"MiGs" ahead of the cruiser "Vikramaditya"

India was visited by Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolay Patrushev. He visited this state after a representative of the Indian side expressed dissatisfaction with the annulment of joint military exercises. This visit should confirm that the geopolitical cooperation of the two states continues. The Kremlin also has reasons for disappointment. So, in the tender, which assumed the supply of more than 100 fighters, the Russian aircraft was rejected. But, despite some failures, the military-industrial complexes of Russia and India successfully cooperate.

Nikolai Patrushev led an interdepartmental delegation in India. The agenda of the talks included issues of energy, space, military-technical cooperation. Among the topics discussed, issues of cooperation within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) were also discussed.

The members of this organization are Russia, Tajikistan, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. India participates in it as an observer. From recent statements by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, it is clear that India, together with Pakistan, can be accepted into the SCO. China, like India, has not yet voiced its position on this issue.

Thus, in connection with the reduction in the number of NATO troops, and later their complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, diplomats in neighboring countries are discussing the possibilities of the SCO to contribute to stabilizing the situation in the region.

India, to some extent, is already involved in the affairs of Afghanistan. It provides this state a great help in the revival of the economy. A lot of Indians work in medical institutions, pave the way. Employees of the Indian embassy in Kabul were attacked by terrorists.

In this perspective, discussions between Indian and Russian officials will perhaps speed up the answer to the problem of whether the SCO can significantly affect security in Central Asia.

The relationship between the military-industrial circles and the armies of the two countries is another intrigue. As previously reported, the representative of the Ministry of Defense of India during a conversation with a journalist with the Times of India showed bewilderment about the fact that the ships of the Russian Navy did not take part in the planned exercises, together with the Indians. According to the same publication, the Russian Federation also canceled joint exercises of the Ground Forces.

This topic, according to the data of the Indian PTI news agency in Moscow, should be discussed in Delhi. It is interesting that, judging by the statements of the Indian diplomats, there are no differences of opinion on the issue of exercises between the countries. The Russian Federation warned the Indian side in advance that the maneuvers would not take place. Nevertheless, Admiral Nirmal Verma, commander of the headquarters of the Indian Navy, said that the Indian Navy had spent a lot of money to send Indian naval ships to Vladivostok. Nirmal Verma expressed disappointment that the exercises did not take place.

But this incident overshadowed a more significant event. The first 5 deck fighters MiG-29K / KUB were handed over to the Indian side in a solemn atmosphere. These aircraft are designed for the Indian aircraft carrier Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov). The aircraft carrier is being prepared in Severodvinsk to be sent to India.

The head of the Indian Ministry of Defense Arakkaparambil Kurian Anthony said that the adoption of this fighter aircraft symbolizes an important milestone in the formation of the Indian Navy.

Peter Tapychkanov, a senior researcher at the IMEMO RAS, said that although everything is not going smoothly at the PTS, there is no fiasco.

The Indian side has claims to Russian manufacturers weaponsoften fair. For example, it was announced that as a result of delays in the supply of spare parts, India would look for them in other markets. But in practice, this fact means that they will turn to Ukraine.

Apart from Russia, no one together with the Indian side develops the newest types of weapons. There were expectations that the Americans, under the presidency of Barack Obama, will begin to introduce new military technologies to India. But it did not happen. India is not at all inspired by the state of relations with the United States, the expert concluded.
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