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Prospects for the development of AO: gender or type of Armed Forces

Most military experts oppose the creation of a flying monster

A round table on the prospects of the country's aerospace defense was held in the State Duma. The relevance of the topic is obvious, said the chairman, State Duma deputy (Communist Party faction), member of the State Duma Committee on Defense Vyacheslav Tetekin. Despite the fact that the concept of aerospace defense was adopted eight years ago, there is a decision to create an EKR Army, there is still uncertainty in terms of their status. As Vyacheslav Tetekin explained, the controversy continues: whether the East-Kazakhstan region should be left as a branch of troops or included in the Air Force, which was done with the air defense system, and create a monster that “would follow everything flying by American design”. There is a third point of view: it is necessary to create a separate type of Armed Forces. It is expressed and substantiated by most military experts, including participants in the round table organized by the State Duma. On the basis of its materials and evaluations, an analytical note is being prepared, sent to the Supreme Commander, the Minister of Defense, other interested persons and departments. Readers of the newspaper "MIC" have the opportunity to learn the opinions of the participants in the discussion.

"Report weekly"

The question, of course, is very serious. It is clear that the inclusion of EKR in the Air Force is another attempt to cross a hedgehog with a snake. You can not do this. Why?

The answer is very simple, you just need to understand the conceptual apparatus.

That's what is written in the encyclopedia, it was composed of sensible people who know what the Air Force is. Read: Air Force designed to strike at aviation, land and sea groups, administrative-political and industrial centers of the enemy in order to disorganize the state, as well as for air reconnaissance and transportation, and so on.

If we talk about the purpose of aerospace defense, it is to protect objects that are key forms of preserving the country's economy from being hit by an aerospace enemy. Without the rear, victory will not be won in any battle.

Considering the evolution of the development of offensive and defensive forces, we have long been saying: today, air and space are a single sphere of warfare. Such a theater of war was dictated to us not by anyone, but by the enemy. We will not have time to open our mouths, as it will be full of land, if we fail to somehow localize the global blow. Is it really unclear to us, military people, that those tens of thousands of cruise missiles that are prepared will be bombarded by us. And today I must hunt not only for bombers, but also for those who will launch missiles that can be aimed at our facilities as well. And if on earth a battle can go on for days, then the question is solved in seconds or in minutes at most.

What is the air defense of the Ground Forces, of course, the air defense of the sea fleet - also. And what is the air defense of the air force?

Back in 1941, in May, at the meeting of the extended politburo, when discussing how we are ready for battle, Zhukov reported, and Stalin, summing up, said: “As for the Air Defense Forces, you should consider this question and assess what the condition is. Bad - can not be. Why? Because the country's economy must be protected from an air enemy, and the Chief of the General Staff with the People's Commissar of Defense report to me weekly. ” In the same year, on November 9, the State Defense Committee issued a resolution to improve the air defense system. Air defense stands out as a separate branch of service for those moments, later it is a type of the Armed Forces. Appointed by the commander of the air defense of the country, which is on the status, as it is written in the decree, the Deputy Commissar of Defense, that is, Stalin's deputy for air defense. Next comes the formation of forces. January 22 aviation, operating under operational control, is fully transferred to the air defense of the country. This is a half thousand aircraft. Moreover, the 5 of April of 1942 was established by a resolution of the State Defense Committee operational-strategic associations: the Moscow air defense zone becomes the front, and the air defense armies are formed in Leningrad and Baku. Logically, everything was done perfectly right. And already four air defense fronts ended the war.

Now everything is rolling in the opposite direction. It turns out some heap-small. What will be the purpose of aerospace forces, what are they for, for example, I can not understand.

I will say a simple folk language. A virus has appeared - an antivirus is immediately created. And the struggle begins - who is who. We also put both - the Air Force and Air Defense. I see neither logic nor system in either case.

Anatoly Hyupenen

Saved on majors - we lose strategically

The past 8 May exercises under the leadership of the Minister of Defense demonstrated everything that the Russian Federation currently has. The strategic nuclear forces worked beyond all praise, the missile defense fulfilled its tasks perfectly, not to mention the missile warning system.

All this was created under the strategic nuclear forces of our opponents. This refers to the United States, France, England. Here are three countries that have missiles capable of reaching our territory either from the waters of the World Ocean or from the continental part.

Prospects for the development of AO: gender or type of Armed Forces

There have been no particular changes in the enemy’s methods of action in the field of the use of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Why is the question so acute? It seems to me that the current leadership, which is in the composition of the High Command Committee, in the Ministry of Defense, in the General Staff, is afraid to admit that the previously existing air defense system was a model. Everyone understands: to protect their country, people, economic potential, to preserve the Armed Forces is possible only through the centralization of control.

I will give an example. Four years ago, in Alabino, we were shown the technique of an automated control system down to the highest levels and scrolled through the model of organizing combat. Being at the workplace of the front commander, believe me, I could not understand, although at that time I was still not far away from the service, to understand this mess, what was going on. Where are the bridges destroyed, where are the casualties, where the equipment is disabled, where are the breakthroughs, where is the offensive, where is the retreat? And then there is still the need to deal with air defense facilities. Where there is, when before you the threat of physical destruction by fire weapons. The commander does not have time for this, he is not a machine, not a supercomputer, but an ordinary person who must react to the changes that are taking place.

We often nod at Americans. What if they are ripe for tomorrow to create a clean air defense ... And we will immediately begin to reorient. But we have a different strategic position, not to mention the geographical. We are stretched to 10 time zones, try to drive such a colossus while in the Air Force.

My opinion: someone's ambitions are not satisfied. Someone sees that his official administrative position may fall, since he has no troops, and a hectic activity begins, as if to back up his place with the governing bodies: armies, divisions, branches of service, and create some kind of monster. But we have to think about the defense of the country.

What will be more effective: stay in the composition of this porridge from the Air Force, VKS, Air Defense, RKO or a concentration on the solution of certain tasks?

I understand the current military. They exist within the framework of orders, this is correct, they should be so, otherwise the army would not exist. But we are in the State Duma, which should not be guided by the opinion of the Minister of Defense, the Chief of the General Staff or the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force and all the rest.

Correctly, Anatoly Ivanovich Hyupenen said: our country may be bombarded with cruise missiles, and this situation will worsen every year. You can not relax.

There were eight thousand officers in the army, six general posts. Downgraded categories. Now there is one general post. What is the gain from the fact that fewer majors, lieutenant colonels? Yes, they lost more, because a military man has no incentive to grow. Broke a social elevator. Military people are not careerists. But career is one of the components. And how will you break through, be at least seven genius in the forehead, if there is one general for seven thousand people? I remember an old joke: in the Air Force, 40-year-old senior lieutenant resigns from his post and is written in his attestation: "Inclined to careerism." We are now in the army RKO same. Will be dismissed in the position of captain maximum. What state will lose from two to three thousand rubles for each person? Never mind. Will win only. The officers will be more active, they will begin to treat the service more toothy.

Dismembered army rocket and space defense. As you know, its components were the missile attack warning system, the anti-missile defense of Moscow and the Moscow industrial region against strategic missiles, the space monitoring system and the anti-space defense. Gorbachev unilaterally imposed a moratorium on anti-space defense systems. The stock of missiles and satellite interceptors is down the drain. By the way, the Americans had nothing of the kind. But the three systems remained, and they are functionally connected. PRO and KKP generally work on the same algorithm, in automatic mode.

Why combine the ununitable? It's impossible. The 9 division was pulled out, but it continues to work as before, in the unified control system of the rocket-space defense. As she worked on this warning system, she continues, as she participated in all the activities related to the training, preparation, combat use plan, the way it is happening now. But organizationally they took it and stuck it in “clean” air defense. What a hangover? The desire - I emphasize once again - to prop up someone’s seat with structures in order to look more important, more powerful, so that you can grow in service. That's all.

Anatoly Sokolov

Completely different tasks.

I agree with the previous speakers: we really had an aerospace defense system, a powerful Soviet system. She was “reformed,” as is our fashion. But not yet combined with the Air Force, it still existed.

Someone wise said: "So that you suffer, so that you live in the age of reforms." Unfortunately us story teaches nothing.

When there were Americans in our academy, I gave them an introductory lecture “Air defense system in operations”. They said: hats off, we have nothing like that. And we destroy it all with our own hands.

You look reconnaissance. Only in the first massive strike will there be enough cruise missiles that we will choke, we will not have enough target channels. While they still have, while we can still adequately respond.

But where are we going? Air defense almost collapsed. The Air Force also did not resist. If we continue to do this mindless reformation, everything can end in a lot of blood.

Why is it undesirable to combine the Air Force and Air Force? As a military man and as a professional I will say: they have completely different tasks. When the pilots say they work in space, they are cunning. And if the tasks are different, it means that there is not and cannot be a single management. And without it, nothing will heal. The most important thing is management.

We need two kinds. Powerful Air Force - shock view. And air defense, aerospace defense - aerospace defense, because it is a single sphere now.

What is the beginning of any regional conflict today? From the air. And we will not get away from this. Who will start first? VKO or air defense, somehow call it.

This is a single area, and one person must make decisions.

I’m not going to talk about an instant global strike, you all know what it is. If the aerospace defense system is not ready for it, nothing will remain in Russia. Then you have to run through the woods, collect men with pitchforks, with shovels ...

They say the United States does not have an air defense system. Yes, they do not need it there, it is necessary here in Europe. After all, none of our aircraft will reach, God forbid, that some long-range aviation would work and the "hello" cruise missiles would carry ... But they still have the RCM, it covers the north of the United States and the Canadian sector. And we destroy what we have, without having calculated.

And the last. I very much want military science to have its say in this question - only honest, not leaning on one side or the other.

Alexander Gerasimov

Duty forces do not fight

It seems to me that the Armed Forces in the person of the ministry, the General Staff, and the Main Commissars are a small communal apartment. As soon as the tenant changes, the redevelopment begins: this wall is there, the entrance is in another place.

I want to once again emphasize the milestones that we have passed over several decades of the existence of the sovereign state of Russia.

1993 year: there were already dissertations, official views, and regulations on aerospace defense approved by the President of the Russian Federation. Are they done? Not.

2006 year: finally born concept of aerospace defense. Are her requirements taken into account? Made her suggestions? No and no.

At the same time, the decision was announced by the Chief of the General Staff Anatoly Vasilyevich Kvashnin at the Air Force Military Council, he even raised the special forces commander Yury Vasilyevich Solovyov and told him: "You are the head of the aerospace defense system." Done it? Not performed.

2012 year: created a branch of the aerospace defense forces. The case was entrusted to General Ostapenko, Commander of the East Kazakhstani Armed Forces. Successfully reported that created. What is the result? They created what was with us and before us. But again, as in a communal apartment, they took a component from the past and were simply divided. For what purpose? Why change the control system, complicate it and increase the responsibility for aerospace defense?

Now it seems in the media that a provision has been approved to create a new type of aerospace forces. They did not fulfill either the first, or the third, or the fourth, but we are already creating something completely new, not confirmed by the calculations of science, uncalculated, only discussed within the walls of the General Staff and, apparently, in the Ministry of Defense. And it is served by the Supreme Commander.

Yes, you excuse me, this is just a crime by and large. If the military deceives, the state can lose its sovereignty. But already seen such moments.

Did science, industry, which are engaged in development, asked whether these structures are able to create what was reported to the president? I deeply doubt that there will be a scientist or designer who will say: yes, we can do it. But it is precisely today that decisions need to be made that determine the control loops and weapons systems, which, perhaps, will appear in 20 – 30 years.

What changes have occurred, in my opinion, in the field of warfare. The order of action in space and airspace has not changed fundamentally, another thing is the characteristics of those weapons systems that are already coming into service and will be improved in the near future.

That is, it would be right to create a system of warfare already on new principles, with enhanced characteristics, which will make it possible to withstand with high efficiency the means of aerospace attack.

There are no other views, no other approaches, except the vision in the aerospace defense system of the components mentioned. Everything should be: intelligence, and a shock system, and control with software, and training as well.

But at the same time, it seems to me, at present, some principles and laws of warfare are becoming most relevant. This, in my opinion, is the centralized management of the forces and means that should participate in repelling enemy strikes, concentrating efforts both in the air and in space, and most importantly - sole responsibility.

And if you look who is responsible for what now. For Moscow, of course, one person is responsible - the commander of the Aerospace Defense Forces. But at the same time, he is responsible for both the east and the west, and there the forces and means are subordinate to the military districts.

The Commander of the Aerospace Defense Forces, only duty personnel are in operational control. But they are not fighting. Only provide a peaceful existence and cover the border. And only if necessary, in the future is the operational-strategic deployment of troops.

In conclusion, a sentence. Maybe the General Staff should conduct a simulation of the deployment of hostilities of all types and types of troops? To plant everyone: the President - the Supreme Commander, the Minister, the Chief of the General Staff and turn on the computer in front of them. Here, comrades, the event according to the first variant will unfold. What do you need a blow? Global? You are welcome. How to increase the strength and efforts of the Ground Forces? How the fleet increases its combat readiness, like the Air Force ... See, evaluate. Such a model to show and draw some conclusions from here.

It is necessary to urgently submit these questions to a meeting of the Security Council inviting key persons who will make decisions not only in the area of ​​warfare, but also to ensure the development of equipment, armaments, etc., including leading designers, scientists , organizers of production.

And another thing: there is a wish that we pray every day to the Lord God and our president, that no reform should touch the Strategic Missile Forces, otherwise a catastrophe.

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  1. mig31
    mig31 4 June 2014 14: 14
    Save the strategic missile forces like the apple of an eye ...
  2. Wiruz
    Wiruz 4 June 2014 14: 16
    But in general, it would be time for the Air Force, Air Defense and ABM and other things to be combined into one structure - the Air and Space Forces - VKV! (agree, the Imperial March begins to play in the head?) laughing
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 4 June 2014 14: 22
      And create the Death Star. Darth Vader is already somewhere ...
      But if seriously, then you can’t lag behind, it will be difficult to catch up. Time and technology development dictate the development of East Kazakhstan region (defense), as a separate kind of troops.
  3. Khalmamed
    Khalmamed 4 June 2014 14: 24
    ..... "THE MOST RELIABLE FRIENDS OF RUSSIA RUSSIANS AND RUSSIAN ARMY FLEET!" .. not I said, but the realities of time and the stupid obstinacy of evil spirits freeze OUR HOUSE RUSSIA to protect with new methods and technical capabilities.
    ..... I THINK that if Baba Yaga SAW that all these centuries they worked against RUSSIA, she would serve in the Air Force with Gorynych.
    ..... a simple understanding will come to our bagothea and they will be for "their" NOT FORCED labor and resourcefulness of mind candy wrappers (to save them) will buy registered tanks (a tank battalion painted in red) airplanes and special equipment of the Navy + Space Ocean , imagine a dashing handsome Corvette of the Russian Navy with Caucasian Roots?

    ..... THE RICHES OF RUSSIA weakly show who of you is the coolest, or will you only store candy wrappers in garbage bags in the basements?
  4. Palych9999
    Palych9999 4 June 2014 14: 51
    Definitely, the air force, air defense and aerospace defense - have different tasks, different technical means and should be independent arms of the armed forces.
  5. silverwolf88
    silverwolf88 4 June 2014 15: 00
    I am personally against creating obscure monsters ... poorly managed ...

    The Soviet system of building the Armed Forces was much more logical:
    - I mean the missile defense forces in the air defense;
    - a military space forces as a branch of the troops separately.

    There were all sorts of theories for which theoretical platforms were brought up (an exercise to bring the goat to the beard) ... for example, when combining the Strategic Missile Forces and the VKS under the auspices of the Missile Forces ... much was said about the wonderful effect of combining strategic intelligence on a planetary scale and strategic (and any we deliver the point) enemy’s weapons.

    Theories are changing ... merging and optimization is continuing ... RKO is offended by the fact that during the merger they are on the sidelines ... a lot of subjective factors and assessments.
  6. Tektor
    Tektor 4 June 2014 15: 53
    The peculiarity of East Kazakhstan region is that it is a situational unification of all forces and means to solve this problem: both the army and the navy. The essence of East Kazakhstan region is to ensure our superiority in air and space. This is the offensive / defense stage, without a complete solution of which it is impossible to make subsequent decisions. This is situationality, and therefore the concentration of all forces, means and resources to ensure the prevention of the effectiveness of an aerospace attack by the enemy and the organization of an immediate decisive counteraction in all environments. Only after gaining superiority in the air is it possible to successfully solve the following tasks, in which both the army and navy will be involved in other areas, according to their mission.
  7. abc_alex
    abc_alex 4 June 2014 17: 22
    In my opinion, it is strange to combine aerospace defense and air defense. If only because Space Defense requires completely different technical solutions.
  8. figter
    figter 5 June 2014 03: 49
    East Kazakhstan, air defense and strategic missile forces should be a single structure - the Strategic Deterrence Forces (CCF), are uniquely combined as a purely special type of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with one control and intelligence system. All the same, they perform a single task, but at different echelons of heights in the airspace and stratosphere and at different stages. It is impossible that in the course of hostilities there should be competing-duplicating systems that essentially interfere with each other, even if they are conditionally considered to perform various tasks. To date, a whole series of S-300..500 air defense systems has been developed that perform the functions of both air defense systems and PRO-VKO. That is, the task of destruction from the ground in air defense and in aerospace defense can be carried out by the same structure. Various at the moment are intelligence systems, which is uncritical. The winning moment will be the interaction between these structural divisions pre-arranged in peacetime, a unified control and intelligence system. Over time, this by itself will eliminate duplication of elements. At the same time, the Strategic Missile Forces, being under uniform control and having common reconnaissance and warning means with air defense and aerospace defense, will be able to carry out an immediate nuclear (or conventional) retaliatory strike in the specified area. That is, the CCC will be simultaneously defensive and offensive at a strategic level.
    In turn, it is necessary to separate fighter air defense from the Air Force structure for transfer to the combined SSS (fighter-interceptor units of the MiG-31 type), which performs the tasks of a zonal air cover, with the separation of a separate airfield network.
    The rest of the Air Force should have an offensive strike form of the RF Armed Forces with special and other tasks assigned to it.
    1. Vita_vko
      Vita_vko 5 June 2014 15: 41
      Disputes in the air defense, air force and missile defense have been ongoing for a very long time. The paradox is that amateurs very distant not only from technology but also from the elementary tactics of anti-aircraft and anti-missile operations interfere with the combat control algorithms of these high-tech troops.
      I advise you to read the respected scientist and honored professor IV Erokhin. He published 2 books, where he explained almost on his fingers that one should not cross a "hedgehog with a snake". But it's not enough for ours just to intervene in the structures, we also need to load the research institutes for the development of weapons oriented towards the new structure, and not under the real SVKN of the enemy !. Under this case, instead of fighters, interceptors of the MiG-31 type, without which it is impossible to build air defense, they began to rivet super-expensive universal aircraft capable of acting on both air and ground targets. Well, let's say it's important for striking the enemy's territory. But explain why this versatility, and even more so the "Stealth" technology for repelling cruise missile raids and destroying bomber aircraft at distant approaches? And this is not going into the depths of the combat training of pilots, who must also be universal and work with both PN IA and PAN SV! And this is 200 hours of flying per year in the air-to-air configuration of the aircraft and more than 200 in the air-to-ground configuration. Even during the Second World War, there were only a few such universal pilots!
      The situation in creating universal air defense systems in East Kazakhstan region is about the same. But there the problems with modes and algorithms are much deeper. Thus, excesses in organizational matters led to excesses and deadlocks in technical matters. And this despite the fact that any specialist understands that a balance must be maintained between universal and specialized systems, which are much cheaper and more efficient!
      Therefore, it would be much better if the EW and RTR stations were introduced into the composition of promising air defense systems, which would be able to blind targets at some safe distance, knocking down guidance systems and lifting them from extremely low altitudes. And the SAM itself could cover these electronic warfare systems and conduct elementary reconnaissance without radiating into the air and without unmasking its location.
      А the control structure needs to be oriented towards the effective reflection of specific types of enemy ICS and the main criterion here is the time cycle of combat control.