By the year 2015, NATO will be able to block a retaliatory nuclear strike of the Russian Federation?

The last meeting of the NATO-Russia Council at the level of defense ministers in the capital of the North Atlantic bloc Brussels did not result in anything constructive. The NATO members rejected Moscow’s proposal to create a joint European missile defense and refused to give Russia any written security guarantees. In principle, even written guarantees do not give Russia confidence in security: the non-aggression pact did not prevent Hitler from attacking the USSR. In the same way, the United States and NATO can give whatever guarantees they want, but in the end attack, based on their interests. The only guarantee in such a situation can only be the Russian army and navy, capable even of retaliation to cause such damage to the aggressor, so that he would not even think to attack us. And only a complete fool or a conscious liberoid, for whom the interests of Western civilization, the USA, and Western Europe are higher than those of the Motherland, can doubt the aggressiveness of the NATO bloc and the United States.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Defense, A. Serdyukov, was disappointed with the meeting: “We have not received positive and distinct answers. Our fears were not dispelled. NATO has not yet heard Russia's proposals on missile defense. NATO insists on creating two independent systems. By 2020, a missile defense system can be created in Europe that levels Russian strategic potential. ” Although the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation A. Lukashevich said that although the situation is complex, it’s not a dead end. Moscow is ready to continue the dialogue, while receiving legal guarantees from NATO.

It's amazing how people are stubborn in their stupidity - the United States and NATO in recent decades, and Western European countries in their stories, so many times violated these obligations. Or representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not know the history of diplomacy? Indeed, in reality, nothing has changed on the planet over the past centuries - nobody canceled the “right of the strong” and “the right of the winner”. What is the difference defeated, what legal guarantees they were given? Who will complain? To god “Strong,” that is, the United States and its allies, create the so-called “world opinion,” other voices are simply not audible.

According to A. Serdyukov, if there is no agreement with NATO, the Russian Federation will have to improve its nuclear deterrence forces in order to improve the capabilities of the breakthrough of missile defense systems. In turn, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen noted that they do not agree with the Russian initiative on the sectoral defense of Europe. But Serdyukov did not sum up, saying that the negotiations would continue, since there are examples of successful cooperation: joint exercises of the Air Force "Watchful Sky-2011" and "Bold Monarch-2011" maneuvers, etc.


By the year 2015, NATO will be able to block a retaliatory nuclear strike of the Russian Federation?
“According to the military expert, First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Konstantin Sivkov:“ Rasmussen’s words mean that Russia should prepare not for a cold war, but for a hot war. To her, the West is pushing the crisis of its civilization. The current crisis has exposed the fact that North America owes everything - especially the “global factory” to China and the oil-producing countries. But you don’t want to pay. ”Therefore, Western civilization, its most aggressive and powerful part — the United States — has only two choices: to change its structure and destroy the financial oligarchy or using global war to make the world forget about the economic and financial problems of the United States. And in order to receive a guarantee of their security, the United States must complete its missile defense programs. Negotiations with the Russian Federation lead to psychological pressure on Moscow and not allow Moscow to go to the side of possible opponents of the West, the Islamic world, the BRICS countries.

- Pavel Zolotaryov, Deputy Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada, RAS, believes that NATO was not going to build a joint missile defense system with us, a year ago the new concept of NATO was about this. But it would not be worthwhile to “panic and talk about the beginning of a new arms race and the cold war.” It should be remembered that some forces really want to drag Russia into a large-scale arms race in order to undermine our economic and other potential. ” It is necessary to answer on the diplomatic front, to convince to postpone the deployment of missile defense elements, to deepen cooperation. On the other hand, the Russian Federation should bet on the development of modern high-precision weapons.

- L. Kalashnikov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, believes that the US and NATO will complete their plans to build a missile defense system - when the United States deployed to 2015 interceptor missiles, including Agnis SM-900 400, by the 3, war with Russia, will allow the United States and NATO not to fear at all the reciprocal nuclear-missile strike of Russia. Therefore, the Russian Federation, in the first place, must "stop the defeat of its Armed Forces, which has been going on for 20 years." In the field of diplomacy, to demand a limitation of the number of antimissiles, given the currently zero potential of the DPRK and Iran, to demand a refusal to deploy missile defense systems in space. In case of refusal, withdraw from START-3 and abandon negotiations on tactical nuclear weapons.

To the question against whom create a missile defense?

Representatives of the United States and NATO are constantly talking about the mythical threat of Iran and the DPRK (North Korea). But in reality, Iran still does not have any nuclear weapons, no intercontinental missiles, and when they will be - it is not known, maybe in 5 years, in 15, and if there will be any, Tehran itself denies having plans to build its nuclear weapons. The DPRK has only a few low-power charges, besides it does not have carriers to strike at the United States and Europe. Yes, and there are big doubts that Iran and the DPRK, even if they jointly create 15-30 ICBMs, will threaten Israel, Europe and the USA. In Pyongyang and Tehran, not complete assholes with a complex of suicide rule, but quite pragmatic people. A blow to the United States, Israel, Europe will lead to the complete destruction of these countries. Do they need it?

But the US and NATO plan to deploy 2015 antimissiles by 900 year. Against who? It is clear that this system is being created against the nuclear-missile potential of the Russian Federation and in part of China. The mobility of the designed missile defense system is also aimed at this: for example, about half of the complexes will be THAAD systems, which can be deployed by military transport aircraft, the other part is sea-based. They can be quickly transferred to the borders and shores of almost any country, especially to take into account the extensive system of US military bases.

In addition, the United States is doing a great deal to improve the capabilities of interceptor missiles: the THAAD interceptor missiles can only knock off operational tactical missiles and medium-range ballistic missiles; The capabilities of the Aegis SM-3 missiles are greater, and they are constantly being improved, both in accuracy and in range. It is clear that in the worst case scenario they will soon be able to destroy the Russian ICBMs and their warheads.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the enormous potential of the United States and NATO in the field of sea-based cruise missiles, with the help of which NATO is able to destroy a significant part of our nuclear forces with the first strike.

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