Russian-Chinese aircraft will be created on a parity basis

Russian-Chinese long-haul wide-body aircraft should be created on a parity basis. Currently, the parties are assessing the main parameters of the project and in the summer will provide the government of Russia and China with a project feasibility study.

Russian-Chinese aircraft will be created on a parity basis

The agreement to continue work on creating a wide-body passenger aircraft was signed by the United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC) and the China Commercial Aircraft Building Corporation (COMAC) in May 2014 of the year during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the PRC. The liner created with a capacity of 250-300 passenger seats should compete with aircraft of other leading aircraft manufacturers and occupy a significant market share not only in Russia and China, but also in other countries.

“We expect that the parties will participate in this project on an equal footing, that is, both Russia and China will make capital investments in this project on equal terms and incur intellectual costs,” said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. - Naturally, we perceive such new projects as a good basis for the active participation of our suppliers and manufacturers of electronic equipment, aviation systems and units. But at the same time, we proceed from the fact that in order to create a competitive product, we need to make the most of all the most modern technological solutions that exist in both countries. "

In the summer of this year, the KLA and COMAC should jointly submit to the governments of both countries a feasibility study of the project, after which specific forms of cooperation for the next stage of the project will be identified and approved.
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    1. +15
      3 June 2014 10: 38
      The idea is right, it's time for Boeing and Airbus to make room ...
      1. +4
        3 June 2014 10: 46
        Especially, given the size of the Chinese market and government support, not in words but in deeds ...
        God forbid.
        The main thing is that the production itself is also "on parity", and not completely in the Middle Kingdom.
      2. BYV
        3 June 2014 12: 00
        It is not enough to create an airplane; it still needs to be certified for international flights. And here our European partners will put the wheels in the wheel.
      3. +2
        3 June 2014 13: 13
        The Russian-Chinese long-range wide-body aircraft should be created on an equal footing - I agree with you that they need to be squeezed - but the question is that the Chinese do not know how to build wide-body airliners - if you knew how to do it, they would not stamp them - as if our experience didn't go to China for no reason
      4. Gluxar_
        3 June 2014 15: 46
        Quote: mig31
        The idea is right, it's time for Boeing and Airbus to make room ...

        Something tells me that thanks to Russian technologies and resources and Chinese industry and money, you can soon forget about Boeing and Airbasses ...
        1. +1
          3 June 2014 20: 19
          So we have problems with technology in this area. It is rather a union of two illnesses, each will help those that God knows how and that something acceptable will turn out.
    2. +1
      3 June 2014 10: 39
      Well, I do not know how it will be equal and parity. But there is almost no choice, Obamka again started a tour around Europe.
      1. +4
        3 June 2014 10: 46
        And if in doubt, then you can do nothing!
    3. johnsnz
      3 June 2014 10: 42
      And without China in any way? After all, our aircraft designers are the best in the world!
      1. Ivan Petrovich
        3 June 2014 10: 46
        it seems civilian aircraft industry we finally
      2. +3
        3 June 2014 10: 48
        This is also true, but given the current moment of geopolitics, it is necessary to keep China with you ...
      3. +2
        3 June 2014 13: 01
        It’s not enough to create, it’s also necessary to sell it.
        The 200 series of aircraft for internal use is not the piece that they plan to swipe at with a joint project.
        Has the USSR aviation industry ever produced 1800 civilian aircraft per year?
    4. +2
      3 June 2014 10: 42
      Europe has not yet fully understood what is due to the United States and pyrdemonocles will also come to it! The USA will go to the bottom and will drag all of its slaves with itself so that they continue to serve in the next world.
      1. +1
        3 June 2014 11: 18
        Not so, the United States the very last one to leave, first drowning its vassals
        1. 0
          3 June 2014 11: 43
          Quote: Lyubimov
          Not so, the United States the very last one to leave, first drowning its vassals

          This is what they want. But, it seems, Russia is trying to pull Europe out of the shit out of shit.
    5. +2
      3 June 2014 10: 43
      Cooperation with China is good ... It would be better if we were friends against the USA together ...
    6. APS
      3 June 2014 10: 45
      It would be good if the main production, adjustment and assembly were in our country.
    7. +6
      3 June 2014 10: 45
      Without China, such a project cannot be pulled for a simple reason - the market! Such a machine alone is not enough for Russia, you need a huge Pacific market. In order to squeeze out Boeing and Airbus, China needs to be pulled into development. And technically, the project themselves would have pulled.
    8. +3
      3 June 2014 10: 52
      They took it, then they’ll do it, because not in one minute the urine hit my head, the developments began a long time ago, our brains and hands, Chinese money.
    9. +3
      3 June 2014 10: 53
      Quote: DimSanych
      Europe has not yet fully understood what is due to the United States and pyrdemonocles will also come to it! The USA will go to the bottom and will drag all of its slaves with itself so that they continue to serve in the next world.

      That’s for sure, they won’t share a straw during drowning. And we also should not forget about India.
    10. +9
      3 June 2014 10: 57
      It is necessary in the agreement to foresee the possibility that the Chinese side has the right to shoot the guilty person regardless of citizenship for embezzlement of money allocated for the project.
    11. +1
      3 June 2014 11: 03
      But what did IL-96 not do? Why start from scratch again? It doesn’t work out like with the Superjet? Nobody wants to buy it ... wassat
      1. +4
        3 June 2014 11: 21
        The fact that in its design was used by technologists of the 70-80s. For example, power structures, now there are many structural materials and steel, and composites, which can significantly reduce the mass of the airframe. Unit layout, aerodynamics, wing mechanization, new engines, etc. By analogy, the An-70 is a revised An-22, they are identical in many respects, but the number of innovations in it is such that they decided to give it a new name.
        1. 0
          3 June 2014 13: 49
          Quote: Cosmos1987
          The fact that in its design was used by technologists of the 70-80s

          Quote: Cosmos1987
          By analogy, the An-70 is a recycled An-22
          - maybe they will also go along the beaten path ... hi
      2. +2
        3 June 2014 13: 06
        Prior to the 139 board, the production plan is scheduled for the Superjet.
        In Mexico, they fly beautifully; in 14, 12 aircraft were already handed over to customers.
        Total orders for 200 boards at Sukhoi. Mexicans, for example, increased the order from 15 to 20 boards after the start of operation.
      3. 0
        5 June 2014 11: 05
        Don’t need pi ... to write about the Superjet, a great plane, stop blaming your production! And Europe will not buy it because they will not let them buy Russian, as well as there will be no popular Russian singers in the west, because they will not allow our culture to move west.
    12. +1
      3 June 2014 11: 37
      an-70- take-off weight 135 t and an-22 take-off weight 225 t- small different cars
      rather it is about the incarnation of 96-300
    13. +1
      3 June 2014 14: 04
      Our experience and experience + Chinese ability to grasp everything on the fly. If we take into account that production is deployed in China, it will turn out to be quite competitive both in price and quality
      1. +2
        3 June 2014 17: 21
        Quote: muginov2015
        production is deployed in China - it will turn out quite competitively both in price and in quality

        We need power for new cars. Therefore, they will build an assembly plant (slipway). Components will be produced both in our country and in China with mutual exchange. And the assembly will probably be national. This is in order to protect yourself from the surprises of course changes and so on. With the engines of tangerines troubles - we complete; with avionics we have stress - hinchiki deliver. On composites, both sides are strong, but on titanium - we are. And so to the great pleasure of the parties. Gather a bunch of international orders: take the price! let's play on a relatively cheap slave to force, somewhere damping ... Then Voing and Airbas will howl. We will be exempted from leasing as domestic cars are produced. It seems to me that the situation will develop this way.
    14. +1
      3 June 2014 14: 21
      from our side, technology and knowledge, and from the Chinese, a million Chinese for production wassat assembly of export cars will be carried out by China at night, so as not to peep laughing
    15. Everest2014
      3 June 2014 16: 17
      Have you forgotten about superjet yet? This is the very crooked-born airplane with spare parts from around the world. If relations with China cool off suddenly, then you can put an end to the production of an airplane. A bad idea and not only that, there is a Tu-204-300.

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