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Killed by colonel Budanov

Killed by colonel Budanov
Former Colonel Yury Budanov was shot dead on Komsomolsky Avenue. The killer shot 6 once, four bullets hit the head, and then disappeared on a foreign car. Budanov in 2003 was convicted for the murder of Chechen woman Kungaeva, but he left early. Kadyrov called Budanov an enemy of the Chechen people. The investigation believes that the murder of Budanov is a provocation, and it is premature to talk about the involvement of ethnic groups.

The crime was committed at No. XXUMX at about noon: an unknown person shot Budanov in the head with a pistol, after which he disappeared on a white Mitsubishi Lancer. According to eyewitnesses, the offender was wearing a blue jacket with a hood. To search for the shooter in the capital, a special plan "Interception" was introduced.

At the scene of the murder on Komsomolsky Prospekt, investigators and forensic officers of the Main Investigative Board in Moscow work.

According to operatives, the crime is a custom character.

The operatives have already seized the recordings of video surveillance cameras at the site. They expect to find the moment of the murder on the records, and further to identify the killer.

The murder was committed in the park between two houses, near the playground. At the same time, a few hundred meters from the crime scene, on Dovator Street, a car was found, on which, as investigators suspect, the killers hid. The car is examined by experts and a dog handler.

In turn, the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Vladimir Markin, said that in connection with the murder of Budanov, the 2 article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Murder") and the 222 article ("Illicit trafficking weapons")." The investigation does not exclude that the murder of Budanov was carefully planned, the victims may have been monitored, "Markin also said.

He later added that the investigation does not exclude that this murder is a provocation, and so far nothing is known about the participation of ethnic groups.

“Considering Budanov’s personality, the investigation does not exclude that the murder was committed for provocative purposes. In addition, it’s premature to say that ethnic groups could be behind this murder. The investigation doesn’t have any information confirming such a version” - said Markin.

Recall Budanov in 2003 was sentenced to 10 for years for kidnapping and killing 18-year-old Chechen woman Elza Kungaeva, he was released on parole in 2009. Immediately after Budanov’s release, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, called this decision shameful, and the colonel himself was an enemy of the Chechen people. "We do not tolerate insults," Kadyrov said at the time and added that he would use all legal means at his disposal to ensure that Budanov "received what he deserved."

How did the case of Budanov's murder of Chechen woman Elzy Kungaeva evolve

Yuri Dmitrievich Budanov was born on November 24, 1963 in the city of Khartsyz, Donetsk region, Ukrainian SSR. In 1987 he graduated from Kharkov Guards Higher tank command school to them. Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR, in 1999 (in absentia) - Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In October, 1998 of the year was appointed commander of the 160 Guards Armored Regiment stationed in the Trans-Baikal Military District (since December 1998 of the year - the combined Siberian Military District).

Since September, 1999, together with the regiment, took part in hostilities in the territory of the Chechen Republic. In January, 2000 was awarded the Order of Courage and received (prematurely) the rank of colonel.

30 March 2000 Yury Budanov was arrested by officers of the military prosecutor’s office on charges of abduction, rape and murder of 18-year-old Chechen woman Elza Kungaeva. During the investigation, Budanov testified that, considering a resident of the village of Tangshi-Chu, Kungayeva was a sniper of one of the gangs, ordered subordinates to take the girl to the regiment, and then - during interrogation - strangled her, because Kungaeva allegedly resisted and tried to seize the weapon. Subsequently, Budanov, without denying the fact of the murder, insisted that he acted in the heat of passion.

28 February 2001 of the year in the North Caucasus District Military Court (Rostov-on-Don) began the trial of Budanov, who was charged with crimes under articles 126 (kidnapping), 105 (murder) and 286 (abuse of power) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

In July, 2001, the North Caucasian District Military Court announced a break in court hearings in connection with the psychiatric examination of Budanov at the State Scientific Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry. V.P. Serbsky (Moscow). In October of the same year - after passing the examination - Budanov was transferred back to Rostov-on-Don.

16 December 2002 of the year in the North Caucasus District Military Court, an expert opinion was announced, according to which Budanov was declared insane due to the effects of a contusion.

31 December 2002 of the Year The North-Caucasian District Military Court ruled to exonerate Budanov from criminal responsibility and send him for compulsory treatment, but on February 28 2003 of the Russian Federation the Supreme Court declared the decision unjustified and made in violation of substantive and procedural law and sent the case to a new consideration (with the measure of restraint in relation to Budanov remained the same - the detention in the remand prison of Rostov-on-Don).

25 July 2003, the North Caucasian District Military Court found Budanov guilty of abuse of office, as well as the abduction and murder of Kungaeva. According to the court order, Budanov was deprived of military rank and Order of Courage and sentenced to ten years in a strict regime colony (when the court pronounced the sentence, Budanov’s participation in the counter-terrorist operation and his minor children were taken into account), and then transferred to the colony JI 78 / 3 ( Dimitrovgrad city of the Ulyanovsk region).

17 May 2004 Budanov filed a petition for clemency addressed to the Russian President, but 19 May withdrew him. The reason for the recall was the uncertainty about the citizenship of Budanov, since he was called up to the USSR Armed Forces as early as 1982 from the Ukrainian SSR (May 21, 2004, Budanov was given a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation).

15 September 2004 The Ulyanovsk regional pardon commission satisfied Budanov’s new pardon, but this decision led to protests from the Chechen public, as well as a statement by the head of the Chechen government, Ramzan Kadyrov, that “we will find an opportunity to pay him back merit ", and on September 21 the convict was forced to withdraw the petition.

In the future, the courts several times more - 23 of January, 21 of August 2007 of the year, 1 of April and 23 of October of 2008 of the year - refused Budanov's release on parole until December of 24 of the Ulyanovsk region decided on his release on parole .

In Chechnya, this court decision caused numerous protests. 15 January 2009, Yuri Budanov was released.

9 June 2009, it became known that Yury Budanov was interrogated as a suspect in a criminal case on the murder of Chechen residents. According to the UPC RF, in 2000, eighteen residents of the Chechen Republic were illegally deprived of their liberty at a checkpoint located near the Duba-Yurt settlement of the Shali district of Chechnya. Three of them were subsequently found killed. A number of local residents claimed that Budanov was involved in the commission of this crime.

10 June 2009, the Investigation Committee at the Prosecutor’s Office (UPC) reported that Budanov was suspected of having killed Chechen residents. According to the UPC, Budanov showed that he could not physically be at the checkpoint when the 18 residents of Chechnya disappeared without a trace. Budanov’s testimony was confirmed by the criminal case file.
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  1. Superduck
    Superduck 10 June 2011 16: 41
    Error, weakness, anger and military excitement against one error that cost the girl’s life and now to him. He thought that he was in the war both times, but it turned out that in a police operation with howitzers and attack aircraft, even with Scud missiles. And the Chechens (the girl’s relatives) how many years have endured his life, though I think now you won’t envy the relatives of this girl, they will punish him if they are still in Russia.
    1. nnz226
      nnz226 11 June 2011 16: 00
      In Norway they live - "unhappy"!
  2. rumpeljschtizhe
    rumpeljschtizhe 10 June 2011 16: 57
    in Norway
  3. Andrei
    Andrei 10 June 2011 17: 33
    12 th
    dog - dog death. They made a hero out of a bastard ...
    1. slan
      slan 10 June 2011 21: 08
      Animal or fagot? Judging by the name, the geek is simple.
      In general, it is strange and illogical when burry people sympathize with the Chechens, because they do not indulge them with their unconventional love. But the creatures have their own logic of self-destruction. That's why they are degenerates in order to degenerate. It’s a pity, they are spoiling around themselves .. Kill yourself faster against the wall, you can protect yourself.
  4. Igor
    Igor 10 June 2011 17: 43
    Andrey Today, 17:33
    dog - dog death. They made a hero out of a bastard ...
    Before stigmatizing, you yourself would have gone to that meat grinder. Where were you at that time, I didn’t eat vodka and girls for tugs of boobs. And Jura was a real man, many men saved not only the current similarities of stools and farts, these only steal yes know how to yap. Let the earth rest in peace
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 10 June 2011 18: 36
      Yes, Budanov slightly flew off the coils, thumped hard, whoever was not in the war would not understand, most of us would not have survived half that. However, for everything comes reckoning, and for this, too, this girl was not worth it ... well, you know, it’s not a man, it was the same. Probably no one would touch him for a peasant. However, I think that after all this, his life cost little for himself. But I feel sorry for him.
  5. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 10 June 2011 18: 30
    They killed the Budan tanker. Passed the Chechen war, betrayal, contempt,, humiliation, living killing .................... He survived ....... Revenge. There is no place for a Russian man, a soldier, on his land. Got our national kindness.
    1. G1kk
      G1kk 10 June 2011 18: 51
      Our government doesn’t give a damn about the Russians, they beat the Caucasians, immediately ethnic hatred and imprisonment, they killed the Russian provocation, do not succumb to the gee. It is interesting how many hours Putin and Medvedev were shot if Stalin was alive and saw what they were doing with the country?
  6. Escander
    Escander 10 June 2011 20: 19
    This is my regiment and my commander (they rest in peace).
    Units of the 160th Guards, Volnovakha, Order of Bohdan Khmelnitsky Tank Regiment (based in Gusinozersk-3, ZabVO) fought in Chechnya in the first and second companies. It was a developed regiment (now disbanded) of constant combat readiness, part of the 5th Panzer Division (based in Kyakhta). The regiment was full of internationals — Russians, Buryats, Yakuts, Dagestanis, etc.
    "From the coils" came down, that's right, people are tired.
    The fact is that they did not allow me to rest. Transferring to a new place of permanent deployment and not giving time to settle immediately corps and district commissions, at the same time. Moreover, the “inspectors” commanded who was in the forest, who was by firewood (mutually exclusive orders were received) and everyone threatened the regiment commander with re-certification. At the same time, it was necessary to carry out planned activities that were not given. In general, they drunk so that it was calmer in Chechnya. Anxiety every day.
    Personally, I worked, lived and slept at my workplace (the benefit was not family then).
    In connection with this mess, there was only one thought - to hide somewhere in a dark corner, where no one would see you and sleep. Once succeeded and slept for a day.
    1. lemtamk
      lemtamk 11 June 2011 18: 37
      This is my regiment too. At one time he commanded 2tb. I believe that the "grunting" was initiated from above with the aim of disbanding the warhead. The current ruling elite does not like and is very afraid of the fought and decisive military units. And Budanov is very sorry. He was a real Russian officer. It's just that the state itself does not want to admit that this was a real war, and not a hypocritical "anti-terrorist operation." Bad. We are moving somewhere not there ...
  7. HARD
    HARD 10 June 2011 21: 01
    Andrey Today, 17:33
    dog - dog death. They made a hero out of a bastard ...
    //////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////
    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////
    You are a fucking truth-seeker, take his place. Do you know what to do when a sniper is working on your soldiers? Have you ever buried your soldiers?
    And so he is no worse and no better than anyone who took part there. If there was a sense of amnesty, then this is all for everyone!
  8. Maj.
    Maj. 10 June 2011 21: 47
    The government is our shit. They handed over the man. For the sake of flirting with the Chechens. Not only did they fuck our girls and kill them. But they are amnesty. Now mentovki bastard.
    He's not a scumbag. He couldn’t just soak the girl. There was a reason. Now we can say that she is gentle and fluffy. And how many of these gentle and fluffy beat our boys.
    Our strange country is Russia. From time immemorial, it has been the hardest hit for those who are most devoted to it.
    King of heaven Comrade Colonel.
  9. Staff_
    Staff_ 10 June 2011 22: 50
    May he rest in peace! Hats off to him. Shaitans - bitch children got to him!
  10. Igorm
    Igorm 10 June 2011 23: 30
    This pyramid has been standing since 1917, having transformed from Judeo-socialism into Judeo-democracy ... At the top, there is now JIDOVSKAYA power in Raasseania, the USA, France, Georgia, etc., and it plays off everyone - Russians, Ukrainians, Chechens, Tatars, Georgians and others. Orthodox with Muslims, everyone with everyone, but remaining above all this as a scriptwriter and conductor, occasionally making sacrificial "rams" out of their Jewish relatives, as in the mythical Holocaust. This topic is endless in the 20th century, having absorbed more than 100 million of our people and is becoming more and more relevant. Colonel Budanov became a new martyr in the host of tens of millions of Russian officers and people tortured by the Jewish authorities over the past 100 years.

    PS But Kadyrov is now a major general and a Hero of Russia (or raasasyani?)
  11. rabotyga
    rabotyga 10 June 2011 23: 38
    Glory to the heroes!
  12. Rico1977
    Rico1977 10 June 2011 23: 39
    The earth rest in peace for a real Russian peasant ... He killed the enemy in the war (a girl with bruises on her shoulder - a sniper) - the liberals condemned human rights defenders, imprisoned and served time. No, they did it. Bastards. Hear the Chechens - you haven’t had enough before, run up? They will burn you again, shoot them, they will resettle all Kazakhstan to Kazakhstan - you will be offended again. Do not wake the Russian bear - we endure for a long time, then we drive fast. And our power, if it gets in the way, will go after you, if it remains alive ...
  13. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 11 June 2011 01: 05
    Comrade Colonel has always been with you and for you.
  14. mitrich
    mitrich 11 June 2011 01: 13
    The first thing that comes to mind is the murder of Yu.D. Budanov. committed by the Kadyrovites. Why think so? I do not take into account the Kungaeva family - these are hanging around in Norway, the "Budanov case" brought them more benefit than harm. Kadyrov had previously called the colonel "enemy of the Chechen people No. 1," after Budanov was released from the colony, publicly declared: "We will find an opportunity to give him what he deserves." What did he mean? And what will he say now, after the murder? In addition, today's murder is very reminiscent of the murders of the Yamadayevs: Ruslan in Moscow in 2008 (3 people were convicted, the customer has not been identified) and Sulima in Dubai in 2010 (the killers were identified, but not detained), who were closely associated with the name of Delimkhanov - Kadyrov's chayenos and the commander the infamous "North" battalion. For Kadyrov, Budanov's death is a couple of extra "feints" in the eyes of his people. For us Russians, if the involvement of the Kadyrovites is established, this is an extremely sad fact, which means that the leader of Chechnya has completely unraveled, feels untouchable and out of the reach of law enforcement agencies. It is difficult to calculate the consequences, one can assume anything, up to the Third Chechen ... In any case, this is no longer an intra-Chechen showdown. Although most likely, in this case, the murder will remain "unsolved."
  15. SMERSH
    SMERSH 11 June 2011 01: 24
    So many experts on the Chechen events, well, there’s simply nowhere to spit! Sit and Pi..YAT! Memoirs did not try to write? Rear geese! With such power, ALL Pi, zdariki! All in one clip! ALL! They killed the colonel, tomorrow they will forget. What a short memory !!!!
  16. mitrich
    mitrich 11 June 2011 01: 33
    Second, the murder was committed by North Caucasian extremists or local nationalists, which has the goal of setting Russians against Chechens and Caucasians in general. It has a right to exist, but again the question: it follows from television reports that Budanov has been tracking himself over the past 2 months. If so, the non-professionals had every chance to get under the hood of the special services and easily "light up". As it does not fit, not in jackal style. Everything was performed insolently and demonstratively.
    There is also a version from liberalists. According to her, the murder was committed ... by the former subordinates of the colonel from the 160th TP, for treating them badly. So you, ESCANDER, are on the target, because you, along with the other officers of the regiment, were holding Budanov in the pit because you refused to shoot at Tangi-Chu? Yes, yes, that’s what I read with my own eyes.
    Still, you don’t need to get excited and immediately blame everything on the Caucasians, although the causes of the murder, of course, lie in those places. Personally, I am impressed by version No. 1, but I hope that the brainy guys are sitting in the RF IC, they will deal with this case no worse than with the case of the Moscow Region prosecutors.
    My condolences to everyone who knew Colonel Budanov.
  17. mitrich
    mitrich 11 June 2011 01: 46
    Mr. SMERSH,
    why are you so? I did not insult you, did not hurt and did not offend you? He expressed his opinion, for which there is a forum. By the way, I'm not a rear rat, but quite a fighting one. Sorry, dear, and I will gladly forgive you.
  18. mitrich
    mitrich 11 June 2011 03: 04
    What a miserable life a person has, you cannot wish on an enemy! 2 wars, concussions, no, but a career took shape, then arrest, Kvashnin's words about "this bastard has no place in the army", court, deprivation of rank and awards, 9 years of the zone, after which a semi-legal life in civilian life, now death from bullets at 47.
    Budanov in a certain sense is a symbol of our army, and the point here is not even whether he is to blame for the murder of Kungaeva or not. Since he himself publicly declared that he was guilty, I do not deny it, it was so, that is.
    However, the same "spirits" in the gangs had how many Russian girls were held hostage, especially during the first war, when there were still Russians in Chechnya, whom they dragged behind them, fucked when everyone wanted, killed just like that, out of sports interest. I have not heard that at least one - the curse has been removed - the bearded served 9 years for this. No. The survivors fell under the amnesty. Now they are the beauty and pride of Chechnya.
    But Budanov was not saved, did not want to. One Shaman turned out to be a decent general and a peasant; he did not leave the officer.
    Sucks it all. I want to get drunk from such an injustice.
  19. Escander
    Escander 11 June 2011 07: 31
    Continuation (the server failed as well as possible).
    For 1 year, there were 80 unofficial injuries in the regiment (in addition to official injuries). They covered their own as they could, tried to figure it out on the spot, without informer, to the higher command. There was a search for vodka - and here you are injured, asking "why did you beat?" he answers - "chichi imagined, wanted to kill, reptiles." But in fact - the Dagestan was, and not Chechen. Dagestan in the MPP, further from the eyes of the command, and the one who beat him carries gear and a month later kicks him for kicks.
    Budanov was a good commander, a simple normal man.
    They handed it over to the Chichs for the sake of it, then they handed it over now.
    And this is not a provocation. This is the Shariah court of these freaking freaks. They still have their own laws, and now Kadyrov is the hero of Russia, not Budanov.
    They ordered. Jackals.
  20. SER777
    SER777 11 June 2011 09: 04
    Colonel is certainly a pity! But how many of these guys suffered from these devils ... And this will continue indefinitely, until the nation is completely destroyed. As long as the real criminals sit in the government, and the president and prime minister do the will of the international Jewry. Reason our troubles are our inertness, illiteracy. The way out is to unite, in constant and sober work with the people, with the youth. And do not say that there is no money for it, It’s just, without money, on our own initiative. Youth is especially important. But convincing or persuading the devils is pointless. They can only be driven into the mountains with their main swineherd, now the hero of Russia.
  21. SMERSH
    SMERSH 11 June 2011 09: 11
    Friends of anger are not on you, but on the END OF POWER!
  22. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 11 June 2011 14: 45
    It’s completely worthless ... one more, his own, was killed.
  23. mitrich
    mitrich 11 June 2011 16: 49
    Still got excited, hastily rejecting the version of the murder based on blood feud. I watched the video from the scene and noticed that Colonel Budanov was injured in the face. It is very similar to the Chechen traditions of blood feud, especially if it becomes clear (we don’t have any data) that the inguinal site was affected.
    After all, this Kungaev, in addition to the girls, seems to have sons. We urgently need to find out where they are.
  24. Eric
    Eric 12 June 2011 14: 02
    I will remember Uncle Yura! I hope someday I will be able to put my hand to the punishment of his killers ...
  25. Igorm
    Igorm 12 June 2011 19: 15
    FOR CONTRAST: "Kadyrov's car park is full of exclusiveness.

    Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov is known for his passion for luxury cars.

    In the president’s fleet there are exclusive samples of the German and Italian automobile industry.
    Among Kadyrov’s personal vehicles there are Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG, Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, Ferrari F430, Audi R8, Hummer H2 limousine, and his retinue moves on roads exclusively on black Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes- Benz GL.
    But, undoubtedly, the most extraordinary car in Kadyrov's garage is the Lamborghini Reventon roadster worth over 1 million euros. Only 20 such roadsters were produced. The 6,5-liter 640-horsepower V12 engine can accelerate the Reventon to 100 km / h in 3,4 seconds and top speed is 356 km / h. "
  26. Max79
    Max79 12 June 2011 20: 03
    Guys. It’s really a pity our Russian officer. He’s a patriot of his homeland. And who the fuck ... t, let him just serve in the army. I’m silent about the hot spots. There are only a few like him. I’m sure it wasn’t for sale for loot and fought not for pi ... s from the government, but for you and us! For honor and conscience.
  27. Vadimka37
    Vadimka37 12 June 2011 23: 58
    All the same, the animals got to Budanov ... and it’s necessary to get the Kadyrov’s animals. But in general, doesn’t it matter which animal? The essence does not change. I understand perfectly well the state in which Budanov was, he was in 95th in Grozny and I think many agree with me that it’s not easy to be “tolerant” when you’ll figure out a sniper ... Earth, rest in peace and a bow to you, Colonel!
  28. grynvic
    grynvic 19 July 2013 23: 00
    Colonel got excited. For snipers, the Cossacks in Transnistria long ago came up with a tool. This is a flight from a very odd floor. He would have ordered the scouts, and they would quietly send her flying. Reliable option, no bastard would bark.
  29. grynvic
    grynvic 19 July 2013 23: 06
    Colonel got excited. There is a proven tool for snipers. Cossacks used in Transnistria - this is a flight from a very odd floor.
    I would have ordered my scouts, they would have launched it. Cheap and effective. No one would have guessed.
  30. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 28 September 2017 15: 15