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Russian weakness is the time of internal search


At present, Russia seems to many people in the state, and indeed to external observers, to be very weak. In many ways, this is true - this can be seen in the sphere of defense, economy, intellectual potential, morality, etc. But Russia has two peculiarities: Russia's apparent weakness will result in military defeat, if any enemy crosses our borders, there are no Russians, no It was and will not be equal in battle. And the second feature is the effect of the “Russian accordion”.

About internal weakness

Any period of Russia's internal weakness is a time of internal search. The people in their unconscious are painfully looking for a new Big Idea, which they are ready to surrender with all the passion. The Red Project collapsed, the Red Empire, the Russian Federation did not give people any idea other than the idea of ​​enrichment. But this idea cannot become Russian, it is a temporary weakness. Russians are already bored, they need Accomplishments, Feats, Fights, overcoming themselves. By the way, this is one of the reasons for the Russians drowning and extinction, if there is no Idea worthy of the Russian people, it is going to get drunk from boredom, energy requires a way out.

Currently such a search is under way; when the Russians find the Idea, Russia will be transformed in the blink of an eye. During the search, all internal problems, illnesses of society, society break up, lose solidity, become loose: for example, we even have patriots split into a mass of hostile groups and groupings — some are Stalinists, some are Leninists, some are monarchists, some are Rodnovers, the fifth are nationalists, etc.

But, if the enemy dares to strike, he will be greatly struck, even yesterday's alcoholics, pacifists, greens, loafers, etc., will turn into Warriors, who will destroy any force. Genetics, the generic memory of millennia cannot be changed in a couple of decades. And at the beginning it may seem to the enemy that all the calculations are correct, the first Russian battles will lose, but the result will be the same - Russia will win the war.

This is evident in our stories: World War II, World War 1812, the invasion of the Swedish Charles XII, the apparent victory of the Poles and the Vatican in the Time of Troubles.

So now, in appearance, Russia is just a gift for the aggressor, so all sorts of Western, and Eastern analysts speak of a “sick man” named Russia, but this is only an appearance ...

The mystery of the "Russian accordion"

The peculiarity of the Russian civilization is the “effect of harmony”, after each act of the most severe aggression against Russia-Russia, our civilization not only destroys the invading forces of the enemy, but also expands its space, the space of the Russian world. Such a kind of globalization in Russian.

After the so-called. The “Mongol-Tatar” invasion of Russia-Russia has mastered vast areas from the Volga to the Pacific Ocean, Central Asia, in its sphere of influence included Mongolia and North China. After a series of brutal wars with Poland, she eventually entered the Russian Empire. Sweden’s aggression against us cost her the Baltic states and Finland. The aggression of the Ottoman Empire against Russia, the Russian Empire cost it the Crimea, the northern Black Sea coast and part of the southern, a number of territories of the Caucasus. The aggressiveness of Persia in relation to Russia led to the fact that we got a number of territories under its control in the Caucasus and northern Iran in its sphere of influence.

The aggression against Russia of France led to the collapse of its domination in Europe, all of Napoleon’s plans for the integration of Europe, around France. The aggression of the German Empire against Russia led to the collapse of the plans of German hegemony in Europe, the loss of a number of territories, including modern Kaliningrad. The aggression of the Japanese empire against Russia eventually led to its collapse and the collapse of all its plans to dominate the Asia-Pacific region.

Russia is narrowing down, giving in to the territory under powerful aggression, but in the end, during the "expansion" it destroys the enemy, absorbing its territory or taking control. As the USSR after World War II controlled Eastern Europe, and East Germany was our true friend, if desired, it was possible to integrate it into the USSR, and now the enemy triumphant, managed to split White Russia, Little Russia and Kiev, Central Asia from Russia, The South Caucasus, the Baltics, lacks only the feasting Poles in the Kremlin. Russia seems weak, but this is only a defeat in battle, the war continues. And taking into account the power and the most severe aggressiveness of the Western world in relation to Russia-Russia, we can conclude that during the next expansion of the “Russian accordion”, huge territories will be under our control and in our sphere of influence - almost the entire northern hemisphere of the planet.
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  1. Order
    Order 14 June 2011 10: 25 New
    Too all this is pathetic, in fact everything seems much more serious, and most importantly worse ... And it does not seem entirely appropriate to rely on historical analogies.
  2. Joker
    Joker 14 June 2011 10: 52 New
    Maybe pathetic, but no one canceled the power of the Russian spirit.

    - Mykola, Mykola I caught a bear.
    - So drag him here
    - But he doesn’t let me go
  3. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 14 June 2011 10: 59 New
    Everyone who stopped trusting or paying attention to historical analogies (statistics) quickly lost the ability to hope for anything at all.
    1. Tankograd
      Tankograd 2 September 2011 21: 34 New
      I don’t know who you are, in fact, a mature warrior or a damsel of beauty, but I have repeatedly read your worthy, gray-haired old man mature, grounded statements! I am not a Russian nationalist, but I think that in all the inhabitants of modern Eurasia there is a lot from the first ancestors - Scythians, Aryans, Slavs, Turks - everyone will find what they need! If there is no offense on your part, I want to call you my brother or, in Caucasian terms, kunak! Indeed, according to Gumilyov, all the inhabitants of the modern European territory of Russia at the beginning of the 1st millennium AD and subsequent centuries, alternately included only our truly Russian superpowers - Roskolan, Khazaria, Kievan Rus, Volga Bulgaria, Bulgaria the Great, etc. And note all these super ethnic groups fell not from external enemies, but from the fact that brother went to brother! How to write in the legend "About Prince Igor’s Regiment", which is already over 1000 years old, stand up brother for brother, for Russian land (Dagestan, Tatar, Bashkir, Chechen), for Ukrainian, Belorussian, Serbian, Polish, Cheskaya, Slovenian, Slovenian, Macedonian , Croatian and then will not be in the land of filthy land!
  4. frame5
    frame5 14 June 2011 13: 11 New
    The breakthrough of the victims in the First World War, the massacre of the Civil War, repression, a handful of local conflicts, a total meat grinder of the Second World War.
    I’m afraid we don’t have enough people for the next idea, if with all the historical changes.
  5. Stavr
    Stavr 14 June 2011 13: 53 New
    All this pathos article fits in only two phrases: "until the thunder strikes, the Russian peasant will not cross himself!" I’m only afraid that when a real thunder breaks out, then there’s no one to be baptized with: a nuclear war is lightning fast!
    1. Tankograd
      Tankograd 2 September 2011 22: 19 New
      You are a nice person you believe in it yourself? Which of the current oligarchs, even in the West, even with us will do it! After all, unlike you, they have something to lose! And when the American or Chinese infantry crawls through the Russian fields like in 1941, and other soldiers-marauders will come into your house and say let's go home-hens, fat, milk! THIS IS THEN IT WILL OPEN IN YOU ALL YOUR GLORY OR ROT! And the choice will be as then with our grandfathers, either with a three-ruler for partisans, or with a schmeiser in policemen! WHAT YOU CHOOSE!
  6. eddie
    eddie 14 June 2011 14: 00 New
    "it is worth any enemy to cross our borders, since there are no Russians, there has never been and will not be equal in battle."
    highest degree of idiocy
    success in battle is determined by the training of a soldier, the availability of equipment and the competent actions of whom. but not national affiliation.
    1. Tankograd
      Tankograd 2 September 2011 22: 03 New
      Dear friend! I want to ask one such small thing? And you are a nice man in the Army? Are you adequate for medical reasons?
  7. Rico1977
    Rico1977 14 June 2011 14: 07 New
    Success in battle is primarily determined by the fighting spirit of the soldier, and his willingness to die for his homeland, everything else is in second place. And we have no problems with this - our guys 08.08.08 proved it to the whole world.
  8. Valeri Ardan
    Valeri Ardan 14 June 2011 16: 37 New
    The author of the article also speaks of a nationwide Idea that can save the country. But now the universal idea is emerging all over the world: this world can be changed for the better only by changing oneself for the better, working on oneself, and improving oneself. The more people understand this and begin to do it, the faster society itself will begin to change for the better.
    1. Joker
      Joker 14 June 2011 17: 44 New
      Take off your pink glasses and look around, good should be with your fists.
  9. His
    His 14 June 2011 19: 33 New
    And what if Americans attack us, will we join America? I wonder how many Russian blacks will be then, starting with Obama
    1. Joker
      Joker 15 June 2011 08: 27 New
      He will then be called Barakov Obama ...
  10. erik5
    erik5 15 June 2011 13: 33 New
    A wonderful article, and most importantly, has already lost the habit of such articles, but you’re used to where exactly you are blaming Russia, there are many of you, but there really is no sense in you. Russia will flourish, Edgar Cayce said this, and almost 98% of his predictions came true. And Nikola Tesla also said about Russia that after a hard time it would be reborn and even those who considered it an enemy and enslaver would reach for it. It’s hard now, but it began to revive, if only our aligarchs would think about it, and not turn to the West, and would not think where to immediately transfer their financial institutions in case of war. But they will be replaced by others, those who will think about our Motherland and not be coupled with many Western politicians who are current Westerners.
  11. Tankograd
    Tankograd 2 September 2011 21: 14 New
    All who do not agree with the author of cowards and alarmists are subject to execution in wartime! Whoever complains about life, let him put himself in the place of Alexander Nevsky on the ice of Lake Peipsi or Alexander Suvorov on the Saint-Gotnard pass in the Swiss Alps! There is no hope of enemies around Tsar-All Russia, in the first case because by definition it was not there yet, and in the second case when the Tsar simply wanted to get rid of Suvorov in the Alps! But gene memory in both cases did not disappoint! As soon as the commanders turned to their squad with the words of Svyatoslav the Brave - we will not shame the friends of the Russian Land and where for centuries these "supposedly" enemies - as our comedians say, we beat them in a sober, liquid and gaseous state! And all the rest is the so-called "ideological war" which never-ending! I am 46 years old a former tank officer, a graduate of the Chelyabinsk School, graduating in 1987, I think that all my surviving graduates living in the vast expanses of the entire former USSR think the same way. Our time will come to campaign against evil spirits, where then will the borders of Russia be?
  12. SAVA
    SAVA 2 September 2011 22: 43 New
    Maybe it's time to think about Europe, this rotten neighbor ?! Without imagining anything, he constantly bears some insidious plans !? He stuffs his own price, really having nothing ?!