June 12 - "national holiday?"

June 12 - "national holiday?"

For the general psychological state of the people it is very important, what holidays it celebrates, in today's Russia with this matter is generally very bad. There is actually only one holiday that is nationwide - May 9, Victory Day. Here is one of the "freak holidays" - this is 12 June, that is. Russia Day. On this day, several betrayals were committed: in 1989, the chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council, M.Gorbachev, and West German Chancellor G. Kohl signed a document in Bonn, which gave all European states the right to decide which political system would be decisive in their countries, that is, in fact, Gorbachev “without a fight” passed the diplomatic victories of the Stalin era. 12 June 1990 The RSFSR Congress of People’s Deputies adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the RSFSR, that is, the “core Russia-USSR” declared its independence from its own suburbs. 12 June 1991 "Judas" Boris Yeltsin was elected President of Russia. And finally, 12 of June 1994 of the year, B. Yeltsin, by his decree, gives the day of June 12 of state significance - the Day of the adoption of the declaration on state sovereignty of Russia, that is, they began to celebrate the day of treachery in the collapse of the Red Empire. A whole bunch of betrayals.

Hard to find in stories Russia-Russia-USSR is a day that would have such tragic consequences for our people: perhaps only dates like 25-26 December 1991 of the year, 22 June 1941 of the year, 23 February -2 of March 1917 of the year. In fact, Russia is celebrating the day of national suicide and global betrayal.

Just a few of the consequences of this Step:

- Practically, there was a de-Russification of Central Asia, the South Caucasus, partly the North Caucasus, the Baltic States, there is a de-Russification of the Crimea and Little Russia, at a slower pace and White Russia. The fate of millions of Russian people living on these lands was broken. Thousands were simply destroyed. Thousands have been turned into "under-citizens", almost "subhumans."

- In the course of the liberal “optimization” of the population in the Russian Federation, only direct population losses were 13 million people (this is according to doctor and demographer Igor Gundarov, there are higher numbers), in Ukraine 7 million people, Belarus-1,5 million souls.

- There was a moral, intellectual, physical degradation of the peoples of the Russian Federation and other peoples of the former USSR. In schools, relatively healthy children are no more than 10%, according to the most optimistic estimates, up to 20%. More than half of families fall apart, the concept of Love is replaced by sex, Labor is the search for "bubble" ...

- Lost military, food, energy (wear infrastructure, in the absence of reserves), financial and economic (dependence on the dollar and sales of raw materials) security.

So what to celebrate? The fact that Minsk, Yuryev, Vilna, Kiev (“the mother of Russian cities !!!), Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Sevastopol, Guryev, Ust-Kamenogorsk ... have ceased to be Russians ?! Celebrate the death of his empire? This “holiday” of the government actually (someone consciously - internal enemies, someone by stupidity and incompetence) hide the fact of the collapse of Great, Great Russia; they are trying to legitimize the fact of the division of the Russian people, they say, except for the Russian Federation there is nowhere else, except for the emigrants; discredit Russia, writing off all the meanness of the Russian authorities on Russia and its people.

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