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Flying submarines - secret becomes clear

In many textbooks, one can find mention of the appearance of an unidentified flying object off the coast of California, USA. This fact cannot be refuted, since it is practically the only case in stories humanity when the UFO appearance was filmed.

But for many years it remained a mystery what this mysterious object was and for what purpose it appeared off the coast of the USA. Today, in the era of declassifying the documents of the CIA and the KGB, it can be said with certainty that there are real grounds for asserting that an object that had risen from under the water and shot up high did not come from far space, but is of quite earthly origin. But is it?

Flying submarines - secret becomes clear

Submarine Conveir, 1964: this project could be one of the most successful in the development of winged submarines, if not for the resistance of US Senator Allen Elender, who unexpectedly closed funding

Winged submarine Donald Reid Commander-2
Developed with the participation of the US Navy in the 1964 year, this submarine in the form in which it is shown in the diagram and figure, never existed in reality

The first proof that the object seen and filmed is of a terrestrial origin can be found in the report of Richard Colen, who at that time worked as an assistant to the sheriff of the local police. On that day, he was on duty and in his report to the management indicated that he had managed not only to carefully examine the object, but also to film it. “This is definitely not a UFO. Outwardly, it is very similar to the aircraft, so that it is possible to assert with confidence about its earthly origin, ”writes Colin in a report.

Only after cadres with sensational content circled the whole world, and Colin’s report only supplemented them, did the United States government propose the official version of the appearance of an unidentified flying object. "UFO off the coast of California is nothing more than a sample of the secret development of Soviet designers, and this device was tested by the USSR military near the island of Katolina," said the White House press service in response to numerous questions from journalists.

Charles Brown, a staff member of the Office of Special Investigations of the US Air Force in 1965-1983, told the following: “In my opinion, this only tells one thing - have we really really lagged behind the USSR in science? No, I do not think so. Maybe in this case we are witnessing an oversight or flaw in intelligence? I'm sure of it. ” From the words of a person who was actively involved in the investigation of a mysterious incident, we can conclude that in the United States at that time everyone was sure that the appearance of the object was the work of the USSR, and the main responsibility for the appearance of the Soviet object at its own banks was assigned to the intelligence department. .

In turn, in the USSR, all statements by the US government reacted very calmly. There were no public speeches with a refutation of the versions put forward by a political opponent, there were no ultimatums, everything indicated that all statements from overseas did not at all concern the Soviet Union. The top leadership of the country did not confirm, but did not refute, the information that secret development of completely new submarines is being conducted in our country.

And now, when a significant part of the Soviet military archives was declassified and became available for review, the researchers managed to establish that the mysterious object that American naval sailors encountered in the waters of the Pacific Ocean could indeed be the latest development of Soviet designers.

Back in the 30 of the twentieth century, Soviet designers tried to build a unique design - a flying submarine (LPL).

The chief designer of a military facility that was unique in its technical characteristics was Vasily Ushakov - a talented Soviet designer, whose name is associated with a huge number of marine technical equipment for both military and civilian use. According to the idea of ​​the designer, the LPL should in its form resemble an airplane, the body of which is made of heavy-duty alloy. LPL had to rise to a height of 800 meters and with the help of three engines to reach speeds of up to 300 km / h. It was assumed that the air LPL will be able to overcome huge distances, and then again submerged in water in a given square. Especially for this, designers have provided hermetic compartments for hiding engines. It took only 90 seconds to switch from flight mode and landing on the water until the LPL was fully immersed.

“According to Ushakov’s plan, his submarine, taking into account the fact that the plane flies faster,” says Konstantin Kulagin, an expert historian of the Navy of the USSR and Russia, “should emerge by air and instantly change its position, which is extremely beneficial in opposing fleet the adversary. "

At the same time, Russian historians in the version that in the 1963 year off the coast of California it was LPL Ushakov who surfaced do not believe it. First of all, they point to the fact that there is no evidence that such a device has ever been launched. Obviously, the grandiose project of Vasily Ushakov remained a project on paper.

But if in the USSR they could not build an aircraft capable of launching from under the water, then the American designers coped with this task, and, it should be admitted, very successfully.

In 1975, the American concern Lockheed Martin introduced the world's first flying submarine. The newest vessel, Carmoran, was able to take off into the air from a depth of 150 meters and accelerate to 400 km / h and at the same time, thanks to the Stells system, remain invisible to enemy radar. Due to its extremely low weight, the LPL in the air performs maneuvers that are not subject to even modern conventional fighters. The main task of Carmoran is to conduct reconnaissance and transfer data to the main ship or to the main command center. For conducting reconnaissance on an unmanned vessel, there are all the necessary technical means, from video cameras to radio interceptors.

To date, the American LPL Carmoran is the only one in the world, but science does not stand still, and perhaps in the near future, such devices will appear in service with the Russian army. Or maybe they already have?
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    SIBIR38RUS 19 July 2013 08: 38
    The photo of the last unit was impressive. Something from the distant future :) :) :) Ours have released something similar for anyone, albeit in a single copy.
  2. ale-x
    ale-x 19 July 2013 08: 39
    They have long been among us)))
  3. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 19 July 2013 09: 08
    Thanks to the author for the article! hi
  4. Petergut
    Petergut 19 July 2013 10: 20
    The "military secret" on RENT is exactly the source that I have always trusted. laughing
    1. AVV
      AVV 20 July 2013 11: 10
      Flying submarines, flying tanks, the Caspian monster. All of this is the work of ingenious designers! Something will eventually return to real life! For example, the brainchild of the legendary designer of the Caspian monster! Hydrofoil vessels will be released again in Russia! And this is the best memory about the Russian designer !!!
      1. abrakadabre
        abrakadabre 20 July 2013 21: 49
        "Horses, people mixed in a heap ...". A little lower in my post, I posed several questions about this project. You just need to answer them. And a miracle will happen.
        Strictly speaking, with the current level of technology, it is fundamentally possible to make a submarine take off. Or sink the plane :). But the result will be completely impractical.
        A tank, for example, flies ... if you put 100 or more kg of explosives under it. But, as you can easily imagine, it does not fly very far and for long.
  5. Nikitin
    Nikitin 19 July 2013 10: 31
    The author of the article is apparently the "most talented Soviet designer" himself, Vasily Ushakov.
  6. Nova
    Nova 19 July 2013 11: 13
    The author, to put it mildly, is a little fantasizing.
    So, for example, the last picture is not a photo of a flying submarine of 1975, but a 3D model of a promising American UAV with the possibility of launching from under water. Yes, this is Cormoran, but this is not the stealth of 1975, the project was first shown in 2007.

  7. Chaplain
    Chaplain 19 July 2013 11: 22
    Aroflot Train Trains smile
  8. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 19 July 2013 12: 04
    1. What should be the thickness of the casing and, accordingly, the weight of the robust housing to withstand water pressure at a depth of 150 m?
    2. And taking into account the high pressure at the depth of the aerodynamic aircraft form, which is not optimal for successfully resisting high pressure?
    3. After the answer to paragraphs. 1 and 2, what are the internal total volumes of this structure?
    4. How much internal volume will the units and assemblies occupy to ensure the regime of finding and moving under water? And how much for airplane mode?
    5. After answering the above questions, how much will remain usable volume to accommodate the crew and / or weapons?
    6. Further, after all this, how much space will remain for fuel and what will be the effective and maximum range with such mass / overall parameters and fuel reserves?

    And these are all questions at the level of knowledge of the general physics course of the school and partially of the institute. We will not delve into special special moments that specialists in relevant topics can cover.
    Although not, a school course is enough to consciously ask all these questions. Institute I dragged for solidity.

    My humble opinion about this breaking of the "veil of secrecy" is that attempts to cross a balloon and an anvil are very entertaining, but unproductive. Although for the entertainment of an uneducated audience, it will do.
    1. postman
      postman 19 July 2013 14: 31
      Quote: abrakadabre

      You will not receive answers to them

      Quote: abrakadabre
      Although for entertainment, an uneducated audience will do fine.

      Your remark should be put at the end of the article, highlighted in bold
    2. smart ass
      smart ass 19 July 2013 21: 34
      I do not believe that such an aircraft exists, is technically unattainable
    3. slvevg
      slvevg 20 July 2013 23: 02
      rolled into concrete all dreams of the future wassat
    4. kirgam
      kirgam 22 July 2013 16: 58
      Quote: abrakadabre
      1. What should be the thickness of the casing and, accordingly, the weight of the robust housing to withstand water pressure at a depth of 150 m?

      It seems that such loads will only be tolerated by a metal-polymer carbon-containing composite, and even then, the content of metals there should be scanty. In fact, the entire body is a monomolecular "diamond" fiber, intertwined in some unknown way. But, if it is still possible to make such a material, then neither natural diamond, nor even laboratory samples of boron nitride can be compared with it in strength: at least 9 tons per square millimeter of pressure should withstand, very "tasty" figures are also expected for rupture ... And, in particular, the operating temperature is mesmerizing ... a centrifuge reactor would be made of such a thing, so that nuclear reactions in the mode of "instant" fuel re-enrichment would proceed in the calculated zone. I think it would be very profitable to scale up the processes of nuclear "combustion" economically. This I mean that, posing a seemingly quite ridiculous problem, may, during commercialization, attract a lot of money to the research sector. I don’t presume to say about the result, because a lot depends on a competent scientific advisor and a properly selected team of like-minded people. :)
      1. abrakadabre
        abrakadabre 22 July 2013 20: 08
        Eeeemmmm ... And yet. Good. Let there be miraculous metal polymers. The question is in the article about the past and present. Quantum armor has not yet been invented. We are waiting for an answer to all (and not just the first) questions. And we believe in a bright future for a hybrid of a balloon and anvil.
    5. Mooh
      Mooh 31 October 2013 03: 11
      A robust housing can be limited to two balls: a pressurized cabin and a battery pit with an electric motor, buoyancy is regulated by small-segmented fuel tanks and soft pontoons. It’s not very clear how to seal the engines or how to dry them after immersion and, most importantly, why such a fuck is needed?
    6. Baloo
      Baloo April 20 2014 21: 14
      wassat At school, I also racked my brains, I wanted to come up with such a submarine. Then, by the 9th grade, I realized that such a steamer-aircraft-submarine would not be of practical use in existing propulsion systems. At best, a scout scares the townsfolk at night.
  9. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 19 July 2013 12: 27
    Wi probably in the near future similar devices will appear in the arsenal of the Russian army. Or maybe they already are?

    There is a very long time ago - on each submarine there are such oblong little things with warheads that float very well for a few seconds to the surface, and then fly for some time in the given direction to please everyone with a fun thermonuclear fireworks.
  10. Alexanderlaskov
    Alexanderlaskov 19 July 2013 12: 31
    Cool sub-plane. So let's come to the creation of a super-hybrid weapon. The point is in the material. Need nano-material. Lightweight, sturdy, etc. That our Skolkovo will not create such.
  11. Bugor
    Bugor 19 July 2013 14: 02
    ... extremely low weight ... Not a word about the mass. Also in 1975 - stealth technology. Maneuvers not subject to fighters. Karoch, the prodigy. Rjunimagu. I join Abracadabra.
    A kind of balloon ...
  12. _KM_
    _KM_ 19 July 2013 15: 37
    It's just that the article lingered a little. It should have been published on April 1, but something did not grow together.
  13. svoboda1970
    svoboda1970 19 July 2013 16: 04
    and perhaps in the near future such devices will appear in the arsenal of the Russian army. Or maybe they already are?

    Yes of course! There are already a long time! wassat
  14. ded10041948
    ded10041948 19 July 2013 19: 44
    Now the red-haired destroyer, a stool and others like them will find in this article another channel for pumping money into their pockets.
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 19 July 2013 19: 50
      Sleep well. They don’t care :)
      1. ded10041948
        ded10041948 20 July 2013 02: 34
        This is what keeps you awake! As soon as these "figures" disappear from hearing, then expect another dirty trick!
  15. family tree
    family tree 19 July 2013 19: 56
    Ministry of Health warns: Using an article leads to the removal of a fragile and poorly educated brain wassat
    ps Even nature, could not teach flying fish to control their flight.
  16. cdrt
    cdrt 19 July 2013 21: 21
    Two points:
    1. Why is the submarine not hypersonic? laughing
    2. It seems like a universal device is one that performs all its functions equally badly wink
  17. Volodya Sibiryak
    Volodya Sibiryak 21 July 2013 06: 08
    It is difficult to combine the requirements for such different tasks as flying and scuba diving in one device.
    DRUG DRUG 22 July 2013 15: 39
    Someday we will find out that 95% of all UFOs are of terrestrial origin and are the latest military aircraft, and fairy tales about aliens for the most part are cover.
    1. Dios
      Dios 24 July 2013 11: 55
      in this article, only the idea itself can be true. Implementation of the idea of ​​neither Soviet nor American LPL is not possible in those years. Nowadays it is quite possible, but not on such a scale, but only as small mobile action devices.
      1. abrakadabre
        abrakadabre 24 July 2013 12: 00
        only as small mobile action devices
        Very small
  19. Muadipus
    Muadipus 25 July 2013 02: 45
    - A submarine, in the steppes of Ukraine, died in an unequal aerial battle.
    We were joking like that in the 80s :)
  20. gecko
    gecko 18 August 2013 22: 09
    Yes, not soon LPL will be. She needs more advanced materials