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What a charm - a day off! Today I had the most pleasant opportunity to surf the Internet, connect with friends and get all sorts of references from them and listen to the broadcast. Impressed by what he saw, read and heard, he could not stand it and decided to drop a little on “VO” to share his observations. Do not judge strictly that I am invading your information field, but it seems to me that the materials deserve your attention, friends, although they are private observations and conclusions.

And the Swedish, and the Reaper, and on Kalas the GARDEN

I watched an interview with Motorola already known to many. Wonderful guy! I have long wanted to know about him a little more than in short TV releases, where he lit up. This desperate and at the same time modest fighter is very favorable to him. In his words, what he just did not do, but recently he was engaged in "carving on marble and granite" i. the manufacture of gravestones. He spoke about it with sincere and appealing humor and even joked that this season was not entirely successful for him.

For all its current recognition, it does not pull the blanket over itself and refuses to be called a company commander, as cunning journalists have already presented. He clearly stressed that he was the commander of the machine-gun grenade department, i.e. anti-tank. In total, he was engaged in military business for about four years and has two very serious business trips. Wonderful guy! And I am glad that ukropsky shavals are confronted by such guys who behave without showing off, truly bravely and with dignity. Health to these guys and victories!


It was these words that I remembered when I heard that the newly-made under-president was not upheld and deigned to call the Russian president with a “generous and ultimatum” proposal to resolve the situation in the South-East. Probably, some time ago, some points from this address could be treated with understanding, in particular, the organization of humanitarian corridors. But not now, when the situation inexorably begins to develop in favor of the South-East. And I judge this all over the entire amount of information that I have heard and read today. But how to treat such a mandatory condition on the part of Poroshenko, as Putin’s recognition of the legitimacy of the elections held in Ukraine and recognition of his-Poroshenkov’s person as president? .. Putin has repeatedly made it clear that doing business with this character sweep orders for the South-East, and if something is to be said, it is only on the terms of Russia, which is fighting for the West-Banderlog not to commit genocide against people. Almost 80% of all proposals were requirements, requirements, requirements ... So the question arises - about the ski on the asphalt.

News broadcast

Afternoon in the Southeast is very eventful. The most memorable thing is that the 62-I Kirovograd Brigade moved to the side of the Donbass militia in full force. This is a very efficient special forces unit. And the first bells that they are not eager to die for Kiev morons, sounded in the battle for Donetsk airport. Then the snipers, mercenaries pressed the militia tightly, and the company of the Kirovograd brigade reassured these shooters with fire ZSushki. Ukrainians lowered this case on the brakes, because complicate relations with a combat-ready unit in the conditions of the blockade of the airport by militias — more expensive.

And I also remember a video with the gratitude of special forces soldiers Strelkov to the people of Russia. Thanks was from the heart. And it was very nice to see why this thanks. This is a great outfit, ranging from bers, bronikov and helmets enhanced protection and ending with walkie-talkies. All high quality and in a very decent amount. The words of the fighter were especially remembered: “Soon we will have Grads.” Now they are still in dill, but will soon be ours. Dill don't know about it yet. ”

There you are, friends. My joy rolls over. Yes, just now I watched a video from Kramatorsk - a column from tanks and KamAZ with ZSU. Love, brothers, love! ..


For dessert, dear friends, a little bit of lift-up information for maydauns.

“While the spacecraft are plying the stage of the Bolshoi Theater ...” Something like this reminds me of the news that appeared on one of the ukrosayts: has already brought positron torpedoes to the Kremlin and, in the event of a refusal of capitulation, is ready to use the “metreon cascade”. The message was accompanied by a picture depicting a breathtakingly formidable pepelats against the background of defenseless in front of its shock power of the planet Earth. "I'm so laughing ..."

One wonders a question that often sounds in the comments: “What do they smoke there?”

So let me leave, friends, all the best.
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  1. +15
    13 June 2014 09: 20
    Smoke, smoke, oh how smoke.
    Only in the inflamed brain can the situation arise which they wind up in Ukraine.
    I look at them and wonder if they really do not understand that they are being used with Ukraine?
    Sorry for the brothers Slavs.
    I like to watch the Ukrainian minute of fame. How many amazing people are there, how many talented children ...
    Only this can unite.
    I do not want to fight against Ukraine, but I do not want the Americans to steer there.
    How to bring a particle of mind into their brain? How to stop this mess?
    You know friends, what terrified me in all this ???
    What started there will not quickly subside.
    I think for 10 years this paragraph will smolder near Russia, and then we still need time to bring up the young generation in friendship between our peoples.
    And we lost this Ukraine, I mean this generation of youth
    1. 0
      13 June 2014 10: 16
      Quote: Consul-t
      And we lost this Ukraine, I mean this generation of youth

      With memory. I can be a little reassuring - 1/4 of this youth is friends with brains.
    2. +1
      13 June 2014 11: 30
      I look at them and wonder if they really do not understand that they are being used with Ukraine?
      I liked the staging questions ... plus ...
      But it’s hard to believe that you don’t understand ... why are all these cataclysms in Ukraine? There are two reasons - discrediting Russia and dumping it into tartars ... and the second is money! Money! Money! And I will not be surprised that this money goes only to the "foreign pocket" ... The current "leaders" of Kiev understand everything, but they ... share it !!! Therefore, there will continue to be "people die for metal" ... for the oligarchs!
      People! The people of the country! But do not lead the banderlog!
      1. 0
        13 June 2014 12: 13
        rather, 1 reason is money, and so completely agreed
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. +4
    13 June 2014 09: 21
    Hemp dung! "He is vigorous, he will understand!"
    And with such husbands as militias, every woman should be proud!
  3. +11
    13 June 2014 09: 22
    wonderful article !!! so much positive. but most of all I was pleased with the "Right Sector Shock Ship" Shukhevych - AUSM 14 "apparently it was launched from a catapult from the Maidan laughing
    1. +4
      13 June 2014 09: 54
      Quote: Lukich
      wonderful article !!! so much positive. but most of all I was pleased with the "Right Sector Shock Ship" Shukhevych - AUSM 14 "apparently it was launched from a catapult from the Maidan laughing

      A country that had HUNDREDS of helicopters, and now (according to official data) 10 about space can only DREAM!
      They soon made HUNGES IN PIECES to consider have to!
    13 June 2014 09: 26
    With humor, the guys are in order, then the moral factor is on top. This allows partial compensation for the superiority of the enemy in manpower and equipment. Good luck to the Warriors!
  5. +4
    13 June 2014 09: 42
    Respect to the author, I think I’m not the only one who reads your articles with pleasure, and the main thing is - the truth!
  6. +3
    13 June 2014 09: 43
    Thank you for the positive !!!
    Further success, Esaul!
  7. tokin1959
    13 June 2014 09: 45
    But not now, when the situation is inexorably beginning to develop in favor of the Southeast

    Give the facts.
    1. +4
      13 June 2014 10: 22
      Greetings to all of you, colleagues! hi
      Thank you for your kind words and because today, it turns out belay day off, I have the happy opportunity to attend a bit on the site.
      Quote: tokin1959
      Give the facts.

      Alexander, some facts have already appeared on the Russian Spring website today. If you go through, you will see a video about the gratitude of the Strelkovo specialists. As they say - "knock and you will find" Yes
      Quote: PValery53
      although there are few reasons to rejoice
      And about the transition of the Kirovograd specialists to the side of the militia, I think you will soon find out.
      I dare to hope I'm talking to a namesake? Believe me, there are many reasons to look at the situation with optimism, but not everything can still be given out on the Internet. I do not play conspiracy theories, but yesterday there were so many warnings from the "Archangel" from the "sky" to streamers that they were already inclined to replace the word "" with "dog girl" lolYu Dvizhnyak yesterday in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions was so expressive that Petrusha hurried to call Putin. And I think that in his appeal he voiced requests for stopping troop movements. What troops are these - the Archangel knows. hi
      1. +1
        13 June 2014 20: 30
        Good evening, Valera! hi
        Thanks for the positive, otherwise I can’t listen to news from Ukraine for the third day. Mariupol again ...
        God grant, God grant ...
        1. 0
          14 June 2014 20: 20
          Yura, I greet you! hi drinks
          Thank you for your kind words and good to see you. hi
    2. dmb
      13 June 2014 13: 19
      I can only recommend, remind the author after a while what he wrote today. He certainly does not care, but sobering many admirers.
    3. +1
      13 June 2014 13: 53
      Quote: tokin1959
      Give the facts.

      Are you in an "information vacuum"?
      What prevents you from finding and comparing the facts yourself?

      Still shaky, but a turning point has been outlined, and let's hope it will become more and more explicit and explicit ...
      1. tokin1959
        13 June 2014 14: 45
        Mariupol today the National Guard took.
        it's you in the vacum.
        1. +1
          13 June 2014 18: 30
          Quote: tokin1959
          Mariupol today the National Guard took.
          it's you in the vacum.

          And what do you think she will keep him? Local "success" against the background of the junta's failures that have already become natural and planned ...

          Yes, Mariupol is an important point, but Kiev has no strength to keep it under control ...

          Not a hat for Senka ...
          1. tokin1959
            13 June 2014 18: 45
            Kiev has amassed enough strength.
            Mariupol is unlikely to be beaten back.
            1. +1
              13 June 2014 21: 50
              Quote: tokin1959
              Kiev has amassed enough strength.
              Mariupol is unlikely to be beaten back.

              Such "accumulation" is reminiscent of futile attempts to hold on with one hand. и for * isu and for writing *...

              Nobody has succeeded yet ...
  8. +3
    13 June 2014 09: 48
    Anyone who jokes, including on himself, is invincible and immortal, like Ivan Turkin. We hope that with the help of Russia, victory will come to the militia and the people of New Russia.
  9. +4
    13 June 2014 09: 55
    Well done, Esaul is optimistic about the situation in Ukraine, although there are few reasons to rejoice. But ... we will hope for a brighter future and to the best of our ability to help the healthy forces of Ukraine.
  10. +11
    13 June 2014 10: 01
    Good article. Soon it will be like this:

  11. +3
    13 June 2014 10: 10
    Dill has already been chopped and smoked, and the rest of the Ukrainians are afraid of drug addicts, except for the people of the DPR and LPR. They treat them ...
  12. +3
    13 June 2014 10: 21
    The Right Sector strike ship Shukhevych - AUSM 14 entered a geostationary orbit over Moscow and has already launched positron torpedoes at the Kremlin and, in the event of surrender to surrender, is ready to use the “metreon cascade”. The message was accompanied by a picture depicting a stunningly formidable pepelats

    Now in dill they are looking for CC to the pilgrims! General madness!
  13. 0
    13 June 2014 11: 46
    Infrequent good news about the Outskirts. Parashenko just pushed that he called Putin.
  14. +1
    13 June 2014 13: 49
    Quote: from article
    For dessert, dear friends, a little bit of lift-up information for maydauns.

    Written encouraging ... Special thanks for "Dessert" Yes ...
  15. 0
    13 June 2014 15: 16
    NOT ship Americans launched from a trampoline laughing laughing
  16. 0
    14 June 2014 02: 25
    That is why I "love" the Esaul, because it is gushing optimism even in a situation that is completely inappropriate for this. Probably this is the main function of the political officer. It remains only to regret that we are no longer soldiers of the first half of our service life and we see with our own eyes a picture somewhat different from the one that the author offers us in his opuses.
    Well, in this there was no praise of great designs and accomplishments. Indispensably non-alternative and thanks for that.
    1. +1
      14 June 2014 20: 24
      Volodya hi Not worried, friend, not yet evening. There will still be praise because Putin leads his line and does not release the situation out of control, so as not to bring him down. This is the PRESIDENT, not a fagot and not because of a puddle. hi
      1. 0
        15 June 2014 09: 09
        Quote: esaul
        Not worried, friend, not yet evening.

        Oh, Valera, Valera ...
        How not to worry then? Not evening already - MORNING!
        Already the Russian embassy is being smashed.
        I have no doubt that the President is not a fagot because of the puddle, but I have huge doubts that he is doing everything right, in the interests of the Russian State and people. Sorry, I have good reason. I knew many of his appointees personally and see the methods and results of their actions on a living example.
        Of course, then ALL the actions of GDP will be recognized as brilliant and you will take an active part in this.
        Of course, in the absence of wide discussion and criticism of these actions, it will not be possible to give them objective rating.

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