Filtration camps - the national idea of ​​Ukraine

Filtration camps - the national idea of ​​UkraineFiltration camps, shelling of Slavyansk and Semenovka with phosphorus ammunition, super-long-term release of the “Byut” maniac Viktor Lozinsky. Ordinary routine ordinary totalitarian countries. In just one hundred days, the formation of a totalitarian political space was completed on the remnants of the territory controlled by Kiev. Under the pretext of war with Russia, the media sphere was completely sterilized, all major political and civil liberties were restricted, a repressive regime with signs of a feudal-communal system was established.

It turns out that this is exactly what is urgently needed in the western and central parts of Ukraine. What is happening, including the civil war, is the age-old dream of the “Ukrainian people”. He is ready to endure the rapid deterioration of the economic situation, rising prices, utility tariffs, immersion in a full apocalypse, just to shout "Putin's ... ylo" and "Moskal on knives!". Comrade Jung emphasized that the archetypes of social consciousness are a terribly conservative thing. They do not change over the centuries. I'd add that you don't pick out the genes with a fork. Twenty-three years of "stitching the country" went to the cat under the genitals in a matter of months. Today, no one even remembers the slogan “Schoid and Silence at once”, does not make purely conditional attempts to conduct a dialogue. It turns out that it was precisely this kind of freedom of speech that the “Ukrainian community” craved: similar stories about “heroic warriors, yaks in the coloradian”, “klyatyi moskals, yaks will soon die”, on the Redna Batkivschyna ”and“ Add a view of Evropa and Gameryky ”.

Surprisingly, but a fact: over a hundred days, numerous media unions, freedom of speech fighters, and public organizations such as “Stop Censorship!” Turned into frantic Hunveyb sects, with excitement making up lists of journalists who are subject to persecution of dissidents in social networks and completely ignoring the high standards of journalism and ethics, which had only recently been spoken and written about with such zahleb. Take a pale Ukrainian copy of psaki - Victoria Syumar. For nearly a decade, her media institute and such a European mother every week “voiced loudly” about curtailing freedom of speech in Ukraine. With a calculator and a chronometer in their hands, freedom fighters monitored the central TV channels, ate pizza with the money of the US embassy and talked about how the opposition was being squeezed and did not give it a word.

Tell me, please: who is the opposition today and how is it represented in the media? Theoretically, the opposition is the Communist Party and the Party of Regions. You know, in the dictatorial times of Kuchma and Yanukovich, it was impossible to even imagine such a massive persecution of the opposition. Pyotr Simonenko, who burned down his house and office, prefers not to appear in the hotbed of proper parliamentarism. As soon as Alexander Efremov makes at least some, even slightly critical statement, he is immediately accused of financing extremism. It has become common practice to deprive deputies of authority for political views (Oleg Tsarev). I am now surprised to recall the action “Arise, Ukraine!”, When three dollars ... of the leader almost freely moved around the country, teaching people to think that power is shit and convention, against which it is possible and necessary to fight by any means. The most vile provocation of the wicked Vlada was the contactless beating of Snitsarchuk and her roommate, following Yatsenyuk and de-energizing the microphone of Vitali Klitschko. God, how they all howled then! Such an impression was that the end of the world of universal scale had come. Every day, a trio of opposition leaders got the opportunity to blame the “panda” for the incredible crimes against humanity and the repression of freedom-loving European journalists. Well, wow repressions: during the dark times of Yanukovych in Ukraine, an entire journalistic school has been formed, which has been looking for Fedorovich’s golden toilet. Each press president turned into a performance: they would send a dick, then put on masks.

Today, nobody even pays attention to such trifles. There are dolpoeb casge whose delirium readily replicate all the media. When the acting minister of defense in the building of the Cabinet of Ministers talks about the need to build filtration camps in the Donbas and resettle residents of the southeast in different areas, no bitch even thinks to ask: how does this correspond to human rights? What are right? The war goes on with Russia! Bloody and merciless. Every day, Muscovites kill heroes and do not want to give Ukraine a discount on gas. Therefore, filtration camps are a very good idea. Gene memory works: camps, Soviet soldiers, warders and policemen. Exactly in such a role there is where to roam the truly Galician archetype! So that the “Colorado” and “quilted jackets” were unarmed, and they are all in black uniform, with automatic weapons showing this “cattle”, who is the true representative of the highest race. I am sure one hundred percent: there will be no end to those who wish to serve as guards and executioners in the filtration camps. This is, firstly, safe. Secondly, it allows you to feel like a Yubermench. Third, you can get a lot of benefits and privileges from the state. Even if the salary is small, it does not matter. Genes will helpfully suggest that you can start trading in live goods. For someone to let out money, to someone to soften conditions of stay. There are also gold teeth, organs, personal items.

In general, the idea of ​​the Minister of Defense was met with a bang. Filtration camps completely fall into the pattern of the totalitarian regime. The Ministry of Truth as part of the three main oligarchic media holdings (Kolomoisky, Pinchuk and Akhmetov) has already been formed, there is a single enemy, an object of worship (Washington, Brussels), too. It remains only to calm the indignant biomass of "quilted jackets". The problem is that no one wants to die in the east. They are trying to find those who will do all the work for them. “Pravoseki” and “self-defense” are perfect for this role. However, even these “patriots” are beginning to suspect that they are being used as disposable rubber products. No problem. Then you just need to level the habitat of the “Colorado” to the ground. They will stop at nothing. Mining of large areas from the air, incendiary ammunition, chemical weapon, burning of living people, cluster bombs. No moral restraints work here. You know, it was not by chance that the scum and the "Byutov" maniac Lozinsky were released. Today is the time of such bitches. They organically complement this power. Yes, they realized it and arrested again. But the fact is painfully indicative: for humiliation and brutal murder, “byutovts” served less than five years and was released “for health reasons”. Very symptomatic.

Once again I will stress: the totalitarian society turned out to be the national idea of ​​Ukraine, the absence of freedom of speech and concentration camps for those who do not want to live in such nonsense.
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  1. 0
    13 June 2014 07: 37
    and the Russian Federation stands aside and pretends that it does not concern it, pragmatism however
    1. +6
      13 June 2014 08: 24
      Quote: saag
      and the Russian Federation stands aside and pretends that it does not concern it, pragmatism however

      If the Russian Federation today drives all this abomination back to Galicia, then literally in 2-3 years, even in the east of the former Ukraine, voices will begin to cut through, that it was not so bad for them under Ukraine, that they could join the EU and paradise would come. We have already gone through this. The population should experience all the delights of true Ukrainians, the entire "economic paradise" from relations with the EU. It is cruel, but this is the only way for people to open their eyes for a long time.
      1. -2
        13 June 2014 09: 09
        Quote: Velesovic
        ... The population should experience all the delights of true Ukrainians, the entire "economic paradise" from relations with the EU.

        That is, they owe them all or almost everyone to kill? Well, and how do you differ in this case from them - who gives orders for destruction? All in all, you are afraid that no matter what someone says, it is some kind of provincialism.
        1. +1
          13 June 2014 11: 26
          Quote: Velesovic
          The population should experience all the delights of true Ukrainians, the entire "economic paradise" from relations with the EU.
          That is, they owe them all or almost everyone to kill? Well, and how do you differ in this case from them - who gives orders for destruction? All in all, you are afraid that no matter what someone says, it is some kind of provincialism.

          Immunity from the disease is acquired by the patient.
    2. 0
      13 June 2014 10: 05
      The Russian Federation stands nearby and fixes everything attentively. But it waits for only one reason, so that when Russia begins to operate, no mouth will open at any Western midsummer. everyone will understand the essence of what is happening.
  2. +1
    13 June 2014 07: 47
    It's only the beginning...
  3. +1
    13 June 2014 07: 48
    Therefore, filtration camps are a very good idea.
    And the one who knows spiz borrowed. At the same Fuhrer, to whom the SS "Galicia" swore allegiance.
    1. +1
      13 June 2014 07: 52
      Quote: Nagan
      And she knows who borrowed the Spiz.

      Well no! The Americans suggested it. How did they send the Japanese who lived in the United States to the camps right away when the Second World War began? No wonder that American advisers came to Kiev to "help" !!! am
  4. +2
    13 June 2014 08: 57
    What is happening in Ukraine causes me to have strong associations with intervention in Russia, only mercenaries are used instead of expeditionary units, but in general they spar as written.
    “During the civil war, the first concentration camps were created in 1918 by the English on Mudyug Island and in Iokanga Bay. They were placed suspected of sympathizing with the Communists. A study conducted by Iokangovskiy Sovdep after the fall of the Northern Region showed that of the 1200 prisoners who had been in the dungeons of Iokangi, only 20 people belonged to the Communist Party, the rest were non-partisan. Of these 1200 people, 23 people were shot, 310 died from scurvy and typhoid, and only 100 people remained more or less healthy. ”
    “During the intervention, about 52 thousand people passed through the prisons of Arkhangelsk - 11 percent of the total population of the Arkhangelsk province. In the convict prison on the island of Mudyug, the “island of death,” as they rightly call it, over a thousand people “visited”, of which more than 200 people were shot and died from diseases. In another convict prison - on Iokange - there were more than 1200 political prisoners from
    more than 300 people died from tsyngi, typhus and brutally murdered by the White Guard executioners.
    In total, according to the "statistics" of whites, up to 4000 workers were shot according to the sentences of the military field courts. And how many were shot without trial - this remains unknown, since in these cases no statistics
    not carried out.
    The economy of the Soviet North was destroyed to the ground. Even the lackeys of Anglo-French imperialism - the Socialist-Revolutionaries, the Mensheviks, who met at the Zemstvo assembly in January 1920, gave such a characteristic
    political and economic situation of the North: “Crafts (artisanal, salt, fishing) fell or cease, industrial life froze. Land issue not resolved, food issue
    is in terrible condition. The lack of installed rations affects painfully acutely everywhere. Seeds are eaten and the area threatens new planting. Military duties (horse-drawn, etc.)
    extremely dramatic impact on agriculture, and the obligatory supply of meat and hay is a blow that undermines the foundations of agriculture. Roads have fallen into disrepair, public education
    no, for schools are either occupied by the military department, or destroyed due to lack of repair. There is no public charity. ”*
    (* From the resolution of the Arkhangelsk District Zemsky Assembly, published in the newspaper “Revival of the North” of January 21, 1920) ”.
  5. 0
    13 June 2014 11: 44
    I must add that in the Arkhangelsk province, American units were used as punitive troops.
    American thugs from the Polar Bear Sonderkommando in Arkhangelsk.
  6. 0
    13 June 2014 11: 50
    “In the spring of 1919, a punitive expedition of the invaders appeared in the village, killing people who were suspected of sympathizing with the partisans,” said Khortov, a resident of the village of Kharitonovka, Shkotovsky district. - Punishers arrested many peasants as hostages and demanded to extradite the partisans, threatening to execute them (...) The interventionist executioners also savagely massacred innocent peasant hostages. Among them was my old father, Philip Hortov. He was brought home in a bloody way. He was still alive for several days, repeating all the time: “Why did they torture me, damned beasts ?!”. Father died, leaving five orphans.

    Several times American soldiers appeared in our village and each time made arrests of residents, robberies, murders. In the summer of 1919, the American and Japanese punishers staged a public flogging with ramrods and whips of the peasant Pavel Kuzikov. The American non-commissioned officer stood nearby and, smiling, clicked the camera. Ivan Kravchuk and three more guys from Vladivostok were suspected in connection with the partisans, they were tormented for several days. They kicked their teeth out, cut off their tongues. ”

    And here is another testimony: “The interventionists surrounded Little Cape and opened hurricane fire on the village. Upon learning that the partisans were not there, the Americans grew bolder, broke into it, and burned down the school. Smash the brutally everyone who came across their arm. The peasant Cherevatov, like many others, had to be carried home bloodied, unconscious. Violent harassment perpetrated the American infantry in the villages of Knevichi, Krolevetsi and in other localities. In the eyes of all the American officer several bullets fired into the head of the wounded boy Vasily Shemyakin. ”

    Yes, General Graves himself, commander of the American expeditionary corps, later admitted: “from those areas where American troops were stationed, we received reports of murders and tortures of men, women, children ...”

    No less frank in his memoirs and Colonel US Army Morrow, complaining that his poor soldiers ... "could not sleep without killing someone that day (...) When our soldiers took the Russian prisoner, they drove them to Andrianovka station where the cars were unloaded, the prisoners were led to huge holes, in which they were shot with machine guns. ” “The most memorable” for Colonel Morrow was the day “when 1600 people were taken to the 53 carriages”.
  7. 0
    13 June 2014 15: 05
    Yeah. If these camps work, then ukriya will simply shun. Squeamish attitude with her. After all, even probalts did not get to this.
  8. portoc65
    13 June 2014 17: 57
    They pressed Russia. They can’t even intervene. Nearby terror and gynocide. A great country. A great power.
  9. +1
    13 June 2014 23: 05
    Quote: Egoza
    This is what the Americans suggested.

    The Americans, in turn, learned from their older comrades, from the British. The first concentration camps were created by the British for the Boers.

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