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Results of the week. “You are already indebted to the sea: neither the bottom nor the coast”

News Ukrozombistana. Protesters smash the windows of the Russian Embassy in Kiev

Protesters outside the Russian embassy in Kiev attacked the diplomatic mission. Several hundred people threw stones at the building, incendiary bottles, eggs, explosive bags. The Russian tricolor was torn off the flagpole, and the banner of the Ukrainian Nazis was “hoisted” in its place. The diplomatic missions cars were turned over, the attackers depicted a swastika on them as an autograph. The building was lined with tires - everything was prepared for arson.

The attack on a foreign embassy is an act that finally put what was left of Ukraine, in a number of backward third world countries. In principle, even before the attack, it was clear that Ukrainian obscurantism was going off scale, but now this overwhelm is another indisputable proof. As proof of megadrims, there is also a checkmate from the lips of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Deschychytsa to Vladimir Putin.
A new territorial entity appeared on the world map - Ukrozombistan.

Russia at the UN Security Council circulated a draft resolution condemning the attack on the embassy. However, the western (fie ...) “friends” draft resolution were unanimously blocked, slightly shouting Kiev verbally.

The Ukrainian embassy in Moscow quietly continues its work ... The deschitsa is still the foreign minister of a “European” state ...

Comments from our readers:

It's time for Zurabov to return to Moscow. There is no power in Dill. Waiting for a repetition of the Libyan events is stupid.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Well, the French have sent a conviction?
- Yes, an hour after the attack on the embassy.
- And the British have sent?
- Yes, half an hour after the attack.
- And the Poles?
“Yes, fifteen minutes after the attack.”
- Did the Americans send condemnation and condolences?
- Yes, but psaki hurried and sent another hour before the attack.


The militia "landed" Ukrainian military transport worker

On Saturday night, an Il-76 military transport aircraft was shot down in the sky over Lugansk. On board the transporter were Ukrainian security forces. Official Kiev confirms the death of 49 people.

Results of the week. “You are already indebted to the sea: neither the bottom nor the coast”

The military transport aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force was attacked using MANPADS. According to the statements of Kiev, 40 paratroopers from Dnepropetrovsk and soldiers of the brigade from Melitopol, as well as 9 crew members were killed. The militiamen believe that more dead. The media passed information that on board the IL-76 were soldiers from the Baltic countries. The military was sent to Lugansk airport to participate in punitive operations in the south-east.

In response, Kiev conducted two “super-successful” operations at once: attacked the Russian embassy in Kiev - once; the command of the ATO punitive detachments "destroyed about a thousand terrorists" on their Facebook and Twitter pages - two ...

Comments from our readers:

At the pace of Ukrainian aviation the end will come soon! But the IL-76 seems to have simply been framed or poorly educated people are sitting in the General Staff of Ukraine.

Fortunately for the SOUTHEAST, all the normal Ukrainian military quit, not wanting to participate in the civil war. GLORY TO SOVIET OFFICERS!

From the bottom of my heart I congratulate PVOshnikov of the LC and the DNI. With your skillful selfless actions, you saved hundreds of lives in your homeland. It is necessary to inflict such damage on the fascists so that they will forever forget the way to your home.
The paratroopers of the Kiev junta are a pity, as is any dead person. But remember that in any case, the death of these guys will be on the conscience of the criminals of the oligarchs who seized power under the roof of the CIA. And in order to avenge the death of their countrymen and all the rest, you need to cleanse all of Ukraine from this yellow-brown plague, which shamelessly deceives and kills its own people. Good luck in protecting your homeland!

"Reporter" with a sniper rifle

Mariupol has become one of the centers of opposition between the National Guard and self-defense forces. Ukrainian security forces began a punitive operation in a city in the south of the DPR, attacking the headquarters of representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Particularly distinguished themselves during the "capture" of Mariupol, the young man from the battalion "Azov". And among the females were the most fuzzy. One of these is a Swedish neo-Nazi, Michael Skilt, who arrived in Ukraine in April 2014 of the year, in order, in his own words, to help his Ukrainian comrades. The Ukrainian media tried to pass this Swedish-podcast as a reporter when foreign speech was heard behind video footage - they say that this is an ordinary representative of the Western media who talks about a military operation in the south-east. But only then this "reporter" appeared "in all its glory" - with a sniper rifle. Well ... The Swedes are back in Ukraine ... It would be necessary for Skilta and his Ukrainian “comrades-in-arms” to send a parcel with a small book of “Poltava”.

Comments from our readers:

Apparently, the junta decided to hit the dots ... To beat in one place, and to imitate in others ... I think the militias should not fight head-on. Take a pontoon. And then, having scouted where the concentration is, they will strike there for destruction ... Phosphorous ammunition practically does not provide an opportunity to defend oneself. Everything burns. Mobility, mobility and again mobility ... And, if possible, the destruction of warehouses and artillery positions and tanks...

Madmen under the leadership of the rooster! One crows svidomye clucking. Just DEMONS.

City taken. Above the City Council State Flag of Ukraine. Disassemble the barricades.

Where was the OSCE Secretary General sent? ..

OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier held a meeting with Ukrainian refugees in the Rostov region. These were precisely those refugees whose very existence Kiev categorically denied, stating that there is no humanitarian catastrophe in the south-east of Ukraine, and that all people, if they leave their homes, then travel exclusively to other regions of Ukraine.

The OSCE Secretary General, who arrived in the Rostov region, apparently hoped that he would convince those who gathered in the infallibility of the new Ukrainian president. Like, Ukrainians, and why are you here - near Rostov, when a true peacemaker, humanist and democrat came to Kiev? But Zanier was quickly explained where they saw this “peacemaker-humanist” together, in fact, with Zanier himself and his OSCE. It is obvious that at the meeting with the Ukrainian refugees, Mr. Secretary General learned many new words that characterize the "success" of the mission of his organization.

Comments from our readers:

OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zanier needs to bring only one thought: “It’s hard to be an empty eccentric”.

Instead of “tours” on the Maidan, it’s better to go to the SE - maybe Europe will finally see the light.

Yes, it seems, they reported ... And on TV, only the softest is shown. But in reality, they issued it in Russian great and powerful ... In Rostov, especially successful phrases are now being discussed and commented. Yes ... Donbass women are great, don't put your finger in your mouth!

Tank issue

Representatives of the national militia declared battles in the vicinity of Lugansk. According to the command of the militia, managed to stop the convoy, consisting of four dozen tanks of the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian media have announced the transfer of tanks for the militias from Russia.

Ukrainian media is undoubtedly the most truthful media on the planet today. In some cases, truthfulness just hits over the edge. What is it worth at least appearing in the press statements that three tanks “either T-70 or T-72” crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border? In order to see in the "transferred" tanks (even if we allow the transfer) the presence of the T-70 tank, you need to really try. Is it possible that he was brought from the museum of military glory? .. It is strange that the Ukrainian journalists did not declare T-34 tanks crossing the border from Russia. And Mark I or squadrons with cart women, they there, by chance, did not notice ...

Comments from our readers:

I like the way the Facebook warrior Avakov turns everything upside down. First comes the information that three ukrov tanks were captured near Lugansk and right there this ... declares that these tanks have crossed the border.

And even if our tanks - no one forbids helping brothers!

Avakov soon these three T-64 upgrades to T-90!

Completely filtered

The man who calls himself the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Mikhail Koval, gave a resonant interview to the Ukrainian media. He said that residents of Donbass, who want to temporarily move to other Ukrainian regions, will undergo a mandatory filtration test.

The use of special filtration camps to divide the population into "one's own" and "alien". Hmmm ... Nazi criminals of the Second World War would have been happy for Mr. Koval: Comrade is on the right path ... I would like to hope that the filtration camps in the future will serve the real benefit of Ukraine - it will be necessary to “walk” representatives of the junta somewhere sentencing by military tribunal. That's why they build well - as for themselves ...

Comments from our readers:

Here is the first pig in the pen and put

That is in fact ... The Soviet military school was graduating from Acamedia ... They overlooked the teachers.

It seems that the Nazis're coming out of human blood completely brutalized. With their criminal intentions and actions they further aggravate the humanitarian, geopolitical and economic catastrophe in the territory of the former Ukraine. Punitive operations, concentration camps (we will call a spade a spade!), Plans for the resettlement of people from Western to Eastern Ukraine ... All of these are the "stages of the long journey" of the Kiev elite ON ESCHFOT! They will not escape retribution!

State Department congratulating

The US State Department sent congratulations to the Russians. The message says that the United States wishes Russian citizens a peaceful and stable future. At the same time, the head of the US Department of State, John Kerry, decided to show off his erudition, but this "brilliance" came out somewhat specific.

John Kerry was in shock:

I congratulate the people of Russia celebrating the national holiday 12 of June - the anniversary of the peaceful foundation of the sovereign Russian Federation. Today we take a pause to appreciate the great creations of Russian literature, music and art that have touched so many people around the world.
2014 marks 200 since the birth of Lermontov, 215 since the birth of Pushkin and 100 since the release of Akhmatova's poetical collection "Rosary". We join the Russians in honoring these and many other titans of Russian culture and literature, who have unusually enriched our nations.

Sorry, Kerry did not remember the Stalin's 135 anniversary. Although you can remind him ... For example, officially invite Kerry and Psaki to this anniversary - well, at least just to look at the expressions of these gosdepovskih persons. Let them enrich ...

Comments from our readers:

"If the enemy praises you - think about where you made a mistake?" (I.V. Stalin)

“Today we take a pause”
Taking attention to the intellectual level of Kerry, I can assume that the pause will drag on ... And it will drag on for a long time ...

Well, I immediately relieved from the heart - the citadel of freedom congratulated me. Just like a radiant grandeur descended on us. And Jen still continues her work for the good of democracy. Well, thank God, it was just easier for my soul.

Ukroarmiya: what else weapon apply?

One of the suburbs of Slavyansk Ukrainian security forces again subjected to massive shelling. Representatives of the militia claim that this time the punitive detachments used projectiles that exploded at a certain height and hit the targets with burning parts. Civilian objects again turned out to be the “targets” of this virtually indiscriminate firing, or rather what remained of them after the previous attacks of the Ukrainian security forces.

The use of this type of weapon is another war crime committed by the Kiev authorities against their own people.
At the same time, the valiant Ukrainian media immediately stated that the Ukrainian army did not use any incendiary bombs, calling the numerous video footage that appeared on the network as a montage of personnel using this type of ammunition in Iraq. At the same time, the Ukrainian media does not care that the footage of the Iraqi bombardment does not look like that shot in Slavyansk. Yes, by and large, the Ukrainian media do not care about anything at all: there are stories about “humanitarian corridors”, “pinpoint” strikes by Ukrainian security officials, “self-immolation” of people in Odessa, militia shot “on the air conditioner” in Lugansk. The same series of “truthful reports” includes a report on the shooting of Maidan by snipers of the “Berkut” on the personal order of Yanukovich, on the suicide of Sashko Bilogo, on the T-70 tanks, that only alcoholics and drug addicts are against Kiev in the Donbass ... For such The “truth” of UkroSMI will clearly be awarded some big western prize. For example, the award named psaki. How not established? .. We must establish!

Poem from our reader Arberesa:

I know for what ...

Cellar grave.
Children's exhausted face.
And as communication with god
A whisper of furtive prayers.

Up there by a hurricane
Smoke, deadly fire,
The demon feasts bloody,
Splashing broken glass.

The malice of breathing endless
His strength is great
A barrage of explosives and steel,
With dust dubs at home.

Good lord Do something!
Where is your justice ???
See - Slavyansk dies
In a whirlwind of great fire!

I know for what these torments
In the edge of the caravan wander.
Just because there are people
Russian songs are sung.

Sky! Let me see
How vile evil
For slain souls,
Caru in full suffered.

Where is the eternal power
What will stop this hell?
City soaked in blood.

Comments from our readers:

One gets the feeling that these ..., seeing the inaction of Moscow, are just having fun.

It is good that the junta does not have nuclear weapons, would undoubtedly apply.

Not yet. America can "podhumanitarit" ...

And from the bottom of the ocean too ...

The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, during a meeting of the Fund "Commanders and Fleet Commanders", timed to the 120 anniversary of Marshal F.I.Tolbukhin, commented on the situation with war crimes committed in Ukraine today. According to Alexander Bastrykin, none of those individuals who commit crimes in the south-east of Ukraine, will not escape from responsibility.

Alexander Bastrykin, of course, well done - the junta should even feel at a distance the hot breath of the future tribunal. But only the head of the Investigative Committee would not hurt first to restore order on this side of the border. After all, some gentlemen, according to whom the Magadan “beaches” cry, we quietly live among the population, not trying to even temporarily lie “on the bottom”. The excessively vigorous beginning of the investigation of numerous corruption cases is replaced by a rotten swamp. Corruptors get off with a slight fright and promise that they will never do so. From the budget billions to the treasury, at best, some ppm returns. It stands out for the great success of anti-corruption actions. In general, there is no need to subtilize the UK with the ocean floor - everything is on the surface ...

Comments from our readers:

The richest will leave for the United States or England. Get only scapegoats.

The other day I saw somewhere, showed about a new special unit to perform special missions abroad. So the work was found by the guys. Yes, just like that such statements are not made.

Desperate statement. Only it will not be. And never was. The method of Israel to adopt the intestine. And the words to rush in this rank ... will have to answer myself.

NATO remembered South Ossetia

In the 8 June parliamentary elections in South Ossetia, the United Ossetia party predictably won, the main slogan of which is the republic's entry into the Russian Federation. The conclusion that political scientists have done after the election: voters voted for Russia.

The result of "United Ossetia" was 43,1% with the turnout of 60,14%. Against the background of Russia's rather moderate reaction to the elections in South Ossetia, the reaction of the western “partners” looks much more lively. For example, Mr. Rasmussen decided to speak about the outcome of the election - well, the one that is still the NATO Secretary General. He said that he and the NATO elections did not recognize that such elections, they say, bring instability to the region, he still said a lot.
It would seem that Rasmussen was so agitated ... He would soon be leaving the alliance for a well-deserved vacation, and he was thrust into thinking about the South Ossetian elections. Does he need it?

Well, here it is - he personally does not need it, of course, but for Tbilisi it is necessary to throw sweet candy in the form of endless promises that Georgia “very soon” will enter the North Atlantic “fraternity”. So I had to comment on the South Ossetian expression of will. After all, if he had said nothing, it would have turned out that NATO, as it were, is not against elections in the region as such, but once crowed, it means that the carrot hangs before the eyes of Georgian European integrators. And let this tied carrot lead Georgia in a circle, but in Georgia itself all of this is presented as a movement exclusively forward - towards democracy and prosperity ... In recent years, it flourished before the country's per capita GDP (IMF data for 2013 year) "brought" Georgia already on the 116 place in the world. It is somewhere between Angola and Guatemala ...

Comments from our readers:

It is necessary to begin with the union with North Ossetia - one people - one republic, and the fact that it is part of Russia is like a matter of business.

An interesting policy of the West - the Soviet Union collapsed - the West welcomed. Chechnya wanted to secede from Russia - the West welcomed.
And if someone else wants to secede from Russia, the West welcomes it - like, this is the people's desire for freedom. And if someone wants to secede from Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, it is separatism and violation of territorial integrity. It is time to conduct a policy without regard to the West and to defend their interests in the UN more effectively.

The fact of the matter is that during the years of independence, there was no production in the republic, although there are many opportunities, ranging from agriculture to tourism, I’m not even talking about the richest bowels of the republic (there, however, you need to invest heavily, and harm to ecology). Someone from Moscow comes to the republic almost weekly with a check, or someone else goes to Moscow. South Ossetia is the de facto region of Russia a long time ago, but it is purely subsidized due to the Kremlin’s blunt policy. People just make parasites and parasites. The population has nowhere to work! Young guys do not know where to put them !!! For all the time built one garment factory at 250 jobs

The fence named Kolomoisky

Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities continue to practice ideas that can "turn this world around." This time a monumental idea was born in the depths of the administration of the Dnipropetrovsk region. It is proposed on the border of Ukraine and Russia to put a giant fence with a total length of about 2000 km. According to Interfax, the author of the idea was Gennady Korban, who sent the corresponding project to the presidential administration. Subsequently, it turned out that Korban decided not to fence himself off from Russia with a fence (wall), but with the help of his boss, Igor Kolomoisky.

To enclose Ukraine with a fence is an enchanting idea. Behind a fence it is more convenient to dirty. But why trifle? Kolomoisky could go even further and offer to cover Ukraine with a tinted cap so that the country would finally become warm, dry and comfortable. And then Ukraine would turn into a unique country, on which the world would look through glass - a sort of ukroarium.
But seriously, God willing, the day will come when a fence with barbed wire and current flowing over it will enclose Mr. Kolomoisky himself.

Comments from our readers:

Loan for the construction of the IMF also give?

... grandmas there are huge, which means there is something to profit. Here Khokhlomaysky is already rubbing his hands: you, they say, give me money, and I will build a fence. And I think that when the fence is seized, he will say, "the fence was standing, but the Russians dismantled it for scrap."

Kolomoisky wants to enter history with the name Benya Podzaborny?

Iraq is on fire

Iraqi militants continue to advance towards the Kirkuk oil-bearing region. Extremists captured several areas of Salah al-Din province. Now, the fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are heading north to the border with the province of Tamim and towards the oil-rich province of Kirkuk. Earlier, the militants managed to seize the city of Al-Huweija and the province of Ninawa with the administrative center in Mosul.

On the eve of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said that a general mobilization is needed to return citizens to normal.

On Tuesday, UN official representative Stefan Douzarrik said that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is concerned about the destabilization of the situation in northern Iraq. “The Secretary-General calls on all political leaders to demonstrate unity in the face of the threats facing Iraq, which can only be solved on the basis of the constitution and within the framework of a democratic political process,” he said.

To this must add the following information. The Iraqi government has repeatedly asked the United States to launch air strikes against militant camps, beginning last year. In March and May 2014, Iraq also asked for help, in May, according to the New York Times, twice. However, the answer was a permanent refusal.

Well, the “Sunni strategy” of Barack Obama is clearly visible. Indirect evidence: the administration in Washington is now criticizing al-Maliki for not including representatives of the Iraqi Sunni minority in the government. The second proof is Syria, where the “democratic” Sunnis, encouraged by Washington and the Saudis, attack the Shiites.

“Sunni East” - isn't that what the name is Obama’s secret Islamist plan?

Today it is obvious that Iraq is waiting for a split, and in this split will be the merit of the United States. Wherever the Americans have been to democratization, the states are falling apart. This is an axiom.

Comments from our readers:

…Everything goes according to plan. Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Russia, China. That's just with the latest characters somehow does not grow together.

Yes, and Syria did not grow together. Instead of chaos, the Americans received an army in the Middle East capable of grinding their militants thousands of days, led by a strong and charismatic leader.
And in Egypt, al-Sisi is also strong, and behind him the whole Egyptian army.
So it turns out that instead of the weak and submissive Mubarak, Gaddafi and Hussein, they received regional centers of power.

Oil wars in the near foreseeable are unlikely to end, the redistribution is just beginning ...

Victims of "friendly fire"

American soldiers who are in no hurry to leave Afghanistan continue to suffer losses. This time, Washington announced the five dead soldiers of the US Army in the Afghan province of Zabul (Zabul). The soldiers were the victims of a raid of their own aviation, which struck in the framework of "air support". The ground units themselves requested this support.

The BBC, referring to a source in the Pentagon, reports that a bloody incident occurred in the Arghandab area, where battles between the Taliban and the ISAF contingent are regularly breaking out. Among the victims of the air attack, during which the pilots made a fatal mistake, also two citizens of Afghanistan - a translator and a soldier of the Afghan army, whose units were involved in the "cleansing" of the Taliban base.

These are not the first victims of the so-called "friendly fire" on the territory of Afghanistan. The total number of ISAF soldiers killed as a result of the air raids, artillery and mortar attacks organized by the same ISAF is still not precisely known, but this is at least several hundred people. This also includes those who later died in hospitals from injuries received during the “friendly fire”. “Friendly fire” was often opened by the positions of each other by representatives of the Afghan army and the NATO contingent.

In this regard, the old topic emerges withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. At the end of May, Barack Obama talked on the phone with the rulers of Germany, Britain, Italy, and then called Mr. Karzai. Recall that Karzai recently refused to meet with Obama, who visited Afghanistan.

It became known that only by the end of 2016, the US military will leave Afghanistan. In 2015, about ten thousand or slightly less military will operate in different parts of Afghanistan.

It seems that even “friendly fire” does not stop these poppy planters ...

Comments from our readers:

Warriors, damn it! They get better drugs to grow ... In Afghanistan, they have nothing to do, just like everywhere ...

Yes, there is nothing to rejoice. People just became victims of the politics of their idiots leaders.

Now it is clear from whom ukroarmiya learns to fight.

McCain gave the nod to freeze "South"

This week Bulgaria has suspended work on the "South Stream". US Senator John McCain suddenly appeared near the Bulgarian Prime Minister.

As transmitted ITAR-TASS, Bulgaria suspends work on the South Stream project until the comments of the European Commission are eliminated. This was announced by Bulgarian Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski at a briefing.

What a briefing? Press event following a meeting with ... US senators.

“At present, a request has been received from the European Commission, after which we suspended the current work, I ordered it. After additional consultations with Brussels, the course of further work will be determined, ”the Itar-Tass correspondent quoted the prime minister as saying.

Speaking at the briefing was also Senator John McCain. In his opinion, the project should have less Russian participation. “The problems of South Stream,” he said, “Bulgaria should solve in cooperation with its European counterparts.”

“There were some doubts about the South Stream project, and, indeed, we would like Russia to participate as little as possible in the project. But we, the prime minister and the government, agreed that the main thing for Bulgaria is to become energy independent from any country. So, it needs to cooperate with independent organizations, that is, those that do not depend on Russia, ”McCain quotes. "Vesti".

Surprisingly, it seems that the US Senator McCain is in the pocket of the European Commission. What to say about Bulgaria, for which Serbia has already followed in good faith ...

Despite the EU's Third Energy Package, the South project and its route are quite comfortable with Europe. He is satisfied with those companies that participate in it. If the project did not suit Europe, the spears around the "energy package" and Ukraine as a gas transit country would not break. The project would simply be given a turn.

But control of the market at the supranational level is a blue dream of the rulers of Europe. They Bilderberg club envy. (However, this is one office, only with variable composition.)

And here there is a reason to argue with Moscow - the “annexation” of Crimea by Russia. And the opposition to Kiev of the LC and the DPR, allegedly fueled by the Kremlin.

At the same time, Europeans do not consider Ukraine to be a reliable transit country. Austria has therefore changed its opinion regarding the South Stream because it did not like the coup in Ukraine. On the pages of Western newspapers there is such a mild economic definition of Ukraine - “unreliable gas transit”.

We will follow the development of events.

Comments from our readers:

It still allows Ukraine to blackmail us, and selling gas at the border gives Ukraine trumps to the EU and us. They had two things for blackmail — the Black Sea Fleet and the transit of gas; there is no longer any reason, and for the liquidation of the second they need “UP”. I think that the “UP” should be allowed through the European part of Turkey, since the EC does not decree it, and then go to Greece, and then everyone will ask for the branch, spitting on the EC.

"... the main thing for Bulgaria is to become energy independent from any country." (Already complete nonsense, since it is impossible.) "So, it needs to cooperate with independent organizations, that is, those that do not depend on Russia." (Senile US hints?)
Less delirium from the sick McCain and can not be expected. The second sentence is absolutely contrary to the first. The only way to be independent from Russia is to be dependent on the United States. And in order not to be dependent on any country, you need to have your gas.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

All rallied in recent days around Ukraine. The OSCE, Obama, the Pentagon, the State Department, and even Saakashvili are all ready to stand up for the democratic gains of Poroshenko. Military advisers from America are about to arrive in Kiev, Saakashvili will send a team of reformers, and the OSCE will establish "mutual understanding" between Ukraine and Russia.

9 June website Rosbalt it was reported that the participants in the tripartite contact group (OSCE, Ukraine and Russia) came to an understanding on the key stages of the implementation of the “Poroshenko’s plan”. It's about ... uh ... about a peaceful settlement.

Recall that the newly-minted president had previously advocated the continuation of the antiterrorist operation, and even its early completion. After the election, the billionaire said that the military operation will take place as soon as possible: “The anti-terrorist operation cannot and will not last two or three months. It should and will last hours. ”

Poroshenko must have known what he was saying, because the American advisers are about to arrive at the separatist — those who give advice not to some lawyers, economists and non-governmental organizations to defend “rights”, but to the real military.

Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Linez reportedthat a group of military advisers will go to Ukraine. Its task is to evaluate and develop programs of cooperation between the armed forces of the two states.

Recently, the eminent gosdepovskaya lady Victoria Nuland intensified in Ukraine. About her events on the separatist kindly reported "Voice of America".

The US Deputy State Secretary spoke to the leaders of the Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk regions and said that Washington confirms "support and efforts to positive changes in Ukraine aimed at further stabilization, especially in the east of the country."

This, whatever one may say, means the complete approval of the course of the candy king for the anti-terrorist operation in the DPR and the LPR to its victorious end. In Poroshenko’s language, this means “cease fire”.

Wishing to support a fellow democrat in a difficult moment, a famous character in a red tie appeared on the international arena. Mikhail Saakashvili, now registered in Massachusetts, advised Poroshenko not to succumb to Putin, defeat the terrorists, and at the same time sent a team of “Georgian reformers” to Kiev.

The tireless resident of the United States of America, who previously worked as the President of Georgia, gave an exclusive interview to the Ukrainian channel "TSN".

Wishing to help the Ukrainian president on difficult days, Saakashvili said that P. Poroshenko is a wartime president, and he needs support.

And he will support him, Mikhail Saakashvili.

Soon a team of Georgian reformers will arrive in Ukraine, including people who staged a “Georgian economic miracle” a few years ago.

In addition, Mikhail Nikolozovich recalled that advanced Georgian thought is already leading Ukraine into a bright future. Today, in the ministries of justice, economics, in the city hall of Kiev and other paid places, Georgian advisers are working in their sweat. “I cannot work, but there are a lot of Georgians who work,” Saakashvili said.

As for Russia, Saakashvili recommended Mr. Poroshenko to keep her ears open. It is impossible to stop the anti-terrorist operation, it is impossible to succumb to the provocations of the Kremlin.

Such political wisdom was taught by Mikhail Nikolozovich by his own sad confrontational experience.

So, help comes to Poroshenko from all sides. The whole "developed" world cares about oppressed Ukraine. All rallied in the fight against Putin - from the State Department to Saakashvili.

The OSCE, on which other politicians and analysts pinned their hopes, also, as we see, supports the “Poroshenko’s plan”. Nardep from the party "UDAR" Sergei Kunitsyn, who was during the presidential race Poroshenko's confidant, on the TV channel "Ukraine" is no wonder сказал: “Crimea must be returned through international pressure from the UN and the OSCE.”

Comments from our readers:

I don’t know what kind of plan they are smoking in Ukraine (since this was allowed), but the enemies have definitely grabbed it all as one. Colossal forces are thrown at the separation of Ukraine from Russia and the involvement of the Russian Federation in the war.
For us, this is the last bridgehead; if we lose, we will come to the war with us, of course, from the civil one (as long as the gut is at war).

And the gas was again renewed for a week for free - just so, this is in fact a real support for the “democratic” European anti-Russian choice of Ukraine!

Brothers Ukrainians living in Ukraine (and everything else), with such a “president” (in quotes because no one counts with him) can only sympathize and recommend going to Somalia to learn survival of 100 bucks a year from local residents. Ukraine has every chance to get into such a “Europe”.

Illegitimate informant

Sensational information leaks shared with their readers site «WikiLeaks». We are talking about the past "achievements" of a person who calls himself the legitimate Ukrainian president. The material describes the events of the year 2006, when Poroshenko played the role of people's deputy.

According to the "WikiLeaks", Petro Poroshenko at the same time acted as the main informant of the then American Ambassador John Herbst. We are talking about consultations on the formation of a new cabinet in Ukraine. Herbst and his leadership at the State Department of the United States rechecked information provided by him as an informant, since they did not have complete confidence in Mr. Deputy. Why so?

It turns out that P. Poroshenko was suspected of involvement in the preparation of the political elimination of Oleksandr Turchynov while simultaneously weakening the position of Yulia Tymoshenko. Turchinov at that time, we recall, was one of the deputies of the "gas princess".

Thus, the history of P. Poroshenko’s political career is simple: from an illegitimate (that is, one who is not trusted) informant - to legitimate presidents.

But here's a little nuance: Poroshenko considers himself to be the legitimate president of Ukraine.

And another nuance: even if the great B.H. Obama declares someone a legitimate president, it does not declare it as such. For legitimate, by definition, you can be only in the case, if the people trust you.

Comments from our readers:

Now he is an informant for the very Mr US President! Career jumped above the roof!

Not an informant, but an agent of influence, a puppet.

American agent - Ukrainian president. Stalin, probably, turns over in his grave, seeing what he had done to the country.

And the second in a row. The first was Yushchenko.

Not the proportions

Human Rights Watch criticized Kiev’s actions in the Southeast. The use of heavy armored vehicles, aircraft and artillery systems by the Ukrainian authorities in the Donbas has raised serious concerns among representatives of the organization.

The organization gathered evidence that Ukrainian security forces are launching rocket attacks on residential areas and industrial facilities, conducting mortar shelling of cities, attacking settlements from the air.

One of the proofs is the destruction by the Ukrainian security forces of the workshops of the Energomashspetsstal plant and the heavy machine-tool plant in Kramatorsk.

Representatives of Human Rights Watch say that when using military force against insurgents, the Ukrainian army should not forget about the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the right to life, liberty, security, and the inviolability of the home. HRW claims a disproportionate use of force in the south-east of the country.

That's the news. It turns out that Poroshenko is disproportionate. I forgot about the European Convention on Human Rights. I forgot about the right to life. I forgot about freedom, security, inviolability of the home.

What do you think about this, voter Obama, voter Kerry and voter Hagel? Three peacemakers, as in the selection. One when he was a presidential candidate in 2008, he objected to Republican politicians about the war in Iraq, two others fought in Vietnam and then severely criticized this war. Kerry even dared to condemn the American methods of warfare.

However, Obama and Hagel ruined so many innocent people, including children, with blows from a UAV, that the “right to life” of the population of some Ukraine, which is supposed to be turned into a dump of nuclear waste and shale desert, is hardly alarming.

Comments from our readers:

How glamorous it sounds: disproportionate use of force. If you call a spade a spade, this is called “the bloody attempt to kill the neo-fascists with their people under the control of global dictators from the United States.”

The US and the EU will rather believe it: “Children in Slavyansk died as a result of the shelling of the city by militants,” said the official press secretary of the ATO forces Seleznev. (Source: “mbn news”). All in the same spirit: they suicide, self-burn, and now self-shoot. Do not even bother to invent something new.

Neutral fraternal people

The historical comparison of Ukraine and Finland began, perhaps, with the words of Russian Foreign Minister comrade Lavrov, who in Turku on June 9 said that Russia and Finland have a common position on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. According to the minister, Ukraine could not become a factor separating Europe and Russia, but, on the contrary, a bridge - like Finland during the Cold War.

According to Lavrov, Moscow, Kiev and Brussels could agree on the harmonization of Ukraine’s participation in the CIS free trade zone, given its European integration plans.

“We, the Russian Federation, have repeatedly suggested to our European colleagues, Ukrainian colleagues to come together and see how to do so so as not to force Ukraine to tear left and right,” said Lavrov. The Minister considers such a way “optimal”.

However, the matter is hampered by the so-called security issue. After all, the Ukrainian crisis has affected the possibility of NATO expansion under the pretext of the threat of Russian aggression.

“If we talk about the“ Finlandization ”of Ukraine, it is necessary to understand: Finland could exist as a bridge between the West and the East only in a world where two major geopolitical systems, Soviet and western, confronted, said "Free Press" Bogdan Bezpalko, Deputy Director of the Center for Ukrainian Studies and Belarussian Studies at Moscow State University. - Now there is no such confrontation, and it is much more difficult for Ukraine to balance between the West and the East. In addition, - he said, - the USSR during the Cold War gave Finland a very definite role - the trade gates to the West. Ukraine, on the other hand, rather acts today as a tool for blocking Russia. ”

The expert also noted that Ukraine is becoming a breeding ground for “ideological contagion,” that is, nationalism, and this is dangerous for the Russian Federation.

As to the “Finlandization” mentioned, such is possible only in one case: with the collapse of Greater Ukraine, created by the Bolsheviks within the borders of the Ukrainian SSR. Her debris and can go the way of Finland, the expert said. A military defeat, economic hardships can force these parts of the former Ukraine to make concessions and play the role of “trade gateways” between the EU and the Russian Federation.

“Let me remind you: when they talk about Finland as a bridge between the West and the East, they usually forget that Finland experienced two powerful military defeats from the USSR. I think that when Ukraine will experience several defeats, when several western regions will remain from it, this little “bandershtat” can probably become an analogue of Finland in the Soviet postwar period. ”

It should also be recalled that the new president of Ukraine and his government, consisting mainly of maydanschikov, will strive to the West with all their might. Immediately after the inauguration Poroshenko prepared a pen, which will sign an association agreement with the EU.

Moreover, the variant of Finlandization looks strange where there is no socialist state and no ideological confrontation between the two systems that would be connected by a “neutral” bridge. In Russia, capitalism, and Putin and Medvedev always call the countries of the West "partners." What kind of bridge is it?

The “bridge”, I suppose, is Comrade Lavrov’s hopes that there will not be a “military defeat” and “debris” and that life in Ukraine will get better. Russia does not need war, and Russia does not intend to include Russia in its territory. About this same Lavrov said on TV two months ago.

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
Ukraine cannot be neutral, it should be only a brotherly country for Russia!

Ukraine will no longer be neutral. If, with the starting positions they had during the collapse of the USSR, they could not “finlandize”, now even more so.

I do not understand why you have to compare something with something? This is the path to nowhere. Each process is unique, and starting to compare, you involuntarily stretch, hence the mistakes.
"Bridge in the EU" through Ukraine? Why not through Somalia? Foolish somehow, and why do we need intermediaries at all? All the more so absurd!

Strange comparison. And this is hardly possible, given the huge difference in mentality of the Finns and Ukrainians. And the incompatibility of relations between Ukraine and Finland with Russia.

It's not even the difference in mentality. An independent policy can lead a strong state. State in all plans. But Ukraine has not become a state for all its independence. After all, purely internal problems led to the current state of affairs. The country began to crumble under the burden of internal problems - these are the presidents of Ukraine who pursued a domestic policy toward education, so to speak, of a pure ethnic group in a multinational state. I think that this is only the beginning, there are still clashes with Poland, Romania and Hungary ahead.

Hello, limited? ..

At the end of May, Sergey Naryshkin, Chairman of the Russian State Duma, sent a letter to the PACE Speaker, in which he proposed to restore the Russian delegation of rights and find a solution to the Ukrainian crisis. A few days later, the PACE chairwoman personally called Naryshkina, inviting the Russian delegation to participate in a new session. Finally, Ann Brasseur, June 5, by telephone, addressed Naryshkin with a request for the participation of the Russian delegation in the June session of the organization.

The report states: “Anne Brasseur requested the participation of the parliamentary delegation of the Russian Federation in the June session of the PACE, albeit with limited powers. The Chairman of the State Duma reiterated his position (expressed earlier in an open letter to Mrs. Brasseur from 27 in May 2014) on the need to restore the full authority of the Russian delegation to PACE as an obligatory condition for the resumption of full-fledged work in this organization of Russian parliamentarians. ”

The report further states: “Sergey Naryshkin informed Anne Brasseur that he intends to take part in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly events on June 9 in Baku. According to the speaker of the State Duma, on this platform they could have a meeting with the PACE chairman, including on the possible creation of an inter-parliamentary contact group on the situation in Ukraine. ”

6 June RIA News" led the statement of the head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Alexei Pushkov. “If the position of PACE remains unchanged, then it cannot be excluded that the Russian delegation will not take part not only in the June, but also in the October session of the PACE, since the sanctions are imposed before the end of 2014 of the year,” comrade Pushkov told journalists.

“The return of the Russian delegation of its full powers is possible only in January 2015, when the powers of all national delegations will be re-approved,” he noted.

Why is "limited" Russia invited to the session?

“Money, I think, has nothing to do with it,” said "Free Press" Member of the PACE Russian delegation, State Duma deputy Vasily Likhachev. - Because the fee for membership in the organization for the 2014 year, the Ministry of Finance of Russia listed back in December last year. These funds - roughly 20 million euros - are already unrecoverable. Another thing is that somewhere at the beginning of next year we can raise the question of changing the financing formula.

As for the proposal of Brasseur, the deputy continued, then, of course, this is a signal. And the signal is positive. Her telephone conversation with Sergey Naryshkin, in which she expressed a wish to see the Russian delegation when discussing certain issues at the June session, shows, it seems to me, that she is interested in changing the course. But in order to restore absolutely all the powers of the Russian delegation, the decision of the plenary session is necessary. And even the Brasseur itself cannot reverse the established order. ”

The deputy thinks that lately “the trend of rapprochement is beginning to manifest itself” and even a “certain reappraisal” is taking place, hence the call with the invitation.

However, Russia is unlikely to accept the proposal: “On this account, our position has already been voiced in a public field. The Russian delegation will return only when all powers arising from full, full membership will be restored. ”

Well, wait and see.

One thing is clear: to return in a "limited" way means to lose face. Let even by invitation.

Comments from our readers:

For Russia, the organization is useless. One boltology and waste of money.

Well, it's not a secret for a long time. For the Russian Federation, almost all international organizations are useless. They just created (or modified) in order to solve without taking into account the interests of the Russian Federation.

Well, yes, that's just for her.

Russians and phosphorus

World celebrity Jen Psaki, representing the US Department of State, has once again proved itself. This time, she said at a briefing that for the first time she hears about the use of incendiary bombs near Slavyansk.

Journalist: What is the opinion of the State Department on the use of phosphorus bombs in the vicinity of Slavyansk?

Psaki: By whom? Russians?

Journalist: Ukrainian army.

Psaki: No, I have not heard anything about it.

If we proceed from the answers of Psaki to the questions of a journalist, then we can conclude that the State Department spokesman “does not hear anything” when it comes to the use of force by Ukrainian punishers. At the same time, psaki also “hopes” that the Russians still fired.

The journalist probably noticed a light in Psaki's eyes when she asked: “By whom? Russian? "

An amazing thing: a State Department representative asked a journalist. Soon in the US, the State Department and the press will change places. More precisely, ideological roles. Ideas written to the State Department will supply the media. It will be like this:

Journalist: I propose that the State Department give a briefing on the use of phosphorus bombs in the vicinity of Slavyansk.

Psaki: A good idea. We buy. Write a cheat sheet: Russians used forbidden phosphorus bombs in the vicinity of Slavyansk. And add something about the protests of human rights organizations. Contact HRW and others.

Journalist: Yes, ma'am. Thank you for the exclusive, ma'am.

Psaki: It's my pleasure. Following!

Comments from our readers:
I love psaki! .. Such a sweetheart ...

Brother, finish drinking.

The first time I see a person with a negative IQ ...

Impenetrable. It seems to me that psaki is the latest achievement of the Pentagon. Psaki biorobot, model 0001.

* “You are already indebted to the sea: neither the bottom nor the coast” - a phrase from the cartoon “Mister Pronka”
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  1. Russian German
    Russian German 15 June 2014 09: 11
    Let them now expect help from the Allies.
    1. armageddon
      armageddon 15 June 2014 09: 21
      Hmm ... A good selection ... AND THE CONCLUSION MAY BE ONLY ONE .... Banderlogov NEEDED TO BE DESTROYED without PITERNESS and SORRY ... !!!
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 15 June 2014 09: 28
        Quote: Armagedon
        . Banderlogov NEED TO BE DESTROYED without REASON and SORRY ... !!!

        I really want to believe that Mikhailo from Sweden will find here his nine grams, preferably discontinuous, this will help him smash his brain.
        Thanks to the reviewers for the excellent review and hard work for us for all! hi drinks
      2. Yura
        Yura 15 June 2014 10: 10
        Quote: Armagedon
        Hmm ... A good selection ... AND THE CONCLUSION MAY BE ONLY ONE .... Banderlogov NEEDED TO BE DESTROYED without PITERNESS and SORRY ... !!!

        Yes, the authors have good reviews, their work gives the resource its own face, and I like this face very much, judging by the comments. I’ll tell you about what I want, I see the policy of our government quite soberly and clearly and generally share it, but I myself want this, banderlogs (I won’t list their names because they look like nicknames or chased, and they themselves are the vile experience of drunken parents) are struggling to achieve and provoke the entry of Russian troops, and when interrogated then neither Europe nor the USA will help them, there is no doubt about this. But let this foam of shaken mud, know that it will be their happiness if they give them a pick and shovels so that they restore everything that they destroyed to the stone, to the simplest shed and hut, and send it with the same weapon to destroy Bandera dirt throughout Ukraine ( what they will do in the name of their lives with all diligence and zeal I have no doubt about it). So this will be their happiness, because even more I want these ss ... to be put to trial by the mothers, fathers, and their wives who were killed, who have the same hoes and shovels in their hands for painting under sentences.
      3. 222222
        222222 15 June 2014 11: 38
        "While we were watching Ukraine, the Middle East flared. The local analogue of the Right Sector, the ISIS military organization (or ISIL, or ISIS, depending on the transliteration), which arose during the civil war in Syria, in one jerk in open jeeps with machine guns instead of carts, captured the second city Iraq, Mosul of two million, and went to Baghdad.

        Americans, British and French are preparing for a new intervention, but on the other hand, Iran may enter the battle. The mess will be desperate. Why now, and what does this mean for Iraq, for Syria, for the Middle East - and for Russia?

        The signal for the intensification of hostilities was the presidential elections in Syria, which we wrote about recently. The current president, Bashar al-Assad, an ally of Russia, won, but more importantly, the people did not heed the calls of the Islamist rebels to boycott the elections and came to vote. The turnout was huge. Bat rebels card. They had to think about what to do next ... It was no accident that I compared ISIS with the Right Sector - these are radical scumbags fighting against their neighbors. The Right Sector hates "her" -Russians, and ISIS hates Shiites - Iranians, residents of southern Iraq, Alawites of Syria and Lebanon. In Syria, they captured and held the whole province of Raqqa, the only one where there were no elections, and there they established a kingdom of terror with public executions - a kind of order. All other militant organizations were expelled from the province. ISIS does not want to share with anyone.

        ISIS received weapons from the US at the expense of Saudi Arabia to overthrow President Assad in Syria. The Americans and their European allies encouraged and cared for them, although ISIS grew out of al-Qaeda, with which the United States seemed to be at war. Now that ISIS fighters have poured into Iraq, American politicians are portraying horror and horror and are already saying that "Obama has lost Iraq." But while they slaughtered the Syrian Christians, there was no objection on their part.

        ISIS financed by Saudi Arabia ..... "
        1. 222222
          222222 15 June 2014 12: 51
          1. On July 14, the United States Defense Ministry ordered the nomination of the aircraft carrier George W. Bush (CVN 77 from the northern Arabian Sea to the Persian Zaoi. He was accompanied by the cruiser URO "Philippines SI" and the destroyer URO Truxtun.
          2. Germany will not send its troops to Iraq, where armed extremists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group are attacking the north of the country. This was stated by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in an interview with German SM Original article:

          3. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop urged her nationals currently in Iraq to leave immediately. Original article:

      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. GRANATE-19
        GRANATE-19 15 June 2014 20: 19

    2. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 15 June 2014 09: 29
      The speed with which Ukraine turns into a typical Bantustan is amazing. It seems that the inhabitants of this territory at once acquired all the signs of Kashchenko’s patients, well, the Galician general storehouse, these swineherds have always been distinguished by innate idiocy, but where else? Don't they really want Russia to drive in? So if Russia starts to beat, then all this can be stopped only by hanging on the Maidan shades of all the organizers of the mess.
    3. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 15 June 2014 09: 34
      There are more and more bright goals in the EU.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 15 June 2014 10: 03
        There are no words! Again there are no words! The world is rapidly falling into tartarara!
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 15 June 2014 10: 05
          The brave Minister of European Integration clearly shows what exactly needs to be done by the Yogo of High Pride in order to become the leader of his Absolutely Flawless Nation (tm). And do not publicize miserable attempted assassination attempts with a mined bucket.
          1. salamandra2826
            salamandra2826 15 June 2014 14: 37
            He circumcised. Did he get there or circumcised already in Afghanistan?
    4. The comment was deleted.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 15 June 2014 10: 42
        Oh oh oh! Where did Schuster go! repeat Again, the truth says, does Schuster offer to give up! wink

        1. Vlad Kukuev
          Vlad Kukuev 15 June 2014 13: 26
          tired, he wants to retire. Is it a joke - for 40 years it has been broadcasting in my century!
    5. Prapor-527
      Prapor-527 15 June 2014 11: 19
      Dillings demonstrate their essence ...
  2. Name
    Name 15 June 2014 09: 17
    Of course +++, for the review! “You are already in debt that at sea: no bottom, no coast”- so autumn has not come yet ..- fl. for gas
    And imagine that "bet" breaks the GDP, everything with an ax(ice ax) ( laughing ):
    1. Lantau
      Lantau 15 June 2014 09: 37
      A little off topic, but I think it’s suitable ...
      1. Vitaly Anisimov
        Vitaly Anisimov 15 June 2014 09: 50
        Humor in pursuit)))
        Merkel Obama is calling:
        “I have two news, Barak, good and bad ...”
        - start with a good one
        - Crimea, again as part of Ukraine!
        - Yes, of braids, and the second news ...
        - Ukraine became part of the Russian Federation!
        - The devil, what about the Maidan?
        - And wait for Maidan in Washington, and prepare Alaska, they have already left !!!
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    4. dmitrich
      dmitrich 15 June 2014 10: 24
      +1 аналогичная парочка
    RESEARCHER 15 June 2014 09: 17
    On the one hand, in the west there are plans to relocate to the southeast of Ukraine, and, on the other hand, to start producing shale gas, which makes the land unsuitable for living. What do they really want ???
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 15 June 2014 09: 45
      Quote: RESEARCHER
      What do they really want ???

      Destruction of the Slavs in maximum quantities.! am
      1. Vitaly Anisimov
        Vitaly Anisimov 15 June 2014 10: 14
        Quote: Egoza
        Quote: RESEARCHER
        What do they really want ???

        Destruction of the Slavs in maximum quantities.! am

        Good afternoon, Yagoz ..! You are right, we do not fit into the plan of stupid consumers .. We have a soul, and we know how to resist ... There is a war of spirituality! Our children are their main goal (they climb into their souls via the Internet ..) And adults are simply destroyed ..
      2. Lukich
        Lukich 15 June 2014 10: 37
        Quote: Egoza
        Destruction of the Slavs in maximum quantities.!

        that's why they destroy everything in the SE
  4. UFO
    UFO 15 June 2014 09: 22
    Review as always +. good
    I was puzzled by this question: why are there still no awards for the heads of Kolomoisky, Yarosh Parubiy and other fascists? In Crimea, tons of hryvnias, send them to Novorossiya, carry out a PR campaign, albeit at the level of word of mouth, designate a place where and how you can get a payment and declare the "Season of the Hunt" on the banderlog!
    P.S. For ordinary Natsik-nothing, they are stupid, dung, fertilizer for the land of New Russia. yes
    1. N.Zero
      N.Zero 15 June 2014 09: 58
      it’s time to appoint Oleg Tsarev 25t. $ ... for Kolomoychik’s ear
      so that he does not see the "royal" head as his own ears!
      1. Yura
        Yura 15 June 2014 10: 21
        Quote: N.Zero
        it’s time to appoint Oleg Tsarev 25t. $ ... for Kolomoychik’s ear

        A ten-copeck coin thrown into the grave would be enough.
    2. Lukich
      Lukich 15 June 2014 10: 39
      Quote: UFO
      I was puzzled by this question: why are there still no rewards for the heads of Kolomoisky, Yarosh Parubiy and other fascists?

      or maybe already announced. just be quiet. as is the case with Basayev, Khattab, etc. after all, no one except the initiates knew about it
      1. UFO
        UFO 15 June 2014 10: 55
        This is unlikely, while there were no loud "corpses". Pilots also fly. negative
  5. My address
    My address 15 June 2014 09: 24
    Slightly redoing an old joke:
    - Witness! Tell us what you saw.
    - Well, I go and see, like a bunch of dill. fool
    - Witness! You wanted to say a group of Ukrainians?
    - Well yes. I go and see a kind of group of Ukrainians. He came closer. I looked closely at what they were doing. No! All the same, it was a bunch of dill! wassat

    And further. As far as I know, for the first time "dill" and "steal" in connection with nezalezhnoy was indicated by visitors drinks in early spring at the Military Review.
    1. Lantau
      Lantau 15 June 2014 09: 48
      Today I read in a vast expanse a new term - UKRAINE.
  6. Name
    Name 15 June 2014 09: 27
    Well, something to him -......, and everyone agrees ????? Then it’s not a fucking thing to pay attention to them, Dnipropetrovsk ...The fence named Kolomoisky- even interesting HOWit fool
  7. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 15 June 2014 09: 33
    So, help comes to Poroshenko from all sides. The whole "developed" world cares about oppressed Ukraine. All rallied in the fight against Putin - from the State Department to Saakashvili.

    So far, it goes only to pay for mercenaries .. The devils will not pay for gas obviously .. And there is no need to hide behind Putin .. You are all "fighting" with Russia, or rather, you are destroying us brazenly and cynically before the borders .. so that we can all see what will happen soon and we have ... well, well .. how would you not regret then We are patient until a certain moment and then .. do not blame me
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 15 June 2014 09: 38
    Protesters smash the windows of the Russian Embassy in Kiev
    Oh how, Nuland cookies stick out, they still cannot let go ...
  9. tundra
    tundra 15 June 2014 09: 39
    Kovalya’s misha has long had to filter out in AD itself. And where only at the time did the KGB look, the former, supposedly, SOVIET OFFICER. Astounding. Probably now his former colleagues, who shook hands with him, wash them with peroxide.
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 15 June 2014 09: 43
      About special items ............... laughing
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 15 June 2014 09: 59
        That's it, I'm under the table! Where do they get them from! laughing
        1. Simple
          Simple 15 June 2014 11: 09
          Quote: Alex 241
          Where do they get them from!

          So to say, humanitarian aid was attached to each load ration. wassat
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. The comment was deleted.
      2. 29261
        29261 15 June 2014 10: 27
        They are self-satisfied! Markitanok - then not enough for everyone!
      3. 52
        52 15 June 2014 12: 21
        So here she is, civilized help from japad! I'm under the table laughing
      4. Vlad Kukuev
        Vlad Kukuev 15 June 2014 13: 44
        from Amer’s dry rations - their soldier without derchen can not step a step, probably! (?)
  10. Junior, I
    Junior, I 15 June 2014 09: 41
    In PACE, enter payment only at the time of the sessions.
    He arrived, paid, talked and good bye.
    EU appetites time to restrain! And then solid scam!
    RESEARCHER 15 June 2014 09: 45
    The more the "GREAT Ukrainians" try to annoy my Motherland, the stronger hatred in me grows towards the United States, the Western model of social development in general, with its "DERMOCRATIC" institutions.
    A gullible Ukrainians only suckers in their political game.
    1. provincial
      provincial 15 June 2014 13: 40
      I look and our suckers began to wake up, otherwise everyone ran to the swamp.
  12. Junior, I
    Junior, I 15 June 2014 09: 45
    US President Barack Obama managed to slip away from journalists and get unnoticed from the White House to the Starbucks coffee shop on Pennsylvania Avenue. Yeo was accompanied by the head of his administration, Denis McDonough, and a couple of guards. By the time the journalists managed to figure out what was happening, Obama and McDonough were already leaving Starbucks with glasses in hand.

    Do not get rid of the habit. This is innate!

    More details:
  13. WASABI
    WASABI 15 June 2014 09: 47
    In American politics, there are always very bright (without exaggeration) and "highly competent" individuals. At one time, they were Bush Jr., cutie Hillary, etc. At the present stage, they have two miraculous stars at once - Jen Psaki (of course! Bravo Jen!) And Senator John McCain. We have already listened to the incendiary song about Jen (I think she will also like it), but this is Mr. McCain's nightmare:

    Have fun John ...
    1. The point
      The point 15 June 2014 15: 14
      And also "Vladimirsky Central" for the Kiev leadership.
  14. Mentor
    Mentor 15 June 2014 10: 07
    Good phrase about the discussion of Ukraine: I’ll ask you to be objective and not to poke facts in the face! © (
  15. 29261
    29261 15 June 2014 10: 17
    The review is excellent! But against the backdrop of all that is happening, the question arises: How much more patience does our government have? These with ... are trying by all means to drag Russia into the armed conflict, not realizing one thing, that as soon as this line is passed from Okraina-nezalezhnoy not there will be nothing left! and the geyropets with the Americans will not help them, but as always, the shamers will quietly dump them on their territory, only in the current geopolitical situation of their territory, as such, they may no longer be. There will also be little left of the independent people with since 80% of the population is zombified to such an extent that the closest relatives and friends have turned into fierce enemies. History is cyclical and it does not tolerate the subjunctive mood! For some reason, no one wonders where the Slavic belt came from in Europe, which stretches right up to the modern Italy, but in vain! In the place of Europolitiks and the American government, I would think deeply and draw through real (not falsified) historical documents, maybe this will make some think and a little go down. To summarize, we can say only one thing, we are not even in the middle of the road and events are yet to come. May God give our President and the government of wisdom and patience !!!
  16. The comment was deleted.
    1. Rblipetsk
      Rblipetsk 15 June 2014 12: 34
      Quote: STEALS
      Ukrainians have a difficult relationship with optical devices. They were still Alexander Danilovich Menshikov severely spread rot astrolabe.

      5 points good a person clearly has a sense of humor laughing
  17. Hope1960
    Hope1960 15 June 2014 11: 04
    The old woman Europe took full advantage of Russian money - the revolution of 17 years helped, and now Geyropa wants only money from us. They will want 2015 million euros in 20, and then they will send us. The same situation was already last time! Got it! If they really want our money, the solutions we need must be knocked out before payments, and not after !!!!!!!!!!!
  18. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 15 June 2014 13: 09
      Lavrov very simply said about this gopnik:
    3. The point
      The point 15 June 2014 15: 19
      This is the level, or rather, his absence from the Ukrop "politicians".
    4. OST_51RU
      OST_51RU 16 June 2014 02: 12
      Russia is treated exactly as well as Russian officials allow it.

      Nothing personal, but to Comrade Miller to negotiate gas prices during the pogrom of the building of the Russian Embassy in the city of Kuev, after insulting the President of the Russian Federation - it seems to be not quite decent ...

      I suggest recalling the speech of Comrade Zurabov on the innocence of Potroshenko:

      "Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov said that the inaugural speech of President Petro Poroshenko" sounds promising. "

      Source: © 2014

      Everyone read the speech of Potroshenko - except for threats in the direction of Russia, Crimea and Novorosia, there was nothing ...

      Commenting is unnecessary.
  19. Lelek
    Lelek 15 June 2014 11: 26
    Wisdom and patience are good at a coffee table, resting your head with your palm. And what to do when hundreds of people die, our Russian people? The Kiev junta will not stop, it will not be given the command "fu" by the owner from across the Atlantic. This means that there will be new victims, new "Odessa" and "Slavyanski" and already thousands of parents will mourn their children at the whim of Uncle Sam and Mr. Rasmussen, drinking their whiskey with ice and counting the additions to their bank accounts. So what should Russia do: - To be wise and to endure, or to start forcing the cessation of hostilities in its "ilium"? My opinion is the second. soldier
  20. boozer
    boozer 15 June 2014 11: 29
    All events of these days are well summarized, excellent analytics. Conclusions add up by themselves. For myself, I emphasized that the "hand" of Fashington is clearly visible. All evil from the mattress. And yet, after the lawlessness at the Russian embassy in Kiev, he became firmly convinced that a state called Ukraine had died! There is no power, the institutions of this power have been completely destroyed, such as the armed forces, the police, the courts, the prosecutor’s office, and now Ukrainian diplomats with three higher educations are squeaking harshly that someone ... is gone, human values ​​have been trampled. Everything is implicated in blood, on the base needs of a person, cheap slogans about "exclusivity", the people of the former Ukraine are duped and essentially illiterate and politically blind. Yes, yes, I did not make a reservation of the former Ukraine! Everything, there is none! This neoplasm is still under the old label that needs to be changed ... But this is a headache for the Nazis.
  21. Gray 43
    Gray 43 15 June 2014 11: 47
    Thanks to the authors for the results of the week, it seems that the regional committee because of a large puddle decided to announce 2014 in Russia as the year of Ukraine in Russia, and in every way contributes to this. The World Cup did not divert the attention of those who are worried about anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine. In Kiev, the Maydanites decided to slam the door loudly before dispersing their bomber with a garden and attacked our embassy, ​​if they had a mattress, they would soon dig trenches for the national guard somewhere at the front. The incident with the downed transporter suggests that the military is trying in every way to motivate fighting for the junta, now relying on revenge for the dead paratroopers. But more often the facts of the destruction of military detachments that push soldiers into battle with militias began to emerge. Soon the theme of Ukraine, or what remains of it, will leave with VO.
  22. Vitas
    Vitas 15 June 2014 11: 48
    Ministers Deshchitsa.

    It is time to withdraw all representatives and impose sanctions against these fascists.
  23. portoc65
    portoc65 15 June 2014 12: 00
  24. Andrey82
    Andrey82 15 June 2014 12: 07
    And if you omit humor, then we are entering a period of wars and crises (economic, social, etc.). Therefore, it is not clear why the base of the NATO block, which is hostile to us, whose leaders from time to time call Russia the main enemy, is still on our land in Ulyanovsk? You have a question Vladimir Vladimirovich.
    And yet - when will the liberals-saboteurs (pro-Westerners) in the government be replaced by pro-Russian economists at the Glazyev level?
    To enter with such baggage into the era of turbulent changes is suicide for Russia!
  25. arthur_hammer
    arthur_hammer 15 June 2014 12: 30
    exactly said !!!
  26. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 15 June 2014 12: 32
    Thanks to Volodya and Alexey for the kaleidoscope of news mainly consisting of the crisis in Ukropia, with caustic calculations on the heroes of the events themselves. Insanity ... Insanity ... Insanity comes more and more from the Ukrainians, flavored by the State Department with an undisguised desire to take revenge on Russia, to stain it in the eyes of world politicians. Yes, the USA is achieving separate results, but only in the eyes of its sixes like Merkel and Barroso and the various Polish and Baltic half-wits. The situation will change dramatically in the other direction over time. You just need to be patient and do your thing, to inform the world about your plans and desires. Well, she’s not in a state of geyropa, and the United States has never done good deeds in order to contain dill, to feed them, there will not be enough money and oligarchs to contain a decomposed army supported by stick discipline. Putin pursues his policy, we would have to get at least part of the money for gas from Bandera, they will be useful for the South Stream, but it will still be - not everyone is in the geyropa.
  27. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 15 June 2014 12: 40
    musical pause! fellow
  28. askort154
    askort154 15 June 2014 12: 46
    Obviously, at this stage we are losing. Yes, we returned the Crimea - this is a huge and unexpected victory.
    But at the same time they lost Ukraine. The neighboring state received the status of the US external government.
    after the collapse of the USSR, the second largest victory for the United States in confronting Russia. How do we get out
    worthy of this situation? America felt the nearness of ultimate success, completely blocked
    all international legal canons exerting all their power on the UN and NATO countries, trying to isolate Russia. They already are not so worried about Iran and the Asia-Pacific region with China, how to saddle Ukraine completely and irrevocably. Thus, to kill a lot of birds with one stone:
    - not to allow rapprochement between Russia and the EU in order to exclude economic education from the Atlantic to the Asia-Pacific region,
    and create a common economy with the EU, which has long been sought;
    - force the EU to purchase shale gas from the United States;
    - deploy NATO and missile defense in Ukraine.
    If the EU does not agree to such conditions, then draw Russia into the war with Ukraine to put Europe
    before the fact of long-term chaos at its borders, or war with Russia. Because China weakened its
    "Wishlist" for the return of the neighboring islands (for some reason?), then the United States has a "window" for solving the Ukrainian "problem." We can only hope for a social explosion inside Ukraine and victory
    healthy forces. But it will not be tomorrow. The war between Russia and Ukraine is not permissible. IMHO.
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 16 June 2014 00: 51
      Let's be honest, 23 years old urkaina was a hostile state, and did not become so after the loss of Crimea. History books on which brainwash children have been graduating for about 15 years. For 23 years we were blackmailed by the Black Sea Fleet and gas transit, Bandera also appeared in a couple of months, they just became fashionable and crawled out in the front ranks. The government of ukrov constantly pulled loot from us, and at the same time still vomited. Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovych - who was a friend of the Russian Federation or defended the interests of Russians? Therefore, let’s do it without snot. There is a process of bankruptcy of a hostile company, which owes us, and we have from it everything that we can grab. Crimea has already paid for everything, but we will stop the bankruptcy process only if Ukraine understands on whose side of the barricades it should stand. The goal is to turn the enemy into an ally, or at least neutral.
    2. nstarinsky
      nstarinsky 16 June 2014 03: 49
      But in parallel, they lost Ukraine

      Ukraine was as "friendly" to Russia as the Russians THERE applied their OWN efforts to it. With the collapse of the USSR, these efforts came to naught. So Ukraine was formally lost ALL these years.
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. UVB
    UVB 15 June 2014 13: 05
    Captured banderlogs in the LPR:
  31. redka
    redka 15 June 2014 13: 10
    Humor in pursuit)))
    1. Kisel
      Kisel 16 June 2014 05: 59
      laughing continue (albeit a sin)
  32. Gato
    Gato 15 June 2014 15: 39
    It is strange that Ukrainian journalists did not announce T-34 tanks crossing the border from Russia. And by chance, I didn’t notice Mark I or squadrons with carts ...

    laughing laughing
  33. Gato
    Gato 15 June 2014 15: 52
    Dnipropetrovsk region.
    Now it is called nothing else but the "Dneprozhidovskaya" region sad
  34. portoc65
    portoc65 15 June 2014 16: 30
    GREAT UKROPIA A unique country .. So selflessly destroy yourself Schaub current to annoy Russia
  35. pensioner
    pensioner 15 June 2014 17: 17
    Many thanks to the authors for the outcome. hi
    Of course, Ukraine, due to the special tragedy of the events unfolding there, occupies almost all of our consciousness (mine for sure ...) and all the plots from the Results are somehow connected with it. We all with pain in our hearts learn about more and more crimes against humanity on the territory of Ukraine and painfully wait for reports of local victories of the militias and with all our hearts we wish them to stay alive and defeat ... But life is life. And there is a place for everything in it ... In this regard, it is not clear to me: HOW could the Authors of the Results pass the event, without any exaggeration, on a planetary scale - the World Cup ?? Defect however request !
  36. pvv113
    pvv113 15 June 2014 18: 29
    Quote: Lantau
    A little off topic, but I think it’s suitable ...

    Continuing the theme
  37. Deadmen
    Deadmen 15 June 2014 18: 38
    Kolomoisky’s fence .... this entire network is switched off from one rocket to a power substation.
  38. yurik
    yurik 15 June 2014 20: 12
    apparently Putin no longer simply respects himself as the president of the country and does everything so that the country's image is undermined in the international arena when the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sends it to the cameras of journalists, the right-wingers smash the embassy and tear the Russian flag, they simply scoff at the gas talks, commit war crimes in the Donbass ....
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 16 June 2014 00: 53
      The dog barks - the caravan goes on. This applies equally to that cheap, what you.
  39. Roland
    Roland 15 June 2014 21: 57
    New Mayakovsky! I advise everyone to see a great but sad verse from a resident of the southeast.

    1. Shikari91
      Shikari91 16 June 2014 05: 40
      more to such!
  40. annodomene
    annodomene 16 June 2014 07: 58
    And Koval is something else Чman Мeating Оsociety (or Man, Morally Obor ... st)