The problem of migration as a threat to the national security of Russia

Liberalization, which some citizens of Russia already call a type of fascism - liberal fascism, continues to gain momentum - the Federal Migration Service is removed from the authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and receives new powers. One of the methods to combat Russian and other indigenous peoples of Russia, the internal "fifth column", was the operation "Migrants", which was launched back in the 90-s.

Its main goal is the replacement of the endangered indigenous peoples of the Russian civilization (and not only the Great Russian part of the Russian superethnos, but also a significant part of other indigenous peoples, such as Mari, Mordvians, Udmurts, Komi, etc.), is experiencing a reduction which is fundamental for these territories. The cover-up of this operation is very specious - the delivery of labor for the “recovering” industry of the Russian Federation.

Therefore, this policy is not only not folded, but expanded. For this, the FMS will be demilitarized, will become a civilian office, the terms of the FMS Head Konstantin Romodanovsky called the Interfax such - in 2013-2014. According to Romodanovsky, in the new concept of migration policy (it is being developed), migration quotas will be removed or, at least, made even more liberal.

The opportunities for migrants to obtain Russian citizenship will be facilitated, he said, “we will eliminate the temporary residence permit mechanism. Certain categories of foreign citizens who expect to obtain citizenship will immediately receive a residence permit. ” And he gave examples: the acquisition of citizenship will be facilitated for those born in the Russian Federation who have received higher education in Russia, etc.

In his opinion, the Russian Federation cannot develop the economy without migrants, and the problem of “depopulation” will help to solve: “We will not make 100% compensation for the population’s numerical losses, but we will ensure a noticeable population increase due to migration”.

Romodanovsky believes that there is a problem of xenophobia in the Russian Federation, but only “artificial, promoted” by some politicians.

What conclusions can be drawn from this

Over the past decade, Russian culture has been artificially undermined and replaced by a substitute for "Russian-speaking culture." And the central authorities are not going to correct the imbalance, on the contrary, an example has been taken from Western Europe and the USA with their “multiculturalism”. Moreover, in Europe already in almost all large countries recognized the complete failure of the policy of multiculturalism. The massive import of cheap labor to Europe from Africa and Asia has led to the fact that European countries are losing their "face", the growth of ethnic crime, the growth of nationalist sentiment.

That is, instead of solving the problem of increasing the birth rate of the indigenous population, the authorities took the easy way, the result - the widespread extinction of the white race and the growth of Nazi sentiments in Europe.

Although the example of Japan suggests that you can do on your own, without the involvement of the working masses from the outside. Russia has its own reserves for solving the problem of workers - millions of unemployed and semi-unemployed (working from time to time, seasonally), millions of disabled alcoholics, drug addicts, who could be brought back to a normal working life. Plus, hundreds of thousands of prisoners who can also be more effectively used for the common good of the nation. In addition, the Russian authorities do not solve the problem of the extinction of their people, increase its number.

It can be concluded that the central government is more profitable to deal with biomass without roots, culture, blurred by the masses of newcomers. Such a “population” is much easier to manage, but it will not be the Russian civilization anymore - apparently, it’s not for nothing that the phrase “Young Russia” began to be used so often. But the extinction of Russian and white peoples in general is a very negative process for the planet, leading eventually to the degeneration of humanity.

A normal migration policy for the Russian Federation would be to maximally facilitate the process of obtaining citizenship for Russians and other indigenous nationalities for our lands that remained outside Russia after the collapse of the USSR and their direct descendants. And from foreigners to admit to the territory only a limited number of highly qualified specialists, if there is a need. In principle, it is possible to facilitate the entry and acquisition of citizenship for Germans, Scots, Irish, Swedes and other indigenous representatives of European peoples.

Flows from the South Caucasus, Central Asia and Asian countries in general must be stopped and a mass expulsion of their representatives to their countries. Strengthen the borders, perhaps with the help of the restored Cossack troops, to stop illegal channels of entry.
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