The Georgian Interior Ministry confirms that the practice of sanctioned abductions and murders was used in the country under Saakashvili

On the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia The other day, material has appeared that actually confirms long-running conversations about the existence of “death squads” in the era of Mikhail Saakashvili’s presidency. Conversations that the most democratic of the democratic presidents - Mr. Saakashvili - did not disdain to use the methods of "filtering" the population of Georgia to "strengthen" the state security system, began to spread immediately after Tbilisi "forced peace" in August 2008 of the year.

The Georgian Interior Ministry confirms that the practice of sanctioned abductions and murders was used in the country under Saakashvili

It was from August 2008, people began to disappear in Georgia without a trace. As the well-known wisdom says: once an accident, two - a coincidence, three - a pattern. When the disappearances of people in a small but very proud state began to be fixed almost on a permanent basis, then even those who firmly believed in the infallibility of Saakashvili and his political environment began to have, let's say, bad thoughts about whether or not to this is a tie system-built security system. Those who are in the infallibility of the then Georgian leader simply by definition could not allow themselves to doubt, stated that all these rumors were paranoia of opponents of the great and most gentle Mikhail Nikolozovich. And now, six years later (more evidence that all secret things become apparent sooner or later), the Georgian Interior Ministry released information according to which people in Georgia in 2008 disappeared not without the help of a state machine.

The Ministry of the Interior publishes information about what happened to the representative of Georgian forestry David Tsindeliani, who in August 2008 went to a meeting in the forestry department in Kutaisi, but did not reach Kutaisi. But he didn’t get there for the reason that the subordinates of the then head of the department of constitutional security of Georgia, Roman Shamatava (we will assume that in the Russian version this name is inclined) intercepted Tsindeliani, transplanted into his car. After that, Tsindeliani was taken to Batumi, where he was accused of complicity with the Abkhaz "separatists".

Here you need to make a little explanation. And here Tsindeliani, and who is this Tsindeliani?

David Tsindeliani performed his duties in forestry on the border of Georgia and Abkhazia (at that time it was the de jure border within one state). After Tbilisi failed the operation in South Ossetia, which has been developed by “partners” for so long, the security service began to seize any straws in the hope of “clearing” Georgia from “Russian” and “pro-Russian” “spies”. They did not take up the high ranks, but decided to walk along those with whom it would be much easier to handle. In the end, they decided that if a person works in forestry near the border, then he is a priori connected with the forces on that side. So what happened to David Tsindeliani?

If this information had not been published on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, it would have been possible to take it as some kind of reprint of another detective story. But the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia dot the i's. It turned out that the above-mentioned Roman Shamatava decided to punish the "spy" under the laws of literally wartime. Employees of the Department of Constitutional Security of Georgia (DKBG) took the bound Tsindeliani to the sea on a boat, where Shamatava shot a forest officer with a headshot. A cargo was tied to a corpse and thrown into the Black Sea.

Now the former head of the CCHD, Shamatava, is accused of unlawfully imprisoning a person, as well as of premeditated murder.
A few days before, the same Shamatava was accused of crimes against another person, whom the DKBG was also considered a spy who prevented Saakashvili from making his Napoleonic plans a reality. The head of the same security department took part in the abduction and removal of a Georgian intelligence officer named Paata Kardava. Kardava was recorded in the “spies” only on the grounds that he was a native of that part of Georgia, which borders Abkhazia. For the “squadrons” of Saakashvili, apparently, this was quite enough to see a spy in a man.

Paata Kardava disappeared from his native village, and after his relatives filed a complaint with the police about the loss, they were immediately told that there was no point in looking for Kardava, because he most likely just fled to Abkhazia. Despite the indignation of relatives, the police did not engage in the search for an officer. More precisely - it has become, but only on paper. The reason is that Tbilisi knew very well that there was no one to look for. Again, the above-mentioned department tried with its chief official, who loved to crack down on the people he himself had announced as spies. Much more actively the process went after Saakashvili went to give lectures on the other side of the Atlantic, saying goodbye to the status of the President of Georgia.

The lawyer of Shamatava certainly asserts that his client did not know any Kardava, and therefore cannot be involved in his disappearance, but the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has a different opinion. According to the investigation, Kardava repeated the fate of Tsindeliani. Where did this version come from? The fact is that operative officers testify against Shamatava whom Tbilisi attracted for operations against “spies”. What these employees talked about today is a big mystery.

The details of the disappearance of the intelligence officer of the main military department of Georgia Roin Shavadze also surfaced. His body was found in the vicinity of Batumi with signs of violent death. Reports about it RT.

Prior to that, Shavadze was accused of the TCBG of having links with the “espionage network” in Georgia. Apparently, according to Saakashvili’s puppets, who in turn willingly acted as a puppet of Washington, this very network included that forester Tsindeliani and officer Kardava ... In general, Shamatava covered the entire “spy network”, without trial and investigation, shooting the citizens of Georgia. And if for such merits Shamatava was clearly presented for the award under Saakashvili, today for the same “merit” Shamatava is waiting for a life sentence.

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs could be applauded, if the work was carried out not only in relation to Shamatava, but also in relation to the one with whom the “cleansing” was carried out, namely, in relation to sunflower Mikhail Saakashvili. True, Saakashvili - roll rubbed. All appeals of Georgian prosecutors to come home and testify in a number of cases, Saakashvili responds with meaningful silence, obviously realizing that if Samatave is being “sewed” for life, then he, Saakashvili, will surely get to the very “Kutaisi” ...
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  1. +4
    12 June 2014 07: 35
    I read the headline and thought, How is it, in the same place there was democracy laughing

    PS I did not read further, I do not like democracy winked
    1. Gluxar_
      12 June 2014 16: 04
      Steal this Sukashvili and publicly execute. Better somewhere in South Ossetia, well, or by agreement in Georgia.
      Let there be an example to all the traitor of their peoples.
      As for Georgia itself, it is still far from complete. At least Russia needs a corridor to Armenia. Better all of Georgia will be friendly, in extreme cases, part of the loyal territories will be enough.
      The only question is that we need to work in this direction today and yesterday, and not when the next 888 hangs.
  2. +2
    12 June 2014 07: 40
    Now all this will be in Ukraine. Only the scales are different - the Khokhlyatsky scenario will be more significant (there will be more inhabitants and fascists in power). After all, there is one puppeteer - America.
  3. dilyanna
    12 June 2014 07: 40
    1. +2
      12 June 2014 07: 50
      Quote: dilyanna

      What is unexpected is that democracy is flourishing, all in a bundle laughing
    2. 0
      13 June 2014 11: 30
      Quote: dilyanna

      Well, the process is going on! And many began to ask why Sshakashvili was running alive, to file a war crime case against him in Russia!
      And so they will mix it with shit in a bite, and there will be a good agitation WHO support us!
      A lot of interesting things awaits him in the general and without Russian interference!
  4. +1
    12 June 2014 07: 51
    Georgian Interior Ministry released information according to which people in Georgia in 2008 disappeared not without the help of the state machine
    They themselves were abducted, and now they suddenly see clearly?
    1. +1
      12 June 2014 19: 27
      Quote: Denis
      Georgian Interior Ministry released information according to which people in Georgia in 2008 disappeared not without the help of the state machine
      They themselves were abducted, and now they suddenly see clearly?

      And where are these human rights defenders ???
      How many statements have been made in the press of Human Rights Watch today about this ???
      With sulk defenders of the tie eater!
  5. 0
    12 June 2014 08: 18
    Each state has its own democracy. But presidents without a presidium are its common feature. Or is it not talking about something?
  6. 0
    12 June 2014 08: 42
    Thanks Alexey! hi
    And if for such merits Shamatava was clearly nominated for an award under Saakashvili, then today for the same "merits" Shamatava will face life imprisonment.
    laughing How sometimes the value system in society changes ... You will not guess recourse ...
  7. +1
    12 June 2014 10: 42
    I did not hesitate to use the methods of "filtering" the population of Georgia to "strengthen" the state security system
    Isn't that what he is going to teach his Ukrainian friends ... in any case, talk about "filtering" in Ukraine is already underway ...
  8. 0
    12 June 2014 10: 51
    Mr. Saakashvili - did not hesitate to use the methods of "filtering" the Georgian population..He did not hesitate to eat ties ..
  9. +1
    12 June 2014 11: 22
    I won’t even be amazed if any other criminal information that previously was hushed up comes up about a tie-eater
  10. +1
    13 June 2014 20: 00
    And now the same in Ukraine ...

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