In Primorye, found "Yak-9" times of the Great Patriotic

In Primorye, found "Yak-9" times of the Great Patriotic

In the Primorsky Territory found the wreckage of a combat aircraft since the Great Patriotic War. "Yak-9" lay in the ground for almost 60 years. Search engines learned about it from local residents. Already managed to raise the motor and part of the body. But the fate of the crew could not be established.

Members of the search squad have been working for a day, carefully, layer by layer, removing the soil and clay. Wet soil is difficult.

In the hands of the researcher Sergey Gusarov - an exact reduced copy of the Yak-9T fighter, which, through 60 and more than a few years, has become an object of excavation. For its era, it was a modern combat aircraft. From the 1943 year, "Yak", having passed an urgent modernization, became a thunderstorm not only air targets, but also ground German technology.

“Well, what has been dug up? .. The gun is still lying there ... One blade and the engine is broken ...” - says Sergey Gusarov, a specialist from the Aviapoisk unit.

This place was shown to the search-enthusiasts by the old-timers, telling that in the post-war years the plane fell here. Later, parts of the fuselage, the engine and propellers were often found by villagers during field work.

Experts say that after the end of the Great Patriotic War, flight units of the Pacific Fleet aviation were formed in the littoral. There were training flights and even training air battles. During one of these fights, for some strange reason, two Yak-9T fighters collided and crashed to the ground.

“A collision occurred during a training air battle, the pilots seemed to have jumped out, that is, while we do not have information about the death of the pilots or about their rescue. That's just digging the plane itself,” says Yaroslav Levansky, commander of the Aviation Search team.

From a funnel with a depth of almost three meters, researchers retrieve more and more new aircraft fragments. First, raised to the surface weapon, remnants of ammunition fighter: shells and cartridges; small details of plating and cockpit.

The most difficult was to remove the remnants of the engine and screws weighing several hundred kilograms. And this gun barrel, miraculously preserved to the present day, almost once became the prey of metal hunters. The 32 millimeter cannon during World War II was a formidable weapon against enemy technology.

"She had a small ammunition, the entire 32 projectile. But if the hit was on the enemy fighter, the hit was fatal. Therefore, the enemy did not dare to go into frontal attacks on the Yak-9T," explains another member of the search party, Sergey Balkin.

About two kilometers from the excavation site are the wreckage of another fighter. In the near future will be looking for him. And then there is still a long work with military archives. It is necessary to identify the pilots and their fate, the date of the incident and other details of the disaster.

Usually such heavy parts of the aircraft, like engines, are practically impossible to take out of dull taiga, but today the enthusiasts are lucky: the plane was found in the open area, and now we can say with confidence that without exception all fragments of the Yak-9T fighter will soon time taken out of here.

And in the plans of the activists of the search party - the creation of its own "Far Eastern" Museum of the Air Force.
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