China will finish the construction of the Varyag purchased in Ukraine

The Chief of the General Staff of the PRC Army acknowledged that China is completing the former aircraft carrier of the USSR Varyag acquired in Ukraine ten years ago in Ukraine.

Chinese General Chen Binde refused to name the dates during which the aircraft carrier is scheduled to be completed.

General quotes from the Hong Kong-based edition Commercial Daily.

Another representative of the Chinese General Staff said that the aircraft carrier of the PRC would not pose a threat to other states.

Now there are no ships in China’s arsenal capable of transporting aircraft, so far officials in Beijing have not made any statements on this matter.

However, experts in the military industry in different countries considered the plans of the Chinese aircraft carrier a "poorly concealed secret" and said that sooner or later China would create its own aircraft carrier fleet.

"Varyag" began to build for the Soviet fleet in the 80-x, but not completed.

The massive ship was rusting in Ukraine, until in 90's it was bought by a private Chinese company connected with the military complex, expressing its intention to turn it into a casino in Macau.

Observers suggest that the aircraft carrier is almost ready and will pass the first tests at sea this year.

But, as the BBC correspondent in Beijing, Michael Bristov says, this does not mean that the ship will be ready to perform its functions.

After all, it will take several more years to prepare the crew and learn how to use its deck for military aircraft.
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