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Flowers for the junta

Greetings to you, dear colleagues. Believe it or not, I’ll tell you the strangest historythat happened a few days earlier. To be more precise, it is right on a significant day, when the frontier post of Ukraine in full force, having estimated one place to another and packed its suitcases, with a friendly hubbub, sent its feet to the territory adjacent to Ukraine. That is - to Russia.

So ... It was getting dark ... More precisely - by that moment it was already “getting dark” quite a while (Siberian time was the second hour of the night) and I, a sinful thing, having come from work, having had dinner with black breadcrumbs with a little water, looked into the net to catch something in it Anything that could shed light on what is happening in Ukraine. I repeat - the time was not childish, I was with a deep velvet and suddenly I heard on one of the stream channels that several streamers were imagined at once that allegedly through the above mentioned RFP (border checkpoint) in the direction of a settlement from Slavyansk and which the valiant Hunt army strenuously attacked, followed by a strange procession consisting of several armored personnel carriers and KamAZ vehicles. From where this caravan came from, no one could answer - that is how it immediately descended from the cloud of heaven, and, spying and spitting, moved into the territory of a friendly state. All regarded immediately - the gift of the Lord. The most remarkable thing is that this caravan was decorated with a bouquet of two very large flowers. Here is the name I forgot a little - either Rose, or Lilac, or cactus, or "Hyacinth" ... It seems the last name seems to be. For some reason, these beautiful flowers inspired me to think that they can NOT like our Ukrainian “partners”, who forget the lost in the city of Slavyansk, which is already becoming legendary, a certain Igor. Rumor still calls him a shooter. And why did I doubt that these flowers will like the gentlemen from Kiev? So no one liked those whom Russia offered to inhale the scent of these flowers during their “bloom”. True, there were joyfully mentioned such wonderful fruits as “Olives” and some other “Flies”, and some “Metis”. But, I think this is not significant, right? Whether it is not enough what insects fly in the summer and what relatives at whom happen by blood.

So ... Everyone who saw this vision, on the contrary, really liked these flowers, and the streamers began to very vividly clarify the details and inform each other with joyful voices that the Lord Arrow would not leave him to be torn apart and began to express other joyful cries and publish battle cries. But their joy was suppressed almost immediately by the thunderous Voice (it seems to me - Heavenly!): “Guys! If someone saw something, you shouldn’t go on the air about it! ”Believe me, colleagues, I heard it myself! The voice was so expressive and so intelligibly “reached” that the streamers, as if on cue, were silent and only ten minutes later they began to sigh, cough and talk.

I was very impressed with this phenomenon. So much so that when I went to bed, I regarded it as nothing less than a certain sign that it portends something and that we must wait in the coming days for some events that will explain something to us sinners. The words “Arrow”, which was said a day before this sign, that the Ukraine’s head is now no longer a rod, came into the memory by accident, preferring to shoot Arrow warriors from afar, and “NONA” has already exhausted all of its lifespan from the strelkovtsev and that in general , riflemen, even what little fluff, just to populate the insects, but they are too bold and take advantage of the fact that the strelkovtsy have only a gunshot left ...

And I waited for the news. And they appeared in a couple of days. And - lo and behold! We learn that the Gradov battery, which annoyed the Arrows, suffered damage, that there was a detonation of the ammunition assembly, that the BMPuhi of the Ukrainians were being destroyed, and that the shooters had a howitzer. The right word - encouraging news! But I still had some doubts and began to listen (chu!), What would they say behind the “hill”? Will they notice any signs or visions? It seems - noticed. Because June 10, neither in the morning nor in the evening, looking at the “indicator” - “Euronews” - did not see any bravura coverage of ukrovoyak victories, nor falsely-sympathetic regrets about the fate of Slavyansk residents and of the residents of Donbass and Lugansk region in general, nor the fake reassuring assurances of the new Kiev authorities. Just - silent! As if there is nothing.

If we draw an analogy with any kind of duel, usually such a reaction, when the enemy goes into a dull defense and ponders his further actions, comes as a result of a good hit “in the brain”. In this case, the Kiev junta went to just such a dull defense, wondering about her further actions and being in a knockdown. Consequently, the EU’s “mouthpiece” has nothing to say. As they say, "we will see what happens next." And that means - someone got something for their use. Someone inflicted damage “incompatible with life” to someone, and as a result of this damage, someone is at a loss. "What to do next? He, it turns out, is fighting and can go in his ear! ”As one movie character in the film“ Liquidation ”said:“ Mom! He woke up and does not want to! ”And at once the newly-minted president of all Ukraine became quite accommodating and spoke of a cease-fire this week. It's a sign! And what have Russia or Putin, it is not clear.

Such a simple comparison of some isolated facts gives an opportunity to get an idea that Heaven itself helps real fighters fighting against the junta. And also my note is about kindness. Only a pair of flowers (namely, a pair! As on the grave) is able to move the person bestowed on good deeds. GIVE TO NON-FRIENDS "FLOWERS", MY FRIENDS, AND THE WORLD WILL BE BETTER!

I apologize for a somewhat unusual style of presentation, but the Lord’s providence cannot be otherwise.

And now, rejecting the ironic tone, appeal to those who are difficult to explain (Svidomo!) Obstinacy shouts about the immediate entry of Russian troops in Ukraine. Guys, if you don’t know what is being done (and not to know, it’s a simple matter, because we don’t have the full amount of information, but we’re grinding what the media give us) for the people of Ukraine, this does not mean that NOTHING is being done! Those who lament that Russia is merging Ukraine and Putin spat on Russians in Ukraine will not prevent returning to their comments in the forums at the most dramatic moments of the Syrian epic. He himself looked in and made sure that nothing had changed - as tears were being shed about Putin’s devoted Bashar Assad, as now, but only about the militias. Maybe it's time to get crazy? And patience.

For completeness, dear friends, I offer you just such an analyst from a person, in my opinion, very knowledgeable and possessing a very significant information resource.

... Now questions about “peacekeepers”, “no-fly zone”, “betrayed”, etc., have again begun to fall.

I will try to describe how the situation may develop in the near future and why.

As in the last "assault" of Slavyansk, there were calls for the urgent entry of Russian peacekeepers, the no-fly zone, etc. Again they started an old song about "betrayed" and "a mustache was gone."

In order to prevent such “hysteria” for the future, I will try to describe how the parties will act, as well as the reasons that prompted them to do so.

Junta. They are all simple. As Kedmi has pretty well described, the junta has several "limiting factors." The factor of resources, which simply do not exist, and the time factor.

There are no resources within Ukraine. Completely Moreover, they are absent not only for war, but also for a peaceful life. Already announced “possible” financial assistance for this year does not cover even half of the “peaceful needs”. Not the fact that this money will be provided. There is a tough condition - sweep Southeast. This condition is not satisfied and does not seem to be fulfilled. Hence the conclusion — for the junta, a protracted war is death. In the literal sense of the word. Dates fall-winter, most likely. Spring - for sure.

There are actually two exits. The first "blitzkrieg" in the Donbass (which is taking place right now. The results are clearly deplorable) or drawing Russia into a war with itself. In this case, the loss of territory is not important. They are more than compensating for the “location” that the organizers of the “war” will receive from sponsors (their main task will be completed).

Hence the actions of the junta troops. As well as trends in the description of these actions by journalists. Artillery shelling is sticking out (blanks, not real shells. And they really don't feel sorry for the blanks). Single raids on peaceful cities (Lugansk, Donetsk, Slavyansk). Against this background, it is quite a significant attack on the militia positions (in the same cities).

If Russia “flinches” and introduces troops, it will be extremely difficult to “prove” the crime, given the fact that the propaganda machine of the West has already done the “primary pumping” and is only waiting for the go-ahead. Shelling "Gradami", as in Tskhinvali, there are no peaceful areas. By aviation again, single raids that "write off" either the pilots' mistake, or whatever. Howitzer artillery strikes with blanks, which means there are no mass destruction either. Everything, Russia is an aggressor, which is what the junta needs. All this is accompanied by increased pumping of the information field, which creates the effect of "panic" and "everything is gone." At the same time, in Russia, the fifth column painstakingly paints a picture of “vile betrayal” by the Russian leadership of its “brothers” in the Donbas, thereby pushing it to ill-conceived actions. Here is such a plan.

It seems that no one will actually bombard the cities with “Grads” (at this stage). Because this has already happened, and it is clear that this is a losing option. Apparently cluster bomb munitions, apparently, too. Although such "stuffing" will be. Rather, there have already been (and will be), and it is very regrettable that some people in the leadership of the DNR and the LC are engaged in such “divorces”. (I take this opportunity to appeal to them again. Organizing an information department like “Anna-News” is a primary task not only for “promoting our actions”, but also as an information resource for myself. Or, at least, working closely with them correspondents who already work there. And very quickly and efficiently).

At the same time, such actions allow the junta to gradually "play" its only trump card in this game - the heavy weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Here, however, there is a question: "And what will remain of the APU at the moment when this trump card can be used to the full?" (The time factor.) Judging by yesterday's assault, the work of the heavy weapons of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is very "weak", if not more. More pressure on the psyche (here successfully). Who will replay whom in this "party" will be visible.

Southeast. Their primary tasks: restoring order in the subordinate territories; creating their own aircraft; opening borders with Russia.
All this is successfully performed. Covers the execution of these tasks garrison Strelkov. Very successful, by the way. Now we look at the prospects.
During the month, the number of soldiers of the LC and the DPR has grown by an order of magnitude (as acknowledged by the junta itself). Armament and the provision of "technical" means are incomparable with those that were a month ago. Most of the army is trained and coordinated in special camps. One-tenth of the Armed Forces actually takes part in the battles (if in numbers. However, for the time being these are the most combat-ready units. There are no shifts for them yet). In a month or two, the real "fighting" forces of the Southeast will grow by an order of magnitude (this is already obvious to everyone. Even the junta. Semyonchenko's interview will help you).

True, there is a problem. It's one thing to supply 1000 people. A completely different army of several tens of thousands. Separate caravans can not do this. Here we need "serious" delivery. But how to do it so that everything looks "beautiful" for the West. I see one way (and judging by those markers that I notice, it is being successfully implemented). Donbass should be declared a zone of humanitarian catastrophe. And to begin deliveries (train) "humanitarian" aid. Approximately 10 days ago, Lavrov said "how to cut off" that humanitarian aid would be provided in the "necessary" volume.

It is clear that some drugs here are not rolled. It is necessary that it be officially stated that there are no food products (here the volumes are oh-oh-oh). Yesterday it was done.

For the full functioning of such a "humanitarian" corridor, an open border is needed. Today a very big step has been taken in this direction. It is noteworthy that not only the control was “redeployed”, but also the frontier detachment, which by the way very often flashed in the reports a week or more ago.

Today's “rush” of the main water supply system in Slavyansk (which works not only on Slavyansk) greatly simplifies the “justification” of such a corridor. There are no bases there. The very same junta, according to a survey of local, and dropped bombs on the water. Apparently, they did not understand how much they are "unleashing the hands of" Russia. Well, they have one genocide on their mind. Fascists, what can I say.

Another very important to take control of the Donetsk railway. If you remember, such attempts have already been. And all this is hidden by such a "fog" (well, really, who now DNR can prevent it), that the idea involuntarily suggests that this section of preparations is already under the operational control of "the right people."

I think everyone already understood the plan of Russia. This is not a troop introduction or no-fly zone. This plan is called "full-scale humanitarian assistance to Donbas." It is clear that in the general flow of supplies for many millions of people, supplying the army of thousands of people with “everything necessary” to the 30-50 is already trifles. If the junta wants to prevent this by starting the bombardment, then they will simply be shot down, providing cadre of evidence from real echelons with humanitarian aid and cadres of bombardment of "these" echelons by bad Grachs. Here and the air defense umbrella will be in place. To cover the West it will be nothing.
And the liberation of Ukraine will not be Russia, but the army of New Russia. There is no doubt about it.

As you can see, the authorities of the LC and the DPR, as well as Russia, act according to a quite deliberate plan that some people really want to disrupt. I do not think that we need to help these people and plant a "panic". The laws of information war has not been canceled. Panic should only be in the camp of the enemy.
But the point here is this: until the end of the 18 century, Slavyansk was called ... hold on tight ... TOR.
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  1. mig31
    mig31 11 June 2014 08: 52
    I hope our General Staff knows what they are doing, it remains to wait, then everyone deserves it ...
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 11 June 2014 09: 21
      This is probably the Ministry of Emergencies, and not the General Staff, because humanitarian aid wink
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 11 June 2014 09: 27
        Quote: Tatar 174
        This is probably the Ministry of Emergencies

        Ministry of Emergencies is always polite! Probably, probably! wink
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 11 June 2014 09: 32
          And here is a congratulation to Parashenko’s kangration !!! am

          Russia will take Poroshenko shipyard in Sevastopol

          Sevastopol, June 11 (Navigator, Yegor Kagorov) - The Russian authorities are checking the legality of the privatization of Sevastopol’s largest enterprise, the Sevastopol Marine Plant named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze, whose shares are controlled by the new Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko.

          About this acting Governor Sergei Menyaylo said during a press conference.

          “I announced to the director of Sevmorzavod at the meeting that hydraulic structures are not private property, they are the property of the state, at the moment, the constituent entity of the Russian Federation of Sevastopol,” said the admiral governor.

          According to Menyailo, letters to the owner of the plant have already been sent.

          “The next step will be an assessment of ownership, work efficiency, and the procedure for acquiring a plant. We are acting in this field in the legal field. The activities of the plant are controlled. No one sends money abroad. There is only one position: Sevastopol residents work at Sevmorzavod; they must be loaded with work and receive a salary. Sevmorzavod will be Russian. He will not change his profile. It will be a Sevastopol enterprise that will pay taxes to the budget of Sevastopol, ”concluded the head of the city.
          There is nothing personal only business!wink
          1. SS68SS
            SS68SS 11 June 2014 09: 54
            Quote: Sid.74
            There is nothing personal only business!

            It is necessary to destroy the parachute, to take away all property on the territory of Russia, of course, "within the framework of the legal field" wink
          2. SS68SS
            SS68SS 11 June 2014 09: 54
            Quote: Sid.74
            There is nothing personal only business!

            It is necessary to destroy the parachute, to take away all property on the territory of Russia, of course, "within the framework of the legal field" wink
          3. Uncle
            Uncle 11 June 2014 12: 01
            Quote: Sid.74
            And here is a congratulation to Parashenko’s kangration !!!

            The poor thing is probably already hiccuping. Yesterday I phoned the radio and said that they read the surname incorrectly, I need ParAschenko! They immediately turned off, but the thing is done !.
            1. Sid.74
              Sid.74 11 June 2014 12: 16
              Quote: Uncle
              The poor thing is probably already hiccuping. I phoned the radio yesterday and said that they’re reading the surname incorrectly, ParAshenko necessary! They immediately turned off, but the thing is done !.

              Ah yes, Dmitry! Ah yes, well done! good We approve, you ours with a brush! hi
          4. onizhe
            onizhe 11 June 2014 13: 45
            It is better to leave the plant to him, so it is more convenient to hold him by the eggs.
    2. alexng
      alexng 11 June 2014 14: 22
      Thank you Esaul! And so it was clear that Russia has a legal joker in stock. good
      It is only the West that hides the cards in their sleeves, and Russia plays by the rules.
    3. yushch
      yushch 11 June 2014 14: 49
      All this time, the evil Grandfather has successfully performed such complex multi-course moves that either a distant person or a provocateur can talk about a drain of resistance.
  2. mamont5
    mamont5 11 June 2014 08: 52
    "There are no peaceful areas with Grads, as in Tskhinvali. As for aviation, again, there are single raids, which will be" written off "either as a pilot error, or something else. Howitzer artillery hits with blanks, which means that there is no massive destruction either."

    Yes, there were already shelling of Gadami. And solitary and volleys already beaten. And howitzers do not seem to shoot blanks - people die from splinters. And the rest - I agree.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 11 June 2014 09: 14
      Quote: mamont5
      "There are no peaceful areas with Grads, as in Tskhinvali. As for aviation, again, there are single raids, which will be" written off "either as a pilot error, or something else. Howitzer artillery hits with blanks, which means that there is no massive destruction either."

      Of course not, it’s not clear even where the victims come from.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 11 June 2014 09: 24
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Of course not, it’s not clear even where the victims come from.

        No panic, Alexander, welcome! hi

        In Donetsk, the latest radar equipment was removed from the Topaz defense plant

        Donetsk, June 10 (Navigator, Victoria Litovchenko) - In the state concern "Ukroboronprom" confirmed the attack on the plant "Topaz" in Donetsk.

        “About 40 armed men seized the Topaz plant and 12 vehicles: KRAZ, UAZ and Volkswagen were taken out of its territory,” the press service of the GUMVD of Donetsk said.

        “Everything that was on wheels - everything was taken out. We took out products on which high-precision electronics are installed, took out the Mandat radar jamming military installation. There is nothing on the territory of Topaz now, ”the agency’s interlocutors said. At the same time, they added that the cost of the Mandate complex, which consists of 6 vehicles, is very high: “Its price is like several Kolchuga military installations,” police said.

        According to the plant’s employees, this military complex was being built and assembled at Topaz, although Russia was the developer.

        The Mandate complex was located on the territory of the plant, there was an agreement on its sale in Ukraine.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 11 June 2014 09: 58
          Quote: Sid.74

          “Everything that was on wheels - everything was taken out

          Eugene, but did not specify where they were taken, to Russia or left to themselves laughing
          Hi hi
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 11 June 2014 10: 09
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            Eugene, but did not specify where they were taken, to Russia or left to themselves laughing
            Well, we have tea like that! For New Russia, well, I suspect that the adversaries would not get it! feel
      2. Uncle
        Uncle 11 June 2014 12: 05
        The building seems to be still pre-revolutionary construction. It can be seen by the execution of the top of the window opening, it is lined with brick. And they don’t make such frames, I know for sure, during the restoration of one church there were problems with the curve curves for the carpentry. And the article is good, as I understand Esaul in Ukraine?
    2. g1v2
      g1v2 11 June 2014 14: 31
      One real bombardment of hail and at least a block would not be, and the corpses in the hundreds. While Ukrainians are trying to influence us and Strelkova. These mini-shelling are primarily of psychological importance, and not military.
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 11 June 2014 08: 54
    But their joy was suppressed almost immediately by a thunderous Voice (as it seems to me - Heavenly!): “Guys! If someone saw something, then you should not rattle about it on the air! ” Believe me, colleagues, I heard it myself
  4. thinking
    thinking 11 June 2014 08: 56
    God bless your words. If honestly, I reassured (I didn’t hear for the flowers, but this is now the main problem from the point of view of the average layman).
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 11 June 2014 09: 00
      the manuscript is encouraging hi
  5. buga1979
    buga1979 11 June 2014 09: 01
    vague but tormented by vague doubts
  6. -SHADOW-
    -SHADOW- 11 June 2014 09: 07
    Article is super !!! I agree to 1000% and most importantly there are FACTS !!!
    1. Anper
      Anper 11 June 2014 11: 21
      Quote: -SHAD-
      the main thing is the FACTS !!!

      That the Kiev junta went precisely to such a deaf defense, wondering its further actions and being knocked down, testify and UKROSMI.
      We stopped talking about the ATO phases, reports about "battles" - about 5 minutes,talk about victories - 10, everything else - for 15 - 20 minutes, stories about the massive influx of refugees from the South - East. "People are fleeing en masse. Today Kiev received 50 people from Slavyansk. Tomorrow the same number is expected. We are ready to accept 40 thousand people. People are afraid of terrorists' revenge, so we take interviews so that the face of the refugee is not visible and we will change his voice."
  7. S_Baykala
    S_Baykala 11 June 2014 09: 20
    Very interesting article. As for the shooting with blanks, I would like to clarify. This does not fundamentally, but seriously changes the matter. About the introduction of troops, its inexpediency, he wrote repeatedly (you can read from the profile). I did not understand the specific scenario of assistance to Ukraine and Novorossia, and this is good, I have limited inf. resources, and some have no lack of information, but most likely they also do not understand what is happening, and this is the main thing. After all, we are headed by an officer of the special services, and one of the main factors of victories in the Patriotic War was the enemy's misinformation. Read The Moment of Truth, there are several telegrams about the transfer of troops
  8. awg75
    awg75 11 June 2014 09: 27
    the author 5 +++ hit right in the bullseye !!!
  9. ghbvfrjd
    ghbvfrjd 11 June 2014 09: 35
    We are waiting for the offensive of the Armed Forces of New Russia and the liberation of Ukraine from fascist dishonesty !!!
  10. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 11 June 2014 09: 40
    And Ukraine will not liberate Ukraine, but the army of New Russia

    Everything goes to this clearly ... The main time is to win. Hold on Yu-V! Well done Esaul!
  11. papont64
    papont64 11 June 2014 09: 52
    Oh, trouble has come to the earth!
    Boasting, the enemies went to Russia.
    And so many were their numbers,
    that it hasn’t been invented yet.
    There were rivers of blood red-red
    the sky was smoke black and black
    louder than thunder was the snoring of other horses
    the brilliance of other people's swords is brighter than lightning.

    From the misfortune of such a wall cracked.
    From trouble such belfries bent.
    And the bells fell to the ground
    as if heads from strong shoulders.
    It rained that year from red-hot arrows.
    From the burning tears all streams flowed.
    Songbirds weren’t born that year,
    and only crows were born ...

    The Earth has risen against disaster,
    opposite to the enemy destroyer.
    Against the enemy, the people rose,
    Endless mortal battle struck!
    Even the dead came to life again
    they came out of raw graves,
    to help the living in a fierce battle
    to again accept death for the motherland!

    And who was weak - then became strong.
    And who was strong - became even stronger.

    And the enemies shouted, shocked:
    "Maybe the Russians are bewitched ?!
    You will burn them with fire, and they live!
    You pierce them with an arrow, and they live!
    You’ll kill them a hundred times, but they live!
    And they live and fight! .. "

    There were rivers of blood red-red
    the sky was smoke black and black ...
    And there was a land beyond
    no enemy for centuries to come!
  12. Aleksandr68
    Aleksandr68 11 June 2014 09: 53
    If a convoy of vehicles crossed the border in real life, then a squeal with satellite images in the hands of a black man. (Sorry) the African American president would be all over the planet.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 11 June 2014 10: 00
      Quote: Alexander68
      If a convoy of vehicles in real time crossed the border, then a squeal with satellite images in the hands of a blackbody.

      Satellites cannot control in onlain mode everything they point at and see there. Everything else remains obscured.
      1. Lyokhin63
        Lyokhin63 11 June 2014 20: 44
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Everything else remains obscured.

        Or clouds ...
  13. sabakina
    sabakina 11 June 2014 10: 01
    I read it, as if I had reviewed the sovfilm "The Tale Told at Night" to the Author +. I really hope that the author has more information than me and makes conclusions better than me.
  14. Fevrrr
    Fevrrr 11 June 2014 10: 02
    EsaulThank you for the article. Stylistics and analysis at altitude. Thank.
  15. Gagarin
    Gagarin 11 June 2014 10: 05
    It is written beautifully, but we’ll take the time to rejoice.
    The optimistic article "Yanukovych's cunning plan" is still VERY fresh in my mind ... but everything went a little wrong ...
  16. nicollider
    nicollider 11 June 2014 10: 07
    The author spoke about God's voice forbidding to divulge, but he himself burned :). And about Nona, there is such an anecdote: under the Stakhanov brand, 2 teams of miners descended into the slaughter. Maybe not a few?
    1. VadimSt
      VadimSt 11 June 2014 11: 15
      Well ... no need. Stakhanov was assisted by only two balers, not two brigades. It is known that some miners, even before this record, could, under certain conditions, produce 2 or more norms "on the mountain". This despite the fact that the miner was a working all-rounder - he chopped, strengthened the roof of the face, and pulled away the coal. Stakhanov undertook to chop it himself, only to be fastened and dragged away behind him. In fact, a good seam plus a prepared workplace, plus the work of two more good miners. As a result, 14 norms for three, not one! In short, the principle of organization and division of labor was shown in practice.
    GHOST_AAA 11 June 2014 10: 10
    Good information before the holidays. Well, I do not believe that RUSSIA can arbitrarily put the Russian people in Ukraine. I think this is not the only one.
  18. zavesa01
    zavesa01 11 June 2014 10: 18
    Bravo to the author. Something like that and need to act. Slowly and surely. Cats are born quickly and blind. Shouts: "The mustache is gone !!!!" just zhashkalivayut. Remember gentlemen: "Great victories are won not on the battlefield." Pity aside, revenge is a dish served cold. YES, sorry for the people !!!! But in chess you HAVE to sacrifice pieces in order to win the game. It is the duty of a soldier to sacrifice his life for victory, the duty of a general to sacrifice soldiers. The main thing is to KNOW what these sacrifices are for, and NOT to forget them.

    PS. Shouting about the real military assistance to Russia, this means pouring water into the mill precisely of the West.
    Shouting about the betrayal by the Kremlin of New Russia is to bring confusion and schism, which means helping the West again.

    Healthy criticism and analyzes of the environment are welcome. (On the tactical side, and proposals for the conduct of BD. The site is military). laughing
    1. Bayun
      Bayun 11 June 2014 11: 07
      There is also Russian chess - tavels are called. So, here, to sacrifice in them - NOT NEEDED. It is easier there: it was yours - it became ours; Well, as with the Crimea about;)
  19. Giant thought
    Giant thought 11 June 2014 10: 44
    If an action plan exists, it remains only to implement it all to those to whom it is entrusted. Let's hope that victory over the forces of evil will come to us.
  20. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 11 June 2014 10: 44
    Reading impression? Well, like a poet: "Oh, it's not difficult to deceive me - I'm glad to be deceived myself!" It would be “wonderful” if it were as stated in the article. But all is well that ends well. And we don't see the end now. Sometimes there is a “thought”: and something often began to appear on one and the same theme: the "drain" of Novorossia is not happening, Putin's cunning plan is at work; "leakage" of information about "streams" of weapons towards Novorossiya (which is not a trace in vain), etc. Is it not for the purpose of "inspiring a sweet dream" in the "masses"? So that the "masses" do not "show off" about the "drain of Novorossiya"? PS As for the "quirks" in the article: 1. There has already been a "firing" from the "Grad" not only single, but also a salvo. 2. For a long time, they have not "fired" with blanks "but with" real "high-explosive fragmentation projectiles. 3. Does the ammunition load of 152 mm howitzers include" blanks "? I would rather believe in firing high-explosive fragmentation projectiles with fuses turned off.
  21. andj61
    andj61 11 June 2014 10: 45
    Pleased with the author, pleased. Ironically and to the point. God grant that it was so. At least I really want to believe in it!
  22. Theton.
    Theton. 11 June 2014 11: 44
    Today on Twitter and Guborev hinted "what a pity that you can't tell all the good news, etc.
  23. Lukich
    Lukich 11 June 2014 11: 50
    great article. Bravo to the author !!! maybe even now those who read will stop hysteria about how the GDP of all threw and betrayed
  24. viach
    viach 11 June 2014 11: 55
    Earnestly. Reasonable. But it still hurts.
  25. Grandfather Victor
    Grandfather Victor 11 June 2014 12: 15
    "At the same time in Russia the fifth column is strenuously painting a picture of" dastardly betrayal "by the Russian leadership of their" brothers "in the Donbass."
    Well, don't exaggerate! The 5th column tries to talk about something completely different, namely, “about Russia's criminal interference in the affairs of“ independent Ukraine. ”Well, they’re scrapped! And the concern of the patriots is caused by the lack of information and omissions in propaganda work. Glory to Novorossiya!
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 11 June 2014 14: 43
      Column 5 is different. And those who shout about criminal interference and those who shout about betrayal are equally harmful and dangerous. One alarmist who shouted "fire, we will all burn!" can lead to the fact that a lot of people die from the crush. And in battle, because of such an utyrk, shouting that the commanders have betrayed us, and we must run, the entire unit can run and die. My opinion is - to shoot alarmists and traitors side by side at the same wall, because under different slogans they are equally harmful.
  26. Cynic
    Cynic 11 June 2014 12: 18
    Impressed _
    Quote: Esaul
    But their joy was suppressed almost immediately by a thunderous Voice (as it seems to me - Heavenly!): “Guys! If someone saw something, then you should not rattle about it on the air!»Believe me, colleagues, I heard it myself! The voice was so expressive and so intelligibly “reached” that the streamers, as if on command, were silent

    And that only at night may I dream
  27. terrible
    terrible 11 June 2014 12: 19
    But Strelkova has long run out of ammunition. But they do not end. How do they ask? So do not whine.
  28. Lukich
    Lukich 11 June 2014 12: 42
    Yes, not everything is so bad with Strelkov. if they hold so much time, then help is coming.
  29. Docent1984
    Docent1984 11 June 2014 14: 08
    Thanks for the nice and non-intrusive article. Hamsters have a good answer. Otherwise, it seems that the "Makarevichus" decided to change the tone from "hands away from Ukraine" to "putinvsekhslil." It would be funny to read their comments regarding, for example, Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov lol
  30. lex loci
    lex loci 11 June 2014 14: 22
    God forbid that the author was right !!!
  31. mackonya
    mackonya 11 June 2014 14: 40
    We need more such articles, otherwise "alarmist" moods cannot be avoided.
  32. tag17
    tag17 11 June 2014 19: 09
    I usually relate to flowers calmly, but this bouquet pleased
  33. goodwinCadeT
    goodwinCadeT 12 June 2014 14: 32
    I hope that this is true) _) DNR and LC is the beginning !!!