The answer to the automotive industry, photo from the exhibition "Bronnitsy 2011"

Recently, on the basis of the Research and Testing Center (NIITS) of automotive equipment of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Bronnitsy, Moscow region), a demonstration of promising samples of wheeled and tracked vehicles developed by leading domestic automakers for the needs of the Armed Forces was held. Due assessment was given by Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

The leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense, veteran warlords and journalists, the designers of approximately 40 plants, demonstrated the practical capabilities of both their latest developments and modernized models, the production of which was adjusted in previous years, including Tiger, Medved armored cars, KamAZ modifications and the Urals. Over the 100 units of equipment were represented in a static mode, in the dynamics (that is, in motion) 42 units were demonstrated.

On a difficult track, the NIIC machines showed wonders of terrain. The tractors, fire trucks, vehicles for transporting personnel and cargo rapidly moved through the front edge of the piles, ditches, climbed steep hills, overcame water obstacles ford (and some swim) and successfully reached the finish line. If fast driving on the highway in cars is mainly associated with our readers with foreign cars, then traveling with a breeze off-road is an age-old Russian horse. In the literal sense of the word, because it was our “iron horses” that were always famous for and, judging by the results of the show, they are not going to give this glory to anyone.

In recent years, another demand has been made to our manufacturers of vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces: to strengthen the protection of personnel from bullets, fragments and mines, as even the Supreme Commander spoke about. Yesterday, the leadership of the military department was able to make sure that the industry tried to fulfill this requirement. Samples of the protected equipment created by "KamAZ" and "Ural" were presented.

“The Ministry of Defense in 2009 quite seriously set the requirements for the industry, and already at today's demonstration a number of new developments could be seen,” said Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. He drew particular attention to several cars of the Typhoon family.

“These are absolutely new, modern and, I want to say, very promising cars,” he said. - I believe that in the coming years, the Ministry of Defense will purchase just such machines.

“Today we saw a demonstration of absolutely original cars that are not yet in service with the Ministry of Defense, but I believe that we will return to them and see,” the head of the military department said, adding that “these vehicles are connected with use in the Arctic zone , in the taiga, in difficult conditions. "
Well, many of the advantages of the presented equipment to the representatives of the enterprises have been demonstrated.

The industry has responded to the demands that have been made on these products by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense. And I would like to hope that in the very near future, our soldiers and officers will be able to drive on the very best not only in terms of all-terrain vehicles, but also on the most reliable ones. And protected from bullets, mines and shrapnel, no worse than vehicles of other armies in the world.

Alexander TIKHONOV,

The answer to the automotive industry, photo from the exhibition "Bronnitsy 2011"
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