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In Dnepropetrovsk, the fighters of the "Right Sector" detained journalists "Stars"

In Dnepropetrovsk, the fighters of the "Right Sector" detained journalists "Stars"

According to the ITAR-TASS, referring to the UNN agency, journalists of the Russian TV channel Zvezda Nikita Konashenkov and Yevgeny Davydov, as well as their two assistants, a resident of Donetsk region, were detained by the Right Sector fighters at the Pokrovsky checkpoint, which were handed over to them by the Security Service of Ukraine.

According to the TV channel "Star", currently the detainees are in the building of the Security Service of Ukraine in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. It is noted that the correspondents were in the official trip. They had all the necessary documents and return flights to Moscow.

The management of the channel has already appealed to the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko with a request to release Nikita Konashenkov and Yevgeny Davydov and ensure their safety.

It should be noted that at the end of last week, under the Slavic, Ukrainian security forces detained the operator and sound engineer "Stars" Anton Malyshev and Andrei Sushenkov, who were accused of espionage. They came to the territory of Ukraine to monitor the inauguration of President Petro Poroshenko. The journalists were released on the night of June 9.
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  1. StrateG
    StrateG 16 June 2014 08: 07
    Who will go to free them this time? Kadyrov was already, Shoigu too. M
    1. tormazok
      tormazok 16 June 2014 08: 08
      Well, there is one person left current ..
      1. Ilya 22
        Ilya 22 16 June 2014 08: 21
        Dimitro Medvedev, probably, let him capture a lot of things
      2. armageddon
        armageddon 16 June 2014 08: 23
        Hmm ... Provoke a response to Russia ... To journalists from Ukraine ... !!! Dumb benders !!! X .. YOU !!!
    2. from punk
      from punk 16 June 2014 08: 24
      Quote: StrateG
      Who will go to free them this time? Kadyrov was already, Shoigu too. M

      well, why immediately Shoigu. maybe Shamanova and the negotiators
  2. Vita_vko
    Vita_vko 16 June 2014 08: 08
    How much can you persuade these scumbags! It’s time to equate all this Kiev junta with a terrorist organization and stop negotiations. Do what Israel and the United States do when they release their people who are taken hostage. Block airspace to cause a couple of distracting attacks on military bases, and at this time, special forces will be able to free the hostages of journalists and destroy the terrorists who captured them.
    1. Beccer
      Beccer 16 June 2014 08: 22
      Well, you took it straight and revealed all the plans recourse
  3. Mother Theresa
    Mother Theresa 16 June 2014 08: 14
    That’s a good life for the SBU journalist caught reporting, received a prize.
    1. Beccer
      Beccer 16 June 2014 08: 24
      ..... and then a bullet.
    2. Revolver
      Revolver 16 June 2014 08: 33
      Yes, they will hold him, make fun of him, but in the end they will let him go. They don't need yelling in the Western media about clamping down on the press, because even Ashton and Kerry will have to react to this. And Western journalists, although more and more liberal, do not like very much when their brothers are pinched purely for the performance of their professional duties. So they mock exactly to the limit that the Western press will tolerate. However, these considerations make the guys under arrest not much easier now. Again, the equipment, personal belongings, and money can be "forgotten to register according to the inventory", or else how to "lose" - from pravosekov.
  4. Alexei
    Alexei 16 June 2014 08: 19
    Where there is danger and delirium, there are living graves
    We are for loyalty and bread are raised on pitchforks
    This fall we pay for the light
    Dance on bends, turns for centuries
    And there is no end to anyone, even those who are not with us
    Our song is with you in the clouds
    And so far nothing, nothing happened
    Yesterday I still remembered that life did not dream
    This fall she became
    And if around there is one famously
    And if the circle is too thin
    Love us all, Lord, quietly
    Love us all lord loudly
    Sometimes our life is overgrown with flowers
    That means my friend, He walked between us
    But to see him is not easy ...
  5. zao74
    zao74 16 June 2014 08: 23
    Another contender for medals ... Ukrainians are helping to award.
  6. Belgam
    Belgam 16 June 2014 08: 40
    And why is all the Star? Do not we go there from other channels?
  7. Cuckoo
    Cuckoo 16 June 2014 21: 20
    Yes, they do not show Russian channels, so they catch Russian journalists to find out how and what’s going on with their neighbor, what’s the weather like, why fat, why. His pi..dyat on black. laughing