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Battle for Russia (USA, 1943)

«History I did not see more courage than the one shown by the people of Soviet Russia! ”
Henry L. Stimson. Secretary of war

"We and our allies are in the greatest debt of the army and the people of the Soviet Union!"
Frank Knox. Secretary of the Navy.

In this film, nominated for an Oscar, you will see the struggle of Russia against the invaders throughout its history. The strength of the Russian character was the key to the victory of this country over the German conquerors during the bloodiest battles of the Second World War. This picture is an excellent compilation of authentic materials from the archives of the United States, as well as various Soviet sources.

The film was shot by the Office of Special Services and the Ministry of Communications. In those years there was still no political confrontation between the USSR and the USA, they had a common goal and a common enemy - the Nazis of Germany, Hitler, against whom they fought and fought together. These two powers had nothing to divide, and the distance between them was not measured by the hour with a small intercontinental missile flight. All this in the film is presented very friendly - a fraternal attitude towards the Russian people and the state. Throughout the film, the strategies of the warring parties were explained in detail, animated maps are shown, and well-established chronicle materials, some of which have not appeared anywhere else. This picture is skillfully mounted, beautiful, spectacular; This is a film about America’s view of its strategic ally in World War II. And this view is very objective. A look at an ally, a great not only by territories and fossils, but also by a multinational people.

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  1. Roman Arslanov
    Roman Arslanov 29 January 2014 22: 21
    Good film