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Secrets of forgotten victories. Secret record.

History the creation of a rotorcraft combined the fates of two great designers Alexei Cheremukhin and Igor Sikorsky. In August, 1932, the pilot and designer Alexey Cheremukhin, exceeded the world height record in 35 times and remained unknown, since the information about the record was not published by Stalin’s personal order. At the same time, another Russian designer, Igor Sikorsky, conducted the first experiments with helicopters of his own design in America. Cheremukhina's tests were postponed, and the designer himself was removed from them as non-partisan, while Sikorsky successfully continued to work on the creation of a helicopter, and in 1940 it was a success. Cheremukhin was sent to prison, after leaving the prison and working in the Tupolev Design Bureau.

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  1. dred
    dred 29 November 2011 14: 29
    Igor Sikorsky is our guy. That proves that helicopters appeared with us.