The United States continues to enclose Russia from all sides: Poland, the Black Sea, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan

The United States continues to enclose Russia from all sides: Poland, the Black Sea, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan

Washington continues the war against Russia, while only information, but this is still a preparatory period. So, 13 June at a briefing by the US Department of State Mark Toner, the official representative of the ministry, on the question of the official Washington’s opinion on the joint exercises of the American-Ukrainian forces near the Russian border, said that the United States is not interested in the United States. Another “blow” came from Baku, where the US ambassador said that Washington would support Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea.

Message from the United States about the exercises on the Black Sea

It all started with the fact that the Russian Foreign Ministry published a message that the entry into the US-based cruiser Monterey, which is equipped with the Aeges anti-missile system, raises entry into the Black Sea basin to participate in the Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze 2011, which is equipped with the Aegis antimissile system. It was reported that "we will not disregard the appearance of elements of the strategic infrastructure of the United States in close proximity to our borders, and we will perceive such steps as a threat to our security."

At the aforementioned briefing, Toner was asked about the teachings and reaction of Russia by a journalist from Ukraine. He replied: “Well, I think they are entitled to their own opinion. I am not going to analyze the words of the Russian Foreign Ministry: I should know more details about these exercises. But with Ukraine we have very close bilateral cooperation, and the past exercises fit into the framework of our relations. ”

USA and Poland

Began to carry out the program on the presence of the US military in Poland. Polish Defense Minister Bogdan Klich and US Ambassador Lee Feinstein signed an agreement on the presence of US troops in Poland. Already in 2012, the first military personnel will arrive, and in 2013, aircraft.

USA and Azerbaijan

Washington and Baku are starting a new stage of security cooperation, it will primarily concern the protection of the energy infrastructure in the Caspian Sea. The US Ambassador to Baku Matthew Bryza told this to 11 in June.

Prior to that, the Russian ambassador to Baku, Vladimir Dorokhin, said that Moscow opposes the construction of pipelines under the Caspian Sea. He reported this to 8 June at a press conference in Baku, commenting on news on the construction of a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan. According to him, this may violate the ecological state of the sea, and Russia is a Caspian country. The Russian ambassador said the following: “The draft Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea includes an article on the construction of Trans-Caspian pipelines. Russia and Iran believe that when building gas pipelines in the Caspian Sea, environmental issues should be coordinated and accepted by all 5 coastal states. ” While Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan believe that these issues can be solved only by countries involved in the construction of pipelines.

Under this project, the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline is to be laid along the Caspian seabed along the Tengiz-Turkmenbashi-Baku route, that is, Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan. Then, on Azerbaijani territory, they want to connect it with the already practically constructed Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey), which is one of the main sections of the NABUCCO gas pipeline system. Negotiations between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan on this project are actively lobbied by the EU and the USA.

The NABUCCO project (the name of the project comes from Giuseppe Verdi's Nabucco opera, on behalf of King Nebuchadnezzar II), estimated at almost 8 billion euros (according to some estimates its cost could rise to 14 billion euros), involves the construction of a gas pipeline 3,3 thousand kilometers long which will connect the source of the resource - the Caspian region, the Middle East, through Turkey with Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria and further with other countries of Central and Western Europe. The main resource base for the project is considered Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iraq, in the future, perhaps, Iran. The capacity of the pipeline is planned at the level of 31 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Ankara said that NABUCCO is a strategic project for Turkey and it will definitely be implemented. Participating in the construction are OMV Gas GmbH (Austria), BOTAŞ (Turkey), Bulgargaz (Bulgaria), SNTGN Transgaz SA (Romania), MOL Natural Gas Transmission Company Ltd. (Hungary), RWE AG (Germany).


Another good news came about Afghanistan. It was reported that American troops would remain there after the 2014 of the year. Although recently it was said about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Barack Obama promised this during the election campaign. Although it was already known that if the USA came somewhere, it is very difficult to “ask” them, except for the experience of the Vietnamese.

As it became known to journalists of the British Guardian newspaper, the closed negotiations between the Americans and Kabul on the continuation of military partnership in the territory of Afghanistan have been underway for a month and a half. NATO and the United States are planning to stay in Afghanistan. In principle, information has already been received about this before: it was said that after 2014, NATO and the United States would curtail their own military activities (at least they would try) and would implement the experience of Iraq. US-Afghan joint bases will be created, through which Americans will train, advise and support Afghan forces. The main reason for remaining is the danger of Pakistan, since "the unmanaged territories of Pakistan have turned into shelters for terrorists and insurgents." Pakistan for the United States has now become a “target”, it is regularly hit at, destroying “terrorists”, causing the wrath of official Islamabad.

This year, if the troops and will withdraw, it is only minor parties, as it is possible exacerbation of the military situation. In addition, Americans express concerns about the state of the Afghan economy. According to the Americans, it was voiced in the report of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Upper Chamber of Parliament, after the final withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the state expects a financial crisis. In just the 10 years, the States spent about 18,8 billion dollars on Afghanistan, this is without actually military spending.

It is clear that the real goal of preserving their military presence in the region is not the Afghan mujahedin, the Pakistani “terrorists” or the US concern for the economy of Afghanistan. The main goal is a presence in a strategically important region that allows you to influence Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Central Asia, Russia.

It can be concluded that the imposition of Russia as a bear in a den continues, and all the words about friendship and cooperation are a tool for disinformation of the citizens of Russia and its authorities before the blow. The current US and NATO is for us a new incarnation of Hitler, with their “New World Order”. The plan of "strangling" Russia in the arms of the "anaconda" continues. The only right step to these actions will not be chatter about violating our interests, but the quickest re-equipment of the army and navy. Creating an alternative NATO bloc of countries that are not going to participate in the construction of the “World Reich”. Our initiatives can support Iran, Syria, China, Venezuela, Vietnam, Cuba, we will find understanding in India and Brazil, while in Europe we must look for common interests and rapprochement with Germany.

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