassk Mercury, parishes announced the collection of humanitarian aid to refugees from Ukraine. Parishioners of our parish immediately responded to a call for help. On June 11, the first car with things was sent. toys, personal hygiene products. We thank everyone who is not indifferent to this misfortune.

              Who has the opportunity to transfer funds, send at the following details:

              Recipient: Religious organization “Rostov-on-Don Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)”
              Bank: Southern Branch of OJSC CB Vostochny, Rostov-on-Don
              r / s: 40703810613020003085
              c / c: 30101810300000000300
              BIC: 046015300
              VAT number: 6164057832
              CAT: 616401001
              Purpose of payment: charitable assistance to refugees from Ukraine.
              Please bring the receipt of the transfer of money to the elder sister Olga Terekhova, tel .: + 7-918-590-72-00.
              The Moscow Patriarchate is still silent. But I can assure you, everything that happens in the Church comes with the blessing of the Most Holy.
              1. 0
                16 June 2014 17: 33
                I tried to contact the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra through the feedback form from their page. Silence...
                Sent three letters. He suggested calling or a list of necessary things / products / medicines, leaving the address of the cottage where you can live in peace for a small family until October ...
                There are no answers for more than 2 months ... request
                1. +1
                  16 June 2014 19: 10
                  Quote: Ptah
                  There are no answers for more than 2 months ...

                  As far as I know of monastic life, there is an office there and a man sits, receives calls, writes letters. Maybe your letters go to spam?
          2. +1
            16 June 2014 20: 39
            Quote: domokl
            They chuckled around the cameras ... Men and ladies, who exactly knows the account where to transfer money to? Specifically, specifically to some refugee camp or sanatorium where they are placed ... Global funds do not inspire confidence in me, but to immediately know, the money in such and such a place will be used (see the website of this or that) ...
            Kindly publish the bills ...

            We advise this method - personally we (my wife and I) are going to do the following. In July, while on vacation, get behind the wheel and drive with money to Rostov-on-Don. And there, people will probably tell me where the refugee camps are. We’ll bring money there. And within 10 days, we will try to provide all possible assistance on the spot - instead of lying on the beach. We should go not far from Moscow to Rostov in a day.
            If you, for geographical reasons, do not have the opportunity to do the same, look for other ways - there are no hopeless situations. hi
          3. The comment was deleted.
        2. oenaraevskija
          16 June 2014 18: 57
          There is the RIGHT CASE - it is CORRECT. And who will give them weapons (beautiful) ?. Except RUSSIA - NOBODY.
      3. 0
        16 June 2014 17: 49
        Well, finally there is a video confirming my aspirations: Still support the militias. All goods are of Russian manufacture. laughing
    2. 0
      16 June 2014 15: 47
      Any information on opening a bank account? you need money too
      1. Salamander
        16 June 2014 16: 03
        I do not take the responsibility to advise the address, but you can search. As stated in the comments to the video, in one "Vkontakte" they collected more than 700 thousand rubles.
  2. +7
    16 June 2014 15: 30
    We simply must help them !!!
  3. portoc65
    16 June 2014 15: 32
    NEEDS to be treated as their own .. Refugees are we-Russians .. Refugees should feel at home-they are our people. The Americans are ready to send an aircraft carrier for one American, and then there is a genocide of a Russian person of not one-tens of thousands-millions living in a Nazi called Ukraine .. Not only must they help but also protect ..
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Old Cynic
    16 June 2014 15: 36
    Help is a holy cause! The tragedy among people, they drove them from their homes, made people of the second grade, and other, and other, and other ...
    Help is needed, no words. But! I have a question: when will they finally "help" the inhabitants of the Far East, who are flooded almost every year? There are denyushki for the Olympics, Universiade, Mundiali, but no money for building dams there!
    And I don’t need to sing here about the fact that the rivers spill differently every year! Find an old Jewish hydrologist, he will draw a map for 5 minutes.
    1. portoc65
      16 June 2014 15: 42
      And who should you help?
      1. +2
        16 June 2014 16: 02
        Of course, they should be helped by the whole world. But where are all these so-called humanitarian organizations around the world? This is their direct responsibility.
      2. Old Cynic
        16 June 2014 16: 14
        And who should you help?

        Awesome flight of thought! Help who? Refugees or residents of the Far East? Apparently, you blurted out just like that. Or essentially nothing to say?

        My minus is for illiteracy!
    2. +4
      16 June 2014 15: 55
      How can a flood be compared to a war?
      Yes, people in the Far East are in dire need of help, and if, like last year there will be a call, indicating No. of accounts for assistance, millions will respond, and our family, including IMMEDIATELY.
      EVERYWHERE is war - there’s nothing in the world when you don’t know where and when you will be hit by a bullet or bombing, when there is no electricity, water, food in villages and cities, when children sleep in cellars and basements, and startled by the sounds of shooting and bombing, it is an INCOMPARABLE MOUNTAIN, with a flood.
      The people of the Far East have the HOPE that they, and their beloved cat or cat, will be removed from the roof, fed and heated, the destructive water will leave, and the people of South-East of Ukraine can only pray to GOD to be lucky to take the hungry, frightened children to a safe place.
      1. +2
        16 June 2014 17: 54
        "If, like last year, there is an appeal, indicating the number of accounts for assistance, millions will respond, and our family, including, IMMEDIATELY."

        Wow. And I thought only the Russians transferred the money to help. It turns out even from Kazakhstan comes help! It turns out I don’t know much about our World. good
        1. 0
          16 June 2014 20: 34
          And what's the difference where RUSSIAN people live? The soul is a substance that does not depend on the place of registration!
    3. +1
      16 June 2014 17: 18
      Off topic. Nat, you don’t flow, they don’t bomb you. Go somewhere in UA
      1. Old Cynic
        17 June 2014 13: 15
        But THIS - in the subject, dear!
        I have a mother and a brother there, wise guy figs! And it’s not for you to tell me what to do and where to go !!!

        And believe me, from what is happening in Donetsk, I know a lot! And you, Znayka, answer, why did you open roadblocks on the Volnovakha highway the day before yesterday? AND???

        Catch the minus in the full breadth of your grin !!! Nat ... It is necessary to "vomit"!
    4. +1
      16 June 2014 18: 47
      the old cynic, don’t pay attention to the denied minus-like babies, they need truths, uterus, news to see the poor guys are not paying attention and they don’t see what kind of water was flowing and how many people
      1. Old Cynic
        17 June 2014 13: 19
        Yes, I’m tired of fighting the Aniki warriors who do not understand anything, not that in tactics, but in strategy. And also not having the slightest idea in the economy of the current moment ...

        And thank you for the "approvals" of my thoughts! hi hi hi
  6. -2
    16 June 2014 15: 36
    Help is coming !!! True military !!! This is a war and it seems to be inevitable.

    1. Salamander
      16 June 2014 15: 40
      Unfortunately, these are not exactly troops, but rather economic units. And the blocks are being driven, and the cranes are driving. But there are no armored personnel carriers, and tanks. Conclusion - not to Ukraine. There is no time for engineering troops there, equipment is needed there.
      1. 0
        16 June 2014 16: 20
        Build refugee camps?
    2. +4
      16 June 2014 15: 40
      Where is the evidence, maybe this is a training somewhere in the suburbs?
    3. portoc65
      16 June 2014 15: 44
      Is this a fresh video? I’ve already seen similar videos for 2 months what
    4. His
      16 June 2014 17: 28
      This is the engineering troops to the border. The Politicus about this stuff.
  7. +1
    16 June 2014 15: 37
    I myself live in the Kuban and, actually, I often see cars with Ukrainian numbers
    1. +12
      16 June 2014 15: 41
      Quote: nikrandel
      I myself live in the Kuban and, actually, I often see cars with Ukrainian numbers

      And in our resort in Berdyansk, in the Zaporozhye region, on the Azov Sea coast, this summer, not a single car with Russian numbers. Season covered up. Waiting for a cure for Russophobia to the otktyabrya, God forbid.
      1. +3
        16 June 2014 15: 50
        It is necessary to "thank" the Russophobes from Kiev, they are doing everything in order to destroy the country.
      2. +1
        16 June 2014 18: 07
        Quote: Nevsky_ZU
        The season is covered. I’m waiting for a cure from Russophobia to Ottyabryu, God forbid.

        As always an optimist laughing
    2. +1
      16 June 2014 15: 47
      Not otherwise the intelligence of the National Guard guards weak spots in the defense of Russia.
  8. +1
    16 June 2014 15: 38
    In the cities of the Rostov region, there have long been places of reception of assistance, so it remains only to tear your w from the sofa to show your goodwill
  9. +3
    16 June 2014 15: 39
    Give people Russian citizenship, housing and work, and they will help themselves. Of course, at first, any help will not be superfluous.
    Welcome to your homeland in Russia, and where else to go to Russian. And in Ukraine, it is high time for the Ukropov to force the world.
  10. +3
    16 June 2014 15: 39
    Guys, refugees are already even in the suburbs. In the south of the region - under Bronnitsy and Serpukhov. Placed in pioneer camps as usual. 13 went on his own, taking food and bedding (pillows, blankets). The people are very active in helping - the guard complained that there was nowhere to go. The only request to the organizers of help: it is very difficult to find information about the location, where to bring it; contact numbers do not answer every time - work on the errors.
  11. +3
    16 June 2014 15: 41
    here is another technique

    1. portoc65
      16 June 2014 15: 50
      IF Russia starts a war, the troops will go through the skating rink in Ukraine .. I think this will be a strong move .. As in Ossetia, it’s only cooler .. then the Americans are howling around the world .. Their plan will be covered .. Many who say against the war say that it’s like a fire war spread to Russia .. That's just who will fan this fire .. Ukrop army at a level below the baseboard
      1. Khan
        16 June 2014 16: 32
        Before using the army of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to set real goals, what we want and why we need it and what we will do about it. Because one day of the war costs a lot of money. And I don’t see the clear goals of the Russian leadership in relation to to the DPR and to Ukraine as a whole.
      2. 0
        16 June 2014 18: 14
        You shouldn't be happy. This skating rink will come out sideways to us. Not because the West will "stop" us (it simply cannot. America is far away. Europe, because of gas and economic ties, giving it hundreds of thousands of jobs, has already specifically faltered). If we get to the Galich region, we will still lose in the near future. WE WILL BE CONSIDERED OCCUPIERS by those whom we call BROTHERS. Something like that sad
    2. -1
      16 June 2014 16: 25
      No, but what did you want?
      The attack on the embassy is essentially a declaration of war.
      Besides, the "minister of foreign affairs of ukraine" put it this way on camera about Putin ... besides, we will not knock out money for gas ... so at the slightest bunch we will introduce you to the very least.
    3. +1
      16 June 2014 17: 29
      I’m not getting in. I’ve got a video with an armored troop carrier for more than a year. And the rest are also messing for sure, if you dig around.
  12. 0
    16 June 2014 15: 42
    Is it for a walk? No it's help

  13. +3
    16 June 2014 15: 43
    On the one hand, it’s bad (people stop throwing everything to save themselves) .. And on the other hand, if the kneading starts (Russia will trample at last) then there will be fewer victims among civilians .. I hope they really help and not on paper (rats can warm well hands..)
  14. +1
    16 June 2014 15: 43
    Why they will not open bank accounts where you can transfer funds, I’m sure many will be able to transfer to this account at least a little bit. Of course, now the most important thing is housing and clothing and food, but you can solve these issues with money.
    1. 0
      16 June 2014 16: 46
  15. StepanovTDSM
    16 June 2014 15: 46
    Why such conflicting data on refugees? From 13000 to 120000. It is necessary to help but lie, then why not.
  16. +6
    16 June 2014 15: 50
    Off-topic. Lugansk militias announced the almost complete defeat of the Donbas battalion. Great news. good drinks
  17. +3
    16 June 2014 15: 56
    up to 13000 per day
  18. +1
    16 June 2014 16: 13
    The Russian people, unlike some Russian leaders, are not leaving their people in trouble.
  19. +2
    16 June 2014 16: 23
    Everything is fine, of course, but after reading and looking at how much Putin, Russians and Russia are pouring dirt from abroad, and from the same Ukraine, one event with the embassy is worth it.
    And nobody divides Russians into good and bad. they are all "bad".
    At one time in the early 90s I was a refugee, I had to flee with my mother from Transnistria (my father served in the 14th army). So no one sheltered us in Ukraine. had to fly to Moscow.
    and what should we do now, remembering all this?
    1. +1
      16 June 2014 16: 53
      Be better and help.
    2. 0
      16 June 2014 20: 11
      If you can, then you need help, if everyone around you has become shit, this is not a reason to become so!
  20. 0
    16 June 2014 16: 44
    The holy cause is to help children, women and the elderly, but ....
    1. 0
      16 June 2014 17: 04
      I read the article, at your link ...
      Hmm ... That's who is behaving this way, of course, is not the victims, but are coming out of the Halavnaya part of the population, perhaps even from the Maidan. I think that people from Slavyansk or from other broken cities and villages, who truly "sniffed" gunpowder, will not behave like that.
      1. +1
        16 June 2014 17: 26
        I agree ... When "these" appeared, the "others" burst into tears ... Truly, the fact that dill are garbage is confirmed
    2. 0
      16 June 2014 18: 06
      Quote: Tim Coconuts


      Also read the article. I do not believe. Many sites from the ru domain stupidly retype materials from the ua domain. In this case, I see a typical example of fascist propaganda.
  21. The comment was deleted.
    1. +1
      16 June 2014 17: 29
  22. +2
    16 June 2014 17: 47
    Help, of course, must be provided, as they all probably have only the most necessary things with them. But why not at the same time think about giving people the opportunity to earn a living by themselves. And they themselves will most likely find it more beneficial for Russia as well.
  23. kelevra
    16 June 2014 18: 37
    Ours needs a couple of aircraft without identification marks to launch and destroy several units and a certain amount of equipment in Ukraine in order to discourage the Nazis from shooting civilians!
  24. sootechestvenik
    16 June 2014 22: 31
    Understood refugees- Children, women, the elderly. But when a healthy man rushing to the beat, what is it to call? Spent his and the battle on the tanks, and not chew snot
  25. +5
    17 June 2014 01: 23
    Train with tanks towards Ukraine

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