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Interview of Vladimir Putin with Radio Europe-1 and TF1


Interview of Vladimir Putin with Radio Europe-1 and TF1

On the eve of his visit to France, Vladimir Putin answered questions from the author and host news programs of the radio station "Europe-1" Jean-Pierre Elkabach and the host of the evening newscast of the TF1 TV channel Gilles Boulot. The interview took place on June 3 in Sochi.

QUESTION (As translated): Good evening, Mr. President! Good evening, President Putin! Thank you very much for accepting Europe-1 radio and the TF1 channel at your residence in Sochi for this exceptional conversation.

On Thursday evening, you will be received by President Francois Hollande at the Elysée Palace, and the next day you will participate in the ceremony dedicated to the 70 anniversary of the Allied landing, and go to the beaches of Normandy, the President of Russia will participate in these events. What feelings do you have as a citizen of Russia, is this an invitation?

V.PUTIN: This is an important event in the life of Europe and the whole world. We will pay tribute to those who did not allow Nazism to enslave European countries, and it seems that Russia's participation in this event is significant. Bearing in mind that Russia, the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition, including France, were allies in this struggle for freedom, and our country played a crucial, if not decisive role in the victory over fascism. But we will never forget the fighters of the French Resistance, never forget those who on the Soviet-German front, on the so-called Eastern Front, fought along with us - from among the citizens of France. It seems to me that this is something that should be reminiscent of the past, but help build relationships today and help us build our relations in the future.

QUESTION: Just together with Russia, of course, you have a decent place on the beaches of Normandy. Until 40 years you lived in the Soviet Union, you saw how it collapsed, and you actively participated in the revival of Russia. What do you want, what are you striving for? And your strategy for the Russian way is a strategy of dialogue or expansionism and conquests?

V.PUTIN: In the modern world, there can be no future for a policy that is based on expansionism and some kind of conquest. Of course, we are talking about the fact that Russia in the modern world and in the future can and should be a partner for our traditional countries - allies in the broad sense of the word. We want this and we will always strive for this, in a different way we do not even conceive of relations with our neighbors, and with all countries of the world.

QUESTION: But you want to be a defender of the Russian nation or a symbol of Russian nationalism, of the Russian Empire? We know what you said when the Soviet Union collapsed. You said that it was the worst geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. And you said that the one who does not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union, he has no soul, but the one who wants to restore it, he has no mind. You have a mind. What do you suggest: Russian nationalism or Russian empire in past borders?

V.PUTIN: We will not support Russian nationalism, nor are we going to revive the empire. When I said that the collapse of the Soviet Union was one of the largest humanitarian disasters, humanitarian first of all, those of the 20th century, I meant what? That within the framework of the Soviet Union all citizens, regardless of ethnicity, lived in one single state, and after the collapse of the USSR 25, millions of Russian people suddenly found themselves abroad. And this is a real humanitarian catastrophe. This is not a political, not an ideological catastrophe, it is a purely humanitarian problem. Families were cut, people were left without work, without means of subsistence, without the ability to communicate normally with each other. This is the problem.

QUESTION: In regard to the future. Do you want to restore the empire in the past borders or do you want to continue to develop your country within your borders?

V.PUTIN: We want to develop our country, of course, within our borders. But, which is very important, we want that we, like other countries in many regions of the world, use modern means of increasing our competitiveness, including through economic integration. What we are doing in the post-Soviet space within the framework of the Customs Union and now the Eurasian Union.

QUESTION: Mr Putin, we are talking to you now, and the neighboring country, Ukraine, is going through a real war. It cannot be called any other way. And now pro-Russian forces want to violate the borders of Ukraine. Who will stop them and what do you want?

V.PUTIN: I would not call them pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian. There are people who have certain rights - political rights, humanitarian rights, and they should be able to exercise these rights.

Here in Ukraine so far everything, for example, the governors were appointed exclusively from the capital. After the anti-constitutional coup in Kiev was committed in February of this year, the first thing the new authorities did was to declare the abolition of the rights of national minorities to use their native language. All this caused great concern among people who live in the east of Ukraine.

QUESTION: You did not allow this, but you want to say that we are now entering a new phase of the "cold war"?

V.PUTIN: I hope we are not entering into any new phase of some kind of cold war. Secondly, and I insist on this, people, no matter where they live, have certain rights and should be able to defend these rights. Only in this case.

QUESTION: Is there a danger of war? Now, at this moment, we see Tankswho are coming from Kiev. This question is asked by many French people: did you have the temptation to enter Eastern Ukraine, to send troops there?

V.PUTIN: We have an interview, it involves short questions and short answers, but if you gain patience and give me one minute, I will tell you in a minute how we see it.

We see it as follows. What happened? There was a conflict, a conflict arose on the basis that the former Ukrainian president refused to sign an association agreement with the European Union, and Russia took a certain position on this issue. We believed that in the form in which this document was proposed, it would be really inadvisable to sign it, and this would cause, including Russia, certain economic damage. I mean that we have various economic agreements with Ukraine and 390, and Ukraine is a member of the free trade zone within the CIS. And we could not continue to maintain economic relations with Ukraine in the same way as with a member of the free trade zone.

We talked about it and argued with our European partners. Instead of continuing this dispute with us by legitimate, diplomatic means, our European and US friends supported an unconstitutional armed seizure of power. That's what happened. We did not create this crisis, we were opposed to such a development of events, but after the anti-constitutional coup took place ... We have to admit it, in the end ...

QUESTION: But today, today is a climate of tension. And against this background, you will talk about peace in Normandy, and Barack Obama at the same time says that you need to arm in Europe.

V.PUTIN: Wonderful. We must always talk about the world, but we need to understand the reason and the essence of the crisis. So this is the essence: it is impossible nowhere, and especially in the post-Soviet space, where state structures that have not yet formed, to bring any political forces to power through an armed, unconstitutional coup.

When this happened, some people recognized and rejoiced, and some people, say, in the east and south of Ukraine, do not want to accept this. It is necessary to negotiate with those people who did not accept this coup, and not send tanks to them, as you said, and not shoot civilians from an airplane, launching rocket-bombing attacks on peaceful objects.

QUESTION: But, Mr. President, the United States and the White House say that they have evidence that Russia intervened in the situation in Ukraine, sent its armed forces there and supplied weapon. They have evidence. Do you believe it?

V.PUTIN: Proof of? So let them present them. We saw, the whole world saw how the United States Secretary of State showed in the UN Security Council evidence that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, waving a test tube with some kind of laundry detergent. In the end, the United States troops entered Iraq, hung Saddam Hussein, and then it turned out that there were no means of mass destruction in Iraq. You know, talking is one thing, and having proof is completely different. I say to you one more time: no Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ...

QUESTION: That is, Americans are lying now?

V.PUTIN: There are no Armed Forces, no Russian instructors even in the south-east of Ukraine. It was not and is not.

QUESTION: You do not want to annex Ukraine and you have never tried to destabilize the situation there?

V.PUTIN: This has never been done and we are not doing it. The Ukrainian authorities of today need to establish a dialogue with their own population, and not with the help of weapons, tanks, airplanes and helicopters, but with the help of the negotiation process.

QUESTION: The new President of Ukraine was elected democratically on May 25, this is Mr. Poroshenko. Do you recognize its legitimacy?

V.PUTIN: I have already spoken about this, I want to repeat: we will respect and relate to the choice of the Ukrainian people and will work with the Ukrainian authorities.

QUESTION: That is, if you meet with him 6 June in Normandy and if President Francois Hollande helps to ensure that this meeting takes place, you will shake his hand? Will you talk to him?

V.PUTIN: You know, I'm not going to run from anyone. President Hollande was so kind that he invited me, as the representative of Russia, to these solemn events - tragic, sad and at the same time solemn. I am pleased to accept this invitation and thank the President for his gesture. But there are other guests there, I'm not going to run from anyone, and I will, of course, communicate with everyone.

QUESTION: But will you meet with Poroshenko? You said that you could work with him on the condition that he would not be under too strong influence of the United States.

V.PUTIN: I did not say that he should not be strongly influenced by the United States. He can be influenced by anyone. People voted for him, and it is his choice how to build his policy. If he wants to be under the strong influence of anyone else, let him be.

QUESTION: But do you recognize the sovereignty of Ukraine and its neutrality in relations between Russia and the West?

V.PUTIN: We recognize sovereignty, and, moreover, we would, on the contrary, very much like Ukraine to feel that it is a sovereign state. After all, entering into any military blocs, into any such rigid integration associations means the loss of a certain degree of sovereignty. But if a country chooses such a path and wants to lose some of its sovereignty, its business.

But when we talk about Ukraine and military blocs, then, of course, we cannot but be disturbed, because in this case, if, say, Ukraine joins NATO, the military infrastructure comes close to the Russian borders, and we cannot be this is indifferent.

QUESTION: Mr. President, Russian troops annexed the Crimea a few weeks ago. Will you return it?

V.PUTIN: This is a misconception that Russian troops annexed Crimea, Russian troops did not annex anything. I will not hide….

QUESTION: But Crimea is now painted on the map of Russia, as it was painted in school earlier, now it is part of Russia. Is it annexation or return? What word should i use?

V.PUTIN: If you let me finish the sentence, it seems to me that it will be clear what I mean.

So, the Russian troops were in the Crimea in accordance with an international agreement on the presence of a Russian military base there. And the Russian troops really helped the residents of the Crimea to hold a referendum on their independence and desire to join the Russian Federation. And no one has the right to refuse to these people that they exercise the right provided for in Article 1 of the United Nations Charter, the right of nations to self-determination.

QUESTION: That is, you will not return the Crimea? Crimea is yours, do you want to say this?

V.PUTIN: Crimea, in accordance with the will of the people who live in this territory, is part of the Russian Federation, a subject of Russia.

I want it to be completely clear and quite frank. We have conducted a dialogue with our partners, both with the Europeans and with the Americans, I repeat once again, exclusively through diplomatic, peaceful means.

We were responded to our attempts to conduct a dialogue in this way and agree on acceptable solutions by supporting the state anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine, and then we had no guarantees that Ukraine will not become part of the North Atlantic military bloc tomorrow.

Under these conditions, allow historical Russian territory with a predominantly ethnic Russian population went right there, into some kind of international military alliance, despite the fact that the inhabitants of Crimea themselves want to be part of Russia - excuse me, we couldn’t just act differently.

QUESTION: So, Francois Hollande invited you to France, to Paris, to Normandy. You are already familiar with him. Can you move on and can you say that you have a relationship of trust?

V.PUTIN: I think yes.

QUESTION: Are you thinking or are you sure?

V.PUTIN: Until now, I thought so. I see no reason to think otherwise. We have good, very good interstate relations, and we still have a lot to do in terms of expanding economic ties. But there was always a very trusting personal relationship, which helps to conduct and official business. I hope this will continue.

QUESTION: You are talking about trusting relationships - both military and economic. You have already paid more than a billion euros for two Mistral helicopter carriers, and Russian sailors should arrive in Saint-Nazaire in a few days. Did you give them such permission to go to France?

V.PUTIN: I hope that we live in a civilized world, and we will all fulfill our obligations, including contractual obligations. But I heard a lot of talk about the fact that there is an opinion not to transfer these ships to Russia. Do you know that? We in Russia had many opponents of this contract, and there are quite a lot of them. But if France decides not to transfer, then this is her decision, then return the money, but this will not give us the opportunity, of course, to develop relations in the military-technical sphere. And so, on the whole, we are ready both to expand our cooperation and to new orders, perhaps even if the will of our French partners is to that.

QUESTION: Despite external pressure, you are asking France to put these helicopter carriers, and if France does, you may place other orders, right?

V.PUTIN: We expect that our French partners will fulfill contractual obligations, and if this happens as we agreed, we do not exclude any new orders, and not necessarily in the field of military shipbuilding - and in other areas too.

On the whole, these relations are developing very well, and we would like and are ready to develop them further. In the region of aviation, shipbuilding, in other areas. We cooperate very well in space, in Kourou.

QUESTION: France, in your opinion, is it a sovereign and independent power, to which they listen? What is your attitude to Germany? Compared to Germany?

You speak to Angela Merkel in Russian and German, and Francois Hollande does not know Russian, you do not know French. Can you say that you speak the same language?

V.PUTIN: This does not prevent us (ignorance on my part of French and Russian on the part of Francois) to speak, in fact, in the same language, even through translators, we understand each other well.

As for the level of sovereignty, I repeat, any country entering into certain military alliances voluntarily transfers part of its sovereignty to supranational bodies. For Russia, this is unacceptable. As for other countries, it is not our business, the countries themselves must determine how to act and how to act.

But in this connection, I recall the traditions of Gollism, and I recall General de Gaulle, who defended the sovereignty of France. It seems to me that it is worthy of respect.

There is another example, the example of Mitterrand, who spoke about the European confederation, by the way, with the participation of Russia.

It seems to me that nothing is lost, I mean the future of Europe.

QUESTION: I would like to talk about the USA. In a few days you will meet with Barack Obama, you will be a few meters from him. But it seems that he does not want to talk to you. How will this meeting take place, how will relations develop between the richest country in the world and the largest country in the world? How can you not talk, because there is a need for this, because the war is not far?

V.PUTIN: First, you exaggerate that the war is near. You are some kind of aggressive journalist. Where did you get that war is not far, why are you scaring us all?

QUESTION: Because Ukraine is near.

V.PUTIN: Ну и что?

QUESTION: That is where the war is going. And when we speak, then about this war, it is just near.

V.PUTIN: There is a punitive operation of the central authorities against their own people. This is not a war between states, these are different things.

QUESTION: Should it be discontinued? Do you think you need to quickly stop it?

V.PUTIN: I believe that Poroshenko has a unique chance: he is still not covered with blood and he can stop this punitive operation and begin a direct dialogue with his citizens in the east and south of his country.

As for relations with Obama (I have not forgotten this question), I have no reason to believe that he does not want to communicate with the President of Russia at all, but in the end, this is his choice. I am always ready for dialogue and I think that dialogue is the best way to build bridges. So far we have talked with him, called up, talked on the phone.

QUESTION: Now you have problems in relations between Russia and the United States. Are these problems in the relations of the two powers or problems in the relations of two people - Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin?

V.PUTIN: There are always problems between countries, especially between such large countries as Russia and the United States. They have always been, but I do not think that they need to be brought to some extreme limit. Anyway, this is not our choice. I am ready to communicate with all my partners, including President Obama.

QUESTION: So are you ready to talk and do you regret that this is not happening? But you do not have the feeling that America now wants to surround Russia, weaken you personally, Vladimir Putin, and, possibly, isolate you in the international arena? You speak very politely today, but you see reality.

V.PUTIN: Reality? But you yourself said that Russia is the largest country in the world by territory. Surround it is very difficult. And then, the world is changing so quickly that even virtually it is almost impossible to do this.

Of course, we see attempts by the US administration to pressure its allies, using its clear leadership positions in the Western community, in order to influence Russia's policy.

Russia's policy will be conducted solely on the basis of our national interests. Of course, we take into account the opinion of our partners, but we will be guided by the interests of the Russian people.

QUESTION: Mr. President, this is a very good opportunity that you will meet with Obama on June 6. If you had met Hillary Clinton, it would probably be worse. She said a few days ago that what Russia is doing in Eastern Europe is similar to what Hitler did in the 30s.

V.PUTIN: It is better not to argue with women and it is better not to engage in an argument with them. But Mrs. Clinton had not previously had a particular grace in terms. Nothing, we met with her after that and talked nicely at various international events. I think that in this case it would be possible to find a common language. When people pass certain limits of decency, it does not speak about their strength, but about their weakness. But for a woman, weakness is not a bad quality.

QUESTION: About women - you need to respect them, of course, I am sure that you respect them. You think that she has gone far, and in many media a lot of cartoons appear on this issue, including with your participation. What is your first reaction: anger, desire to punish or laugh? We have never seen you laugh.

V.PUTIN: Somehow I will bring myself and you this pleasure, we will laugh with you many times over a good joke. But when I see some extreme statements, I repeat, I see that people simply no longer have arguments, and this is not the best argument — extreme statements.

As for the policies of the United States themselves, it is no secret that the United States conducts the most aggressive, most rigid policy in defense of its own interests (as American leaders understand it), and from year to year.

There are practically no Russian troops abroad, Russian, - American troops everywhere abroad, everywhere around the world, American military bases, and everywhere they take part in deciding the fate of other nations, thousands of kilometers from their own borders. Therefore, to reproach us that we are breaking something is very strange on the part of our American partners.

QUESTION: But you made some efforts on the military budget, and at the moment the President of Russia, does he take any special decisions on security and defense? Because the general climate is dangerous.

V.PUTIN: Yes, about the military budget. So, for reference (not everyone knows, experts know, but not all): the military budget of the United States of America, which we have just talked about, exceeds the military budgets of all countries of the world combined. So who is pursuing an aggressive policy?

As for our [military] budget. It is practically not increasing as a percentage of GDP — a small [increase], by a tenth of a percent. But we want to re-equip our army and navy on a modern, highly intellectual base, reduce the quantity and improve the quality. We have a whole program, it did not arise yesterday, this rearmament program, not in connection with any events in Ukraine. This is a planned work, and we will do it.

QUESTION: Mr President, Syrian President Bashar Asad has just been re-elected to the presidency without any effort. Can you influence him? Why don't you ask him to stop the atrocities that his army is doing, to stop fighting against its own people?

V.PUTIN: Atrocities are happening there from all sides. And not in the last, and maybe, first of all, from the side of extremist organizations, which bred in large numbers in Syria. Do you know what worries us most?

QUESTION: Religious, Islamist ...

V.PUTIN: ... organizations associated directly with al-Qaida. They are full there. No one even denies this. This is a well-known fact. But we are most concerned about the fact that Syria can turn if we act carelessly, into some sort of Afghanistan, into a hotbed, into an absolutely uncontrollable hotbed of terrorist threat, by the way, including for European states. Because these extremists who are sitting there today will sooner or later move to other countries, including Europe.

QUESTION: We do not quite understand why you, Vladimir Putin, want to modernize Russia, but you support a person who is killing his own population, which is covered in blood. How can it be?

V.PUTIN: I will explain it very simply and intelligibly, and I hope that most French viewers and listeners will understand me. We are very afraid of the collapse of Syria, just as it happened, for example, in Sudan. We are very afraid of the situation that might arise there, the same as in Iraq, and we are very afraid of turning Syria into some sort of Afghanistan. That is why we want to preserve the legal authority and then gradually, along with the Syrian people, together with our partners in Europe and the United States, think about how to transform this society in order to make it more modern, more viable and more humanistic.

QUESTION: I would like to talk about your country, about Russia. How would you describe the political regime that is now in Russia? Some say that it is a democracy, some say that it is a huge territory, so you need a hard hand. How does Vladimir Putin define what is called the Putin regime?

V.PUTIN: We have no regime associated with a specific person, including the incumbent President. We have completely standard democratic state institutions, which, of course, have some kind of their own specifics. What is this specificity? It lies in the fact that the vast majority of our citizens tend to rely on their historical traditions, on their history and, so to speak, on traditional values.

In my opinion, this is a certain foundation, an element of the sustainability of Russian statehood. But this is nothing special, this is nothing that is personified with the person of the President. And, above all, we must not forget that quite recently democratic standard institutions began to be introduced in our country. This process is in a state of constant development.

QUESTION: Is it possible to be an oppositionist in Russia and not risk his connections, his reputation, to avoid punishment by the Russian justice?

V.PUTIN: We have a large number of opposition parties, we just recently liberalized the registration of political parties, we already have dozens of parties that participate in municipal and regional elections.

QUESTION: But can one be an oppositionist, a personal oppositionist to Vladimir Putin and avoid risks?

V.PUTIN: If you listen to some of our radio stations, watch some television programs, then I assure you, you are still unlikely to find any analogue of such opposition activities in France.

QUESTION: Yes, of course, in Russia there have always been such periods of order and authoritarian power, but in the era of the Internet, can a country develop by restricting freedoms?

V.PUTIN: It is impossible, we do not limit the Internet.

You know that we do not do it, immediately someone is trying to find some element that contradicts the principles of democracy, including on the Internet. Do we have restrictions or not? I think not. Some of our opponents say: “No, these are impossible restrictions!” What are our limitations? We, for example, have restrictions connected with the prohibition of propaganda on the Internet of methods of suicide, drug propaganda, pedophilia - these are our prohibitions. What is it?

QUESTION: And homosexuality. But this is another matter, this is not pedophilia.

V.PUTIN: It is not, we do not have a ban on homosexuality. We have a ban on promoting homosexuality among minors. These are different things, understand?

In the United States, which we talked about, there is criminal responsibility for homosexuality in some states. We have no responsibility whatsoever. There is a ban on the promotion of homosexuality among minors. We have the right to protect our children, and we will do it.

QUESTION: We want to talk about the end of your presidential term in 2018. We would like to talk about labor camps. These things are surprising in our West. Suppose Pussy Riot were sentenced to labor camps, it was not a normal prison. Will you close these camps by the end of your term?

V.PUTIN: These are not camps, they are zones where people are limited in freedom, but they can live more or less normal human life. These are not prisons in which a person cannot work.

In general, prison, where a person is prohibited from engaging in labor activity, is the worst way of punishment. And I do not think that we should move all people to such institutions where a person is deprived of liberty. I think it is much worse than what you said.

QUESTION: Who convinced you that you have a special mission for Russia?

V.PUTIN: Where did you get that I believe that I have some special mission? I have the confidence of my voters - over 63% of voters in the Russian Federation voted for me. I believe that I have a national mandate to conduct domestic and foreign policy, and I will fulfill my duties in accordance with this mandate.

QUESTION: Do you think that you have an example in the history of Russia? Do you focus on the Soviet or Russian model?

V.PUTIN: I have great respect and love for national history and culture. But the world is developing, and Russia is developing along with the world. Russia is a part of the modern world, not yesterday’s, but a modern one, and I think that it has even a bigger future than some other countries that cannot take care of their young people, their new generations, their children, think that all this can be let loose.

QUESTION: Last question, Mr. President. American magazine Forbs called you the most influential person in the world in 2013. Did it flatter you?

V.PUTIN: You know, I am an adult, I am able to understand and understand what influence is in the modern world. In the modern world, influence is primarily determined by such factors as economy, defense and humanitarian influences.

I think that as regards Russia's defense capability, in this sense, our country is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the world, because it is a nuclear power, and in terms of the quality of our nuclear weapons, we, perhaps, really hold, maybe even the first place in the world - by quality.

As for humanitarian influence, this is also a matter of our pride - I mean the great Russian culture, literature, painting, and so on.

As for the economy, we really realize that we still have a lot to do to take some leading positions, although lately we have made great strides, we have become the fifth economy in the world. This is, in general, success for us, but it is not enough.

QUESTION: Vladimir Putin - the story does not yet know what will remain of these years, of the Putin era. What would you like to have left? And would you like to be considered a democrat or a person who left the authoritarian system?

V.PUTIN: I would like me to be considered the person who did the most he could do, for the happiness and prosperity of his own country, for his people.

REPLICA: Thank you very much. And a wonderful trip to France, Mr. President. Goodbye!

V.PUTIN: Thank you.


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  1. soldier
    soldier 5 June 2014 05: 42
    French narrow channels need to better select people interviewing top officials, they can’t interrupt a dialogue at all, they don’t give a word, they only hear themselves - one word SCHOOL !!!!!
    1. bomg.77
      bomg.77 5 June 2014 05: 58
      As I was explained yesterday, they specifically did it, knocked down so that Putin was mistaken. Another answer was not given to the end, and they asked the next question, this is to prevent Putin from thinking over the answer and making him openly answer, and so on. they don’t keep shkolota!
      1. mamont5
        mamont5 5 June 2014 06: 34
        Quote: bomg.77
        As I was explained yesterday, they specifically did it, knocked down so that Putin was mistaken. Another answer was not given to the end, and they asked the next question, this is to prevent Putin from thinking over the answer and making him openly answer, and so on. they don’t keep shkolota!

        Yeah. Just not attacked. Putin is not for you psaki.
        1. jjj
          jjj 5 June 2014 07: 31
          Shkolota is. They ask what they don't really understand. And it can be seen. And so, of course, these are "respectable respected people"
        2. bomg.77
          bomg.77 5 June 2014 07: 32
          Quote: mamont5
          Yeah. Just not attacked. Putin is not for you psaki.
          Well, then he studied at the KGB and not in Sarbon ...))
          1. Viktor Shmagin
            Viktor Shmagin 5 June 2014 22: 21
            Yes, in the KGB, there were no fools
        3. Erg
          Erg 5 June 2014 08: 04
          Yes. It would be fun to look at this girl in a similar situation. I think it is life threatening. Death through laughter laughing
      2. Sunjar
        Sunjar 5 June 2014 07: 22
        It was necessary for Volodya to joke that for now we are talking with you, and the niches of the troops are already in Kiev, and will soon go across Europe. They would have been there right now, both of them would have fallen for dead, dogs.
        1. Energet1k_
          Energet1k_ 5 June 2014 08: 57
          It was necessary for Volodya to joke that for now we are talking with you, and the niches of the troops are already in Kiev, and will soon go across Europe. They would have been there right now, both of them would have fallen for dead, dogs

          Yeah, we should have told you later in Normandy we’ll look at tanks wink
        2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Sirius-2
        Sirius-2 5 June 2014 08: 05
        In connection with such tactless behavior, with the use of "dirty" tricks during the conversation, next time this TV channel will fundamentally not receive the right to an exclusive interview. And not journalists, but the channel! In diplomacy, such tricks are not forgiven.
        I would have acted in the place of the president and the officials on whom the interview depends.
    2. karal
      karal 5 June 2014 06: 02
      V.V. Putin today is the most sought-after person on the planet in terms of interviews. He knows what to say in such situations!
      1. Igor39
        Igor39 5 June 2014 06: 25
        Zhurnalyuga provoked Putin, but received calm and balanced responses.
      2. igordok
        igordok 5 June 2014 07: 49
        Quote: karal
        He knows what to say in such situations!

        And he knows more what to be silent in such situations.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Rostovchanin
      Rostovchanin 5 June 2014 06: 06
      I believe that with regard to the defense capabilities of Russia, in this sense, our country is, of course, one of the leaders in the world, because it is a nuclear power, and perhaps we really occupy the quality of our nuclear weapons, maybe even the first place in the world - in quality.
      That's what I wanted to hear from him.
    5. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 5 June 2014 07: 13
      Europe decided to agree? Winter is running out? And fuck fucked up. You warned? I have to bazaar, on my terms.
    6. soyuz-nik
      soyuz-nik 5 June 2014 07: 24
      Good health, I wish!
      Yes, this journalist suffers from shamelessness, as if he was talking not with the first person of the state (what else!), But with a pop star. Yes, really ... European values ​​.... France-tse Europe ....

      At the same time, I cannot but admire the behavior of GDP in this situation: in a ROYAL manner, with DIGNITY and QUIETNESS I took the tricks of the French journalist and didn’t take my eyes (!!!!!!!!!!!) ...

      Putin-offset both in form and content! good
      1. ZU-23
        ZU-23 5 June 2014 07: 54
        Of course, Putin was interrupted at the end of his answers three times, but even there the answer was clear, of course, then they would turn everything around on their fascist television in their own way. I liked many questions, some of which I would like to ask myself smile
    7. twviewer
      twviewer 5 June 2014 08: 00
      "You are some kind of aggressive ... journalist." Vladimir Vladimirovich made a laugh, spanked 2 pi .. journalists with one left.
      And one of them was so embarrassed that he even asked if he was a Frenchman :)))
    8. Erg
      Erg 5 June 2014 08: 01
      I completely agree. Each question is provocative, bias strikingly obscene. Putin was on top. He did not give a single reason to cling to the word. So we saw Europe live again
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 5 June 2014 20: 18
        Quote: Erg
        I completely agree. Every question is provocative

        Well it goes without saying.
        But each question had several semantic layers, starting to answer without opening them ...
        Example _
        QUESTION: Who convinced you that you have a special mission for Russia?
        V.PUTIN: Where did you get that I believe that I have some special mission? ...

        And tell the GDP that there was no such person and he doesn’t think so? It is quite clear that the media that they did not need would have lost and replicated the necessary!
    9. Dimy4
      Dimy4 5 June 2014 08: 38
      French narrow channels need to better select people interviewing top officials, they can’t interrupt a dialogue at all, they don’t give a word, they only hear themselves - one word SCHOOL !!!!!

      And because their goal is not only interviews as such, but an attempt to overwhelm the GDP with questions, some of which are stupid, and catch something.
    10. 222222
      222222 5 June 2014 10: 39
      As they did not interrupt the GDP and tried to confuse it, confuse it, catch it on a reservation, nothing came of it .. I looked with pleasure ..
    11. xan
      xan 5 June 2014 11: 21
      Quote: soldier
      French narrow channels need to better select people interviewing top officials, they can’t interrupt a dialogue at all, they don’t give a word, they only hear themselves - one word SCHOOL !!!!!

      Yes, they have the same professional vanity - to build Putin. The furious could shave off even harder, but decided not to complicate the magazine life with their puppet life.
    12. Observer2014
      Observer2014 5 June 2014 23: 20
  2. La-5
    La-5 5 June 2014 05: 43
    Putin had already answered half of the questions asked, and more than once. One gets the feeling that Western journalists are a little dumb.
    1. Prokop
      Prokop 5 June 2014 05: 48
      Quote: La-5
      Putin had already answered half of the questions asked, and more than once. One gets the feeling that Western journalists are a little dumb.

      In the West, they prefer specialists with PSAAC of the brain. The lower the mental abilities, erudition and competence, the higher the position.
      1. igor36
        igor36 5 June 2014 09: 35
        Quote: Prokop
        In the West, they prefer specialists with PSACI brain

        In 10-15 years, psychiatrists will study her (Psaki), and unwise politicians will be diagnosed with Psaki syndrome. The main thing is to check whether this is contagious.
      2. xan
        xan 5 June 2014 11: 25
        Quote: Prokop
        In the West, they prefer specialists with PSAAC of the brain. The lower the mental abilities, erudition and competence, the higher the position.

        because their jambs are redeemed with complete loyalty and control to the bosses.
    2. Very old
      Very old 5 June 2014 06: 02
      And they are not at all stupid, but they are stupidly testing their strength - and whether they will be mistaken, will they not say anything superfluous - the usual police trick The trick fell into the arsenal of the "journalist" - to talk one thing until the vis-a-vis fails The karateka has strong nerves
      1. sv68
        sv68 5 June 2014 07: 10
        the old very-Putin judoka, and now in this interview he dealt with the journalists with a typical wrestling throw-throw through a dick, so that the bastards would not scamper
    3. Generalissimus
      Generalissimus 5 June 2014 07: 53
      And what is this strange transcript?
      I listened to the interview - it differs from what is recorded here.

      For example:
      QUESTION: Despite the external pressure, you ask france deliver these helicopter carriers, and if France does, you might place other orders, right?

      VLADIMIR PUTIN: We hope that our French partners will fulfill their contractual obligations, and if this happens as we agreed, then we do not exclude any new orders, and not necessarily in the field of military shipbuilding - and in other areas also...

      In fact, Putin replied like this:

      - We are not asking anyone for anything. We hope that our French partners will fulfill their contractual obligations ... and further in the text ..

      It seems a trifle, but the essence changes fundamentally.
  3. mig31
    mig31 5 June 2014 05: 48
    I watched and listened, sophisticated questions - worthy answers from our President Putin. Today's Russia in the person of its president Putin is the most balanced and wise part of the Earth’s land, and people inhabit it ... I am proud of my country and its president ...
    1. ssergn
      ssergn 5 June 2014 07: 25
      I fully support! I wanted to say the same thing. The President held on with dignity and answered questions with dignity.
      I am just like you, proud of my country and its president!
      1. Dmitry 2246
        Dmitry 2246 5 June 2014 09: 11
        I study endurance and dignity.
        Sensation - an intelligent president speaks to uneducated, ill-bred and aggressive journalists.
  4. svskor80
    svskor80 5 June 2014 06: 01
    QUESTION: Who convinced you that you have a special mission for Russia?

    Some questions are just the height of idiocy. It would be better to ask Obama who convinced him of the special mission of the United States in the world, I note not in the United States but throughout the world. In general, Putin adequately answered all the jokes of biased journalists who were clearly trying to provoke him into emotions.
    1. ssergn
      ssergn 5 June 2014 07: 27
      This is where any US president would start broadcasting about a "special mission", "special ancestors" and other crap, and would not answer simply about the choice of voters and his legitimacy.
  5. Balamyt
    Balamyt 5 June 2014 06: 16
    Quote: La-5
    Putin had already answered half of the questions asked, and more than once. One gets the feeling that Western journalists are a little dumb.

    Alas! They are smart, cunning, and arrogant! With what pleasure they would refuse this interview at all! There is a rule, before a first-person visit, to interview him. Not to show it on national channels is impossible. You cannot edit and edit. So think about how to make sure that the first person does not convey his position on all issues to the viewers of those same channels! Hence the task of interviewers to try to get the president to say only what they want to hear. But they didn’t attack me.
    1. mojohed2012
      mojohed2012 5 June 2014 06: 52
      I expected answers more clear and simplified, because the layman in the West is not the average Russian, who even learned to study in the 9 class, but thinks in Russian in the 3 Format. The French almost everything - they don’t have a brain in terms of analyzing information and after listening to Putin’s answers - they nod and say - yes, but on TV we have horrors about him, and he lies with a smile for nothing. Scary for these people. Propaganda even Obama brainwashed, he himself stepped on his rake.
  6. General Frost
    General Frost 5 June 2014 06: 18
    I looked at the reaction of the French, the first impression was that they did not understand, but that they understood it, which made him stupor from his own shame and anger from his own inferiority against the backdrop of Vladimir Putin. The diplomacy and patience of our president are beyond praise !!!! (especially after case with the German foreign minister laughing ).
  7. Scarp
    Scarp 5 June 2014 06: 19
    This means that Russia will not help Donbass. Sovereign Ukraine. European and American friends. Druzhbany, b **** b, Assad is a beast and a bastard, is at war with his own people. It is clear that it is not clear how he was elected, but despite this, it is still illegal. And Poroshenko is white and fluffy. The elections are unambiguously legitimate. And the army is at war only with about Russian terrorists. We must pay tribute to the GDP, all the corners were gently bypassed. If after that "friends and partners" again make us a goat's face, then I hope for the president's decisive actions to dot the i's on the Ukrainian issue. If they wash themselves again, as with Gazprom, then such a management is worthless.
    1. jjj
      jjj 5 June 2014 07: 41
      During World War II, we had an agreement with Japan on non-aggression. So, according to this agreement, we arrested American pilots who landed on the forced territory of the Soviet Far East after the bombing of Japan. The Americans were our allies, but the pilots were in the camp. True, the camp itself was so-called. But the fact remains. Of course, one could give up on an agreement with Japan. But that treaty did not give the USSR war on two fronts and helped us withstand the fascist onslaught.
      Apparently, something is holding us back with Ukraine. But yesterday, on Channel One, MP Isaev repeated several times that all Russian authorities are intensely seeking an opportunity to help Novorossia
  8. vasiliysxx
    vasiliysxx 5 June 2014 06: 28
    It seems to me that Putin is too correct, one compared with Hitler, then the Amerovskaya chicken gave out something like that, soaking these partners in the toilet
  9. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 5 June 2014 06: 39
    I watched an interview last night, Vova is definitely well done, gave excellent answers to all their clumsy questions
    1. xan
      xan 5 June 2014 11: 27
      Quote: kostyan77708
      I watched an interview last night, Vova is definitely well done, gave excellent answers to all their clumsy questions

      gently pulled the magazine and did not let the conversation turn into a refined bazaar.
  10. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 5 June 2014 06: 39
    As from pre-revolutionary times, cliches came to Russia and Russians: vodka, balalaika, harmonica, squatting dance, song-eh, bull's-eye, bears in the streets, etc., propaganda of the stupidity and aggressiveness of Russians is being conducted, so this was the context of the French issues journalists.
    All questions were directly or indirectly asked and the wild, dumb and aggressive answers of the Russian savage were expected.
    Oh, how long has Europe washed at baptism and after death - twice in life, when Russia was washed in bathhouses for a long time, however, like Asia.
    How long has Europe bent under its former US colony? Yesterday I heard that the NSA and the CIA have lists of EU politicians who should be killed so that European countries do not crawl out from under the clutches of an American hawk.
  11. saag
    saag 5 June 2014 06: 41
    "No military forces ..."

    This is already a position.
  12. morpogr
    morpogr 5 June 2014 06: 54
    These two geyropeyskih doves so wanted to provoke that all the interviews fidgeted in the hope that now we will catch him. Rainbow provocateurs broke off.
  13. oleggun
    oleggun 5 June 2014 07: 05
    A typical Euro-journal with brainwashed. Surely it was not in Syria, not in Ukraine. And how did the GDP have the patience to communicate with him? One after another of amateurish questions ... Also, Wright remembered the p.r.o.s.t.t.t.u.p.
  14. Predator-74
    Predator-74 5 June 2014 07: 11
    Very aggressive, limited and one-sided journalists. I tried very hard to be objective, but I can’t say otherwise, it seems for Europe - this is already becoming the norm.
  15. jamalena
    jamalena 5 June 2014 07: 12
    - very insidious, cunning and aggressive magazines, and its questions are purely provocative and imposing, there is no limit to hypocrisy. This is not an interview, these bastards tried to annoy Putin in every possible way. Geyrogolubki hurenovye.
  16. Cosmos1987
    Cosmos1987 5 June 2014 07: 27
    VLADIMIR PUTIN: It is a misconception that the Russian troops annexed Crimea, the Russian troops did not annex. I will not hide….

    QUESTION: But Crimea is now drawn on a map of Russia, as it was painted earlier in school, now it is part of Russia. Is this annexation or return? Which word should I use?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: If you let me finish the sentence, then it seems to me that it will be clear what I mean.

    Sorry that I say when you interrupt!) (M. Zhvanetsky)
  17. parus2nik
    parus2nik 5 June 2014 07: 29
    But we will never forget the fighters of the French SS division and other European "volunteers" who fought on Hitler's side, we will not forget the high-quality work of European workers working for the good of the Reich .. And now Europe is working for another Reich against Russia-Reich USA ... By the way, a party of pedophiles is registered in Belgium ...
    And so ... in an interview ... all in the case ... without tantrums ..
  18. ASSARU
    ASSARU 5 June 2014 07: 57
    provocateurs korepondepnty-business sh.yut
    Respect to Vladimir Vladimirich.
    Shaw before me would have refused them an interior view
    Well, in the face for questions.
  19. Anton-sed
    Anton-sed 5 June 2014 08: 00
    Worthy answers! But one moment surprised me about the care of the younger generation, I certainly apologize, only the army is remembered about this teenager. Not in comparison with the same France.
    As for leadership and diplomacy, then our president is out of competition!
    A journalist, one must be more correct when talking with the President. Our gopniks are better educated
  20. saag
    saag 5 June 2014 08: 07
    from the same interview: "..." We have no regime associated with a specific person, including the current president. We have completely standard democratic state institutions, which, of course, have their own specifics, "the Russian president emphasized."

    Yeah, when every official looks up and waits for something to be heard from there.
  21. Free wind
    Free wind 5 June 2014 08: 13
    Normal interview, normal questions, normal answers. And journalists can be understood, they have a time limit, but you understand that they have limited time for conversation. Therefore, they asked a lot of questions. Moreover, they are from competing firms. Once again, normal questions and normal answers. without any threats.
  22. Averias
    Averias 5 June 2014 08: 14
    Yesterday I watched this interview first alone, then my mother came, her friend followed her, there my sister pulled herself up, the final was - my dog ​​came and also began to watch. Our president has made the cleanliness of these "meters" of journalism. Starting from the middle, I was already just laughing at the magazines. They didn’t understand that V.V.Putin sarcastically sneers at them (although, how can they understand). In a word - Bravo Mr. President. He kicked in the best traditions of high diplomacy.
  23. mackonya
    mackonya 5 June 2014 08: 15
    What can I say worthy withstood a cross-interview, you know, not every politician is capable of this.
  24. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 5 June 2014 08: 31
    The third world war will be unleashed by journalists. This is the most cynical part of humanity, without conscience, morality and very poorly educated.
  25. Queen
    Queen 5 June 2014 08: 40
    Putin is handsome. He takes pride in such a President. Let them envy.
  26. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 5 June 2014 08: 41
    Quote: soldier
    French narrow channels need to better select people interviewing top officials, they can’t interrupt a dialogue at all, they don’t give a word, they only hear themselves - one word SCHOOL !!!!!

    This is their task, so that Vladimir would not say too much! And he would have to pull them!
  27. uizik
    uizik 5 June 2014 08: 50
    Two rude and rude correspondents interrupting the president and each other were interviewed. Putin with enviable endurance and tact adequately answered this provocateur. Worthy President of a Great Country
  28. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 5 June 2014 08: 52
    It would be interesting to see how Obama would behave at the celebration of the anniversary of the landing, if the GDP for all the insults, for all the dirt that was poured on Russia and personally on the GDP, would come up and put this monkey in the face, if Russia would have declared war?
  29. 12423 student
    12423 student 5 June 2014 09: 01
    former Ukrainian president Putin made it clear that Yanukovych spent material
  30. wiktoor
    wiktoor 5 June 2014 09: 18
    Not in vain GDP taxis.
  31. muginov2015
    muginov2015 5 June 2014 09: 26
    I was glad that he subtly rode along the ex-wife of a lover of MIH, made fun of himself without violating the bounds of decency.
  32. irk_tma
    irk_tma 5 June 2014 09: 59
    You know friends .... somehow relatively recently, I was reviewing an interview with Larry King with Putin (for those who don’t know, he’s Yusov’s, but I’m not afraid of that word, a GREAT journalist (namely a journalist and not a journalist) of our time)
    There really was a fellowship of two great people in their field
    And these same ..... sometimes it seemed to me that the GDP was looking at them, as if trying on some sort of slippers on cockroaches. Pitiful they are still Europeans, also boast of something
    Their great ancestors must now toss and turn in their crypts
  33. soldier
    soldier 5 June 2014 10: 34
    they wanted to catch the KGB officer of the old Soviet school laughing - how he did not recruit them in time for the interview !!
    1. maxvik
      maxvik 5 June 2014 11: 57
      Maybe he didn’t recruit, but he definitely threw the thoughts))). Two bunny rabbits and a boa constrictor
    2. maxvik
      maxvik 5 June 2014 11: 57
      Maybe he didn’t recruit, but he definitely threw the thoughts))). Two bunny rabbits and a boa constrictor
  34. xbhxbr-777
    xbhxbr-777 5 June 2014 10: 35
    Well done, our president, I wonder why they don’t conduct such interviews with Obama, they are afraid that he will not be able to answer or will be delirious, like America is a great power, all in debt!
  35. arthur_hammer
    arthur_hammer 5 June 2014 10: 45
    It is necessary that Marie Le Pen would become the president of France, then French journalists will not ask questions about how you feel about pederasts, etc .......
  36. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 5 June 2014 11: 33
    Note that Putin has never called these two doves fagots. All the same, our president is sustained and correct.
  37. 3030
    3030 5 June 2014 11: 48
    Magazine-zashorennye critters, they persistently push their interpretations for Putin’s words!
  38. d-shvets
    d-shvets 5 June 2014 12: 01
    Vladimir Vladimirovich - Handsome! Man! And a very competent leader! And even if he has gold toilets in all the toilets, there is no better president. May God grant you health and wisdom!
  39. Black
    Black 5 June 2014 12: 16
    I saw an uncultured man who was pulled out of Zindan and given a lamb shoulder ... These glazed paddling pools reminded me of that man, he just did not cause rejection.
  40. teron
    teron 5 June 2014 12: 43
    We never saw you laughing.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: I will somehow give myself and you this pleasure

    An interesting promise, we will see what kind of "pleasure" Vladimir Vladimirovich's laughter will bring to our "potential partners". And for what reason.
  41. zorcher
    zorcher 5 June 2014 14: 18
    Quote: teron
    laughter of Vladimir Vladimirovich. And for what reason.

    Satanic laughter at the funeral of Parashenko, Yarosh, Tymoshenko and others .. with a piercing look in the direction of the American delegation invited to the event.
  42. byego
    byego 5 June 2014 17: 34
    I agree with several speakers. The EU authorities with the help of the media keep the situation under their control, the majority of the European population represent Russia one-sidedly - aggressor, annexant, terrorist. Based on this, we can conclude that issues fr. journalists (far from stupid) expressed the absolute opinion. They are the pinnacle of media propaganda. How is it usually? What is always asked? That's right - about sore ?! EU opinion: Russia annexed Crimea. Question FR: Why did you (Russia) annex Crimea? When will you give it back? Fact: we did not annex Crimea. EU opinion: Russian mercenaries are fighting in the southeast of Ukraine. Russia is selling weapons. Question fr .: Why did you send troops to the southeast of Ukraine? Fact: officially there are no Russian troops in Ukraine. Thus, all questions reflect the pinnacle of the European mood, reality. Unfortunately, most EU citizens will consider Vladimir an impudent liar because see the situation only on their part (Russia is the aggressor).
  43. GUKTU92
    GUKTU92 5 June 2014 23: 41
    I have unequivocal impressions from the interview. The journalists wanted to force Putin to express contradictory answers with "inconvenient" questions, so that later, taking them out of context, they would be presented to their readers in the right way. These questions make me sick! I think VVP too (but it doesn’t show) Even from this interview, we can conclude - how different we are gay Europeans and Russians. How free our minds are and how limited are the possibilities of "sovereign and independent" Europeans. It is clear that they are friends against Russia, therefore they are extremely limited in their judgments. "We took him out into the open - but he preferred polite and balanced answers, forgive us."
  44. Slipper 2
    Slipper 2 1 February 2021 13: 47
    The collapse of the USSR was the result of coercion, though not everywhere and not always. The creation of the USSR will be the result of a reasonable and beneficial coexistence.
    No wonder our В.В.П of the correct drinks