Analytical program "However" with Mikhail Leontyev, 09 June 2011

However, hello! In the heyday of democratization collapsed power in Yemen - only the soft underbelly of Saudi Arabia.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the government of Yemen to quickly take advantage of the absence of President Saleh to heal wounds in Saudi Arabia: "We call for a peaceful and orderly transfer of power."

What power !? What a world !? In Yemen, a full-scale civil war, which has no end in sight. And no one - not the Saudis, not even the Americans - will get directly there. This is not Libya to unravel! This is worse than Somalia. Where the Americans barely took his legs in 93-m.

While Yemen is already blazing with might and main, the Americans diligently fan the fire from the other end - in Syria, pushing through the Security Council a resolution modeled on the Libyan one. That is, the fire comes close to the great Gulf oil, to the global gas station. Now rushes. What is happening in the Middle East? Why is it all the world order keeper?

"If investors around the world find that trust in the United States is undermined, that US debts are not secured, that we can refuse to take on our loans, this can destroy the entire existing financial system. We can face a worse financial crisis than that was, "states Barack Obama.

Before such a statement, it would be enough for the markets to collapse. It is clear: Obama is struggling with the impending default, if Congress does not allow him to raise the bar of borrowing. That is, in fact, allow print more trillions of dollars. How were we all taught? When there is not enough income, it is necessary to reduce costs. The fact is that America can not reduce costs. Wants, but can not.

Too big to collapse, to big to fail - this is the most popular phrase in America today, first referring to the financial monsters that were saved from a collapse in 2008, practically nationalizing their debts. Now these are all the basic American state institutions: the pension system, health care and, above all, a huge military budget.

“The administration refers to the huge costs of a war that the economy can no longer afford,” writes leading American military analyst Harlan Ulman. - Critics say that failure in perspective will only increase costs. So is Afghanistan too big to collapse, or too big to be rectified. The answer does not imply anything good. Undoubtedly, America has exceptional military power, but the costs are enormous. By paying any price, we run the risk of financial collapse. "

Recall once again: the cumulative losses from the global fight against terrorism, including Iraq and Afghanistan, according to calculations by Harvard scientists reach 6 trillions of dollars. What are there miserable billions of Libyan expenses ?! Or is there a future Syrian ?! Having taken off the head on hair do not cry. Americans will not treat their financial system. Because they can not: it is too big to cure it. So what remains?

Charles Nenner, a former strategist at Goldman Sachs, an analyst whose predictions are considered ruthlessly accurate, said on Fox Business TV that American stock markets are now set to collapse:

- I told my clients that they almost completely left the markets.

- Why not?

“I don’t want to upset you, but I study the cycles of war and peace.” And a major war will begin at the end of 2012-2013. I think it will definitely happen.

- wow!

Really - "wow"! About 2012 Nenner know better. However, the idea to extinguish a fire with kerosene only at first glance looks strange. Because, in the final analysis, the Arab fire is not extinguished - God is with them, with Arabs, oil, democratization! Its fire closer to the body. The war will write off everything.

When the institutions are too large to fail, and too large to correct them, the consequences are obvious: crashes and explosions are not far off.
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    His 13 June 2011 18: 00 New
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    As always said normally
  2. figwam 13 June 2011 22: 49 New
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    I do not want to upset you, but I study the cycles of war and peace. And a major war will begin at the end of 2012-2013. I think it will definitely happen.

    Well, it’s not so long, you have to go buy a helmet, body armor ...
    1. PSih2097 15 June 2011 01: 20 New
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      buy a slide and unload, the rest will be given out ...
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    figwamyes brother time to arm yourself!
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    Very much in the topic "Business People" ...