Ukrainian security forces continue shelling of Slavyansk, there are civilian casualties

Ukrainian security forces continue a massive artillery bombardment of Slavyansk (Donetsk region) and its surrounding settlements. As reported today correspondent. ITAR-TASS representative of the people's militia, "at nightfall, the security forces use lighting flares."

Ukrainian security forces continue shelling of Slavyansk, there are civilian casualties

"As a result of the shelling that took place near 19: 00 (20: 00 Moscow time), there are many casualties with shrapnel wounds," he said. "There are also serious injuries - an elderly woman received fragmental wounds on Oktyabrskaya Street," the militia added. Earlier, the press secretary of the national mayor of Slavyansk Stella Khorosheva told the correspondent. Itar-Tass that a woman was killed in the shelling of the city center.

Mashchermet area was also shelled. "The houses on the streets of Kiev and Kokkinaki were injured," the militia spokesman said, adding that a young man 19 had "suffered multiple back injuries." "According to doctors, he will not survive," he added.

"In total, about 10 civilians were injured," he concluded, adding that there are also easily wounded among the militias.

Earlier, the militia under Slavic shot down the Ukrainian An-30 reconnaissance aircraft. “The Ukrainian reconnaissance aircraft was circling all day. The militia destroyed it - one engine caught fire,” said a militia spokesman. ITAR-TASS. Stella Khorosheva confirmed that the plane crashed near the Donetsk village.

She also said that, according to the people's mayor, Vyacheslav Ponomarev, from 80 units of heavy armored vehicles pulled by Ukrainian security forces to Slavyansk, representatives of the people's militia "destroyed around 20".

In the meantime, the city remains without electricity, water and Internet connection. “The genocide is in full swing, they know what to bomb,” stressed Khorosheva. During the shelling of the city, according to preliminary data, Ukrainian security forces used Grad multiple rocket launchers, the press secretary of Ponomarev added.

"Bombat Semenovka (village near Slavyansk - ITAR-TASS approx.), There is nothing alive there. There is a strong fire in the Warsaw area, the gas pipeline was damaged, firemen cannot reach the place of fire. In the Mandrychino district, an ambulance could not reach the wounded people. help - people were bleeding in the basements. Doctors on the phone explained how to give first aid, "she said.
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  1. +3
    7 2014 June
    Stop killing your own people immediately!
    1. UFO
      7 2014 June
      Not long left. The junta has no resources, and the "resources" have no motivation. ATO was lost before it even started.
      It is the Americans who force their puppets in Kiev to go to the end, they do not want to lose Russia again. But still have to! tongue
    2. 0
      7 2014 June
      you tell this to someone - we understand this very well for us ourselves - and dill say dull to them with a club.
  2. +2
    7 2014 June
    Today is the inauguration day. Will Potroshenko go under the name of Peter the Bloody? Although, yesterday he promised Putin to end the massacre. Let's wait until the evening.
    1. zavesa01
      7 2014 June
      In an interview with V.V. Putin said their meeting lasted about 15 minutes. In my opinion, it is unlikely to convince ParAshenko to stop genocide in such a period of time.
      If ProShenko stops terror, then Putin is a magician.
      PS You can either go in or get into a story. ParAshenko got into a mess.
  3. +6
    7 2014 June
    June 6 this year reporters of the Russian federal television channel Zvezda, cameraman Andrey Sushenkov and sound engineer Anton Malyshev, who are on a business trip in Ukraine, were detained by a national guard unit in the area of ​​the village of Bylbasovka near the town of Slavyansk.
    Journalists officially entered Ukraine to cover the inauguration of the elected President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the country.
    The TV channel’s operator Andrei Sushenkov managed to inform the producer of the TV channel in Moscow by telephone that they were being screened at the national guard post near the village of Bylbasovka and all documents had been taken from them. After that, communication with journalists was cut off.
    Within 10 minutes, the phones received calls that were reset after several beeps. Then the connection broke off altogether.
    The driver of the car, Ruslan Zaslavsky, who was riding a group (blue VAZ-2199 with a registration sign 8337), who is a citizen of Ukraine and a resident of the city of Slavyansk, managed to inform his brother that he and the group were detained by representatives of the national guard.
    The management of the Zvezda television channel appeals to the elected president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to release Andrei Sushenkov, Anton Malyshev and Ruslan Zaslavsky.
    We ask the support of the entire journalistic community in the release of our colleagues.
    Alexey Pimanov
  4. +3
    7 2014 June
    what the hell to write-ukroinskie siloviki-write honestly fascists, or anti-people rabble. let the bucket roll to Donetsk to bang him there, this jackal will not stop the killings - now they’ll stop just to gather more strength and continue the total destruction of the unwanted. or even just stupidly will kill people using the patronage of the zapoda and the Yankees
  5. Zauralec
    7 2014 June
    The situation is very reminiscent of 1941. At that time, Stalin delayed the outbreak of war as much as he could, realized that he was not ready, the training of new young personnel, the modernization of the armed forces, and the construction of defense equipment were actively underway. The West also understood that Russia would soon be taken NO, but the main thing was to declare Russia an aggressor. Fascist planes constantly flew at us, German soldiers fired, we had the strictest decree not to respond to provocations. When the West realized that Russia could not be made an aggressor, and the country's power is growing every day, they went all-in, Hitler brought in troops. Now the same thing, as soon as Putin enters the troops, Russia is automatically declared an aggressor, and our cities begin to bomb, even atomic bombing is possible, given the massive attack all NATO and Iya, we have no chance. Only a retaliatory strike, it will be, though not as powerful as the Ovsky one, we’ll erase a couple of cities, but spit on a couple of tens of millions of its citizens on August 45 and September 11, this confirms, but Russia will die and will remain in the memory of the aggressor, and this LLC is very important, manipulation history.
  6. 0
    7 2014 June
    Dill systematically destroys the entire infrastructure of the Donbas and at the same time the population (on the contrary, as you like, one result - there should be nothing left). It seems that they abandoned these territories and are now destroying everything and everything, in other words, shitting as soon as they can.
  7. 0
    7 2014 June
    If there is a default on the square and other economic "charms", then the machine will have to pull back the troops from the south-east and throw them to suppress riots in the central regions. Maybe this will be an asymmetric response to the junta. But now we must not stop supplying the militia with equipment. In general, they work well, constantly thinning out both the equipment and the Ukrov fascists. And it was not at all difficult to predict the attacks on the life support systems of cities at the very beginning.
  8. +1
    7 2014 June
    I am offended that some bears my name, with ..., And considers himself the president of a very good (in the recent past) country. Let his children die too. After what they have done in the East of their country, there is no place for them on earth. Neither him and his kam, nor to those cattle who brewed this porridge ... By God, nobody will be sorry !!!
  9. +5
    7 2014 June
    Slavyansk became a symbol of courage and stamina. That's what the war for freedom, not the bucks, means.

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