Lev Puchkov about Russians and Chechens

Lev Puchkov about Russians and Chechens
- The question is quite reasonable. Tell me, why should Russians respect Chechens?
- How for what ?! Are you just from the Urals? Have you never seen Chechens? We are strong, brave and no one could ever beat us. We are strong in spirit! Where there is at least one Chechen, he always holds a lump and puts the Russians in a stall. Say - not so?
- Lions are stronger than you. Wolves run faster. And vultures generally know how to fly. But this is not a reason to respect them. Tell me, for what exactly I - Russian Ivan, to respect you - say, Mukhtar Ibrahimov. What are you doing that I can respect you for?

- I did not understand your question, Borman. What do you think I should do, explain?
- Now I will explain. I will try shorter, but it will take some time. So you still have a smoke.
- I do not smoke. I do not drink. I am a master of sports in pankration.
- Congratulations. I wish you success in your sports career. In general, if you want - wait a bit, now I'll dial.
- Okay, I'm waiting.
I opened Notepad and quickly began to type:
“My dear Mukhtar, listen carefully: I will now briefly tell you about you. Because I understand that you do not know something about yourself.
Let me remind you that as of the first half of 2008. state subsidy to Chechnya is 95%. What does it mean? I translate into Russian: you, Mukhtar, live on a hundred rubles, and earn five. The rest of the 95 rubles I give you, Russian Ivan.
I don’t know how you should be called in Chechen after that, but in Russian such a person from time immemorial is called nothing less than a freeloader.
Mukhtar - you are a freeloader.
I feed you and pay for your living. For what merits, I ask? What useful things do you do for me that motivates me to contain such a zakrebnika?
However, this question is incorrect: what useful can be expected from the lack of talent, which is not even able to feed itself?
We formulate the question differently: what kind of attitude do I expect from the parasite - the person I have to feed?
At least respectful. No, I do not ask him to sing praises for me and to bow humbly when I pass by - this is wildness. But I expect that he will be polite to me, will respect my customs, my shrines and will show with his whole appearance that he is grateful to me for my bread and shelter.
Now, Mukhtar, consider how you really treat me.
You burn my flags and trample my symbols.
You spit in the offices of the rectors of my universities, write insulting inscriptions on my churches and mock my shrines.
You rob me and rape my women.
You are engaged in crime in my land - the land that feeds you for free.
You scoff at me in my Network - if the “Russian article” worked objectively in both directions, the overwhelming majority of your fellow tribesmen would have sat on it long ago, because the Network is literally flooded with your dirty remarks about those who feed you.
Mukhtar, why, in spite of everything, I continue to meekly feed you?
I will tell you. Personally, I and my people don’t need you for free - if it were my will, you would have long ago been pasturing sheep in your own mountains.

But our rulers need you.
They use you as a lightning rod, as a scarecrow and horror story for Russians.
My people are really in trouble. The overwhelming majority of the population lives below the poverty line - only a small handful of smart rascals thrive.
Why is this possible? How is it that this situation has developed in the richest country in the world?
So that my poor people would not have such questions, you, Mukhtar, were allowed to go to Moscow and other Russian cities and in advance were given an indulgence on all the abominations that you would have to create. You, Mukhtar, have an immunity given by my rulers. You can sneer at me and my people as much as you like - my authorities will not touch you. You are very convenient for them - such a good lightning conductor, called the "evil Caucasian", high-quality, time-tested. As the Americans say - “they use you”.
Mukhtar, I know all this. I would say that I despise you - but this is not quite the correct definition. I feel sorry for you - just as a pity for a stupid dog, which, by the order of the owner, runs a chain around the yard for a piece of meat on the bone, barks and bites beggars who are trying to get to the master's garbage dump and get a piece of bread.
But here, Mukhtar, there is one problem. There are not many people like me who understand the situation. The overwhelming majority of Russians simply and unselfishly hate you - and not even for your scamming, but in fact of your ugly behavior. You yourself, to please our rulers, have cultivated such an attitude towards yourself and continue to nurture and nurture it.
Well, now I will return to my question.
Tell me, Mukhtar, what did you do to this, for which I am Russian Ivan, could you respect you? ”
My opponent took quite a long time to comprehend my message. The reaction was stormy:
“Borman !!! What did you write, you fool ?! Are you drunk ?! Well, run erase all this and write that you apologize !!! Otherwise, you - p ... n !!! "
And I will not think, - I answered. - I'm sober as a glass. I wrote one naked truth - and nothing more. The money that your leader burns at his celebrations is money taken from our old people and children. The computer you are sitting behind now, you only have because one of my fellow tribesmen did not get a piece of bread. You can continue indefinitely. The best thing you can do in this situation is to recognize my rightness and ask for forgiveness from the Russians for those bastards who disgrace your nation to please our rulers.
“Well, that's all, Borman, to you ... - followed in a minute. - You insulted the Great Chechen People and I call you to battle !!! If you refuse - I disgrace you to the whole world !!! You are famous, many people know you! Now, if you refuse, they will all know that you are schmoo !!! I give you ten minutes - either wash and apologize or go to a fight. If you do not agree to fight, fair fight, fair play, on your fists and legs, without weaponsI will kill you anyway and so, I will everywhere declare that you are schmoo !!! Everywhere!!! Ten minutes!!!"

Fragment from Lev Puchkov's novel "Xenophobe".
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