Margolin Pistol MCM

Pistol M.V. Margolin was developed in 1946 g. And is commercially available from 1948 g. So-called “long” 5,6-mm side ignition cartridges are used for firing. With the 1952, the gun is available for a “short” cartridge (MC-1). The gun has undergone a minor upgrade and is currently being produced under the name of the MTC.

Margolin Pistol MCM

Margolin self-loading pistol (MSM) is designed for initial training in target shooting at a distance of 25 m. The aiming device allows you to adjust the position of the aiming line horizontally (whole) and vertical (front sight).

Margolin Pistol is a versatile sport weapons. It is used both for primary education and for competitions, including high-speed shooting at emerging targets.

The gun is equipped with a muzzle compensator, additional weights to change the balancing, orthopedic device to the handle.

Automatic pistol works by using the energy of recoil free shutter. Trigger trigger with its open location. The trigger has a combat and safety platoon. The shutter casing does not close the barrel. The recoil spring with a rod located under the barrel. The bolt is engaged with the return mechanism by means of a contactor. The gun is well balanced. The large tilt of the handle (111 degrees) provides comfortable aiming with minimal strain on the arm muscles. The sight is open, with adjustable entirely and front sight.

On the basis of the pistol, the “Margo” pistol was developed; it differs from the base model with a shorter barrel, a simple open sight, and the absence of a descent force regulator.

The next upgrade was the development of the pistol “Drill”. The gun was created for the PSM pistol cartridge; it is distinguished from the base model, except for ammunition, a shortened barrel, simple aiming devices, the absence of a number of special tools and a simplified shape of the “cheeks” of the handle.

Caliber 5,6 mm
Pistol mass with magazine, without cartridges 0,9 kg
Weight with the equipped shop 0,94 kg
Length 245 mm
Height 140 mm
Width 41 mm
Barrel length 152 mm

Number of cuts 6
Sighting line length 220 mm
Adjustable stroke length of the trigger 1-5 mm
Descent Force 10-25 H
Capacity of 10 magazine cartridges
Sighting range 25 m
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