Model of neutral Ukraine?

Model of neutral Ukraine?Historical The comparison between Ukraine and Finland began, perhaps, with the words of the Russian Foreign Minister, Comrade Lavrov, who said on June 9 in Turku that Russia and Finland have a common position on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. According to the minister, Ukraine could become not a factor separating Europe and Russia, but, on the contrary, a bridge - like Finland during the Cold War.

The words of Comrade Lavrov, said at a press conference following negotiations with his Finnish counterpart Erkki Tuomioja, RIA News": “We share the same position that the Geneva statement of April 17, based on its roadmap of the Swiss OSCE chairmanship, is a common denominator, and these documents open the way to a settlement, starting with priority steps to end violence and organization like they say, inclusive Ukrainian dialogue, deep constitutional reform, taking into account the interests of all political forces and all regions of Ukraine. ”

As Timur Khursandov writes (RIA News"), perhaps, the Finnish model could really come up.

By “Finlandization,” reminds the journalist, during the Cold War, the United States and its allies understood the policy of neutrality, refusal to join NATO, and attempts to become a “bridge” between East and West. Two complex, one might say, mutually exclusive factors were taken into account: the full support of Western values ​​while respecting the interests of the socialist neighbor.

Timur Hursandov made a series of parallels. Both Finland and Ukraine are fragments of former empires. In both countries there is a question of bilingualism (although the Finns have decided it long ago - the state has Finnish and Swedish).

And now here is the statement of Lavrov. Ukraine could become, like Finland during the Cold War, a kind of “bridge”. According to him, Moscow, Kiev and Brussels could agree on the harmonization of Ukraine’s participation in the CIS free trade zone, given its European integration plans.

“We, the Russian Federation, have repeatedly suggested to our European colleagues, Ukrainian colleagues to come together and see how to do so so as not to force Ukraine to tear left and right,” said Lavrov. The Minister considers such a way “optimal”.

However, the matter is hampered by the so-called security issue. After all, the Ukrainian crisis has affected the possibility of NATO expansion under the pretext of the threat of Russian aggression.

Finland is also not silent here. President Sauli Niinistö promised that Helsinki would consider joining NATO and didn’t even rule out a referendum. On the day of Lavrov’s arrival in Turku, the North Atlantic Alliance exercises with the participation of Sweden and Finland began in the Baltic Sea.

Lavrov spoke on this difficult topic. "An artificial attempt to continue NATO expansion eastward, in any other direction, to continue advancing NATO’s military infrastructure closer to borders, including the Russian Federation, is certainly counterproductive, is a contradiction compared to the commitments that NATO members made within the framework of the OSCE and as part of the founding act between the Russian Federation and the North Atlantic Alliance, ”said the Minister.

So, can modern Ukraine repeat the path of Finland?

“If we talk about the“ Finlandization ”of Ukraine, it is necessary to understand: Finland could exist as a bridge between the West and the East only in a world where two major geopolitical systems, Soviet and western, confronted, said "Free Press" Bogdan Bezpalko, Deputy Director of the Center for Ukrainian Studies and Belarussian Studies at Moscow State University. - Now there is no such confrontation, and it is much more difficult for Ukraine to balance between the West and the East. In addition, - he said, - the USSR during the Cold War gave Finland a very definite role - the trade gates to the West. Ukraine, on the other hand, rather acts today as a tool for blocking Russia. ”

The expert also noted that Ukraine is becoming a breeding ground for “ideological contagion,” that is, nationalism, and this is dangerous for the Russian Federation. If Russia stops supporting the Southeast, the analyst says, the Left Bank will be infected with the “virus of Ukrainian nationalism”. As a result, the Russian border will not have a new Finland, but a “variant of the Fourth Reich”. Bezpalko reminded that the ideologists of Ukrainian nationalism have long dreamed of dividing Russia. And it is impossible to imagine that such people would act as a partner of the Russian Federation in the framework of "Finlandized" Ukraine.

Instead of the similarity between Ukraine and Finland, the expert suggests paying attention to the differences. According to him, they are "principled." And the first difference is that Ukraine is a multi-state state.

“The whole Novorossiysk belt and the Crimea are territories that were conquered and equipped by the Russian Empire. Western Ukraine was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and in part - the Romanian (Chernivtsi region of Ukraine). By and large, Ukrainian literary language was created on the basis of the Poltava dialect artificially - with the same success it could be created on the basis of the dialects of any other region of Ukraine.

In other words, Ukraine is a complex, ideologically, mentally and civilizationally diverse space. That is what her problems are, which is why Ukraine is now splitting. This space could be united only as part of some large political entity - like the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union. But now, when this space was left alone with itself and tried to unite on the platform of the ideology of nationalism, it cracked at the seams.

With that said, the analogy with Finland, an ethnically homogeneous country in which there are no ideological contradictions between citizens, does not seem convincing. ”

As to the mentioned “Finlandization” of Ukraine, such is possible only in one case: the collapse of Greater Ukraine, created by the Bolsheviks within the borders of the Ukrainian SSR. Her debris and can go the way of Finland, the expert said. A military defeat, economic hardships can force these parts of the former Ukraine to make concessions and play the role of “trade gateways” between the EU and the Russian Federation.

“Let me remind you: when they talk about Finland as a bridge between the West and the East, they usually forget that Finland experienced two powerful military defeats from the USSR. I think that when Ukraine will experience several defeats, when several western regions will remain from it, this little “bandershtat” can probably become an analogue of Finland in the Soviet postwar period. ”

It should be recalled that the new president of Ukraine and his government, consisting mainly of maydanschikov, will strive to the West with all its might. Immediately after the inauguration Poroshenko prepared a pen, which will sign an association agreement with the EU. Moreover, the variant of Finlandization looks strange where there is no socialist state and no ideological confrontation between the two systems that would be connected by a “neutral” bridge. In Russia, capitalism, and Putin and Medvedev always call the countries of the West "partners." What kind of bridge is it?

The “bridge”, I suppose, is Comrade Lavrov’s hopes that there will not be a “military defeat” and “debris” and that life in Ukraine will get better. Russia does not need war, and Russia does not intend to include Russia in its territory. About this same Lavrov said on TV two months ago.

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    1. +11
      13 June 2014 08: 43
      Stsuka, what the hell is neutral Ukraine with so many weapons and such ADVISERS!
      1. +14
        13 June 2014 08: 45
        Ukraine cannot be neutral, it should be only a brotherly country for Russia!
        1. Cat
          13 June 2014 14: 24
          Yes, at least along the lines of Belarus. By the way, I am somehow confused by the position of Father Lukashenko. Either he builds "bridges", or ...?
        2. portoc65
          13 June 2014 17: 07
          Ukraine is not a brotherly country to us. Ukrainians are not brothers to us because we are one land, one country and one people. We have been divided into countries and nationalities. We will return our lands the time will come to embrace the Slavic world.
          1. +6
            14 June 2014 01: 50
            But I am Ukrainian. And I'm not ashamed of it. How not ashamed my great-grandfather, who fought in the First Horse of Budyonny, how was not my grandfather, who went through the whole war and met Victory in Vienna, how they were not ashamed in Afghanistan to call a Georgian a brother of a Ukrainian, and he - a Russian or an Azeri ... people like you will write that we are not fraternal peoples, but "dill" and "I am a Nazi muzzle," there will be no peace on the land of the Slavs. Who could have thought here a YEAR AGO that war would come? The overwhelming majority of Ukrainians in the forties fought in the Red Army, not in the UPA, it is not necessary to equate everyone under one template. Now, yes, the media have been brainwashing many people, even in my family there is a "split", but I believe that common sense will prevail.
        3. Dormidont
          13 June 2014 20: 03
          To do this, remove US puppets from Ukraine, arrange Maidan of pro-Russian supporters
      2. +3
        13 June 2014 09: 05
        Hmm ... And especially the US MAIN PRODUCER ... !!! NOT FOR NEUTRALITY EVERYTHING IS DONE ... !!!
      3. +10
        13 June 2014 11: 43
        Here we can talk not about neutral Ukraine, but such a state in general. Ukraine will not even be within the borders of last year, this is clear to everyone. Crimea is gone, the East is fighting, and despite all the problems, it is slowly winning, not yet with weapons, but politically, but everything has its time. Following Donetsk and Lugansk (and with their help) the south will rise. So it’s too late to talk about the state of Ukraine. All movements of the junta from Kiev lead only to collapse. IMHO.
        1. 0
          13 June 2014 12: 19
          Quote: major071
          Here you can talk about the state in general. Ukraine's borders

          yes in the article, it is written in Russian and white -: "Ukraine is not Finland"
        2. net abortion
          13 June 2014 12: 27
          The struggle against the American invaders and their accomplices continues!
        3. 0
          13 June 2014 17: 37
          Quote: major071
          So it’s too late to talk about the state of Ukraine.

          And the main goal of our leadership should be understood correctly: it is not necessary to achieve a split, but a settlement. What is the use if the US troops and missiles appear not in Kharkov and Lvov, but only in Lviv? Will it make it easier for us? Before Russia And the task is to prevent this. The split of Ukraine is just beneficial to the states, so that the Psaki and Obama would not sing.
          It would be high time to end the populism about the partition. It was possible to scare Georgia a little - the player is not that great. The Ossetian and Abkhazian scenarios are not relevant. "I think bargaining is not appropriate here!"
          1. +1
            13 June 2014 20: 06
            NATO in Lviv, this is not as scary as it seems. Tallinn will be closer to Lviv.
          2. 0
            13 June 2014 20: 11
            The split of Ukraine is just beneficial to the states, so that the Psaki and Obama would not sing.

            Originally it was, to divide the outskirts into specific principalities such as Yugoslavia. But after the events in Crimea, and then in the Southeast, when everything went wrong according to their scenario, hysteria began, which led to sanctions for Russia and genocide against Ukrainians. Now the Yankees need to bend the east for themselves, and then plant there the pan-Atoman Gritian Tauride. There are already those who wish for this role. While there is at least a sluggish opportunity to resolve the situation on the outskirts, we must use it.
        4. Cat
          14 June 2014 00: 49
          All movements of the junta from Kiev lead only to collapse.
          Or to the union. Inadequacy of actions always leads to opposite results.
      4. 0
        13 June 2014 22: 32
        when Ukraine experiences several defeats, when several western regions remain from it, this little “banderstat” will probably be able to become (an analogue of Finland of the Soviet post-war period. ”% crossed out%) "normal European" country
      5. 0
        13 June 2014 23: 28
        What kind of a bridge is there, is already an active phase of the war against Russia, is a fascist, hostile state being created right at our side, what neutrality did their heads fall from the oak to the bottom?
        Or is it someone in pink dreams soars, damn no words, some mothers !!!
    2. +5
      13 June 2014 08: 45
      Ukraine will no longer be neutral. If, given the starting positions that they had during the collapse of the USSR, they could not "finlandize", now even more so. hi
      1. wax
        13 June 2014 12: 03
        What is likely to become Ukraine in the future with external management by the United States.
        This is a bacteriological weapon, and on the approach - a genetic one.
    3. +1
      13 June 2014 08: 50
      I don’t understand why it’s necessary to compare something with something? This is a way to nowhere. Each process is unique, and when you start comparing, you unwittingly make stretches, hence the mistakes.
      "Bridge in E.S." Through Ukraine? And why not through Somalia? It is somehow stupid, and why do we need intermediaries AT ALL? Especially such absurd!
    4. +8
      13 June 2014 08: 52
      “Let me remind you: when they talk about Finland as a bridge between the West and the East, they usually forget that Finland experienced two powerful military defeats from the USSR. I think that when Ukraine will experience several defeats, when several western regions will remain from it, this little “bandershtat” can probably become an analogue of Finland in the Soviet postwar period. ”
      It seems to me that the state "Ukraine", the originally conceived formation of "AntiRus", is doing everything in order to receive from Russia not just a military defeat, but a total defeat, with the subsequent gutting of Potroshenko, Kalomoisky and the rest of the terrarium.
    5. +8
      13 June 2014 09: 08
      Ukraine cannot be neutral - it has always been with Russia, and most of the "Ukrainian" lands went "independent" from Russia. And in general, if Russia is an enemy for Ukrainians, then return all our "enemy" lands back!
    6. +4
      13 June 2014 09: 20
      Strange comparison. And this is hardly possible, given the huge difference in mentality of the Finns and Ukrainians. And the incompatibility of relations between Ukraine and Finland with Russia.
      1. +3
        13 June 2014 09: 40
        Quote: Nataliya
        Strange comparison. And this is hardly possible, given the huge difference in mentality of the Finns and Ukrainians. And the incompatibility of relations between Ukraine and Finland with Russia.

        This is not even the difference in mentality.
        A strong state can lead an independent policy. The state is in all plans, but Ukraine has not become a state for all its independence. Because purely internal problems led to the current state of affairs. The country began to crumble under the weight of internal problems - these were the presidents of Ukraine who led inside education policy of a pure ethnic group, so to speak,
        in a lot of nation state.
        I think this is only the beginning, there are still fights with Poland, Romania and Hungary
    7. +4
      13 June 2014 09: 36
      Quote: SRC P-15
      Ukraine cannot be neutral, it should be only a brotherly country for Russia!

      I agree! Ukraine either lives in unison with Russia, receives its profits from trade with Russia, has military support, or is bent from an alliance with the West, because this alliance does not imply anything good! In any case, Vladimirych does not give up the NATO border country, from which the real threat of war will come, so that either dill with us or will fight until the end of time! We do not need the enemy at the gate!
    8. +5
      13 June 2014 09: 49
      Is Ukraine neutral? ... Ukraine has two ways ... in the words of Comrade Saakhov: Either we go to the registry office or she leads me to the prosecutor .. I’ll translate .. or with Russia (it cannot be otherwise, we are one people) or West .. wander ... West, wander Ukraine and return back .. what ..? As a ditty: Do not go girls married .....
    9. +2
      13 June 2014 10: 16
      Comparison is already inappropriate given the long-term mentality of Ukrainians, resulting from independence — envy and greed, the desire to sit on two chairs at once — all this puts an end to Ukrainian statehood, they will always depend on one hand, on money from Russia, and on the West, cookies and moral support for Russophobia, pressure on Russian-speakers. I’ll clarify this is the general meaning of opinion, since industrial Ukraine is more gravitated to Russia than to the West
    10. +5
      13 June 2014 10: 18
      There can be no talk of any bridge. For Western "partners" Ukraine is a tasty piece of meat and not a construction site.
      White Army General on the intervention in Russia:
      "The Quartermaster General of the Military Representation of the Russian Army under the Allied Governments and Command, Colonel Shcherbachev stated on December 10, 1919 in a military-political summary that the ruling circles of England and France see ways to get their countries out of financial difficulties and to restore the disturbed economic balance in the increased development of exports , for which England needs to have extensive sales markets and cheap raw materials - to be able to compete with Germany, whose industry is better organized.Both markets and raw materials can only be found by the British in Russia, but only on condition that they will be the owners there: it is impossible to dispose of autocratic power in a united and great Russia, therefore, Russia is needed by England fragmented and weak - Shcherbachev writes and states that this is exactly what British policy is directed towards, regardless of whether they want to recognize the Bolsheviks there or not. The desire to dismember Russia was noted and in one of the parliaments these speeches by British Prime Minister Lloyd George. "
      Doesn’t resemble anything? Almost a hundred years have passed, and the recipes are the same.
      Is it only slightly shuffled the roles of the participants.
    11. +2
      13 June 2014 10: 22
      At the very beginning, when Yanukovych just escaped from Kiev, it was necessary to free Kiev and all of Ukraine from the fascist junta. Eliminate, namely eliminate their entire top and maydanutyh Bandera throughout Ukraine. Hold a referendum on the rapid entry of Ukraine into RUSSIA. To include it in the structure of RUSSIA on the basis of the RUSSIAN regions. Declare that there is not and was not Ukraine, but there is one single and indivisible RUSSIA. In the WEST they would have shouted, but in that ass and would have sat down. And we would not give a damn about them. The main thing is that RUSSIA would become stronger and unite all peoples in itself. And now they got it all the other way around. And the same sanctions and a new enemy in the person of Ukraine. And it may not be too late to act, what to do if you have to make such decisions. soldier drinks
      1. Colorman
        13 June 2014 21: 56
        I agree completely.
        Putin has profiled a moment, and now he knows what will happen.
    12. +1
      13 June 2014 10: 53
      Why procrastinate for the 100 time ... Western Ukraine and the United States will command Western Ukraine, and Novorossia will be ours ...
    13. Death to the Nazis
      13 June 2014 11: 27
      Ukraine cannot be neutral. A reasonable part of the population of the east and the center has nothing to do with the Nazi policy of Westernism. Neither spiritually, nor morally, nor historically! am am am am am
    14. +1
      13 June 2014 12: 01
      Ukrainians, as you know, people are free and independent, so they always go their own way.
    15. +1
      13 June 2014 12: 34
      Any bridge can be blown up. On the fragments of the outskirts on the basis of NEW RUSSIA and MALOROSSIA, it is necessary to build a monolithic wall-fortress NOVORUSSIYA with the capital in Kiev.
    16. Alex Martin
      13 June 2014 12: 49
      "Neutrality" of Ukraine.
    17. 0
      13 June 2014 13: 37
      about any neutrality of Ukraine is out of the question
    18. 0
      13 June 2014 13: 58
      Those glue what is broken! And where are the treasures of the Scythians from the historical museums of Kiev - in the vaults of US banks?
    19. Cat
      13 June 2014 14: 16
      Yeah, the bridge ... Kalomoysha was going to build the Great Ukrainian Fence in the manner of the American on the border with Mexico.
      Either "do not have to be happy", or "do not ... go roam"
    20. The comment was deleted.
    21. +3
      13 June 2014 15: 28
      "Ukraine - fragments of former empires"
    22. 0
      13 June 2014 17: 00
    23. +1
      13 June 2014 18: 24
      New "pearls "'re coming out-media:


      Friday, June 13, 2014 15:39 pm • Anna Nazarova

      Pro-Russian terrorists fired at the outskirts of Dobropolye from the MLRS "Grad" - Ministry of Defense

      Pro-Russian terrorists fired at the outskirts of Dobropolye from the MLRS "Grad" - Ministry of Defense
      KIEV. June 13. UNN. Today, June 13, at 8.20:21 am, terrorists fired at the city of Dobropolye, Donetsk region, from a multiple launch rocket launcher. The bandits set up their firing positions near the settlement of Mertsalovo. Having made several volleys from the BM-80 Grad MLRS, the criminals opened fire from the BTR-XNUMX armament. This was reported to UNN in the press service of the Ministry of Defense.
      The shells hit the territory of a vegetable storehouse of one of the Dobropolye enterprises. As a result of the bandit actions of the pro-Russian terrorists, one civilian was killed and two were wounded. At the site of the fire strike, three shells from the Grad MLRS were found, which never exploded, and thirteen craters were counted in the field near the vegetable store.
      After carrying out a fire strike, the mercenaries, avoiding the strike from the side of the ATO forces, left the area, after having preliminarily mined the BM-21 installation and the terrain around it.
      Representatives of the unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which entered the area, found out that there was a detachment of pro-Russian terrorists, which was armed with three BM-21s, one BTR-80 and two KAMAZ vehicles and consisted of people of Caucasian and Slavic appearance who issued yourself for the National Guard.
      The servicemen clarified the circumstances of the terrorists' gangster attack, carried out a cleanup of the area, demining and defusing the Grad MLRS installation.
      When examining a terrorist weapon, it turned out that the BM-21 installation had all the signs of disguising as a regular truck. Attackers equipped her with bulwarks and an additional tent. Also, the installation chassis has fresh traces of mounting the machine during a probable transport on a special trailer.
      A unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was sent in search of the remnants of the mercenary detachment, which aims to completely destroy this terrorist group in cooperation with army aviation.
    24. 0
      13 June 2014 21: 42
      Okay, I agree, I’m guilty, referring to the site administrators - but I meant Poroshenko thinking about why he has a sad face.
    25. 0
      13 June 2014 21: 45
      I think everything should go according to the Kosovo option for New Russia
    26. 0
      13 June 2014 21: 48
      In every sense, the unilateral declaration of independence and military assistance without direct intervention and the struggle in the UN
    27. Pavluha First
      13 June 2014 21: 51
      Mdaaaaaaa, business! HOWEVER!
    28. +1
      13 June 2014 22: 06
      yeah - I drank a liter, I think, I'll go to the military registration and enlistment office - I thought for 50 years in the morning - who the hell would I get there --- donate money, don’t need blood, but to whom? 777 Our Tuleyev knows - the veterans were stolen housing money-- we have calculated 100 rubles from the salary. The order was with the above. Rent - do not reach Strelkova!
      1. 0
        13 June 2014 23: 18
        There are accounts, you can directly, bypassing intermediaries
    29. 0
      13 June 2014 23: 30
      It seems to me that Ukraine will be torn apart. Whoever can bite off. Both Poland and Romanians. Novorossia will be with us. And in a few years, Finland, having the "joy" of the European crisis, will remember the good old days of the Grand Duchy of Finland under the warm wing of the Great Russia.
    30. 0
      13 June 2014 23: 56
      One more, the Su-25 was flunked, plus it seems like it burned down in Mariupol and that 2 in a day ...
      MOSCOW, June 13 - RIA Novosti. In the Donetsk region, near the city of Druzhkovka, militias attacked a Ukrainian Air Force plane, Ukrinform reports, citing eyewitnesses to the incident.

      According to local residents, at about 19.50 local time (20.50 Moscow time), a combat aircraft flew over the city, on which a rocket was launched from Kramatorsk.

      "After that, a terrible roar was heard. Panic arose among the residents. Mobile communications immediately went out of order," eyewitnesses said.

      Ukrinform also refers to a message published on one of the militia's websites, which says that the shot down Su-25 of the Ukrainian Air Force allegedly fell near the Ulybka children's camp.

      RIA Novosti
    31. 0
      14 June 2014 00: 23
      It was necessary to deal with this 20 years ago, and now it’s too late, the grave will fix the new Nazis. It’s time for our authorities to raise their asses and then there’s nowhere to sit, the Americans will kick the chair.
    32. 0
      14 June 2014 01: 00
      DONETSK, June 14 - RIA Novosti. Militia Slavyansk destroyed an army convoy on the highway Kharkov-Rostov, passing by the city, told RIA Novosti in the militia.
      "One of our reconnaissance and sabotage groups completely destroyed a small convoy - 2 armored personnel carriers, KamAZ and a truck crane," the militia said.
      According to the representative of the militia, the Ukrainian side suffered significant losses, the militias have no dead. There is no official confirmation from the anti-terrorist operation headquarters yet.

      RIA Novosti
    33. +3
      14 June 2014 06: 56
      Bandera has never been and never will be neutral and loyal to Russia. Judging by the last 20+ years, this is one of the most terrible, implacable enemies of Russia, only America is probably worse. Therefore, dill must be either completely destroyed or bled as much as possible leaving in the form of a dwarf shred on a map without access to the seas. There is no third!
    34. Kostya pedestrian
      15 June 2014 10: 01
      I do not know how my words will fit into this article. But I would like to note that the so-called zaidnaya ukraine corresponds to the term backdur in programming, i.e. "backdoor". Look at people, many of them say "maid in philippines". Therefore, all-Russian values ​​are alien to them. But this is only a small percentage of the population, which is very much warmed up from outside, in my opinion, by religious anti-Russian structures. And, in my opinion, these structures are very vulnerable, which is why they so carefully conceal their involvement in the events in the Ukrainian Republic.

      I have a crazy guess. I worked for a company, and across from my office there was a Karmichael lease in Melbourne. So there was an undefined wiring on the roof like a field radio operator's cable, and just opposite my window there was a break in the metal wire.

      studying the history of Russian fisticuffs I read about the Orlov brothers, one of whom, Alexei, was appointed commander of the fleet sent against Turkey; under Chesmoy. Here's what an interesting note I found on Wikipedia about the Chesme event:

      "After the Battle of Chesme, the Russian fleet managed to seriously disrupt the communications of the Turks in the Aegean Sea and establish a blockade of the Dardanelles.

      All this played an important role in the conclusion of the Kyuchuk-Kainardzhi peace treaty. "

      I also note that the Russian sailors also captured the Tunisian and Egyptian ships, hurrying to the aid of the Turks.

      Here I will only note that historical facts most reflect reality, if we take it for Egypt - as the current Toyota Yaris, and Tunisians are real terrorists who have pushed "two" down or MTTSry.

      PiEs: by the way, over the metro where the terrorist act took place in Minsk there was an advertisement for our "Horizon". Considering that I read about the Orlov brothers from the book "Slavic-Goritskaya struggle". the question is who wanted to stuff the Belarusians in the face, and whether the Belarusians would agree with the Vitebsk victim. If you turn on didduction, you can build a chain: gorizont - umbrella - real madrid or something?

      Bottom: painting by Jacob Philip Gackert "The Battle of Chesme" (from Wikipedia):

    35. gawcko
      16 June 2014 08: 23
      Ukraine is not given a third. either as the Middle Ages to fight with the north ...... well, which sound "G" solid.
    36. 0
      16 June 2014 09: 02
      Quote: SRC P-15
      Ukraine cannot be neutral, it should be only a brotherly country for Russia!

      may she no longer be "fraternal"! stop dreaming already! All! Forgot the country Dill! Those who were loyal to the Russian-speaking population, now everything (well, almost) is in our refugees! The rest can be safely fenced off with barbed wire and put up a sign "do not feed! Especially dangerous!" soldier

    "Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

    “Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"